Marcus and Lucren Take a Bath

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(Just a note beforehand, this story is a part of the one I already created about Marcus and Lucren, but I’m tired of trying to write an actual story when I really only have time to write the, ahem, fun parts. So check out the other stories if you want some background info on this one.)

I followed Marcus silently as he led me by my leash through the mansion, away from the dungeons, presumably back to his room. Having not eaten since before he took me there the night before, I was hungry, to say the least, but I dared not voice this. Right now, anything I could do, or not do, to avoid his wrath was high on my priority list. Although most of my wounds had either healed or were nothing but shallow scratches, the indescribable pain that consumed me last night with the demon’s punishment was fresh in memory and would stay so for a long time. So we continued on in silence, the sound of my hooves clacking against the wood floors, echoing in the empty halls. I had no idea what time it was; he must have retrieved me in the middle of the night to lessen the chance of someone seeing me in my bloodied state.

When we did reach his room, he led me straight into the bathroom where a steaming bath awaited. I stood still, waiting for his direction. He turned to face me, silently untying the sarong around my waist before ordering, “Get in.” I obliged, stepping into the water and trying my best to keep silent as the hot water lapped unpleasantly at the remaining scratches. Marcus then began to strip himself. I watched from the corners of my downcast eyes, wrapping my arms around my knees in a futile attempt at comforting myself. What was he going to do with me? The fear swirling in my gut mounted with each article of clothing he tossed to the ground, revealing more of his pale, leanly muscled body. I realized that this was the first time I had really seen him naked; I didn’t really pay attention to his body when he was raping me. In spite of myself, I couldn’t help but notice that he really looked good. Wait, what am I thinking!? This demon rapes me and revels in my pain! You remember last night right, I thought to myself. Whatever. I suddenly felt I didn’t have it in me to hate him, my fear and depression too great for such a powerful emotion right now. Looking away, I rested my chin on my knees and sighed.

Moments later, Marcus got in and sat behind me, leaning against the back of the tub, his legs resting on either side of my hips. I blushed slightly at the close proximity of our naked bodies, but even as I thought to move away, his hands grasped my sides and pulled me even closer to him and I involuntarily whimpered, leaning forward slightly.


My first reaction was anger at being commanded like a dog, but my second, more rational one was fear at angering him, and so I stayed where I was. I jumped at the feeling of warm water cascading down my back; wasn’t expecting that. Turning my head slightly, I saw Marcus pick up a bar of soap from the side of the tub and begin to gently scrub my back with it. My eyes widened in shock and I faced forward again, no tangible thought coming together in my mind. He scrubbed my back until all of the dried blood was gone, then proceeding to wash the rest of me that he could reach. He was so gentle, his hands gliding over my shoulders and arms, across my chest and stomach, that I actually began to relax. He didn’t touch my nether regions yet, but I wasn’t entirely sure he wouldn’t before the bath was over. Once he was finished, he pulled me back further to lean against his chest, his arms wrapped possessively around my torso. I didn’t like it, but it was better than a number of other things he could have done to me, so I relaxed a bit, enjoying the moment of peace and the sweet smell of bath oils rising in the steam.

I never noticed that my eyes had drifted closed until they shot open at the feeling of a hand drifting unnervingly close to my penis. He must have felt me stiffen, because he leaned forward to whisper in my ear, “Relax, Lucren,” with just a hint of threatening to his tone. He nibbled on my earlobe before trailing his tongue down my neck, sucking softly and the junction of my neck and shoulder. I could already feel my breath shortening, whether from pleasure or panic I wasn’t entirely sure, but again, out of fear, I stayed. The fingers wrapped around my length began to move, slowly but firmly, and I couldn’t deny that it felt good. Harder suction on my neck; God, that felt good. I could hear myself panting, lost in a daze as if I wasn’t myself, as if I was just watching the scene I was a part of. Quickening his stroking on my hardening length, Marcus suddenly bit down on my neck, and I gasped and dropped my head back in response. He had to shift his head slightly to avoid my right horn as I unconsciously dropped my head onto his shoulder. His other hand busied itself with arousing my nipples Gaziantep Konak Escort to attention, brushing over one before rolling it between his fingers. I groaned softly, fighting with myself to resist yet wanting so badly to give in.

I came to a unanimous decision when I felt a finger probing my ass, the rest of the hand holding my tail aside. Awoken from my trance, I flinched and scooted abruptly forward, away from him, my hooves slipping awkwardly on the bottom of the bathtub as I tried to stand, making it to my knees. But he was ever quicker than me, moving with me to wrap his strong arms around me from behind. I struggled half-heartedly, pleading softly, “Please don’t, just leave me alone…”


I froze. In one word, he had conveyed such a menacing threat, an if-you-move-you-will-find-my-bloody-clawed-hand-protruding-from-your-stomach kind of threat, it sent shivers down my spine. After allowing it to sink in, he continued in a low growl, “You will stay still and let me do as I wish, or I might just remember how angry I was last night.” Wide-eyed with terror, I nodded slowly. Whatever he could do to me now could not possibly be as bad as last night. Wrapping his lithe fingers around my crossed wrists, he pried them apart, positioning me so that my hands rested on the edge of the bath, my knees spread apart by his own as he kneeled behind me. I squeezed my eyes shut and waited.

Soon enough, an oiled digit pressed against my entrance, slowly sliding inside. I whimpered, gripping the bath as if to keep from drowning, but surprisingly it was only slightly uncomfortable. As his slid it in and out slowly, the discomfort dissipated, replaced by something almost akin to pleasure. A second digit joined the first, and I marveled at how slow he was going. Why was he being so gentle? I thought he was angry with me. He had never been so gentle with me before, that it eased my fear slightly and left me with a mild curiosity. Not that I would ever admit to the enjoyment, of course.

I was unaware that I was panting again as he added a third finger, but my breath cut off completely when his ever-so-gentle fingers grazed my prostate. My eyes squeezed shut, my heart raced under his fingers. I tried to gasp, but it caught in my throat as he repeated the touch… and repeated it again. Slowly but surely, Marcus worked me into a shuddering frenzy that had me writhing under him, my shaft hard as steel, my breath coming in strangled gasps and sobs. The feeling was exquisite. I was barely aware of anything except for the fingers inside me. With my eyes squeezed shut and lips parted, my hips undulating slightly in time to his thrusts, knuckles white and muscles straining with the effort of keeping myself up, I could feel myself coming closer and closer to a climax of pure pleasure. Surely Marcus knew this, and he continued to touch that bundle of nerves in a way that some could mistake as loving.

A shallow, breathy moan ripped itself from my throat as his fingers suddenly wrapped around my length, stroking in time to the slow thrust of the fingers inside me. The effect was dizzying; I couldn’t take this much longer. My insides burned with desire, my gut curling in a burning need to cum. I moaned loudly as he dropped his lips to my shoulder and sucked hard on my burning skin. His slow movements were driving me crazy! They kept me rising and rising with a need that was becoming painful. I could think of nothing else but the feeling; my mind had effectively shut down.

I began to thrust my hips, trying desperately to speed the movement of his hand on my cock. Suddenly, all movement on his part stopped. His hand left my cock, his fingers unceremoniously were removed from my entrance. Before I could stop myself, a cry fell from my mouth and I almost collapsed in agony at the loss of his touch. God, I wanted him to touch me, wanted him to thrust his fingers into me and pump my cock and make me cum! Wait… no. What did I just… I couldn’t think that. Could I? This is the demon that rapes me, I thought. Why would I want him to touch me at all? Had a few minutes of ecstasy truly reduced me to a moaning whore? The realization struck me and I fell silent. Marcus was also silent for a few moments before he leaned forward and pressed his chest against my back, his hard-on nestling in between my butt cheeks. He wrapped his arms gently around me and whispered into my ear almost lovingly, “You are my slave, Lucren. Mine. You only get to feel anything when I want you to, be it pleasure, or pain.” His claws ran lightly over a few cuts on my side to emphasize the point. “But it doesn’t have to be as painful as it has been for you. In return for your obedience, I can give you immense pleasure. Or, I can cause you immense pain. Either way, I get what I want, because either way, you are mine to do with whatever I want. So the choice is yours, Lucren.”

I couldn’t believe it. Just like that, I had proven to him that I could be broken. And I was. Shame welled up in my chest at the disgust I felt at enjoying anything he had done to me. I couldn’t move, I didn’t know what to do. I just stayed motionless in his arms, trying not to shake and sob, not that it would have mattered anyway. Tears began to well up along my eyelids; I held them back, barely. So at least I had some self-control left. At least I wouldn’t start crying like an admonished child in front of the demon.

After several long, pensive moments, his hands began to roam. He brushed his fingertips along my thighs, dipping into the water to bring droplets up to my chest and letting them cascade down from there. “So, what’s it going to be, my pet?” I could hear the poison smile in his voice. A small part of me wanted so badly to reject the whole thing, to fight him and make him take it from me, but I was finished. My lower lip quivered as I took in a trembling breath, trying to compose myself. There was no beating Marcus; why keep fighting? All it got me was pain. Why should I keep going like this when I could enjoy it? I tried to tell myself that it was okay to feel pleasure if it kept me from pain, even though I didn’t really believe it; I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t keep defying him.

I lowered my head, my hair falling over my face to hide the tears that finally spilled down my cheeks. In a tiny, cracked voice I gave in and whispered, “Okay.”

He smiled against my shoulder and his hand stroked my chest approvingly. Then he did something strange; he hugged me. It was only the briefest of embraces, but he crossed his arms over my chest, covering each side of it with his palms and pressing me back into him. I felt his increasing heart beat against my back, and his breathing seemed to increase, as well. Was he really so excited about this? It almost seemed like he felt more… relieved, rather than smug and triumphant, like I expected. “You won’t regret your decision,” he said in a hushed tone that bordered on earnest. He brushed his cheek against my neck in a disturbingly intimate way, and then I felt his hands on my ass, pulling the cheeks apart and nestling the head of his shaft at my entrance. I braced for the harsh thrust and the burst of pain that was sure to come with it.

It never came. What did was a gentle touch to my own slightly softened member and another whispered “Relax…” in my ear. I could feel him against my entrance, but for whatever reason, he waited. His fingers brushed along my cock, and the fire that had dulled began to flare and burn again. I groaned softly as I became fully hard again. It did feel good, I had to admit. I still felt shameful to admit such a thing, but resignation had dulled my feelings. My chest felt so heavy, I couldn’t feel much anymore, other than his skin against mine, that is. The pleasure he gave me and the gentleness he showed had me curious, and once again, I wanted to cum so badly; I forced myself to relax a bit.

Once I had, he began to push into me. Panic flared, but almost immediately was replaced by astonishment as the head of his cock easily pushed in with a silent pop. He stopped there to let me adjust, but there was hardly any adjustment needed. For the first time, his cock was inside of me and I felt almost no pain. In fact, it felt sort of good, being stretched like that. My eyes were wide, and I had the urge to turn around to see if it was actually his cock inside of me and not his finger. I knew it was, though, when he slowly began to push inside. God, it was amazing, the feeling of his shaft sliding against my insides unhindered by pain. It still felt so big, but as he pulled out slightly and thrust in just a little deeper, all I could think of was how much I wanted it. This was the benefit of being properly stretched, I realized, something I never had allowed Marcus to do. As he thrust in again, this time all the way, my eyes drifted shut on their own and I moaned in ecstasy of being completely filled. I could feel his skin pressed against my ass. His fingers drifted across my skin and settled on my hips, running circles around them and gently pressing into the sensitive tissues just inside of my hip bones. As he slid out part way, I knew what was coming. I could feel the restraint in his hands, could feel how he was fighting to be gentle with me, and I knew that he did not have much self-control when it came to me. It was amazing he had been so controlled up to this point; I knew it wouldn’t last. This was going to be one hell of a ride, and for the first time, I was coming along.

His hands gripped me hard, but Marcus continued to move slowly as he pulled me back onto him. I could hardly breathe, it felt so good. Each exhale was more of a moan than a breath, and by the fourth thrust, I was unconsciously pushing back into him. This must have signaled to him that I was ready, because he began increasing the pace of his thrusts. I held on to the edge of the bath for dear life as Marcus began thrusting with abandon. The feeling of his lower abdomen slamming into my backside as his entire length was buried into me sent little shocks through my entire body, especially my cock. Water was sloshing up the sides of the tub, sometimes splashing out onto the black marble floor. As before, my awareness had been reduced to Marcus thrusting into me, and every few thrusts, he would graze my sweet spot and send me into spasms. Why, I asked myself, why had I been so stupid as to keep this from happening? This was amazing! If I had known this would be the reward, maybe I would have behaved better and saved myself from so much pain.

Suddenly, Marcus bent down, snaked his hand under my chest, and then rose back up, taking me with him. He never missed a single thrust while doing it, either. At this angle, he hit my prostate dead on every time, and my hands frantically reached for something to hold onto. One ended up on his hip, the other behind the nape of his neck, fingers combing into his hair. My head dropped back onto his shoulder where I could hear him panting. It felt so intimate of a position for a slave and master to assume, but hell, it felt so good, who cared. His hand remained on my chest to hold me in place against him while the other hand wrapped around my rock-hard length to stroke in time with his thrusts. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. In between gasps I moaned, “Marcus…ah…shit…I’m gonna…” I screamed and exploded in the most earth-shattering orgasm of my life. My body rocked with spasms as streams of milky fluid spewed from my cock to cover Marcus’ hand and drip down into the water. Through the whole thing, he kept thrusting, never missing a beat, which sent powerful aftershocks through me every time. I bucked against him with the force of my orgasm; he had to really grip me to keep me in place.

Once I finally stopped spasming, Marcus let me fall forward a little before slowly pulling out of me. He stood and stepped out of the tub, dripping water all over the floor. I looked up at him, confused, until he reached down and hauled me up onto shaking legs, then lifted me up bridal style. Water dripping all the way, he carried me to the bed and tossed me onto it before climbing on top of me. The whole time, I was boneless, feeling absolutely blissful after cumming so hard. As he hovered over me, arms on either side of my shoulders, he stared into my lust-filled eyes and smiled. I could feel his wet, slick skin sliding against mine and I wanted more of it. Tentatively, I reached up and clasped the back of his neck, pulling him down to me. Our tongues found each other before our lips in a simmering kiss that seeped passion. Both of my hands pressed against either one of his cheeks, holding him to me while I sucked on his lips and tongue. By the time he pulled away, both of us were panting, my lips were bruised and tender, and his blood red eyes mirrored the lusty sheen of my green ones. He pushed my legs up and over his shoulders before burying himself into me again. He wasted no time allowing me to adjust this time and took up a strong, fast pace that had me hard again in no time. This new angle caused him to brush against my insides in a completely different way than before, and I completely let myself go to it.

My guts were twisting up in a heated coil before long; I was close again. Marcus seemed to sense this and, incredibly, sped up even more while wrapping his hand around my dripping cock. My arms found their way around his neck, my eyes rolled in their sockets with this feeling of extacy coursing through me, my head thrown back. Marcus was practically folding me in half, pressing my thighs almost to my chest and pressing forward to latch onto my exposed throat. Thrusting up into his hand and further down onto his cock, I was so damn close it was almost painful. Then I heard the demon above me start to moan in short bursts, thrusting into me with reckless abandon, and God, it was the sexiest thing, and I tightened my grip on him and came. His teeth sa­nk into my shoulder as he slammed in a final time, filling me with his own hot fluid. A few more shallow, shaky thrusts, and he pulled out of me, quietly laying my legs down and settling on top of me. My hips were sore, I realized, but it felt so nice to just lay there with Marcus relaxed on top of me, gently running his fingers across the skin of my shoulder, luxuriating in the aftermath of that amazing experience. He eventually lifted himself off of me, settled down next to me, and pulled me into him from behind. I suddenly realized I was exhausted and could barely stay awake, so I closed my eyes and relaxed into him. I knew I would have to assess my inner turmoil eventually, but it had been so long since I could relax and say that I felt alright, I couldn’t bring myself to do it yet. I drifted off wrapped in the arms of the demon.

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