Lori Grows Up Pt. 16

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by NICHOLX , 10.27.21

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Things were going along well for the happy trio: Dave got a promotion, which meant putting in a lot more time at the office, and Lori and Marty invested in an online business, selling lingerie and sex toys. The business took off and did surprisingly well and they eventually quit their office jobs to pursue the online business full-time. The work was easy, consisting mainly of receiving and processing orders, but it demanded a lot of time, and their typical work day was ten to twelve hours. They shut down the business on weekends, reserving those two days strictly for rest and recreation (i.e. screwing, fellatio, cunnilingus, and lots and lots of anal sex), and they usually slept late on Saturdays.

First Saturday of November, 5:30 am: Lori had just had the unsettling recurring dream, in which she was alone again, this time in a vast snow-covered field, under a gray sky and black moon, standing on a narrow stony path, and wearing only a light summer coat. The winter wind was brutal and relentless and she felt frozen to the marrow of her bones. At the end of the path she discerned a lone figure and she was sure it was her dad, but where was mom? Something was wrong! She tried to call to him but she had no voice, tried to run to him but her legs would not move, as if frozen. God, please wake me from this freaking nightmare! And as before, as soon as she realized she was dreaming, she began to wake.

She was in that fuzzy twilight zone between sleep and wakefulness, when she was awakened by the sounds of Marty’s heavy breathing, “Uhh, uhh, umm, uhh, ungh,” and the faint but unmistakeable squishy sounds of genitals sliding and sloshing in the act of love. She rolled to her left and in the near-darkness saw Dave lying flat on his back, and Marty glistening with sweat, riding him cowgirl, brutally bobbing her pussy up and down the full length of his cock, grinding her clit hard when she came down. Lori hadn’t had a good fuck for a couple of days, and seeing and hearing the grinding and fucking going on right next to her was making her pussy tingle and ooze and her nipples harden. She slid a finger into her vagina and it was hot and sticky. She licked the gooey finger and it was sweet but lacking salt, she thought.

“Morning, babe, umm, sorry to wake you,” Dave said.

“It’s okay, I can catch up on winks this weekend,” as she leaned over and kissed him. Then she moved to Marty, kissed her lips, then licked her left breast and nipple for a few seconds. “Holy crap, Marty, are you sure that big cock is slamming you deep enough? And damn! Your nipples are as hard as bullets!” Lori said.

“Uhh, ungh! Yeah, they hurt, feels like the fuckin’ things are gonna pop! Nnngh! It’s because we’ve been fucking like this so long, my pussy is squirtin’ juice like a goddamn Florida grapefruit!” Marty said. “But thanks, hon, unhh, your titty lick was so good, it was just what I needed! Unngh! I think I’m gonna cum really hard now after a few more cock pumps. Uhh! I tried to stay quiet to not wake you,” Marty said. “Nnngh! I better cum soon, before my goddamn bush catches fire!”

Lori kissed her cheek, “Okay, hon, just keep on pumping and take that big hot cumshot and enjoy yourself. Dave, you squirt a nice big hot load into this poor girl, she’s working hard for it! I’m gonna go make some coffee, kiddies, and after you two cum your fuckin’ brains out, join me in the kitchen for a biscotti-and-coffee break,” Lori said.

She ducked into the bathroom and took a five-minute steamy shower, then threw on a terry cloth. As soon as the apartment warms up, this stinking robe is coming off, she thought. I’m so tired of being tied up in fucking clothes all week, so this is going to be one naked-bare-ass weekend! Rummaging in the bathroom, she found her tube of mint love gel, and squirted a big blob up her ass. You never know what might happen in the kitchen, she thought, and now she was really craving a good deep ass-fuck.

In the kitchen she clunked around and found the coffee jar and the bottle of anisette, which was getting low, and scribbled a note for Dave to pick up another bottle. If there is no anisette, why bother to drink coffee at all, she thought. She brewed a big pot, then popped some biscottis in the toaster to crisp them.

Her darlings would be joining her soon: she heard Marty moaning and babbling in the bedroom as Dave’s hot cum jetted up into her, “That’s it, hon, shoot it into me deep, deep! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard! Harder! Uhh! Auuuuuugh! Aaaaaaah! Eeeeeeee!Omigod, it’s squirting on my cervix, I love that, oh! Mmmmm!”

When Marty quieted down, she heard Dave’s soft moans of relief as he squirted the last few wads into Marty, “Aaaaaah! Ummmm! Aaaaaaah!”


Dave and Marty showered then joined Lori. And as Italians are wont to do in the morning, they sat around bonus veren siteler the kitchen table sipping coffee, chatting, and munching biscottis.

“Mmm! Lori, I’ve said it before, hon, but your biscottis are just out of this world! We should open a coffee shop, serving biscotti and coffee, and nothing else! Maybe we could even make it a topless cafe, just to jump-start it!” Marty said.

“Haha, yeah, then we wouldn’t have to work our asses off selling shit like dildos and crotchless panties, but we would work them off baking biscotti in a hot kitchen! We could think about it though. Ahem, and do you have any milk left over for my silly ass, Dave?” Lori said.

“Give me five more minutes, babe, and I’ll shove my cock so far up your pretty little ass, it’ll make your eyes cross!” Dave smiled, sipping his anisette-coffee.

“Mmm, I love it when you talk dirty, especially about fucking me in the ass! I’ll give you and your gallant Johnson three minutes, and Marty will help,” Lori said as she got on her knees and took Dave’s soft cock into her mouth.

Marty walked in back of Dave’s chair and nuzzled his neck, then held her breasts against Dave’s flushed hot cheeks. He held and fondled the nipples and tenderly kissed the breasts, and his soft cock got rock-hard in less than a minute.

“Hmm, I see Johnson is already set to enter the palace of earthly delights! Do you want me facing you or my back to you, hon?” Lori said, taking off her robe.

“Mmm, your lovely back to me please, babe. Easier to push in, and that way I can see your beautiful dreamy ass as my cock moves in and out of it,” Dave said.

“Lori smiled and kissed Dave, then sat slowly down on his lap with her legs spread wide, her back to him, as she held and guided his throbbing cock. Dave spread her ass-cheeks gently as the cockhead pressed against her anal star. Then Lori, a little impatient, suddenly sat down hard, pushing his cock in to the hilt.

“Oww! Ooooh, omigod that’s so good! Aaaaaah!” Lori sighed, as she began slowly pumping the cock. Coated now with lube, the cock slid in and out of her tight rectum easily, like a well-greased piston.

Lori then lay back against Dave’s chest, drew her knees up and back, and spread her legs to the max. With her feet up in the air, she was positioned like a preggo ready to give birth. Must be a beautiful visual, she thought! Now Dave did the pumping.

“Aaaaaaaaah! Your cock feels cool and smooth and wonderful sliding in and out of me, hon,” she sighed. “I’ve just been wanting it in my ass so badly! Promise, uhh, you’ll fuck my ass like this forever! PROMISE!”

“I do promise babe, I’ll do anything, anything for your love.” he said, kissing her neck tenderly, enjoying the dreamy softness of her buns, pushing clear in on every stroke.

Now Lori felt the tingling in her vagina and breasts, and the cum waves were building rapidly in her thighs and ass and legs. Dave kissed her neck and shoulders nonstop, his hands cupping and swirling her sweet breasts and nipples.

Marty got on her knees between Dave’s legs, licking Dave’s bloated scrotum and slippery cock, and it tasted of mint and of Lori’s ass. Then she hungrily licked Lori’s vulva, which was gooey with love honey. Her tongue found Lori’s engorged clitoris, protruding like a small dick, and she licked and swirled it, and took it into her mouth and licked it as she would a cock. Lori’s juice tasted good, she thought, but lacked salt.

With Dave’s cock deep in her ass, his hands swirling her nipples, and Marty slurping her pussy, Lori trembled on the verge of a violent climax. “Hold me tight, Dave, huhh, I’m gonna cum really hard, ungh, and it’s gonna be bad! Please hon, unngh, shoot your load into me now! NOW! Oww! Auuuugh! ” Her back arched painfully, as the waves of pleasure coursed again and again and again like lightning bolts through her pussy and thighs and rectum, and her legs shot straight out, as a man’s would with a long-overdue ejaculation! “Aaaauugh! Ohhh! Nnnnnnngh! Ummm, mmm, mm,” Lori screamed through her violent orgasm.

Dave held her tightly and pushed deep, deep into her soft tender ass, quietly spilling huge wads of hot cum into her as she reached her climax. Marty stopped licking Lori’s pussy when she climaxed, then tenderly caressed her vulva and trembling belly until her orgasm subsided.


When all were calm again, they had a quick refreshing shower, then flopped back into bed, exhausted. As usual, Dave spooned behind Marty, Lori spooned behind Dave. He rested his tired dick between Marty’s soft buns, and Lori’s warm soft breasts and hands soothed his aching back. It just can’t get any better than this, he thought drowsily, and they slept until noon.


Lori was up first, as usual. She freshened up in the bathroom and squirted some more gel up her ass, then went to the kitchen, bedava bahis naked. She sliced up a big onion, then sauteed it in deep butter. She cracked some eggs and when Dave and Marty got up, if ever, she would make the fritatta so they would have it hot. She felt rested and chipper, as she brewed a fresh pot of coffee.

Feeling a little frisky and naughty, she grabbed her ten-inch curved dildo and went to the balcony and peeked outside, and it looked clear and bright, no rain. Across the courtyard she saw the nice man who had ogled her a while back, sitting on his balcony, quietly reading a newspaper. She stepped naked out onto the balcony and stood behind the bannister, which blocked the view of mostly everything from her waist down.

“Hi, honey, good afternoon, anything exciting in the paper?” she yelled and waved, her titties bouncing as she jumped up and down.

He dropped the newspaper and jumped up excitedly, “Oh hello, sweet lady! Nice to see you again! Wow, you’re looking really beautiful this fine day! And no, there’s nothing exciting in the stupid paper,” he yelled back.

“Well, maybe I can give you a little afternoon delight! Hold on!” She moved a bench near the bannister, yelling, “I’ll show ya mine, but then ya gotta show me yours!” She stepped up on the bench, exposing her beautiful naked body from the knees up. “TA-DA!” she yelled, flopping her titties at him.

“Good Lord, you are so beautiful it hurts! MARRY ME AND I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!” he yelled.

“Sorry, already commited, for now. But now you gotta show me yours!” she hollered cheerfully.

“What–oh, okay, I guess that’s only fair. Wait a sec,” he yelled.

He took off his shirt and shorts, pushed his chair behind his bannister, then stepped up on it, naked, one hand over his genitals. “You sure you wanna see this, sweetie?” he yelled. “It ain’t gonna be pretty!”

“Haha, I can take it, just WHIP IT OUT!” she yelled.

“Okay, you asked for it!” he yelled. He took his hand away, revealing a massive scrotum and a huge thick cock that hung down like a slinky. Lori swallowed hard! She guessed it was over nine inches long. She felt her pussy twinge as it oozed a little honey.

“Damn, that’s a beautiful piece! How big?” she yelled.

“Uh, well, it’s only nine and three quarters soft, but gets to eleven when duty calls. You and your girlfriend are more than welcome to use it anytime,” he laughed.

“Ha, we may take you up on that offer in the very near future! Well, thanks for showing it to me, it’s a beauty! I gotta go to fix lunch now. See you soon.”

“Okay, pretty lady, hasta luego,” he yelled.

Marty had been standing naked at the door, listening.

“Lori, I overheard a little bit, but what the hell is going on?”

Jumping down from the bench, Lori said, “Nothing much, just flashed our neighbor and found out he has a nice thick prick, eleven inches hard.”

Marty’s eyebrows flew up, “Holy shit! Eleven! We gotta get to know him better! A LOT better!”

“Yep, let’s plan on it. Hehe, it’s good that Dave is working longer hours now.”

“Damn! My pussy and ass are tingling already, just thinking about fucking a goddamn eleven-incher!” Marty said.

“Do me a favor, hon, get that dildo on the table there,” Lori said, then she bent over at the bannister, her tits hanging down like udders. “Give me about two dozen strokes in the pussy, then pull out and slam my ass good with it until I cum, please, and I’ll return the favor.”

“Okay, ready? This dildo is pretty long, so tell me if it’s in too deep,” Marty said.”

“It’s ten inches, but good training for the big eleven! GO!” Lori said. Marty eased the dildo into Lori’s pussy, which was fairly gooey after her cock sighting. Lori toyed her clitoris as Marty pistoned the dildo in and out. “Unngh! A little deeper and faster, please!”

A few strokes later Lori said, “Okay, shove it in my ass now.” Marty did. “Uhh! Unngh! I’m…what the fuck? I’m startin’ to cum already! Nnnngh! Unn!” Lori groaned, as Marty pushed the dildo deeper into her ass. “Shit! Fuck! Cunt! Deeper, faster, you cumslut whore, you fucking skank! Nnngh!Yaaaaaaaaaah! Omigod! Owww! Nnngaaah! Uhh, uhh, uh,” Lori ranted and moaned, her violent orgasm slowly subsiding. Out of breath, her legs started to buckle, then Marty helped her to sit down.

“Haha, that was some pretty good audio! Colorful ranting!” Marty laughed.

“Sorry, when I cum hard like that, there’s no telling what I’ll say. But, no offense,” Lori panted, shiny with sweat.

“None taken, sweetie. You wanna work me over now, or are you too tired?” Marty said.

“No. I’m okay. Bend over at the bannister, the penetration is good that way.”

“I’m ready. Skip the pussy fuck, just shove it up my ass,” Marty said.

The dildo was well coated with Lori’s juice and lube, and slid easily into Marty’s ass. Lori deneme bonus worked the dildo with slow shallow strokes, gradually going deeper and faster.

“C’mon you bitch, you cocksucking pig, give it to me! Deeper, faster, fucking whore, bitch-slut! Fuck! Harder! Ohh, Lori, what the…Unngh, why am I cumming so quick? Nnngh! Auuugh! Mmm, mmm, mmm, aaaahh! Aaaaaah!” as she suddered through her climax.

Lori eased the dildo out, as Marty’s legs too began to buckle.

“Now that we’re both cummed out good, let’s rest a little, take a quick shower, then we’ll fry the fritatta, and after lunch we’ll hit Dave up for some nice congenial pussy-fucking!” Lori said.

“Fritatta! That’s another thing I haven’t had for years!” Marty said. “Let’s do it!”


After a naked lunch……

“Fritatta was great, babe, thanks,” Dave said, as he kissed Lori tenderly.

“Yeah, it was delicious, Lori. Everything you cook up is always great, in the bedroom or the kitchen!” Marty smiled.

“Glad you guys enjoyed it,” Lori said. “Let’s make some wine coolers, and watch some tv in the bedroom.”

Later, sitting on the bed…..

“Hmm, what ever shall we watch?” Marty quipped.

“Um…how about the cooking channel?” Lori laughed.

“Okay, the channel where really good stuff is cooking!” Dave said, switching on the skin channel. The picture focused, showing a big well-built brown man doggie-fucking a pretty Latina.

“Haha! It’s our favorite stud again, the big brown guy, with a sweet Latina girl,” Marty said. “Wow, she is cute, I wouldn’t mind makin’ a run on her myself!”

“Yeah, her skin is beautiful,” Dave said.

“Hah! You mean the skin of her tits and ass!” Lori laughed.

“Well, sure, that too,” Dave said, his hands in his lap.

Lori pushed his hands away, “What are you hiding there? Oh my, my! Why Dave, is that Latina giving you a hard on? Aw, that looks painful! Poor dickie is getting all puffed up and red and hot like a poker!” as she petted his cock. “Marty, we have to do something to reduce that swelling!”

“I have an idea,” Marty said. She put a pillow under her ass, then lay back and spread her legs wide. “Just slide that hot poker good and deep in my nice wet pussy for a good quenching, and that nasty swelling will go down real quick,” she smiled.

“Sounds like a good idea,” Dave said, getting on his knees between Marty’s legs. He gave her pussy a few licks, then lifted and held her legs up, with her ankles on his shoulders. Dave turned to Lori, “Give me a couple strokes, babe?”

Lori licked his cockhead and laved the whole cock, then held and guided it as Dave gently pushed into Marty’s seething pussy. He screwed her slowly, pushing in balls deep with every stroke.

“Umm! Nice and deep, Dave, that’s just how I like it, unngh! But a little faster hon, and harder please!” Marty said, watching the tv, as the brown guy pulled out, cumming all over the Latina’s ass and back. “Faster please! Unnngh! Harder!”

Dave started pumping faster, moving up a little to put more pressure on her clitoris, then Marty started beathing faster, her orgasm building as her vagina began to flutter and spasm. “Lori, please, my tits are on fire, please, sweetie!”

Lori had been jacking her clit and watching them until now, and moved to Marty, kissing and laving her breasts and nipples to soothe them. She kissed Marty then gently caressed her breasts and belly, and Marty seemed to relax a little.

“Please stay with me Lori, until I cum. My back’s starting to hurt and it’s gonna be nasty,” Marty pleaded.

“Right here, at your service, hon,” Lori said, kissing Marty’s breasts and now gently stroking her clitoris.

Marty propped up on her elbows to watch Dave’s cock move in and out of her,”Oh, that beautiful cock, don’t stop, faster, please! Aaaa…I’m cumming! Fucking back is splitting! Auuugh, hold me, Lori! Unnngh! Nnnngh!”

Dave couldn’t hold it any longer, moaning his relief, “Aaaaaaaaaah, Unnnngh!” as his hot spunk gushed deep into Marty’s vagina, spilling on her cervix, which she loved.

Dave pulled out, exhausted, and lay beside Marty, who was calm now.

“Thanks, Dave. I felt your hot cum squirting on my cervix. You know how I love that,” Marty panted, then she kissed Dave lovingly, holding the kiss a long time.

As they kissed, Lori resumed masturbating and prodding her g-spot, watching the Latina titty-fucking the brown guy on tv. The brown guy came, shooting huge wads mostly in the girl’s face, then some in her mouth, as Lori quietly spasmed and shuddered though a mild orgasm. But she still craved a good pussy-slamming from Dave’s cock. God, don’t I ever get enough, she thought, and now I want to suck and fuck the eleven-inch neighbor guy!

Maybe what I told Dave before is true, and I am already a fucking jungle animal in human form. All I wanna do is fuck and jack off and give head, but…I can cook! Comforted by that thought, she surrendered to sleep. Her mind needed to rest. But when she reached her deepest and most restful sleep, the disturbing dream came again…


{ Dedicated with love, to Brittni }

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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