Lola and Joey Ch. 14

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Oh-oh! Amanda thought. Even though she was in the waiting room, she could feel her mom’s anger start to build. Her mom was in with Ms. Leven, her kindergarten teacher. Apparently, Ms. Leven wanted to see her mom about her. Ms. Leven didn’t think she was paying attention in class which wasn’t true! She was paying attention, just not to Ms. Leven.

She still remembered her first day at school. The thought of going to school was so exciting that she had already checked out the school on her bike several times and did a test walk to see how long it would take.

She wanted to look good and had on her best white dress. All her dresses were white. She liked white! She always wore dresses except when she went biking. When she biked, she wore shorts or pants and a t-shirt and a baseball hat to keep the sun off her face. She didn’t want to get the hem of her dresses dirty on her bike chain and have her dress fly up in the wind. She didn’t care if someone saw her underpants but it was a hassle holding her dress down!

The whole classroom was buzzing with feelings from all the kids. In the past, all the feelings would have overwhelmed her. Her head would have been a jumbled blur of crisscrossed feelings, but every day her control got better. No one ever surprised her anymore, or hardly ever. It was like she had little whispy tendrils that extended from her body that sensed people and every month the tendril’s reached further out. She could sense people’s feelings from far away now, and she could easily block out people and zero in on a person in a crowd. Which was why she was excited when Ms. Leven asked each student to say their name on the first day of class. It gave her a chance to focus on everyone in the room to get a ‘feel’ for each person.

She developed a routine. Every day she waited for all the kids to come in, and then she opened her mind wide open to everyone’s feelings and let them waft over her. It was her class, and she wanted to know how everyone was doing! After a few weeks, she developed a feel for each person.

It was useful information. It was good to know who felt mean or grumpy all the time. She stayed away from those people. It was uplifting to zero in on upbeat people like her sister and others. Sad people made her sad but curious. Why were they sad? She wondered if there was something she could do to help. The feeling of hunger was something she couldn’t accept! It was terrible that some kids were hungry. She started to pack large lunches and tried to sit beside people at lunch that felt hungry and offered to share. It didn’t always work out, but she did what she could.

Unbeknown to her, every time she focused on someone mentally, she turned around to look at them which Ms. Leven found very distracting. She didn’t sense Ms. Leven’s irritation until it was greater than the intensity of the emotions of the person she was feeling. By then it was sometimes too late, and Ms. Leven was staring at her or even worse, standing right beside her. So much for never being surprised by anyone! But she couldn’t help getting wrapped up in people’s feelings! It was her nature. Ms. Leven had caught her a lot lately.

Honestly, she didn’t see what the problem was. She wasn’t talking out. She already knew how to read and write. Her dad had been reading to her for years. Ms. Leven wasn’t saying anything she didn’t already know. It was much more interesting and important to pay attention to the people in her class.

KABOOM! Yikes! Her mom’s temper just exploded. Not good! She was in big trouble! A few seconds later her mom burst out of the room and grabbed her hand to leave. She could tell her mom was steaming hot as they walked home from school which meant keep your mouth shut!

Her mom was much more volatile than her dad. Her dad was rarely upset about anything. It was almost always okay to talk to him.

Her mom was a different story. Most of the time she was okay, but sometimes her temper flared up, or she became frustrated. She rarely got mad but when she did, it was best to stay away. Usually, it was more a matter of frustration with her school work. She would spend weeks trying to figure out a physics problem. If she figured it out, she was on cloud nine, but if she wasn’t successful she sometimes got grumpy, and she wasn’t really there when you talked to her. Sometimes you could get away with things when she was frustrated because she wasn’t paying attention to what you were asking or doing, but it was a total mistake to attempt anything when she was mad!

She was always amazed at how Catherine didn’t clue in on her mom’s different moods. Catherine would press her mom on something the same way she did her dad. Bad move! Catherine didn’t seem to know when her mom was mad as opposed to just frustrated. Sometimes she just cringed waiting for the explosion when Catherine badgered her mom about something. She could feel her mom’s irritation build and then blow! Catherine always seemed surprised when her mom popped. It was amazing how dumb Catherine could bitlis escort sometimes be!

Her mom was ‘mad’ now, so she just waited, and eventually, her mom said something.

“Amanda, Ms. Leven said you have been disrupting the class. She said you are constantly looking around at the other students. Is that true?”

Oh-oh! She was feeling out the other kids, but she didn’t realize she was looking at them when she did it! She would have to change that, but it would be hard. It was instinctual to look at the people she was sensing, but she would work on it. She could do it. She would get so good that Ms. Leven would even know what she was doing! Take that Ms. Leven! “Sorry, mommy. I didn’t know I was doing that. I’ll try to be better.”

“Thanks, honey. Do your best. Okay?”

“Okay, mommy.” Amanda thought her mom’s irritation would subside, but it didn’t. She didn’t know why but at least her mom didn’t seem mad at her.


“Joey, Amanda’s teacher, thinks Amanda has attention deficit disorder and ever so politely suggested that there were medications that might help her. We are NOT going to drug Amanda!”

He may not have been a man of the world, but he was a man of his sister, and it was obvious Lola was quite upset plus he totally agreed with what she said. There was no way they were going to drug Amanda! “Lola, we’re not going to drug Amanda. That’s absurd! There’s nothing wrong with her. Perhaps she could sit at the back of the room and then she wouldn’t distract the other kids if she looked around.”

She had been so angry that she hadn’t thought of that. It might work! Her blood pressure dropped a notch.

Amanda was in her room eavesdropping mentally and started to feel her mom de-stress.

He patted his leg. “Why don’t you sit with me.”

She went to move beside him, but he picked her up and plopped her down on his lap.

“Is this okay?” He asked.

“Maybe,” she said reluctantly, unable to release her anger yet.

He kissed the tip of her nose. “Is this okay?”

“Maybe.” There was a little less anger.

He kissed her lip softly. “Is this okay?”

“Maybe, but I know what you’re trying to do! We have a serious problem, Joey! Kissing me won’t make it go away!”

“Don’t worry. Everything will be okay. There’s nothing wrong with Amanda. She’s just very empathetic. Isn’t emotional intelligence supposed to be an essential quality of successful people?” He gave her a long tender kiss. “Is this okay?”

He felt her body relax into his. Her anger was gone.

Amanda had no idea what was going on next door, but she felt her mom’s anger fade away and be replaced by the beautiful ‘warm fuzzy’ feeling that she often felt between her mom and dad.

Thanks, daddy!


Lola had finally finished her Ph.D.! It seemed like she had been in school forever!

She was disappointed that Joey couldn’t accompany her, but the University was doing a major system upgrade that week, and he couldn’t get away. Her mom stepped up to the plate and volunteered to come with her. Her mom wanted to do some shopping and was going to meet with Laura.

She defended her thesis in the face of three very aggressive senior male faculty members. She was nervous before her defense even though she had prepared for months. She knew they were going to grill her, but when the going got tough, she managed to keep her cool. It helped that Professor Hansen told her she was one of the best students he ever had and he was confident she would do okay.

One after another they asked her tough questions. Then they looped back to previous statements and asked her if her latest answer didn’t contradict an earlier response. She thought about it. No! It didn’t! Sneaks! They weren’t trying to trip her up which irritated her and made her mind razor sharp! The grueling went back and forth for over an hour until the questions stopped and the three profs looked at each other silently.

Is that it, she wondered? All three of them smiled, picked up their notes and left the room. She looked at Professor Hansen. “What does that mean?”

A huge grin spread on his face. “It means you impressed them, Ms. Granger! I can’t remember the last time they all smiled after a thesis defense. Well done!” He reached out and shook her hand vigorously.

YES! WOOHOO! She reached out and gave him a big hug. He looked embarrassed. Too bad! If it weren’t for his encouragement, she never would have pursued a Ph.D. He would just have to suck it up!

Her body buzzed on leftover adrenaline for a bit longer and then she crashed after her mom picked her up. They were going out to a restaurant to celebrate, but she needed to go back to the hotel to have a small rest and call Joey and the girls. She missed them!

She was blown away when she entered the hotel room. There must have been a hundred flowers bolu escort of all different types in the room. There was a card on the table.

“Congratulations Professor! I knew you could do it! I’m proud of you!”

Lola was confused. How did Joey know? She just finished her defense. “Did you tell Joey, mom?”


“Then how did he know?”

Her mom came up behind her and read the card. “He knew because he knows you better than anyone in the world and has always had faith in you. You’re a lucky woman.”

Lola was only able to nod her head. Her vocal chords were malfunctioning again.


She and her mom ate and shopped and had a smooth flight home the next day and then reality set in. What did she do now? There was no Physic’s department at the local University and no related jobs in the private sector in Silver City. What she didn’t realize was that Professor Hansen was already doing some legwork for her. Apparently, the University of Texas, in El Paso had a Physics department, and he knew some of the faculty members. It was amazing all the people he knew! She was conversing with him in one their weekly Skype sessions when he mentioned it. Technically, they didn’t need to have Skype calls anymore, but they had long since developed into more than just calls about her school work. Sometimes they talked for over an hour. He always asked about her life in Silver City and Josef (he couldn’t resist calling Joey something different every week) and the girls.

He got her an interview at the University for a part-time teaching position that had opened up. She would have one class a week for each term. They expected her to drive down and be available for that day but other than that she could work remotely from Silver City. A full-time position was possible depending on her performance. El Paso was two and a half hours from Silver City, and she hated driving, and they only had Joey’s Impala, but she could take the bus the day before and catch the 6:00 p.m. bus home the next day. It would be a long day, but it was only once a week and even working part-time she would make good money. She could work and sleep on the bus. She and Joey would be grossing over one hundred grand! They were damn well going to get a new car whether Joey liked it or not!

Tara went with her. She was going to take the bus, but Tara said it was her turn to do some shopping! The interview went well, but it wasn’t what she expected. Everyone was very friendly and hardly asked any physic’s questions. It was more like a social chat. She didn’t realize it, but Professor Hansen sent the recording of her thesis defense to the school. They were impressed and apparently the interview was just a formality to satisfy the HR hiring process and to make sure the chemistry between everyone was okay.

She couldn’t believe it when they offered her the job! She was finally going to be working and earning a paycheck even if her brother did beat her to the punch by several years! On the ride home, she remembered a conversation she had with Joey years ago. They were trash talking each other about who was going to get a big job first, and she told him she was going to hire male secretaries to service her sexually when she had her own company. She still didn’t own a company, wasn’t anyone’s boss and her job was only part-time, but it would have to do! She reminded him of the conversation in a text, and he texted her back.

“I’ll be waiting under your office table with my tongue hanging out when you get home. Business attire required except for your panties!”

Hmmm! A warm feeling started to develop between her legs!

Tara dropped her off. She should have been dead tired. It was a long day, but her pussy had been simmering ever since Joey texted her and she was wide awake with expectation!

She entered the house quietly. All the lights were off. She peeked in the girl’s rooms. They were both asleep. Then she checked her room. Joey WASN’T there! YES!

She still had on her blouse and skirt from the interview which qualified as business attire. Within seconds her panties were on the floor, and she quickly rolled on Joey’s favorite nylons and slipped on some high heels.

Her whole body was quivering with anticipation! She entered their office room and locked the door. It wouldn’t be good if the girls woke up! Then she positioned her seat on the edge of the chair and slid under the desk as far as the chair would go.

A second later her “employee’s” hands delicately held her feet and removed her high heels. Then he kissed and sucked her toes until the toes of her nylons were drenched in saliva. FUCK! She was feeling incredibly horny! His mouth slowly slurped and kissed his way up her legs. She spread her legs as wide as possible. Kiss after kiss after kiss, his mouth moved higher. By the time his lips breached the top of her nylons she was squirming around like a cat on a hot tin roof, and her burdur escort whole body was sizzling with sexual anticipation.

His hands slid under the back of her legs until he cupped her ass cheeks and then he dived in. FUCK! It felt heavenly! She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been so excited! At first, he licked and kissed her pussy delicately like he was carefully sampling a favorite dessert, but then he picked up the pace. Up! Down! All around! His mouth and lips and tongue were a whirling dervish! She wasn’t going to last long! He plunged his tongue deep into her and wiggled it around and then dragged it over her clit as he pulled it out. She blew! FUCK! A gush of liquid squirted out of her, and she started flopping around like she was having an epileptic fit. He kept trying to lick her, but eventually, she had to push his head away. Way too sensitive! Whew! That was intense!

Her ’employee’ quietly exited from under the desk and stood beside her politely in a shirt and tie, naked from the waist down except for socks and dress shoes, face drenched in cum. “Is there anything else I can do for you, Ms. Granger?”

She’d had fantasized about this moment for years and knew just what to say and how! A long pause with a stern face to make her male subordinate squirm. Then a firm message! “That will be all, for today but make sure you’re here bright and early tomorrow morning, ready to do your job!” Then a desultory glance and wave of her hand to let him know she was done with him.

“Yes, Ms. Granger! Have a good evening Ms. Granger,” he said and nodded his head subserviently.

Perfect! Just Perfect! He nailed the manner and tone she had fantasized about for years perfectly! What a fantastic day! A new job and a long-held fantasy fulfilled! Now it was time to go to bed and fuck her husband until he didn’t have a drop of energy left in his body or cum in his balls! The life of big-time executive was demanding but enjoyable!


“Daddy, is that you?” Amanda whispered into the phone anxiously.

“Yes, it’s me. Why are you whispering Amanda?”

“Because there’s a big problem and I’m nervous!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I stopped at the hotel on the way to school for breakfast, and Tara was sick with the flu. She didn’t even come out of her room. Grandma was there, but she looked really yucky! Her skin was pale and sweaty looking, and her eyes were all puffy. After breakfast, she asked if I could watch the front desk for ten minutes while she had a short rest. That was twenty minutes ago! I don’t think grandma and Tara are going to wake up. Grandpa is in Tuscon today, and mommy is in El Paso teaching, and Carmen got a call to do some supply teaching. There’s no one here but me!”

“Where’s Catherine?”

“She went to school.”

“Why aren’t you at school?”

“I can’t leave daddy! No one else is here! Can you come and help me? I can’t do it all on my own.”

“What about school?”

“What about it? I’m still passing. I’ll be fine. Call the school and tell them I’m sick. Come soon! I need you!”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can! I need to let my boss know. Okay?”

“Okay! Hurry daddy! People will be showing up soon!”

THANK GOD her dad showed up ten minutes later. She knew how to do the day to day functions at the hotel, but she couldn’t do it all by herself, plus it made her nervous being alone!

They split the work. Whenever someone left, her dad dragged the cleaning cart to the room and vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom. The vacuum was too heavy for her to push around and she didn’t like touching the toilet! Yuck! She picked up any garbage and changed the sheets. Her grandma told her NEVER to let her dad do that. When they first moved to the hotel, her dad helped with the rooms for a week until her grandma discovered that he was only changing the sheets if there were stains on them. Her grandma was quite upset!

She checked in on Tara and her grandma several times. They were out cold. As she got older, she could feel how deeply people were sleeping. Her grandma and Tara were sleeping really deep! They wouldn’t be waking up soon!

The day flew by, and it was five before she knew it. All of a sudden she felt exhausted and needed a nap. Her dad told her he was fine by himself. She curled up on her old bed was out cold in seconds.

Susan had been in a deep sleep all day having weird dreams like she always did when she was sick and drugged up. When she finally woke and looked at the clock she just about had a heart attack! It was five thirty! She’d been out all day! Who had been running the hotel? Did Tara wake up? She bolted out of bed and ran into the lobby. Joey was there. Thank God! He must have helped Tara.

“Where’s Tara Joey?”

“She’s still sleeping, mom. Amanda said Tara was sick and that you looked yucky this morning, so we let you sleep.”

Oh my God! Did Joey clean the rooms? That wouldn’t be good!

“Did you clean the rooms?” She asked apprehensively.

He smiled. “Relax mom; we split the work, and little miss fussy inspected my part.”

Whew! What a relief! Amanda was a clean freak like her mom, so she knew the rooms would be cleaned properly! Hey, wait a minute! Today was a school day!

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