Lisa , the Professor Ch. 1

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Josef was the head of the Math department at a moderately sized college. He was a scholarly man and usually spent his time with the Math majors and the graduate students working on their thesis–He left the fundamental classes to his assistants.

As a favor for an assistant professor, Josef substituted for a statistics class one week, but after finding Lisa there, Josef decided to teach that particular course in that time slot for the rest of the semester– He reassigned the assistant to instruct a different course with a swift explanation of needing to stay in touch with the non-majors.

It was the highlight of his week to look at her. Lisa was an older student, probably around 30 years old. She was quite intelligent, just a late bloomer in the academic area, but very much an excellent student. Her almond shaped brown eyes sparkled with excitement at learning and sometimes, Josef imagined, with more. Her body was of medium frame, subtle and extreme in curves all at once. Her ass was round, her breasts full and prominent, and her waist small in a complimentary way. Her face was sensuous, with bedroom eyes that were framed with long lashes. Her makeup always minimal and tastefully done.

That late afternoon, Lisa was coming by his office. Josef never said exactly why he wanted to see her, just a brief, “Come by my office around 4pm.”

His breath shortened and his pants tightened when he thought of how close she had stood to him while they made the appointment. Her breasts almost brushed against his arm. When he looked down at her, he could see the dark crevice created by the pushing together of her tits. He wanted to bury his face into them, or thrust his white cock between them to leave a puddles of pearly cum on top of them.

He reclined in his chair thinking about it, and began rubbing his crotch repeatedly with the palm of his hand until his cock stiffened underneath the cloth of his pants. ‘I’ll show her this when she comes here’, he thought to himself as he stroked his cock through his pants. His thoughts continued, moving further and further until his desire went beyond reason. Never mind the sexual harassment policies of the school. Never mind the somewhat public setting they would be in.

He imagined bending her over and parting her fine brown ass cheeks with his hands, slipping his finger between the dark purple lips of her pussy while darting his tongue at the tiny pucker of her anus. ‘I’ll make her squirm and beg for my cock’, he thought. Just as he reached the point of hearing her beg in his fantasy, there was a knock on Betturkey the door. In reality, he was about to tug his cock from his pants to relieve himself, stroking it until he came into a wad of Kleenex.

He stood up and walked to the door, his hands over his dark blond hair. He opened it, and saw Lisa there. He said nothing, but allowed her to enter his office. His mind was still in his recent thoughts, evidenced by his face. He didn’t have any strength left to be indirect.

He shut the door behind her and pressed her body up against the oak door. His breathing was hard, quick and shallow as his pants grew tight around the crotch.

“This is what you want, isn’t it?” his voice husky in her ear as he pressed himself against her. She felt his breath hot on her smooth brown neck and looked up at him. His pale face was flushed red in the cheeks, but not from embarrassment. They had exchanged glances too many times in class and in the hallway. They both knew what they wanted. There was no need for her to answer.

He propped her up higher against the door with his hands and his body, making her petite, but womanly frame more even to his tall, sturdy one. His pallid fingers reached towards her neck into her sweater and pulled it down over her shoulder, and his hand molded the roundness of her shoulder. Her skin was as warm and inviting as its appearance, the color of cinnamon and sienna. His mouth pressed to hers and he kissed her roughly as she held onto him with her arms, her feet standing lightly on his. He was holding her up against the door with his weight. There was no need for her to stand. As his tongue slipped into her mouth, she matched it by licking the roof of the inside of his mouth and sucking on his tongue in a soft, sensuous rhythm.

“You do want to fuck, don’t you?” Josef asked, with slight amusement. ‘I want to fuck you so badly, baby.’ he thought to himself, so loud that he thought he was speaking. ‘I want to ram my cock in you and give it to you like I’ve never given it to anyone before.’ The words sounded like someone else’s words coming from his throat. He couldn’t remember ever talking like that before. He was usually quiet before and during sex, serviceable and silent. But now, as he groaned as he sucked at her mouth, her neck, her face, he couldn’t stop telling her everything he was thinking. ‘You are so fucking hot. I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked.’

He thought about how he would sit grading papers. When he got to Lisa’s, he would try to read it through, but always had to stop, feeling Betturkey Giriş his dick harden. He’d stop reading to picture her face, her sensuous curved lips, the small, animal-like curve of her nose, and the plump breasts she tried to hide, but couldn’t with her sweaters He would stroke himself to orgasm every time. He was always afraid he’d leave spots of semen on her papers.

Lisa rubbed his crotch feeling how it swelled in his pants. She panted against his mouth and flushed face as he reached down between them, hiking up her short skirt. His fingers rubbed her smooth thighs, grappled with her panties ripped them from her skin. She didn’t know where they fell, or if he’d even slipped them into his pocket. She didn’t care. She felt his fingers, more than one, probing around her dark coarse hairs, searching for her slit. The exploration was purely for pleasure and effect; It wasn’t difficult to find with the moisture that was building there.

She panted in the ear that was pressed against her lips. “I want you, Professor.” It turned him on. He probed the outer lips, rubbing the slimy juices along the length of her cunt, circling the bulbous clitoris. He started to plunge three fingers inside her slit and found resistance. She was too tight. He settled for one, to get the feel of her, and it slipped in like a coin into a slot, with a slight jag, then in. Once in, her wet pussy held his finger close. He could feel the muscles of her cunt squeeze down on his finger as he fucked her with it. She kept a rhythm that matched her moans and his gentle thrust. She was getting kind of loud, Josef thought. Someone might be able to hear in the hallway. But when she pushed down against his hand and started fucking his finger back, he didn’t care. She was hot. She wanted it. She wanted him. And he was going to give it to her like he’d always imagined while he was grading her papers.

He unzipped his slacks. It took some doing, now with the pressure from his erection increasing the fullness around his zipper. He managed to press her body against the door, holding her up with his body while he guided the zipper down, holding the top with one hand and the tab with the other. He let the slacks fall over his ass and gruffly pulled his swollen member out from under his the band of his underwear. It was pulsing hard, along with the veins in his forehead. The blood from every other organ in his body was summoned to this one, filling it, feeding it, stretching it lengthwise and widthwise to incredible proportions. The veins were visible throbbing as the blood rushed in. From the tip, the tiny piss-hole was drooling, like a hungry animal, waiting for the okay to devour the kill. He hefted her body upward again, positioning his cock underneath her and looked up at her, into her eyes. She was looking at him with her brown eyes gleaming. She certainly did want this. It was just as well he never knew until now, or he may have lost control in a most inopportune place.

The red tip of his cock had unsheathed itself and he prodded at the wet lips in clumsy thuds. He thrust his hips forward and up and felt himself sink deep inside her, slowly creeping up the channel of her pussy. He let out a guttural groan. She gripped his shoulders as her head tipped back with a gasp. With each thrust inching into her, she moaned, juices from her cunt slopping down on his balls. As the sensation of fucking her became less of a novelty, he looked down to watch his dick, angry red, but still pale, thrusting between her brown legs. He had to look up again quickly, to prevent from cumming. He gripped her ass and ground into her, grinding her back against the door.

“You want me to cum in you,” he asked, breathless.

“Yess…” she gasped, body shivering.

“You want my hard cock to cum in you?” He asked again firmly.


“Then say it! Say, ‘Cum in me, Professor.”

“Ahhh…ahh…ahhhh..,” she cried out and he felt her body shake, his cock flooded with more of her fluids. She rested her head on his shoulder, cooing, biting his ear lobe.

“Cum in me, Professor,” she replied. She lifted her head and looked him in the eye, devilishly revived, “Cum in me, Professor.”

That was it. He plastered himself to her, hip to hip and thrust so fast and hard her head banged against the hard wood.

“Fuck…fuck…yes!! Yessssssss! Aaaaaaahh….you hot bitch you…ohhhhh….fuck!”

He cried out and one long groan as his dick twitched uncontrollably, shooting stream after stream of semen into her cunt.

His legs were weak, but he couldn’t let go. Her legs were still wrapped around him, over his hips, the muscles of her cunt gripping his softening prick. She wouldn’t let him go. He thought he would drop her if she didn’t stop pulsing against it, the aftershocks were so painfully pleasant. He let her legs fall slowly, allowing himself to slip out of her with a bit of difficulty. She truly didn’t want to let go of his cock. When it slipped out, small, red and glistening, the results of their orgasm dripped onto the floor from the tip. The air was cold against his hot, but flaccid cock. He leaned against her now standing body, letting his cock press against her upper thigh, breathless. Neither of them could speak, but leaned against the weight of each other, bodies humming from a desire fulfilled.

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