Memories of Lesbian U.

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I attended a well know women’s university on the east coast. To keep from further sullying the name of this place of learning I won’t divulge it and will only call it by the nickname the locals gave to it and that was Lesbian U. I’m sure not all the women there were gay but I’d guess that at least seventy percent were. Its rep was the main reason my girlfriend and I applied and both of us were lucky enough to be accepted. Laura and I grew up in suburbia and we had to hide our relationship through our senior year of high school. We were fortunate enough to be able to recruit Laura’s little brother to be my pretend boyfriend so we were able to spend time together without raising eyebrows.

From our very first visit we knew we had made the right choice as we saw girls walking hand in hand and even some kissing on the quad. We both pledged a lesbian sorority and I’ll never forget the hazing we had to go through but it was worth it. The pleasure of waking every morning with my girl naked in my arms and the taste of my pussy on her lips still makes me wet to think about it.

All of that was then, this is now, and it seems like a hundred years ago instead of just fifteen. When we graduated, Laura went on to get her masters and then a doctorate in women’s studies. As for me, I was offered a job in San Francisco and I jumped at the chance to live in one of the most open cities in the country. It’s funny how life happens; Bayan Escort Gaziantep I moved there gay and ended up married with children. Laura applied and was then granted a position teaching at good old Lesbian U. where she is now tenured.

We keep in touch you know phone calls, e-mails and the like but we haven’t been together for a few years now. When she called and said she’d be in town for a few days we made a date to get together. I told myself I was really looking forward to seeing her but there would be no sex, I was past that, I was now a wife and mother. As I knocked on her hotel room door, I could feel my heart thumping. She opened the door in her robe and put her arms around me, kissing me deeply. I kept thinking, ‘oh god how I’ve missed this’ and my resolve for no sex was gone before the door was closed. Her first words to me were,

“So, where’s the penis?”

“Laura, Roger is more than just a penis he’s my life mate and I feel very lucky to have found him. Anyway he’s home babysitting to answer your question.”

We quit talking and began kissing again, I found myself so hungry for her lips I just couldn’t get enough. I opened her robe to gaze upon her body, she offered me her breast, and I took her nipple in my mouth. It was as if fifteen years had disappeared, I mean our bodies didn’t look the same but they sure felt the same. I dropped to my knees and put my face between her legs. I looked up to her,

“God Laura I’ve missed you.”

I lapped at her like a woman starved and I guess I was, it had been so long since I had been with a woman. Laura climaxed once, twice and then a third time before she made me stop. She told me now it was my turn and took me to her bed. After undressing me, she made slow wonderful love to me while she explored my body completely with her tongue.

After, we lay together, breast to breast and I told her, that was what I missed most from our college days being able to hold her and just lie as one. That got us reminiscing, Laura laughing said,

“You remember what we had to go through to join our sorority? You know they don’t allow hazing like that anymore. What we went through so we could identify each officer by taste alone…”

I interrupted laughing as hard as she did,

“I swear I ate so much pussy that week I almost got tired of it.”

“Yeah, well Pinky and Judy were easy, that clit of Pinky was bigger than my thumb nobody had a clit as big as her. Then Judy with those big old flaps you put your face in her pussy and I swear she could wrap her flaps around your ears.”

“How about Sue, her pussy always tasted like trout and then bitch douched the night of the big test and I guessed she was Ellen.”

“I got her wrong too and then I guessed Ellen was her and was she pissed.”

We stayed in for lunch with Laura ordering room service. We drank a bottle of wine with our food and after lunch, we had sex again. Then Laura raided the service bar and we ended up about half drunk. She sat between my legs with her head nestled in my breasts and I was running my fingers through her hair. She turned her head up to kiss me, and then said,

“Sara I just can’t believe you ended up married to a penis.”

“Laura it all seemed so natural, we were working together and then we had a couple of joint projects evolving being with each other away from work. Add a couple of late night dinners and maybe a bottle of wine and then one night we ended up in bed together. He’s not like most men; he’s considerate of my feelings and besides his little penis is so cute. I like to suck him and pretend it’s your clit I’m sucking, that makes me all wet.”

We had another drink and then more sex, I ended up calling my husband, and telling him, I wouldn’t be home.

“He is so sweet he just asked me to be careful.”

“What, is he worried you’ll get pregnant?”

“No nothing like that, he just knows that sometimes I do crazy things when I get drunk.”

It was so nice to spend another night in the arms of my beloved Laura but when morning came, I knew I had to get back to Roger and our children. I kissed Laura goodbye and we promised to get together at our next reunion. It’s funny but I noticed as I was riding the elevator down that I wasn’t thinking back to our old ways but looking forward to my family and out future.

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