Marcie and Tommy

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He Man


I’m standing at the school bus stop waiting for the bus to come. It just rained buckets, and large puddles have pooled by the roadside. I’m standing back from the curb, so I don’t get splashed by cars driving by.

There are two girls all dressed up blabbering away, totally oblivious to the world, and they’re standing close to the curb. Too close.

I look to the left and see a tall, gangly-looking guy watching the girls. My first impression is that he’s a geek, but then I look closer, and he’s actually not bad-looking. In fact, he’s cute, but his hair is messy. It’s not dirty, but it looks unbrushed. It looks like he just rolled out of bed. He’s wearing an open trench coat (I kid you not!) and track pants and an old t-shirt. He looks like a computer nerd that doesn’t care about his looks. There’s something about him that catches my eye, though.

The bus is approaching, and water is splashing big time.

The geek sees the bus and looks at the girls chatting away, oblivious to their impending wetness. His head turns back and forth between the approaching bus and the girls. He starts to frown when he sees the girls haven’t noticed the bus.

At the very last minute, he frowns and shakes his head, and steps between the girls and the bus, and opens his trench coat like Batman. The bus has slowed down, but there is still a large splash. The geek gets drenched, but there’s not a drop of water on the girls. His coat shielded them. I can’t believe it! He deliberately took a hit for them! Who does that in this day and age? It’s like he’s some kind of chivalrous knight!

The idiotic girls walk right by him and get on the bus without thanking him! They were so self-absorbed they probably didn’t even realize what he did. I feel like smacking them in the head!

Or, maybe they thought he was a stalker pervert flashing them. Who knows?

I get a big lump in my throat because I’m so impressed by his selfless behavior. I know right away I want to meet this guy and whip out my phone and take pictures and follow him on the bus.

The bus lady, who looks like she’s in her fifties, is looking at the guy in amazement as well. I’m not the only female who was impressed!

I ride the bus past my stop and get off when he does and follow him to his house.

Cool! Now I have pictures and know where he lives, and he likely goes to my school. I do a reverse phone search on the ride home and get a phone number and a family name from his address. His last name is Cochrane.

I keep my eyes open at school, but the campus is large, and we might never cross paths. I look at his pictures every day. The more I look, the more I like! He’s got to be six feet tall. I’m only 5’6″, and I like taller guys. There’s not an ounce of fat on him, and his stomach is perfectly flat. And beneath the mop of thick golden hair is such a cute face.

I’m not sure how old he is, though, because he’s got one of those innocent babyfaces. I’m in my last year of a veterinarian program and am twenty-two, but he could be 18 or my age. I have no idea. Would I go out with a first-year guy? I don’t think so. But, maybe. He’s pretty cute!

Two weeks go by, and I’m starting to lose hope when guess who sits down one table over from me in the cafeteria?

I don’t think he noticed me, so I get up and pretend I’m just sitting down and ask him if the spot beside him is taken. He nods no and goes back to eating and looking at his phone.

I try to chat him up but am only getting one-word answers. I’m not used to silence from guys. I don’t like to brag, but I’ve never had a shortage of guys approaching me. Think of the Wendy’s burger girl with bigger boobs and a tight ass. Usually, guys are happy to talk to me.

I’m not getting anywhere, though, and mom always said, if you like a guy go for him. So I’m forced to be direct.

“Hi, my name is Marcie. I saw you at the bus stop the other day when you shielded those girls from getting soaked. It was pretty impressive!”

He looks surprised but gives me a small smile. “Thanks, but I don’t think they even knew.”

“I noticed that! I wanted to smack them in the head for being such idiots!”

That gets a grin from him, which emboldens me. “And your name is?”

“Tommy Cochrane.”

Good! The last name matches the name from my address search.

“What are you going through for?”

“I’m in my fourth year of computer studies.”

Excellent! He’s my age!

Time to be bold! “Tommy, I’m so impressed with what you did for those girls; I was wondering if you’d like to go out on a date?”

He looks shocked. “You want to go out with me?”

“Yes. Is that okay?”

He still looks surprised. “Tommy?”

He eyes me and gives me a quick once-over, and smiles.


All right! Mom’s advice worked!


Tommy Cochrane picked me up at my apartment, which was nice given that I didn’t own a car. Tommy was lucky because he lived in town and didn’t have to spend money on rent and could drive his parents’ vehicles. Unfortunately, şişli escort the small town I grew up in didn’t even have a high school, nevertheless a University. So I was in debt up to my ears from rent and tuition. Thank God I was graduating soon, and the job market for vet technicians was good.

I was pleasantly surprised when Tommy showed up. His trench coat, t-shirt, and track pants were replaced by a nice pair of jeans, a white dress shirt, and some nice sandals. And his bedhead was gone. His thick golden hair was combed back and had a natural wave. He looked good!

I was curious about the trench coat, though.

“No trench coat today?”

He smiled.

“No. I only wore it that day because the weather forecast was calling for heavy rain and I couldn’t find my umbrella. I didn’t want to get soaked at the bus stop. It’s not even my coat. It’s my older brother’s, and he moved out, so I borrowed it. My brother was a Matrix fanatic and thought he was Keanu Reeves. I always thought he looked stupid, but the coat kept the rain away and saved me from getting soaked by the bus.”

“You didn’t get soaked? It sure looked like it from my viewpoint!”

He grinned. “The coat was soaked, but I wasn’t.”

When Tommy turned around to get in the car, I noticed a Walmart price tag attached to his shirt. Did he get a new shirt for me?

“New shirt?”

He smiled. “Yes. How did you know?”

I pointed to the price tag.

He looked embarrassed, so I interjected.

“The shirt looks good on you. I like it!” I reached over and pulled the tag off.

I guess he wasn’t used to clothing compliments or compliments from girls because he gave me a goofy half-embarrassed smile, which looked so cute! Then he looked at my feet.

“Something wrong?”

He smiled. “No, I was just checking to see if you’re wearing something good for walking.”


“Yes. I was wondering if you’d like to go for a walk. There’s a park in town that I visit all the time to walk and relax. It’s beautiful. It’s heavily forested, and the city maintains trails that interconnect the sections. If you walk the perimeter, it’s a couple of miles, but you can take as many shortcuts as you want. It’s a beautiful night, and I thought it would be nice in there. Does that sound okay?”

I didn’t know Tommy Cochrane, so I had no idea what he had planned for the evening. Lots of guys wanted to go to a movie so they could grope me in the dark, so a walk in a forest was refreshing. I came from a small rural town and missed being around nature. My apartment was situated in a concrete wasteland with little greenery.

“That sounds good. Are my sandals okay?”

“They should be fine. The paths are wood chips and easy to walk on, and there are no steep sections, except for one, and I can take your hand when we go down that.”

The forest was lovely! The constant hum of traffic faded away to the soft sounds of birds tweeting within minutes of entering the park. A canopy of leaves shaded the sky with occasional beams of light, creating a sun-dappled effect. It was like the city had disappeared. The path was spongy from the wood chips and easy to walk on. Lots of people were walking the trails, young couples, old people, joggers, dog walkers; you name it. I had no idea such a lovely place existed in the city. Tommy Cochrane chose wisely!

We slowly walked the perimeter of the park. It was such a beautiful summer night and so peaceful in the forest that I didn’t even notice the time and was surprised and disappointed when we arrived back at the park entrance.

Tommy looked at me and smiled. “What did you think?”

“It was great! I didn’t want it to end. I can see why you like to come here.”

“I walk here a couple of times a week after supper. Would you like to come with me? I could pick you up.”

That sounded great! “Really?”

He grinned. “Sure!”

“Okay. Call me. I’ll be waiting.”

Tommy looked at me. “Are you hungry? I’m always hungry after a good walk.”

I hadn’t noticed, but now that Tommy mentioned it, I’d worked up an appetite. We’d been walking for an hour, although it didn’t seem like it.

“I am.”

“Do you like homemade pie?”

I loved pie. “Yes!”

“Peach pie?”

Peach pie was my favorite. “Yes!”

“Okay! Let’s go home and eat!”

My stomach was salivating on the ride to Tommy’s.

There was a large peach pie staring at us on the kitchen table. It looked delicious, and I couldn’t wait to chow down. Just then, Tommy’s mom entered the room.

“Oh, you two are back!”

His mom looked at me and then turned to Tommy and smiled. “She’s just as pretty as you said, Tommy!”

I smirked when Tommy looked like he was going to die from embarrassment, but it was nice to know he thought I was pretty.

His mom turned back to me. “Hello, dear. I’m Betty, Tommy’s mom.”

She shook my hand.

“Tommy always has some pie with vanilla ice cream after his walks. Would you like some?”

I was practically drooling! “Yes, please!”

“Ice cream?”

“Yes, please!”

Tommy’s mom cut two huge pieces of pie and spooned several large scoops of ice cream. I just about died in pleasure when the pie entered my mouth! The crust was soft and crumbly, and it melted on my tongue, and the peaches were just the right sweetness. Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm!

“This is delicious, Mrs. Cochrane!”

“Don’t thank me, dear. Tommy made it. I had four kids and had to work full time to pay the bills. There was no way I was going to do that and come home and cook every night. So I showed all the kids how to cook, and we took turns making supper. Tommy and his sister have sweet tooths, so they were always asking me to make pies. Finally, I got tired of it and showed them how to make pie crust. Tommy makes a better pie than I do now.”

Unbelievable! He made pie, REALLY good pie! I loved pie.

I was so enthralled eating my pie I didn’t notice Tommy clearing his throat. But, eventually, I did.


Tommy pointed at my chest. Oops! Several crumbs of pie crust were buried in my cleavage. I picked them out and ate them. They were too tasty to waste!


Most people would have been embarrassed but not me. I’d always been a messy eater. Food always seemed to fall off my utensils onto my body somewhere. I even wore a bib at home. A few pie crumbs on my boobs weren’t going to slow me down! I continued to eat my pie and ice cream.

“Looks like she likes your pie, Tommy!”

Tommy grinned. “Ya, mom, it looks like it!”

I licked my chops after I finished my pie.

“Would you like another piece, dear?”

I DID want another piece but didn’t want to seem like a pig. “No, thanks.”

“Would you like to take a piece home for later?”

YES! “That would be nice! Thank you!”


Tommy was at my place one night and asked if he could use my PC.

“Sure. Why?”

“I started a process and want to make sure it’s still running okay.”

“But how can you see it from my PC?”

“I’ll drop down to shell and ssh out to the server where the process is running.”

“Okay! I have no idea what you just said but help yourself!”

A few minutes later, Tommy bellowed for me.



“Your PC is taking FOREVER to boot! Is it always this slow?”

“Sorry, but it’s old, and ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, it’s been slow.”

Tommy shook his head. “It’s not slow; it’s terrible! It’s like waiting for paint to dry! I don’t know how you stand it!”

“I stand it because I don’t have any money for a new PC.”

He grumbled as my PC slowly booted up and returned about ten minutes later.

The next night I got a call from Tommy.

“Can I come over?”

It wasn’t a good night. I had an exam to prepare for. I told Tommy.

“I won’t stay long and won’t interfere with your studying. I just want to look at your PC. Okay?”


He arrived with a big green garbage bag.

“What’s in the bag?”

“A new computer.”

“A new computer?”

“Well, it’s not new, but it’s newer than yours. It’s my sister’s old PC, and she’s gone. It should be way faster than yours.”

I was concerned. “I’m not going to lose my old stuff, am I? I don’t want to lose anything!”

He smiled confidently. “Trust me, Marcie! I’ve done this before. You won’t lose a thing. Is it okay if I proceed?”

I was a bit nervous but gave him the okay.

An hour later, Tommy emerged with a satisfied look on his face. “Come see!”

I sat in front of the new PC. It was off.

“Press the power button!” Tommy said excitedly.

I pressed the button, and the PC booted up like lightning! WOW! It was so quick! Then I opened up Google, and it opened instantly! WOW! That used to be good for a pee break! Then I opened up Gmail it was the same quick response.

“This is amazing, Tommy! It’s so quick!”

I gave him a spontaneous hug, and when I pulled back, he had a goofy look of embarrassment on his face.

I loved his shy smile!


I was confused.

Tommy and I seemed to be getting along great. I knew he liked me because other than the first time when I asked him out, he was the one pursuing me. For example, he invited me on the walks. And he asked me if it was okay to come to my place. And he asked me if I’d like to go to his place. Plus, I could tell! Trust me! He liked me!

We were getting to know each other better every day, and the more I knew him, the better I liked him, and I’m ninety-nine percent sure he felt the same way about me.

But, nothing physical was happening. I patiently waited for him to give me goodnight kisses, but he never did. He often looked like he wanted to but then turned and left.

What the heck? I didn’t have B.O., and I didn’t have smoker’s breath because I didn’t smoke.

Was he afraid of me? I didn’t think of myself as an intimidating person. Yes, I’d gone out with a few guys and slept with one last year, but I was hardly a man-eater.

Was he hiding something about himself? Some guys were worried about the size of their equipment, but Tommy had large feet and hands, so I doubted that was a problem.

He was shy in general, but he wasn’t shy with me, or at least not anymore.

Was he a virgin? Possibly because he never mentioned old girlfriends, and he was a computer geek. His mom said Tommy used to live in his room with his computers. And, the day I saw him at the bus stop, he wasn’t dressed or groomed for success. If he dressed that way all the time, most girls would avoid him.

It had to be something like that. What else could it be? He just needed a little nudge. I could do that.

“Tommy?” I asked as he was about to leave.


Time to follow mom’s advice again and take control.

“How come you never kiss me goodnight?”

I actually wanted to know why he didn’t stick his hand under my blouse and down my panties, but we had to start small.

He looked embarrassed. Bullseye!

Time for more directness. “I like kissing, and I like you, and I’d like a goodnight kiss from you. I’m ready.” I asked with an inviting smile on my face. I couldn’t be any more clear!

He was still standing there looking bewildered, so I put my hand behind his back and reeled him in, and smiled.

“You’re not going home, Tommy, until you kiss me!”

I puckered up my lips, closed my eyes, and waited. A second later, I felt his presence moving closer and closer until a soft pair of lips touched mine. YAY!

I grinned at him. “You can go now, Tommy, but don’t forget what I want every night before you leave!”

He had a happy grin on his face now!


It was a waste of good kissing time to wait until Tommy was leaving to start kissing. Why not start earlier?

So, about ten minutes before Tommy usually left my place, I put my books down, and then I put his books down. He looked confused.

I smiled. “I’m ready for my kiss now.”

He wasn’t shy at all tonight, and a big grin spread across his face.

I closed my eyes and puckered up, and there was no hesitation at all. His lips were on mine in a flash. I pushed him down on the couch without breaking our kiss. After all, it’s so much nicer kissing laying down than upright. We kissed for ten minutes straight. It was wonderful! Tommy was a natural, not too hard and not too soft, and the minute I opened my mouth, he stuck his tongue in, and I reciprocated. Soon our warm, wet tongues were dancing together in a million different delicious combinations. Kissing was so much fun!

Eventually, we stopped and wiped the saliva off our chins and sat up. Tommy had an ear-to-ear grin on his face, and there was a visible bulge under his jeans which I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. But that was for another night.

Patience, Marcie. Patience!


“Marcie, can you pass me the lasagna?”

“Sure, Betty!”

I was getting to be a frequent supper guest at the Cochrane household and was thrilled. They ate so much better than I did. Tommy and his mom liked to cook, and I was constantly getting served something new and tasty.

I think it all happened because Tommy was studying with me at my place one night and asked if I had some tea or coffee to keep him awake.

“Sure. There are tea bags in the cupboard. Help yourself.”

He came back a bit later with a furrowed brow.

“I was looking in your cupboards and fridge for some sugar and milk, and there’s hardly any food there.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I didn’t see any vegetables except for frozen corn. And I didn’t see any fruit except for bananas. And I didn’t see any meat or milk. All I saw were boxes of macaroni and cheese and frozen Lean Cuisines and Oreo cookies.”

I looked at him, confused. “So?”

“Well, it doesn’t seem very healthy. Is that what you eat all the time?”

My temper flared. “Look, Tommy! Dad’s been dead for years, and mom works at Walmart making minimum wage, so no one is helping me out like your parents are. I get summer jobs waitressing, and the rest of my money comes from student loans. I’m up to my ears in student debt, so I eat cheap.”

“I drink powdered skim milk. Bananas are fruit. Corn is vegetables. I get my carbs from macaroni and cheese, and I can buy Lean Cuisines on sale for $2.50; and they include everything I need and only take five minutes to microwave. And Oreo cookies are my dessert because I don’t know how to make pie. Any other dietary questions for me?” I glared at him.

Tommy looked chagrined. “Sorry, Marcie. Your cupboards just looked kind of bare. I was worried about your eating.”

Having my poverty pointed out always made me touchy, and sometimes I snapped, but I liked Tommy, so I cut him some slack.

“I appreciate your concern, and when I start working and get more money, my cupboards will be less bare, and I’ll stop buying skim milk because it tastes like crap. And I’ll start buying more things because I’m sick to death of eating Lean Cuisines and macaroni and cheese. But until then …”

I smiled to let him know I wasn’t upset with him. “Did you find your tea?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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