Marriage, Or, The Surprised Wife

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“The Royal Hotel, Brighton,

“May the 14th, 179–,

“My dear Amelia

“I am writing this to you at the first opportunity I have had since my Wedding, only a week ago and yet it seems like a lifetime. Such a lot has happened since then, I hardly know what to think. How I wish, my dear elder sister, that you had been more forthcoming about the Institution of Marriage and especially about the Rites of Hymen which I was to undergo. I do not mean to chastise you, my sweet, for I am sure that you acted from the very Best of motives, but … oh, it has been such a shocking time for me. If only I had taken more notice of your Hints and Allusions, and perhaps drawn you out more when you spoke of a Wife’s Physical duties and the requirements of the honeymoon. You did not seem much changed after your own marriage; I had assumed that, save for some slight extra Intimacy with one’s husband, life went on much as before.

“George had always been such a gentleman towards me (as befits his Rank, indeed), so Solicitous and so Reserved – it was I, in fact, who initiated our first Kiss! – that I was completely unprepared for the animal nature in him which came to the fore as soon as the last guests had departed the Reception and we were finally alone together in our Bridal Suite. I went into the Dressing Room to take off my wedding clothes and put on the beautiful lace Nightgown which you and I had chosen together, sure that it would make his eyes light up with joy. When I emerged, to my Shock and Horror he was standing in the room utterly naked. It was as if some strange Animal had forced its way into the bedroom. I had of course never seen a Man naked before – the very thought had never even crossed my mind – and I almost Fainted.

“Of course you and I had sometimes admired the Classical statues in the Museum, their swelling muscles and smooth torsos, but I had never connected them with what an actual Male might look like. And there was Hair – rivers of it down his chest and stomach and legs and – horror! – a great Bush at his Loins where I – I blush to mention it even in a letter – have but a neat Lawn. But that was not the most shocking aspect. From his loins there jutted a huge Column, Veined and Craggy, topped by a dark Orb – bearing no resemblance to the examples in the Museum at all. I could not drag my Gaze away from it – what on earth was this Deformity?

“Of course, you, Amelia, as a Wife, must think me a silly little thing to react so. It must all seem Commonplace and Domestic to you and not worthy of comment – as indeed you had not mentioned it to me in the course of your advice to your younger Sister. But to continue – George looked at me and his face twisted into a rather sinister smile. ‘You’ll not be needing that tonight, my darling,’ he said, and reached out and slipped the Nightdress from my Shoulders and, before I could protest, dragged it to the floor, leaving me naked and utterly exposed to his piercing gaze. Instinctively I tried to cover my Bosom and my Privates with my hands, but he grabbed my arms – quite roughly – and pulled them away, letting his eyes roam freely over my most intimate Parts. I felt myself blushing so hotly that I thought I was on fire.

“‘Yes, very fine,’ he said. ‘Just as I hoped.’ I gave just a little squeak of protest as he lifted me up – oh, the touch of his hot Naked Flesh on mine! – and laid me – nay, threw me – onto the Bed. He climbed above me and began to kiss my bare skin, starting with the neck and shoulders and quickly working his way down to my Bosom. I squirmed but his hands held me defenceless as his mouth wetly anointed my tingling skin and his Moustache tickled me. He even drew my Teats into his mouth and sucked and worried at them, making me cry out in surprise at the mingled sensations of Pain and Pleasure which coursed through me. Never had I felt such strong emotions! Was this what being a Wife was all about?

“Not all, I soon discovered, as his mouth worked its way lower, across my Belly and loins to my thighs. I was shivering and writhing with the shame of it, but he was Merciless and with his manly strength he forced my legs apart and Fastened his mouth on the most Secret Part of my body! I felt his tongue penetrate into that Inner Sanctum where previously only my washcloth had explored – for I had never dared to touch myself there directly. I thought I would die from the Embarrassment to feel his Lips and Tongue roaming freely in that place – but then (and I shudder with shame even to commit these words to Paper) a strange sensation of pleasure began to steal through my body and I realised that I was enjoying his Attentions, enjoying them, to be sure, more than I had ever enjoyed anything in my Life. Oh Amelia, why could you not have told me that this was how it would be? Then I might not have been so apprehensive about the whole business of Marriage, if I had known what Heavenly pleasure awaited me in the Nuptual Bed.

“My husband continued his attack Bycasino on my Innermost Keep and I grew quite beside myself with excitement. I was in Bliss, in Rapture, my mind was filled to Overflowing with the glorious sensations coursing outward from my Centre. His tongue fastened on a firm little Nub at the front of my Secret Area and I thought I was going to explode with delight – in fact, it felt exactly as if I was exploding. My whole body shook as though in a Fit and, although I was somewhat frightened by the intense Ecstasies flooding through my body, I wanted it never to end.

“But end it had to, perhaps his Tongue grew Weary, and eventually he released his Wife from her Travails and I lay there throbbing inwardly and gasping for breath, unable to move my Limbs, the Pleasure ebbing only slowly from my veins. ‘My, you’re a wet one,’ I heard my Husband say. I opened my eyes and saw him rearing above me, his Column poised above my still-quivering loins. ‘Time to be _______,’ he grunted – I cannot bring myself to write the Coarse Word he used, which I had only heard used before by the grooms, without knowing its meaning. And I discovered then that being a Wife is not all rapture.

“He forced my Thighs even further apart with his own and I felt something pushing against my Tender Folds. A huge Rod was forcing its way inside me, opening and stretching me. What was he doing? Was he trying to Kill me? I struggled and cried but he did not withdraw. There was a pressure inside, a Pain that grew and grew, and then a moment’s blinding Agony and I felt my Belly fill to bursting point as his Column skewered me. My eyes were tight shut in Agony, tears squeezing out of the corners. He started to pump in and out of me, each Stroke as Painful as the last, while I prayed to GOD that I would die and find release from this Torture. The DEITY must have heard my prayers because soon my Husband gave a great shout and his body arched and his Column ceased its Pounding. The pressure in my belly eased and he slipped out of me leaving a great fiery Emptiness. Then he lay down beside me and took me in his arms and kissed my Face gently while I sobbed and sobbed.

“‘By god, you’re tight, my Love,’ he murmured. ‘But we’ll soon cure that, won’t we? In a few days you’ll be taking me as easy as anything.’ My heart sank to hear his Words. Was there more to come? Surely he would not want to repeat that Agonising Operation – my poor body would not stand up to it. He got up and I heard him washing, then he held a warm Flannel against my Privates and wiped them gently, but not gently enough to stop me crying out anew at the touch of the cloth on my oh so Tender Flesh.

“I had hoped that his Animal Urges would be satisfied now, but – oh Amelia – that was just the start of it. I have never had a night like it – an alternation of exquisite Pleasure and unbearable Pain. His mouth on my Sex – for that is what I have to call it – and his Tongue softly lashing my tender but still responsive Nub was the most beautiful thing that I can ever imagine, and drew from me Explosions of joy that I cannot begin to describe. But then he would arrange me in the most inelegant and Shameful positions and his newly-engorged Rod would penetrate my Womanly Orifice and set it on fire again, and each time it would take him longer and longer and fiercer and fiercer Pounding before he would give that shout of fulfilment and spend himself Deep within me. By the time the light of Morning stole into our room I felt that I had lived a Thousand lives.

“George consented to my putting on my nightdress before the serving-girl came with our Breakfast, but after breakfast he locked the Door and took off his Nightshirt and my Nightdress and educated me in the way that a wife Pleasures her husband with her Mouth. Amelia, you did not mention this to me at all! I was grateful that he did wish to Impale me in the Usual Place, which I think would have made me pass out with Pain, and so took his Column in my mouth with less reticence that I would have felt twelve hours previously. He held my head in his hands and moved it up and down the Shaft, instructing me to keep my Lips over my Teeth and how to use my tongue and how to Suck. After a while I could tell that he was getting close to his Release, by the tension in his body and the groans he was emitting. Suddenly my mouth was filled with a thick salty-sweet Liquid! I tried to pull away but his hands kept my head in position while he pumped more fluid into my Choking Mouth. I coughed and spluttered and the warm fluid dripped down onto my Bosom.

“‘ Swallow it, my little Wife,’ he said, ‘it’s good for you.’ With an effort I swallowed the thick stuff in my mouth – it reminded me of Oysters, not entirely unpleasant. He got me to clean up his Rod, now softening, with my mouth, and wiped my sticky Chest solicitously. I just sat there Naked on the edge of the bed, my mind awhirl with all the new sensations of the Night, unable Bycasino giriş to form a coherent thought.

“George suggested a walk along the Promenade, and I acquiesced, thinking that it would give me a chance to recover. He would not let me wear Anything under my Dress, neither then nor at any time since, and, truth to tell, my body was so Sore and Tender that I could not bear the touch of Linen against my Intimate Areas. I was not unhappy about this, except for the fact that the knowledge that I was Naked under my outer things made me blush hotly the whole while. I walked gingerly, owing to the extreme tenderness between my Thighs, and George, on my arm, whispered sweet nothings in my ear, telling me how beautiful a Wife I was and how ‘Sexy’ I had been and how much he desired me. It was wonderful to hear except for the Knowledge that his Love would inevitably be accompanied by further physical demands on my poor Girlish Body.

“We took drinks in a Coffee House and my Husband grew ever more hot in his Ardour. His hand strayed to my leg and teased its way up under my Dress, to my intense embarrassment. ‘By god, woman, I can’t wait any longer,’ he groaned. ‘I’m taking you back to our Rooms for another round or two.’ He must have misinterpreted my look of Horror for one of Surrender, for he took my arm and walked me back at a fine pace to our Hotel. I was praying that my poor abused Body would be able to stand his renewed assaults.

“Once alone, he bent me over the Bed, lifted my Dress up to my waist and plunged himself into me. I cried out at the explosion of Pain as his Column stretched my sore Insides. He pumped into me like a Steam Hammer, heedless of my moans of Agony. Then I felt him reach round to my Front and lay his fingers on the little Nub which seemd to be the Root of all my Pleasure. He rubbed it without breaking his stroke and in the midst of my Pain I began to feel the beginnings of Ecstasy – a mixture of opposites which I did not believe possible. Skillfully he timed my release to concide with his own – even as his Rod was pounding against my poor bruised and raw Insides, I was shuddering and throbbing with Bliss.

“He pulled out of me, leaving that aching Void which, despite its fires, somehow longed to be filled again. I felt his Fluids trickle out of me. I could sense his eyes on me, feasting on my Nakedness. His hands went to my Bottom and pulled my Cheeks apart, and then – Oh ultimate shock! – I felt his mouth against that dirtiest of Orifices, that Cloaca which I shudder even to write about. He kissed me there tenderly, and his tongue tip explored my Pucker and even wormed its way inside a little, while I died of Shame. ‘Mmm, you’ll go,’ he murmured, but I was too shocked to think what he might mean.

“George will be back soon so I had better conclude this Missive, as he is sure to want more Pleasure of his Marital Partner as soon as he returns. It has now been a week since I became a Wife and I am still not at all used to the demands it makes upon me. My Husband takes me at least five or six times a day – his Ardour is undiminished – at any time of the day or night, and although I am still sore and tender Down There I am starting to take more Pleasure in his Invasions of my Body, especially if I can find my own release at the same time. His mouth on my ‘Sex’ takes me to ever greater heights of Joy, I think I will die from the sensations. I am becoming expert at pleasuring him with my Mouth, and even enjoy the taste of his Emissions, and have realised that the more I can satisfy him in this fashion the less often he will have to Assuage his Passions in my poor tender belly.

“He has even – Oh Amelia how can I even mention this? – stated that he has desires upon my rear Entrance, and has started to enlarge me with a Finger, then two, in preparation for sheathing his Column there as he does in my Belly. I cannot envisage how I can possibly accommodate his Monstrous Manhood in that orifice – but I am merely a Little Wife and powerless to resist.

“Do write as soon as you can, my dear Sister, and let me know how goes your own Marriage, for I am sure that there is much you have not told me in order to spare my once delicate feelings.

“Your loving Sister,



“Clarence Mansions, London,

“May the 15th, 179–,

“Dear Jane,

“How wonderful it was to receive your Letter this morning, and also how surprising to read its contents. I confess that I read it through twice before I even considered how I might reply. I must say that your experience of Married Life, described in such intimate and shocking detail, does not coincide at all with mine. Indeed I wonder if you have not imagined some of the more extreme events – for I know that you were always prone to phantasies as a girl. That a man should commit acts upon a woman’s body such as you detail – and, worse, that a woman should take pleasure in them – borders Bycasino güncel giriş on the unbelievable. And as for walking out in Public with no underthings beneath your outer dress – I am sure that your brain is still fevered with the excitement of the Wedding Day.

“Let me tell you in frankness about the events of my own Honeymoon. Joseph and I went to our dressing rooms to don our night clothes and then came together by the nuptual bed for a prayer of thanksgiving, before retiring for the night. He kissed me, with mild passion, and then lifted my nightdress and rolled on top of me and entered me quite easily and without much discomfort. He carried out his duty quickly – it was all done without fuss, for which I gave heartfelt thanks. The action was repeated on subsequent nights – any pleasure on my part was due to the thought that I had performed my wifely function well, and not to the extreme physical sensations which you elaborate in your letter, and which I find, truth be told, rather incredible.

“The passion of the Honeymoon did not remain at full strength, of course, and now our marital function is confined to Saturday Night, which suits me well and does not interfere with my other social and housewifely activities. It seems to me that this is the proper way for a Husband and Wife to comport themselves, soberly and restrainedly, and that the animal passions which you seem to delight in are bound to have very severe consequences both in this life and the Next.

“Mother and Father send their very best wishes, and of course we all look forward to seeing you and your Husband on your return.

“Your loving Sister,



“The Royal Hotel, Brighton,

“May the 20th, 179–,

“My dear Amelia,

“Your letter of ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬May the fifteenth discomforted me somewhat, if I am honest. It does truly appear that my initial experience of Married Life is not at all concordant with yours – I wonder which of us is Normal? I took the liberty of showing your letter to my Husband – that is, he insisted on reading it – and his Reaction was to laugh heartily. I will not tell you what else he said, for fear of Offending you.

“Since I wrote last, our Honeymoon has continued in the way I described, only more so, if that were possible. George’s Ardour and his Passion for my Body, for that is what it is, is even more intense. He takes me many times each Day and Night, and my tender girlish Innards are actually starting to grow Accustomed to his onslaughts – in fact, though I blush to state it, I have come to look forward to his next Assault and even, Shameless thing that I am, to encourage him. My own Releases are stronger and more frequent than ever, and his Tongue and Fingers play upon me like a fine Pianist upon his Instrument, drawing forth Exquisite Music at their touch. I have learnt to apply equal skill with my Mouth and can delay his own release for an Hour or more, until he is literally Begging me to Finish him. When it comes, of course, it is like a Volcanic Eruption …

“I mentioned in my last Letter that George had designs upon my Rear Passage also. Despite my misgivings, he was persistent and last night I managed to receive him in that most Intimate of Orifices without much Pain. Such was his Excitement that he did not last long – for which I was grateful – and afterwards he expressed his Love for me in the most endearing terms. I am, he told me, now a Complete Wife!

“I forgot to mention, that another aspect of being a Complete Wife is, apparently, getting rid of all hair ‘Down Below’. One morning George took his Razor and, accompanied by some nervousness on my part, shaved off every last fine Hair between my legs. He took much time in examining me carefully to ensure that I was completely ‘Bald’, and afterwards was so appreciative of my appearance that he was unable to contain his Ardour and Spent himself all over my Belly. At first it felt very strange to be so Naked there – it was my last Vestige of concealment from his Gaze, although a very poor one, to be sure, especially when he parts my Thighs – but I have come to enjoy the Sensations which it brings and would not now go back to my former Hirsute state.

“We return to London the day after Tomorrow. I am not looking forward to the Coach, as sitting for any length of time is still very uncomfortable for me, for Reasons which I am sure you can Imagine. We look forward to receiving you as soon as possible. (PS. George still refuses to allow me to wear Anything under my Dresses, and I confess that I have grown used to this and would find cumbersome Linen very confining now.)

“At your earliest Convenience, I insist on a long and intimate Conversation with you regarding Marriage and our very different Experiences of it. I am sure that the Ecstasies – combined with Agonies as they sometimes are, it is true – that I have felt could be yours too, given the correct Instruction. You need not fear for my Immortal Soul, dear Amelia – I am confident that GOD would not have given us the capacity for Such Bliss if he did not intend us to use it.

“I am so excited about seeing you and dear Mother and Father again, and remain,

“Your loving little Sister,

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