Let Me Ease The Pain

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The phone vibrated once again. Shane didn’t want to pick it up. He knew who sent the next text message. He could no longer tolerate the myriad of words that she would send him. He just left his smartphone on the coffee table. He didn’t put it back in his cargo shorts. He didn’t even want to touch it to use his apps. Instead, he finally did what he could have done a couple of weeks ago. He picked up his phone and blocked her number without hesitation. It was the only thing he could do. He could have called her back, but the truth had now kept him from pursuing her. He didn’t care how many messages she would send him. He just wanted to get it over with.

His phone finally became silent, free from the standard vibrations. He set it back on the coffee table. He took a deep breath. The absolute silence would be his definitive decision. Soon, Gloria would be an afterthought. Shane wanted it to stay that way.

He slid open the patio door and observed the customary view that persuaded him to appreciate the location of his apartment. The beach from down below barely included one dozen beachgoers at this time, despite the early summer day that would have prompted a more active shoreline. The calm afternoon consisted of steady waves and a clear blue sky. Redondo Beach had indulged in a more tranquil experience for the rest of the afternoon. Shane didn’t mind the lack of enthusiasm on the sand. He welcomed the solitude that lay before him. He viewed the beach with ease as he folded his arms across his chest. For a full minute, the 22-year-old man instantly forgot about Gloria. He eagerly awaited a future without her.

But then, Shane’s memory progressed toward a more somber note. He could still remember the man who was still married to Gloria, and how the most recent discovery broke his heart. Shane’s slow realization made him fully aware of the betrayal. Everything fell apart soon after. Shane turned away from the balcony and stepped back inside his living room. He slid his hand slowly across his blond hair. He could still remember the look on Gloria’s ex-husband’s face when he found the two of them together in this very apartment. He wanted to forget it, but he knew it would be engrained in his thoughts.

The doorbell rang. Shane could only hope that Gloria didn’t decide to return to his home. But as he took a peek through the tiny peephole, he felt even worse. Gerard stood in front of the door with a more dejected stare. Shane would have refused to open the door, but he knew that he couldn’t be dishonest to a man like Gerard. He opened the door. He and Gerard now faced each other.

At the age of 38, Gloria’s ex-husband could have been a man of virtue just by observing his interior. He wore a black t-shirt and blue jeans. His short brown hair and his overall handsome form could have enticed those who yearned for a companion. Shane began to feel ecstatic on the inside. He couldn’t help but admire Gerard’s innocuous nature, his humble judgments being a natural highlight of his characteristics.

Shane quickly stepped aside. “Come in.”

Gerard smiled. “Thanks.”

The younger man led him into the living room. “What can I do for you?”

Gerard produced a nearly neutral expression. “I’m pretty sure I left something here.”

Shane already knew what he meant. “I got it. I kept it because I had a feeling you’d want it back.”

He went into his bedroom and picked up the wedding ring from his nightstand. He handed it back to Gerard. “Well, here it is.”

Gerard took it back with a solemn gesture. “Thanks a lot. I’m glad you didn’t do anything to it.”

He looked down at his own wedding ring, the one he took off in frustration. He became silent, as if a fleeting memory had returned to ruin his expectations yet again.

Shane noticed it straight away. “Do you want to sit down for a minute?”

Without saying another word, Gerard took a seat on the sofa. He continued to set his gaze on the ring that he placed on his open palm.

Shane almost shivered from the silence. He tried to start a conversation, but he couldn’t choose the right topic. He could only ask, “So…is it final?”

Gerard slowly nodded. “It’s over…it’s finally over. The divorce is official.”

Shane felt greater sympathy as he witnessed the older man clenched his fist. He placed the wedding ring in his pocket.

Shane couldn’t suppress his true feelings any longer. “Listen, I know I’m also to blame for all of this. Believe me. If I knew she was married to you, I wouldn’t have gone forward with it.”

Gerard finally looked up at him. “It’s alright. I don’t blame you for anything. She lied to you, too.”

Shane sighed. “Man, I’m really sorry this happened to you.”

“The good news is I won’t have to pay her alimony. She’s long gone. She’s already on her way to Florida.”

“She kept texting me today. I guess she wanted to ask me if I wanted to come with her.”

“What did you say to her?”

“I blocked her number. She won’t hear from me again.”

Gerard’s neutral expression Cebeci Escort still didn’t change. “That’s good to know.”

He stood up from the sofa. His tall stature almost made Shane more welcoming of his presence.

“I guess I should be going now.”

Shane stopped him. “You don’t have to leave. I can get you something to drink. It’s the least I can do for you.”

Gerard didn’t accept the offer. “I’ve got a few things to do for the rest of the day. I’m sure the same can be applied to you.”

Shane was still sincere. “No, not at all. Come on. Stay a little while longer. I’ll get you something to drink.”

“Okay, then. Anything with caffeine in it.”

Shane eagerly stepped into the kitchen. He chose his personal favorite flavor from the refrigerator. He handed Gerard an energy drink.

Gerard popped open the can. “I like this one, too.”

Shane smiled. “It’s really good.”

Gerard took a short sip. Shane couldn’t decipher the reaction. Gerard didn’t seem to relish the refreshment offered to him. But for a couple of seconds, a little smile had formed on his face before it faded into obscurity.

He placed the can on the coffee table. “I’d like to see the ocean if you don’t mind.”

Shane gladly slid open the door to the balcony. “No, not at all. Here you go.”

He waited as Gerard entered the balcony. The third floor did provide an effective way to gaze at the shore below. Shane stood beside the older man, whose silence almost deterred him from making any interruptions.

Gerard just stared at the water. The waves that crashed into the sand echoed as a faint eruption. Shane didn’t turn away from Gerard. He wanted him to embrace a more positive future. He refused to keep the older man as a prisoner in paradise, a broken spirit that couldn’t handle the infidelity any longer.

He added, “It just makes you feel so grateful about life.”

Gerard’s somber stare had started to take over. “I wish it did.”

The ex-husband’s current demeanor made Shane more susceptible to a vulnerable position. The young man couldn’t bear to see him like this. He trembled at the thought of this loyal man giving in to his anguish at the most inopportune time.

Shane stepped a little closer and whispered, “You don’t have to feel hurt anymore.”

Gerard’s frown underwent an extension. “I try…but it’s a little too much to get rid of.”

Shane couldn’t suppress his willingness to add assistance. “I don’t want to see you like this. You deserve better.”

“I wish I could believe that.”

Shane took a slow breath. He reached out and wrapped his arms around Gerard. He embraced the older man with a tight grip. Gerard didn’t move, most likely due to the sudden response.

Shane couldn’t resist himself. He wanted Gerard to be happy again. He hugged him with genuine persistence. Finally, Gerard hugged him back. Both men held each other in their arms.

Shane almost shivered at the embrace. He had rarely hugged another man before, but at this time, it was now a proven statement. A sincere movement toward an alliance. He wanted a guarantee that Gerard would soon push away the desolation prompted by his ex-wife.

Just as they pulled their heads away, they eyed each other while still locked in their warm embrace. Shane looked up at the man who needed sustenance. Gerard seemed so pure to him.

He whispered, “I want you to be happy.”

Gerard denied a warm response. “I don’t know if I can.”

Shane could feel his eyes growing watery. “I’ll help you.”

He gently pressed his forehead against Gerard’s own. He held no shame when endorsing his idea. “Let me do this. Let me ease the pain.”

He could feel Gerard breathing against his lips. It made him more aware of his true feelings. And then, their noses touched. Without question, they rubbed their noses against each other. Shane’s determination quickly gained more momentum.

“I’m here for you.”

Those words must have triggered something from within Gerard. The ex-husband reached in and gave Shane a long kiss. Shane didn’t back away from it. Even if it broke away from his usual patterns, he welcomed it. He grabbed on to Gerard’s shoulders as the two of them kissed each other on the balcony. Their embrace had grown a little tighter. They achieved a more positive act, something that could greatly benefit Gerard in some way.

They ended their kiss. Shane couldn’t move away. He was now engaged in this voluptuous grip. He looked at Gerard with a new adoration. He wanted him to stay in this apartment just a little longer. He drew deeper breaths. He was eager to be an acquaintance. Maybe even more.

He kissed Gerard again. He had never expressed his feelings toward someone of the same sex like this. But he didn’t question it. He followed along as he yearned for a fitting conclusion to the heartbreak that still lingered. Their kiss was long enough for him to breathe through his nostrils. He and Gerard were now a duo that Kolej Escort chose a different path.

Gerard held him even tighter. He whispered in Shane’s ear, “I’ll stay.”

This pleased Shane in many ways. He stepped away from Gerard and said, “Let’s go back inside.”

Gerard already understood.

* * *

It didn’t take long for them to make it into the sole bedroom. Shane was already ready for it, even though he almost shied away from being unclothed in front of another man. He now faced the wall completely naked. He waited for Gerard to reveal himself to him.

He could hear the ex-husband say, “Let me look at you.”

Shane slowly turned around. He held his breath for a few seconds. Gerard stood in front of him, complete with a thick erection. Both men were now naked in the bedroom. Shane started to feel rather timid. He had no experience with other men, and yet his newfound willpower brought him here.

Gerard drew a little closer. “You look wonderful.”

Shane began to feel weak in the knees. “Thank you. You…you look amazing.”

At this point, Shane didn’t care if this radical departure from his normal routines had been unveiled. He was just glad that he was with someone who needed him the most.

Gerard reached out with his arm. “Come here.”

Shane stepped forward. And now, both men held each other again in their arms. This time, thanks to the lack of apparel, Shane gasped when he felt both erections pressing against each other. He trembled at the warm feeling. His cock slowly rubbed against Gerard’s own.

“Oh my…”

Gerard, who was several inches taller, used his finger to lift Shane’s chin up. It made them gaze into each other’s eyes. Gerard was undeterred by this sudden shift. He didn’t push away Shane. He accepted his offer with ease. Mesmerized by this occasion, Shane leaned in for another kiss. They locked lips as their embrace achieved greater strength. Shane relished these new feelings. His only goal was to give the other man the satisfaction he deserved.

Gerard slowly thrust his erection against Shane’s cock, which caused the latter to gasp lightly. The tingling feeling originated from the warm touch from below. The young man wanted nothing more than to experience a smooth progression. With determination, he reached down and grabbed both cocks. He slid his fingers up and down both vertical figures. They didn’t stop kissing. They demonstrated their anticipation only through actions. Shane didn’t stop energizing both cocks. He didn’t care if he touched another penis. He gave Gerard a valid reason to continue the pursuit.

Just as Gerard pulled his lips away, Shane accelerated his fingers. Both of them stuck their tongues out and gently stroked their wet tips. Their kiss was followed by a clean contact with their tongues. Gerard grabbed Shane by the head and drew him closer for another long kiss. Gerard took charge of the situation, and Shane let him.

* * *

To further enhance their experience, they brought themselves into Shane’s queen-sized bed. Gerard still handled him with his gentle authority. As Shane lay flat on his back, Gerard was now on top of him. There would be no restraint. Gerard held him in his arms and kissed him with fervor, as if he had already forgotten the betrayal. Shane could feel the weight stacked on top of him, but it didn’t bother him in the slightest. He waited for his chance to be the receiver.

Gerard kissed him on the neck. The hot spot caused him to shiver even harder. He was used to doing this to Gloria, but a role reversal was now imminent. The temperature in the room started to slowly rise. He could feel the moisture gaining traction on his skin. It helped him grow more confident toward his endeavor.

Both naked men rolled over. Shane got up and sat on top of Gerard’s lap. He could feel the tip of Gerard’s hard cock touching his hole. He didn’t want to move. He wanted that cock inside of his hole. He bent down and gave Gerard a gentle kiss. He didn’t say anything. He just grabbed hold of Gerard’s cock and lowered his hips downward.

He could feel the cock sliding deep into his hole. He felt tense just as it went straight through. He was almost speechless. He now had another man’s cock inserted inside him. And he didn’t complain. With Gerard’s presence, he craved something other than just a prologue to what he could do this afternoon.

Shane began to move his hips up and down in a slow fashion. He could feel the cock moving in and out. The bulbous tip collided with his weak spot, giving him even more fortitude than ever before. He took quicker breaths as he rode Gerard’s hips. Gerard grabbed the younger man’s hips with both hands. They were now connected to each other.

Gerard whispered, “This might be your specialty.”

Shane moaned. “I hope so.”

He continued to move his hips above the hard cock. It slid deep into his hole, moving in and out with precision. And every time it struck his weak spot, he could Yenimahalle Escort feel his entire body tingling from the jabbing sensation.

“Oh…this is what you really need.”

Gerard lay flat on his back to obtain a good view of his blond companion. “I haven’t felt this way for a long time.”

Inspired by words, Shane sped up his movements. His hips gained a steady acceleration.

Gerard moaned lightly. “That’s right. Keep going.”

Shane placed his hands on the bed. The cock inside him felt intense. It was a phenomenon that should’ve happened sooner.

All of a sudden, Gerard sat up and embraced him. Shane stopped moving his hips. He and Gerard kissed without providing a detailed analysis. They just let it happen in the room.

And then, Gerard moved forward with his own brand of passion. He sat on the bed with the young man’s legs wrapped around him. He now thrust his hips upward. Shane began to bounce up and down in Gerard’s arms. The cock inside him was presented in an upward motion.

Shane grabbed on to Gerard’s shoulders and cried out, “Oh, fuck! It feels so good.”

He rode Gerard’s cock with newfound delight. Both men bounced on the bed, which produced an audible creaking sound every time Gerard thrust his hips up and down.

Shane swung his head back. The feeling of someone’s cock being driven into him made him more susceptible to an obedient behavior. He let the other man take control of him.

“Fuck me hard!”

Gerard’s tight embrace, as well as the cock being drilled through a tight space, became more of a pleasing addition. Shane willingly accepted the performance. Knowing that Gerard finally had the opportunity to incorporate an optimistic act after delving into downcast mechanics for so long, it was the moment that made him a changed man. He no longer wanted to see Gloria again. He no longer searched for another acquaintance in the city. Gerard was the only one who could now live up to the hype.

Shane cried, “I’m yours!”

Gerard strengthened his upward motion. “You’re right.”

Several minutes passed, and both men were still engaged in their own private session. Gerard continued to slide his cock deep into Shane, who still jumped up and down above Gerard’s lap. He leaned in for another kiss. The heat from within the room had grown. Several drops of sweat formed on Shane’s skin. He could feel the climax approaching.

Gerard gritted his teeth. “Oh…here it comes.”

Both men held each other tightly as they braced for the eventual eruption.

Shane almost whimpered. Gerard squeezed him in his arms just as the frenzied charge took effect. Shane’s eyes widened. He swung his head back and let out a nearly feminine scream. He could feel the warm and thick semen spilling into his narrow passage. Gerard’s cock did its job very well.

Both men collapsed on the bed. Exhausted, Shane now rested his head on Gerard’s shoulder. The two of them lay peacefully after their fervent adventure.

Gerard caressed the young man’s hair. “You did great.”

Shane couldn’t help but chuckle with glee. “I’m glad I did.”

* * *

But it still didn’t end. They weren’t interested in accepting a simple conclusion. As soon as they made it into the shower, they restarted their most intimate interaction. The warm water slid down their skin just as Gerard held Shane from behind. A steamy encounter that worked.

Shane could feel Gerard thrusting his cock deep into him once more. They became inseparable in the shower. The smacking noise from between their legs held a distinct pattern in the wet and confined space. It was loud and vivacious, and Shane could listen to it for the rest of the afternoon. In the meantime, he felt his bottom hole growing warmer owing to Gerard’s testosterone taking effect. It seemed too good to be true, but it did in fact take place.

Shane could feel the semen spilling out of him and sliding down his legs. But Gerard wasn’t finished. He continued to fill him with a slimy overflow. He pounded him with force. His frustrations could have dissipated now that he found a more proper resolution.

Shane went along with the ride. He let Gerard take a hold of him. He let him spread his seed as much as he could. And he cherished it as a major accomplishment. He turned his head and gave Gerard a long kiss. This would become a turning point regarding his own personal preferences.

Just as Gerard thrust into him for the last time, the two of them quivered in each other’s arms. Shane could feel even more of the warm cum flooding into him, and even more of it spilling out of his plugged hole. He let out a deep sigh. He reveled in the penetration. There would be no way for him to criticize such a decision.

The two of them kissed in the shower, with the warm water still splashing onto their skin. Shane desired close contact. He and Gerard tightened their embrace. There would be no disruptions to their new relationship.

* * *

With the sunset approaching, it was now time for Gerard to say goodbye. Shane felt discouraged by his departure. He and Gerard, now fully clothed, hugged near the front door. Shane didn’t want to let him go. He wanted him to stay until midnight. Or even better, stay for the next few days.

He wrapped his arms around Gerard’s neck and whispered in his ear, “Please just stay a little while.”

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