Marcie Makes Me Over Ch. 01

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Back when I was a little boy I use to love dressing in my mom’s satiny frilly things. I passed many hours this way until I was out of high school. Then the military, college and a 4 year marriage distracted me to the point that I hardly remembered cross dressing at all. And when I did, I quickly dismissed it to childhood play.

After my divorce I quit my job and decided to move to another city just for a change. After doing hours and hours of research I settled on Santa Barbra, California. It was a long way from Georgia where I grew up and returned to after the Army, but it was the kind of change I wanted. An opportunity to start a new life in a new city far from my childhood and anyone I knew. Make new friends, hopefully meet the right lady, get married again and raise a family.

Because I didn’t know anyone in the area, I checked through Craig’s list for room rentals so I would have a place to stay and someone to introduce me to the town. After a few calls, I settled on Marcie. She seemed like a fun girl, 35 years old, just 2 years younger than me, with a 3 bedroom condo a short walk to the beach.

After selling literally all of my belongings I was ready. I made the move with a couple suitcases and duffel bag of personal items and clothes. Marcie picked me up at the airport on a bright, beautiful sun splashed Sunday late afternoon. I recognized her from a picture she sent. But her head shot didn’t give me the full picture. Waiting for me was a stunning, sleek spinner. You see, Marcie is a size 6, 34D-24-32, a hour glass figure beauty with endlessly long legs. Gazing at her dressed in a sultry sundress and sunglasses, I felt that I just walked into a dream.

After our hellos, we stopped by the condo to drop of my bags. The place was nice. Third floor, spacious, nicely decorated, expensive carpet and hardwoods, lots of build-ins, garnet countertops and subzero appliances – not too girly – but very classy, with a sophisticated touch of a woman. And her condo smelled wonderfully of woman. My room shares a common-wall with hers. The spare bedroom is used as a home office.

Once the walk-through was done and my bags unpacked, we went off for a Mexican dinner complete with margaritas on an outdoor patio restaurant. It would have been impossible not to notice all the men taking occasional drinks from my eye-candy hostess. We got to know each other a bit. Marcie wanted a male roommate because she dated a number of guys and wanted a man at the condo for security and balance, but not romance. She made that quit clear from the outset. I was relieved but saddened. And figured that could change with time if it were meant to be so. By the time we finished dinner it was around ten pm, so we headed back to the condo because Marcie had to be to her job as a legal secretary at 7:30 Monday morning.

When we got back to the condo, I was 3 margaritas down, feeling a bit anxious from the trip, transition, and new environment. Also, I was horny after having spent the past several hours being teased by my gorgeous new roommate. I settled into the deep leather sofa in the living room, picked up the remote and started flipping stations. About 20 minutes later Marcie came in to say goodnight. She sat across the glass coffee table from me in black satin, lace trim, mid-thigh slip shorts, and black satin camisole, her taunt nipples straining at the slinky fabric. I had a hard time concealing my growing erection. The shiny black satin making Kartal Grup Escort an incredible contrast to her milky white skin. She told me that she had a dinner date after work on Monday so wouldn’t be home until after 10:00; to make myself at home, and call if I needed anything.

I woke the next morning around 11:00. After breakfast I wandered around the condo just checking things out. I opened the sliding door to the deck to let the smell of the salt air and sounds of the small city into my new home. Eventually, I ended up in Marcy’s room. Marcie has a walk in closet, filled with skirts, dresses, blouses, jackets and shoes galore. It was obvious the woman loved clothes and had a sense of style that I could only characterize as suggestively sexy.

Her bathroom has a double sink and vanity. Against the back wall is a built in double set of four wide drawers. My curiosity getting the better of me; I slid one of the top drawers open. To my utter amazement, the drawer, 8 inches deep and 3 feet wide, contained 4 partitions – all panties. In the first partition are satin panties – bikini, low rise bikini and string bikini in a rainbow of deep lush colors. In the second are sheer, meshes and lace panties, again in an amazing assortment of colors, styles and designs. The third contained an assortment of string bikini and thongs again in an assortment of colors, fabrics and designs. The forth divide contained panties that didn’t fit into the other categories. Many looked like gifts that didn’t match up well with what I took to be her buying style.

Looking at this heady assortment of delicious panties, smelling the perfume from her bathroom and pantie drawer, and thinking back at how stunning she looked, I began to get a feeling urging up in me that I hadn’t felt since I was a child. I quickly closed the drawer and explored the others. Each drawer held an amazing assortment of lingerie, all in new condition, covering the full range of womanly necessities and garments made strictly to get fucked in. In addition there were two drawers of bras, mostly matching the panties in the top drawers, all neatly arranged as if on display. One of the bottom drawers contained all variety of slips.

I’ve always worked hard to keep my weight off. At 145 pounds I’m slim, with firm legs, a small ass and strong but not massive arms. Marcie looked to be about 120 pounds and 5-6′ tall. After running my hands through her silky slips and inspecting each of them, I came across a black mid-thigh black satin slip with lace fringe and spaghetti straps. I pulled the slinky slip from the drawer; careful to remember when it was placed, and ran it over my face breathing in the sultry scent of lingerie. By now I had an aching hard on and the overwhelming urge to slither into this sexy slinky slip. But first I needed a pair of panties. Back in pantie drawer out came a pair of purple satin, low-rise bikini panties.

Feeling nervous and a bit ashamed, I quickly slid my shorts and briefs off and slid the silky panties up, over my pulsing cock, and firmly into place. The panties were tight, but manageable and I was confident that I wouldn’t be breaking the elastic waistband. Next I slid the slip up my legs, and struggled briefly to get the straps over my shoulders. Surprisingly, the medium cut of the panties and slip were a comfortable fit. Back flooded the feelings I had as a child. The slinky satin teased my nerve endings. I ended up staying Kartal Manken Escort in the condo all day wearing nothing but her slip and panties.

Knowing she could be home any time after 10, I reluctantly took of her things, quickly ran them through the dryer to freshen, placed them back where I found them, then up and off to bed.

The next evening I made us dinner in. We chatted and watched the evening news over a dinner of pasta, salad and red wine. After about our third glass, the conversation drifted to my first two days in Santa Barbra. I recounted that I spent the day in on Monday. Marcie quickly acknowledged that she knew that. But I was more than taken back when she said she liked the way I looked in her purple panties and slip. Admitting that she had watched me violate her private space on a webcam, she said that we had a problem of trust. So, she gave me an ultimatum – either find somewhere else to live the next day, or go back to her room and put her purple panties and short black slip back on and come out for further instructions. When delivering her ultimatum, Marcie had a wicked smile and a laughing tone to her voice.

I was embarrassed, but excited at her openness. So I chose the second option. She said, good, that was her preference too. But merely slipping into her things was not enough to show I was truly sorry. She instructed me to take a shower first. In her shower was a container of hair removal cream. I was instructed to come out of the shower with my legs smooth, all hair from my genital area, chest and removed and to shave again. After toweling off, before dressing, I was shave, then lather my body in scented bodylotion, and use feminine deodorant. Undeterred by my choice, I was off to the shower to do as instructed by my gracious hostess.

After finishing my shower I stepped out to grab a towel. There, next to the towel she had left for me was a brand new pair of nude lace top thigh highs. From the living room I heard Marcie shout that she left something else in the bathroom for me and wanted me to wear them as well. Staring at my naked, smooth hairless body, near erect 5 inch penis and the lingerie I would soon be wearing, my heart was pounding so hard I could hear it in my ears.

As instructed I first slid the silky panties up and into place. Once on, I slid my hand up and down the silky enclosure of my semi-erect penis. The feeling was indescribable. Although I’d never put on nylons before, with a couple tries I was able to navigate toe and heel, slid each up my silky legs and smoothed out the lace band with silicone strip. Then, lastly, into the slip.

Looking into the full length mirror, I was turned on more so than I can remember, but also extremely embarrassed How could this have all happened so quickly? Sure, I dressed a few times as a child. But also had my share of women and was previously married. But none of the women I’d been with were a match for this West Coast beauty. And never had I seen a collection of lingerie to match Marcie’s collection. Finally I gathered the nerve and pensively walked back out to the living room, my rock hard cock straining through her satin panties, and sat on one of the leather chairs that matched the sofa, across from Marcie.

Marcie couldn’t hide her glee. I think she was surprised I followed all her instructions without argument. After a deep laugh at my expense, she cleared her throat and said, “seriously, though, Kartal Masöz Escort you look very nice prettied up Rick.” I really couldn’t decide between a male or female roommate. So to show me that you are truly sorry, I want you to wear this outfit or whatever else I dictate, whenever I’m home, regardless of whether or not I have company, for the next three months. Agreed? My heart throbbing, cock now rock hard and mind swimming with anticipation, I quickly agreed to her terms.

We spent the rest of the evening watching TV. She began calling me “Ricky” and telling me how fun it was to have a girl to talk and be buddies with. With the passing of time I began to grow more comfortable around her in her slinky satin lingerie and loved the feel of the nylons encasing my legs.

Marcie asked me to come sit next to her on the sofa. I did as asked. She then put a blindfold over my eyes. I didn’t ask questions. She then began to softly run her fingers up and down my aching cock through her panties, alternating between squeezing, racking her fingernails, and rubbing. She began to give me an accounting of what tomorrow would bring.

Marcie said that she was having one of her boy friends over for dinner and drinks the next evening. That he is a very handsome, wealthy local real estate mogul with an amazing nine inch cock. I was to be home and was to prepare dinner, and serve them their drinks and dinner. Marcie told Wayne that she had a new roommate when she called him today. She told Wayne that her new roommate, Ricky just moved to Santa Barbra, didn’t know anyone, and was hoping to start dating. And that Wayne, upon meeting her, could probably set her up on a date or two. To make a good first impression on Wayne, Marcie arranged a pedicure, manicure, and makeover. My appointment was from 2:00-4:00. Before going, she told me to go out and buy a pair of high heel wedge sandals, stop at the wig store in the mall and buy a human hair wig, auburn red, with eyebrow length bangs, wavy breast length cut that the owner would have behind the counter for me. She has seen the wig there, thought it attractive, and told me to buy it and have it custom sized to my head, and not to complain that the cost was $2,500.00. It will be money well spent. With each passing moment, visions racing through my head, and Marcie’s hand teasing my cock through her panties, it took all I could muster to avoid coming. Anticipating my agreement to her terms, she told me that she also ordered a set of premium silicone breast forms for overnight delivery along with a black lace bra and matching pantie set that I was to pick up at her office at noon after the Federal Express drop.

I was now in sensory overload. My heart rising faster than I’d known possible. “Are you with me Rickey?” She asked. “You’re going to look like such a horny little slut when Wayne gets here, I promise you that. And if you play your cards right, that will be just the beginning.” With that she got up and headed to her bedroom. On her way out of the room I took of the blind fold and watched her perfect ass sway as she walked to her room and closed the door behind her.

After going to bed, I lay staring at the ceiling, hand rubbing my cock through the slinky satin panties. Wondering what I had gotten myself into, what tomorrow would bring; and the sheer excitement and anticipation of my coming days and evenings as a woman my cock start to spasm beyond the point of return. I felt the warm jet of semen pulse from my cock and flood into the panties. I slowly drifted off, rubbing my cock through the soaking wet panties, feeling the tickle of cum running down my inner thigh, resting and sticking to my ass.

What have I gotten myself into? Frankly, I couldn’t wait to find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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