Maids of Pleasure

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It was a hot night in July. The air was so thick it could have been compared to walking through jello. The air conditioning was broken at the Madison residence and Maid Sophie was busy cleaning up from dinner. “Sophie did you call the repairman?” shouted Bruce Madison.

“Yes sir, I called them twice and left a message each time.” She responded uneasily. She knew he did not like it hot and for that matter neither did she. To make matters worse, Mr. Madison was now single and slowly adjusting to it. Sophie knew that she would somehow have to get a repairman on the phone or continue to suffer the wrath of her employer. Bruce was about 5’10” had blonde hair and blue eyes and was a new money man in his early thirties. He was highly educated and had a big job.

He was in good shape from exercise, but rarely had a lot of time home from the office being a new vice president and all. Sophie was a short 5’1″ weighing in at a buck o’ five. She had short grain colored hair and a heaving bosom. Her behind was the comparative ass, a perk of being allowed to use Bruce’s personal gym. She was sexy for a woman of forty and looked twenty five. “Can you bring me a beer Sophie? This damn heat is killing me.”

“Yes sir, right away Mr. Madison.” She responded dutifully. She went to the fridge and opened the stainless steel door. She grabbed a bottle of Heineken out of the drawer full of beer and then proceeded to the den.

Bruce was reading the paper. She stood by next to his chair with beer and bottle opener in hand. “Go ahead and pop it.” He said not looking at her. She popped the top off and then he reached for the beer.

Their hands touched for a split second generating an awkward “Oops, sorry sir.” from Sophie. He looked up at her, smiled, and then began to chug the beer. She stood by watching in silence as he pounded it down. Then he handed the empty bottle back to her and told her to bring him another. She did as she was told. The sweat was dewing on her brow at this point. She brought him another beer and he sipped it slower this time. “Will that be all Sir?” she asked.

“No, no it won’t Sophie.” He stated.

She stood there not knowing what to say. She usually retired to her quarters for the evening after dinner. He continued to drink his beer and fumbled with the paper half-heartedly. Then he put his beer down and folded the paper and dropped it on the table. He looked at Sophie. She looked back with an unsure bashful smile. He sipped more of the beer and then stood up. He towered over her. “I want to show you something Sophie.”

She squirmed nervously then he reached out his hand and waited for her to put her hand in his. She found herself being led by Bruce down the hallway. Neither of them spoke. He led her to the library and canlı bahis to a wall behind a desk. “I want to show you my secret room Sophie.”

“Umm, ok?” she said questioningly not knowing what he was talking about. He reached under the desk for a second and then a door slid open behind the desk. He smiled at her adventurously. Then he reached for Sophie’s soft milky hand and led her into the room.

The lights were on and the door closed behind them. Sophie turned red as she looked around. There was a swing hanging from the ceiling and mirrors all around the room. A shelf full of porno movies stood next to a big screen TV and many types of couches and furniture filled the large room. “What do you think Sophie? There is no need to be embarrassed.”

She squirmed and said “I’m not sure I should be in here Mr. Madison.”

“It’s ok Sophie; I want to teach you to be a better maid.” Her face flushed again. He smiled at her and went to the shelf of porn. He pulled a DVD off the shelf reading the title “Maids of Pleasure.” Sophie did not really know how to respond and she fidgeted nervously.

“What do you want Mr. Madison? I am really uncomfortable right now.”

“No need to be shy. It’s a collection of consenting adults having sex.” Bruce told her. He started the movie and then walked to her. He came behind her and put his arms around her squeezing her juicy breasts. Sophie let out a startled “Oh!” She never expected this and was a little in shock.

The movie came on and showed a model in a maids outfit getting her ass fucked and moaning. Sophie flushed again and Bruce smiled. “I want you to be a good maid like her Sophie, and do as I tell you.” He said firmly. He left one hand on her breast and released his right arm. He reached up and grabbed a hold of her short crop of hair.

“Oh! Ouch! That hurts a bit Mr. Madison.”

“You will please me Sophie, and in turn, you will be pleased. Do you understand?” She hesitated for a moment and then he yanked her locks again.

“Yes, yes I understand Mr. Madison!”

“Good, very good.” he sighed. He kissed her neck and she let out a soft moan. “You are a beautiful older woman Sophie, and I am going to fuck you just like the obedient maid in that movie. Sophie watched the couple fuck. She had never had anything in her ass before. The thought of her employer’s cock penetrating her hole both scared, and excited her.

“Have you ever had sex like they are having Sophie?” Bruce asked.

“No sir, I have never done that before. I have never watched porn either.” She blurted.

“I am going to bring you to heights of pleasure that you cannot imagine; an older woman like you never having anal sex before, hmm, what a shame. But I will change that and take your anal bahis siteleri cherry with vigor; we shall celebrate when I have completed the wonderful voyage into your behind. I will reward you for giving me your tight asshole by spraying your face with my hot sticky cum.”

Sophie tensed a bit at what Mr. Madison had said. She soon relaxed though as she began feeling her pussy become wet as her employer continued to lick and suckle her tender neck. Then he paused and spoke “Sit down Sophie, and watch. Learn how to please me from this movie. I will be back to see what you have learned. Be a good girl and learn well.”

“Yes sir, ok sir, Mr. Madison.” Sophie said obediently. He walked over to a bar in the corner of the room and reached for two glasses. He poured a semi light liquid into each glass and then he watched her watch the screen. After ten minutes had passed he walked to her. She sat on a couch in front of the TV. He handed her a glass and proposed a toast.

“To our new employer slash employee relationship.” He said deviously.

She nervously clanked glasses with him and they began to drink. She coughed a bit and her throat burned from the harsh drink. Sophie had certainly never seen this side of Mr. Madison. For one, he was never around, almost ever. She thought for a moment as she sipped more whiskey from her glass and watched Bruce as he watched the porn. He was taken in by it and she decided she wanted to be his special pleasure maid.

Sophie finished her glass and Bruce took it and put it aside. He also finished his. He grabbed her hands and helped her stand. He pulled her into his strong chest and suckled her neck. Sophie began to pant and then their lips met. She flicked her tongue to meet his and they were suddenly entwined in a tornado inside their passionate mouths.

He grabbed her hair and she moaned as he pulled her back from him. He stared at her and she looked into his eyes submissively, then he moved behind her and pushed her onto a sawhorse like piece of furniture. She was now bent over and put her on her knees. He moved in front of her and wiggled his finger at her. She responded by giving him both her hands. He laid them into harnesses and then strapped her in. He then moved behind her and pulled her skirt down and off over tennis sneakers revealing pink panties. He pulled them up into a thong position in her ass as he knelt behind her. He sucked each of her ass cheeks in and out of his mouth like a rubber band. Her mouth hung open and Sophie was panting heavily now.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, yes that feels good Mr. Madison. I have never had anyone do this to me before.” He sucked her sweet ass for a few more moments and then he got up and walked in front of her.

“Learn how to please me Sophie. Learn how bahis şirketleri to respect my cock and treat it properly.” He then left her alone to watch the movie and headed back to his library.

Sophie’s ass was now in the air as she lay over the soft furniture. Her hands still strapped into position in front of her. She rested her head on her arm and watched the couples fuck on film. Her pussy was throbbing. She had never had anyone touch her ass like that, let alone suck on her cheeks. She was embarrassed slightly, but it made her hotter and wetter.

She watched the film intently and learned things she had never even seen or thought of before. She had never watched a porn movie in all her forty years. She had never seen a woman get ass fucked before, or a man getting his cock sucked on film. She wondered about the models and how brave they must be to do these things in front of a camera; and for other people to watch.

Sophie had sex plenty of times, but nothing like this. The couples were all over each other, fucking in positions other than missionary, 69ing each other, and most important of all, having anal sex.

Sophie thought for a moment and then said aloud “My boss is going to be fucking my ass like the women in this movie.”

It excited her to say it and she repeated it again “My boss is going to be fucking my ass like the women in this movie.” And then she said it again. “My boss is going to be fucking my ass like the women in this movie.”

Her pussy throbbed with a new found excitement. She deliberately struggled against the chains to reassure herself that she was trapped, a prisoner. She pictured herself being one of the women in the video; having to please her master’s cock by sucking it and letting him fuck her asshole for as long as he needed to satisfy himself. She smiled intently with the thought and watched the hot action. She wished she could rub her amorous throbbing clit. The fact that she could not pleasure herself was making it throb harder.

In the mean time, Bruce sat in the library at his computer, watching Sophie on his video-cam. He was naked now and slowly stroking his 9 inch cock up and down. He intently watched his new plaything and imagined how it would feel to slip his cock in and out of her delicious hot holes. He longed to tongue her sweet pussy and tight asshole. He thought about how Sophie’s ass cheeks were so soft and flexible in his mouth as he had sucked them. He shivered with the happy thought and then stood and went to the kitchen.

It was roasting in the house as he reached for another beer. He savored the cold drink as it poured coldness down his throat. The sweat from the intense heat and from jerking his cock dripped off his brow and he wiped it away with his forearm. Then he decided it was time to see what his pleasure maid had learned.

He hoped she would be hotter than the room, and talk nastier than a truck driver; But most of all, fuck like a hot, obedient, cock hungry minx in heat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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