Lisa Teases Her Uncle – Pt. 01

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Over the last 6 months, since turning 18, my niece Lisa has become more and more flirtatious with me every day and turns my head quite often. Her attire has changed from very meek and modest to outright provocative and alluring. Lately, she started campaign of teasing me on a daily basis which always gives me a riser. I often dream of having sex with her.

At 5’6″, 125 lbs, endowed with 36b breasts, Lisa’s body has been toned over years through gymnastics, cheerleading, soccer, and track. Besides her stunning beauty, her other great features include chiseled abs, tight firm ass, and sexy legs. Lisa’s jet-black hairs flows to the center of her back and her skin always sports a tan. The greatest perk is that Lisa, along with her mother Sarah and sister Bonnie, lives with me.


Since this will be a series, here is a little background. Sarah is 3 years older than me and ended up marrying a guy in her class named Mike. He knocked Sarah up in their senior year, married her right after graduation, and she gave birth to Bonnie, the eldest daughter. A year later, Lisa was born.

I married Sarah’s sister, Lindsay. We were in the same class, on and off again high school sweethearts. We continued to date past high school and moved in together during my third year of UNC for Architecture. In my fourth year, we had an unexpected boy named Brad. I ended up doing a fifth year, struggling between making ends meet, long work hours, and finally graduating college.

But apparently the damage was already done to our marriage. One afternoon, Lindsay took Brad, cleared out her things and was gone. No note. My bank account cleared out and credit cards had drawn cash. Coincidentally, when I called Sarah, Mike was gone too. The two blindsided as they ran off together.

I was broken and broke. I literally didn’t know where my next meal was coming from and rent was due soon. Sarah stepped up and allowed me to live in her basement. It took me a while to get back on my feet financially, but I landed a lucrative job with renowned architectural firm.

My big break came after about 1 1/2 years when I was reviewing plans of a multi-billion dollar already under construction. I found a critical error in the density calculation of the concrete being used which completely halted the project. This saved the potential loss of life, injury, and structural failure which would have cost countless millions and the firm’s reputation. With that, I was promoted to a six-figure income position with tenure and a huge bonus. The company also sent me to MIT for two years, all expenses paid. I bought myself a house overlooking the Intercoastal in Ocean Isle, NC, complete with acreage and shoreline property. Life was good or so I thought.

Sarah told her funds dried up and she lost the house. I made the decision that her and the girls could live with me and have the whole upstairs. I had the basement renovated to include everything I needed; an office studio, living room, master bedroom with bath and a half, and walk in closet. The girls named it the ‘Studio’. The house was three floor split level on a tiered lot; the basement was ground level with the pool in back, main floor was ground level in front. Sarah agreed and moved in two months before me. I moved in upon completion of my Masters. Life was good again.


I’m pretty much the primary guardian for the girls throughout the week as Sarah is a Chef at a prominent area restaurant, normally working 2pm to 12pm.

Most of the teasing by Lisa started out subtle, then escalated. Pajamas were replaced by more revealing articles of clothing. On movie night, she would lay on the couch, opposite from where I sat wearing a one or two piece camisole. Often as she turned, it gave me a view of her panties. But lately, she’s gone commando almost every night. Lying on her back, she always coaxed me into a foot massage as we watched. My eyes dart between the screen and crotch, my cock hardening as I catch a glimpse of her bare pussy. One day, she even ‘innocently’ laid her head on my lap, her arm resting against my hard on without a peep.

After showers, Lisa tends to walk around in only a towel. Her ass cheeks are always on display and she finds things to do that will require her to bend over, flashing me at every turn. A few times the towel has completely slipped of her, bearing all to me with a “oops.” Every now and then after her tease, she’ll find a way to sit on my knee or lap. Her bare pussy inches from my hard cock.

Another way she teases me is her school uniform. Lisa is a senior and attends a parochial school and wears a uniform consisting of a gray skirt that falls just above the knee, white blouse with matching gray tie, gray blazer (for colder days and special occasions), white calf high socks, and black shoes. The dress policy at school is strict. Soon as the girls are off school property, the skirts are rolled at the waist to create miniskirts. The blouses are untucked and tied just under their breasts.

Her older sister artemisbet yeni giriş Bonnie (19), normally hangs outs with the neighbor girl Tiffany (18). Every weekday like clockwork, they head to Bonnie’s room to do homework right after their college classes. Lisa, on the other hand, does her studying in my studio all afternoon. She is very interested in my work. Daily, she strolls in wearing her sexy schoolgirl uniform and views my recent work, giving me a great view of her scantily clad body; skirt barely covering her ass. As she bends over the table, naughty thoughts enter my mind of lifting her skirt flap and blowing my wad deep inside her.

One day, Lisa was looking at my plotting board. I was sitting front left of her as she rifled through my new concept sketches giving me a perfect view. I was mesmerized by her tummy as it met the skirt.

Next thing I know, “Busted! Hey, my eyes are up here” chuckling. “Uncle John, are you checking me out?

Surprising her with my honesty, “Actually I was. I just realized what to get you for your birthday,” I replied.

“My birthday was six months ago. You got me a necklace, remember?”

“Yeah, but you deserve something more meaningful. Your abs are sexy, there’s no denying that, but I think they need to be accented with a navel piercing. A focal point,” I stated.

“OMG, Uncle John. I’ve been wanting one for so long, but never had the courage to ask mom,” she said.

“Well ask her opinion. I believe she’ll like the idea. Just leave out the words like sexy, focal point, and hot when asking. Probably not a good idea to tell her it was my idea either. I will pay for it, my treat.”

Two weeks later, with the blessing of Sarah, we were at a tattoo shop getting her navel pierced. Lisa picked out a basic navel ring, but I switched it out with a different one. With a little grimace and in a split second, the piercing was done by a woman in her mid-twenties. As Lisa looked in the mirror, she was surprised. Dangling from her navel was three hearts on a metal rope: 1/2 carat, 1 carat, and 2 carat diamonds.

Hugging and kissing me on the cheek, “They’re beautiful. Thanks Uncle John.”

“If your mom asks, they’re cubic zirconium,” I replied.

Handing a $50 to the woman, “Any inquires..”

“Cubic zirconium, gotcha,” interrupted the woman, stuffing the $50 bill in her pocket.

Another instance. I take the girls to Cheer practice, 18-year-old and up, three times a week for a couple of hours. I usually end up sitting with the cheer moms so bulky clothes is the key to hiding my enjoyment. I usually end up taking the brunt off their sexual innuendo, playful comments, and get propositioned at least once a practice. I have received blow jobs from two moms and fucked only one, Tanya, Tiffany’s mom and my next-door neighbor. A story for another day.

The best example of Lisa teasing by far is Cheer. Since I’m into photography with the latest digital cameras, Lisa volunteered my services to take the annual Cheer photos to include individual, team, and family pics. From past conversations, she knew that I mentioned a few of the girls on the squad had ‘hot bodies’ and she now gave me an opportunity to exploit that.

A guy taking picture at girl’s Cheer normally is a little perverted, but I had the approval of the parents. Picture day went perfect. All the girls with their hair done up in make-up wearing glittery wrap short skirts and tops, moms dressed to kill. Pics were emailed that night to the families minus a few select pics slated for my ‘spank bank’, including a few moms.

But the best was yet to come. Still all dolled up, we arrived home and the girls wanted more pics. I set a backdrop up in my studio to take standing, kneeling, laying, and action shots of Bonnie, Tiffany, and Lisa. In that order. Bonnie and Tiffany’s went without any frills except for when they took pics together. Something about the closeness and mannerism between them made me hard. They had chemistry, I thought.

Once done, Lisa took center stage as the other two went back upstairs. Lisa standing and kneeling were cute. Abruptly, she said she would be right back and left the room

Minutes later, she returned and we resumed our shoot. However, the laying position caught my attention. While taking a pic from a rear oblique, I notice more skin than usual. With Lisa laying on her stomach, hands propping her head under her chin, Lisa kick her legs up again harder. The flap of her skirt revealed a bare ass, no panties. My shutter clicked endlessly. I moved straight behind her; her legs were slightly spread giving me unabated shot of her pussy. My camera clicked away. Not wanting to be too obvious, I walked a 360 around her taking pics. My cock was hard, again. I wanted to fuck her. She always does this to me.

“Getting any good shots,” she teased.

“Quite a few actually. There’s even a few that I’d could never your mother,” I replied as Lisa giggled. “Standup, let’s get your action shots done.”

Lisa stood artemisbet giriş and did a few kicks as I clicked away. “Again, but higher,” I chimed as she exposed herself to me with each move.

“I can do a standing splits,” Lisa stated.

“Okay, show me what you got,” I egged her on.

Grabbing her toes, pulling her leg up, her hands shifted to the ankle, then calf to hold her leg as it reached vertical. I clicked away. Her pussy was fully exposed to me, but acted like nothing was out of the norm.

My mind raced. Visions of propping her leg on my shoulder and fucking her deep swept through my mind. I concluded that she wanted to be fucked, but the presence of the girls upstairs thwarted that effort. I just clicked away until she tired and dropped her leg.

“Okay, get the other two and we’ll do pics of all three of you together. Make sure you fix your makeup and probably check your outfit before coming back down,” I smiled.

“Might want to adjust your outfit too,” Lisa joked, flashing her eyes downward to the bulge in my shorts. She was grinning from ear to ear when she left the room, flashing her ass one last time out the door.

Continuing on:

The Cheer team was participating in an annual orientation designed for college freshman only. Months ago, Sarah had asked me if I could watch Lisa and of course I accepted. I figured this would be the best chance I’d have to set my conquest into motion. Now, the weekend was upon us. I figured if it didn’t happen this weekend, it never would. So, over a course of two months, I had set plans in motion to increase my chances.

Now the Cheer event was upon us. Sarah, Bonnie, and Tiffany were leaving around 7:00am. As they frantically got ready, I was tasked to load the car. As I loaded most of the bags in the SUV, I heard petite voice “Good Morning Mr. John.” I turned, it was Tiffany. She looked like she spent all day dolling herself up, beautiful.

“Hi Tiffany, all ready for the big weekend,” I inquired.

“Yes, it’ll be a blast. Wish you and Lisa could go,” she stated sincerely. “Oh, my Mama says Hi.”

“We’ll be fine. You have a great time.”

“Should I just toss my bag in the trunk,” she asked.

“Just leave it there, I’ll get it.” With that, she dropped the bag and walked into the house. Tiffany put on a show and was shaking that ass the whole way. “I’d like to put my junk in your trunk,” I murmured and turned. BAM! Lisa was standing there wearing an oversized Shaggy t-shirt that fit like a dress. Did she hear me?

The girls finally finished loading up. Everyone said their “Goodbyes.” Within minutes, they were loaded up and on their way.

After the SUV pulled away, Lisa sauntered into the house while I closed up the garage. I entered the kitchen and started making breakfast. As I was setting the table, Lisa was standing near the kitchen island, leaning forward, reading the cover page of the local newspaper. Returning to the stove, I walked up behind her while staring at her Scooby-Doo panties covering her tight ass. As I walked by, I lightly slapped her ass “Nice touchdown.”

Lisa replied, “Hey you break it, you buy it,” as she eyed me up and down.

I quipped back with a grin, “You know how I just love to tinker with things that are broke.” I don’t think I’ll ever be able to watch Scooby-Doo ever again without a getting a hard on. Just as I thought it would be a good time to make a move, a timer chimed. Breakfast was ready. The rest of breakfast was uneventful, except for her flaunting and my ogling.

“What’s our weekend plan, Uncle John?”

To which I responded, “First a little poolside relaxation, take the boat for a cruise, dinner at Oshea’s, and whatever else we can fit in.”

“OMG, yes! I love that plan,” she replied as she hugged me tight.

“Okay then, suit up. I’ll meet you at the pool.”

Poolside was a morning ritual for me. Every morning, weather permitting, I relaxed reading either the paper or some architectural magazine. I showed up in a polo and a pair of baggy cargo shorts. Within minutes, Lisa arrived.

Surprisingly, Lisa was wearing very short jean cut-offs and a pink bikini top. She pulled a lounger next to mine, adjusted it so it was a bit forward then mine, and aimed it towards the sun.

Pulling out her baby oil, I watched as she lubed most of her sexy body up. She laid front side down and the lounger. Handing back a bottle to me, “Uncle John, can you oil up my back?”

“My pleasure,” as I moved to her and applied the oil. Rubbing the oil on her back, I slid my hands in the waist area of heart shorts to ensure full coverage. I didn’t feel a waistband. No panties? Holding the front of her bikini top with one hand, she released the neck and back string so my oiling would be unabated.

After I was done, “Tie me up baby?” she said referring to her bikini strings. I did.

I had to verify. I moved to her legs and oiled them from the ankles up. Arriving at the shorts, I pushed under the fringe of the cutoffs artemisbet güvenilirmi and rub in the oil. Being they were short short cut-offs, the opening near the crotch was more roomy.

Confirmed, Lisa wasn’t wearing any panties. My cock started to twitch.

As we sunned ourselves, my eyes scanned her body head to toe behind my sunglasses, soaking up the beauty before me. After about 30 minutes, she rolled on her back. Many thoughts passed through my mind as the oil glistened in the sun.

A while later, Lisa stood up with her taunt body inches from me. “Need anything?”

My mind raced. Was this a proposition? Yeah, I need you riding my cock was my immediate thought to myself. “I’ll take a glass of water, thank you,” I replied. She headed towards the stairs as I watched her leave, turning back to me, catching me staring at her. “With lemons. I already cut some up,” was my cover. I pulled my shirt off to catch some sun as I watched her head up the stairs.

Busted again. “Uncle John, are you checking out my ass…again?” She smiled and continued. Minutes later she returned. While handing me the glass, she spilled it into my lap, soaking my crotch. “Oopsy.”

“Oopsy? You did that on purpose,” looking down as my saturated clothes clung to my semi-hard member. I splashed my water on her, hitting breaststroke and the water trickled over her oily tummy into her short.

“Oh no you didn’t,” She giggled as she splashed my chest.

“Water fight!!!” I hollered like we were little kids again. I got up and chase her around the pool. She got to the garden hose first. After a few sprays from her, we tasseled over the sprayer. It was soaking both of us. Under the disguise of a water fight, our hands were clearly roaming over each other’s body. My cock was hard as her hand grazed over it. Lisa gave up her hold on the hose and headed into the house. I followed her in to the kitchen sink where she was filling a picture of water. I grabbed the sink dish sprayer and soaked her some more. Lastly, as she started her retreat from the kitchen, we wrestled with the picture between us to the floor. We were soaked.

I straddled her body, sitting on her pelvis region while pinning her arms to the floor. “To the Victor goes the spoils. 1, 2,…and a kick out,” as I allowed Lisa’s shoulder up. I let her roll me over.

Now Lisa straddled me. Clearly my hard cock was wedged under her crotch. “1,2,3… ding, ding, ding! Yes, the spoils go to me” as she ground her crotch on to my cock. Rolling off to the side, my cock was visibly hard as the wet clothes clinged to it. Finally, after all these months, Lisa slid her hand across my cock. Teasingly she said, “Did I do that?”

“Yes, Baby Girl, you did all that,” looking down towards my cock. “You’ve been doing that to me for some time now. “

“My God, it’s so huge. Every guy this big? Can I touch it,” she asked shyly.

“Not every guy. You can do anything you want with it,” I emphatically stated.

Lisa unbuttoned my shorts and slid the zipper down. Just as she grabbed the waist band, I stopped her.

“First, there has to be some ground rules.

Whatever we do, it stays between only us. Not your mom, family, and friends. Nobody else can know, unless we both agree to disclose it.

Nothing happens, unless you want it to happen. If one says, no, then it doesn’t happen. If you agree to those terms, say yes. If not, this never happened and let’s clean up this mess.”

“Yes. I agree. I’ve been wanting this forever.” Lisa then folded the fly of my shorts open and a fully erect cock sprung out. “OMG, what a monster,” she said as her hand slid over it.

“Well, it’s up to you. What do you want to do with it.?” As I lifted my butt off the ground, she slid my shorts off. My left hand popped the button on her shorts as my right hand slipped inside the back of her shorts, caressing her bare ass.

With a slight moan,”ummmm. Hard to decide,” she toyed. “I want to stroke it, lick it, suck it, and definitely get fucked by it.” Lisa slowly jacked my cock and rubbed her thumb into its pre-cum.

My hand slid out from her shorts and untied both bikini top strings, letting it fall to the ground exposing her breasts. Like show and tell, “I showed you mine, now show me yours.

Lisa stood up, stuck her thumbs in the waist line of her shorts and shimmied them off. My beautiful prize was within a foot from my face. “What do you want to do with it,” tossing my question back at me.

Staring directly into her eyes as she flaunted her pussy at me, “Well I plan to finger it, lick it, tongue it, eat it, and definitely stuff my big cock in your pussy and fuck it.” A big grin of approval came across Lisa’s face. “But not here.”

I grabbed Lisa by the hand and led our naked bodies to her room. Immediately, we pulled off the covers, leaving on the sheets and pillows. She climbed into the center of the bed. God, she looked beautiful. “I’ll be right back,” I said and headed to the studio. Once there, I grabbed a towel, KY gel and two digital cameras. I promptly returned to Lisa’s room.

I set a camera on her dresser facing the bed to take a pic every minute. “As evident in your Cheer pics, I know you’re not camera shy.” Lisa blushed. “These will document our time together, only for you and I to see. Deal?”

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