Losing the Bet

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The Rams beat the Bengals, an undeniable result. The loser and winner of the bet were sequestered in their basement bathroom to make good on the wager. The small horde of game watchers upstairs were consumed in merriment, and were completely unaware that their hosts had disappeared from their midst. Melissa, the Bengals supporter, would have secured herself a pair of AirPods Pro had her team been victorious. Lamentably for her, the team of her boyfriend Jesse triumphed. His prize was a rare delicacy offered to him only on exceptional occasions – anal sex. Melissa was a woman of her word and was amenable to oblige. She thought an appropriate time to balance the books would be after their guests left, however, her boyfriend was eager to claim his prize forthwith. Melissa reluctantly conceded.

Melissa was sandwiched between the mirror and sink in front of her, and Jesse behind her. Both of Jesse’s hands were busy. His right hand was tucked under Melissa’s black Bengal’s crop top, groping her breasts. His left hand was plunged down the front of her black yoga pants, conducting the foreplay with his fingers. Melissa’s youth meant her body was primed in no time, regardless of whether her heart and mind were wholly inclined to the current circumstances. Jesse released his erection from the bounds of his sweat pants. Melissa leaned forward and planted her hands down on either side of the sink Ordu Escort while her boyfriend peeled away her yoga pants. Her eyelids shut and her mouth made the shape of an “O” as Jesse made an assertive entry.

“I thought you wanted ass, not pussy,” Melissa remarked with some sternness.

“I’ll get there,” Jesse assured, “It’d be rude not to say ‘hello’ to the puss too.”

“You fucker.”

With the brief verbal pleasantries over, the proceedings continued. Jesse shook his head in disbelief. Despite being a frequent patron of his girlfriend’s coochie, each visit seemed a novelty. Exhilaration washed over him like a wave each time he penetrated that pocket of wetness and tightness. Melissa’s body could drive him wild, but he let her tame him over the course of a year and a half. He thrust into Melissa at a polite pace of about once per second. That beat was enjoyable for her, and he learned to relish in the slower pace too.

Being the loser of the bet and having to pay her dues did not entirely preclude Melissa from being a benefactor of the situation. Her annoyance toward her circumstances subdued substantially after a few heaves from Jesse. She decided after all she didn’t mind a good fucking. Her boyfriend had become quite decent at it after some manners training from her. The firm hands on her hips, the light kisses to her skin, the gentle but firm thrusting Ordu Escort Bayan versus the primitive-animal-like banging he used to have a proclivity for – all taught to Jesse by her. Melissa would credit him, or rather his parents, for being naturally well-endowed in terms of his cock.

Jesse was officially ready to collect his real prize so he slipped his cock out from his girlfriend. Melissa bent over more and spread her legs further apart, motions that signaled her authorization of his claim. Jesse planted himself into Melissa’s round ass. He groaned in indescribable pleasure. He adored her pussy but her ass demanded nothing short of his worship. Melissa’s whimpers and moans were like a symphony to his ears. Melissa relented to her lust. She reversed into Jesse’s thrusts to amplify the pleasure for both of them. In his heart, Jesse praised and thanked the Rams for their victory which bestowed him this gift of ramming his girlfriend. His face looked to be in agony as he fought to keep his body from erupting from the pleasure. His efforts were futile. Jesse groaned loudly. His left arm reached for the sink as he legs became weak. Melissa felt Jesse’s cock harden and pulsate inside her. She let out a blissful moan and climaxed.

Just like that, in under two minutes, Melissa paid her debt. The endeavor was not so bad after all. She pushed up onto her toes and Jesse Escort Ordu pulled away to disconnect their bodies. Melissa could feel hot semen leaking from her. She grabbed some toilet paper to clean the overflow. By the time she had pulled her pants back on and readjusted her clothes, Jesse was still recuperating from the sensual ordeal.

“Come on. Put your cock away and let’s bring up some beers.”

Jesse heeded the order and went with Melissa to grab a case of beer as a prop in their cover story. As they climbed the stairs back to the main floor, Jesse made a proposal.

“Want to make another bet?”

“Fuck no,” Melissa said.

Jesse ignored the response, “If you win, I’ll get you the Airpods Pro, and something else. A trip! We’ll go to Hawaii during spring break like you’ve been saying.”

Melissa stopped midway up the stairs.


Jesse nodded, “On my life.”

“Okay,” Melissa said with some tentative glee, “What are we betting on?”

“Mallorca versus Bilbao.”

“And if you win?”

“If I win, your ass is mine all of spring break. Whenever I want.”

“You fucking perv.”

Melissa considered the offer for a moment. She made a counter.

“Fine. If you win, you get anal whenever you want over spring break, while we are in Hawaii.”

Jesse put on his best acting to appear as if he was hesitant about the hard bargain. In truth, he would do anything to mount Melissa from behind.

“Deal,” Jesse said.

“Deal. I take Bilbao for the win.”

Melissa turned to spring up the rest of the stairs and Jesse’s eyes followed her alluring buttocks. Mallorca was his new god.

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