Motorcyle Madness

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What a great day for a bike ride! Sun is shining but not scorching hot with a slight little breeze, just enough to blow away the heat from the engine. I’m so excited. More so about who I was going with than the actual ride, although I DO love those big bikes.

He called early this morning actually waking me up from a wonderful tropical dream. He asked if I had slept well. What to tell him? Should I tell him about the dream and my reaction to it? Maybe that would be better left for another time since things were so new between us. I told him I had a great night’s sleep and was looking forward to a beautiful day with no plans. He asked if I was interested in going for a ride into the country. Oh boy, was I, especially with him! I was already imagining riding along with my arms and legs wrapped around him, cruising down the roads. I said I would love to join him and we made arrangements for him to pick me up in an hour.

Okay, now it was time for the mad dash to get ready! Nothing fancy, but definitely pretty. A little bit of makeup, some light scent and clothes. What to wear? What to wear? I decided to try for romantic. Okay, how to do that on a bike? Got the shirt, low neck, not too tight, not too loose. Now what? Jeans? Shorts? No, no shorts. I know, a skirt. Could I wear a skirt on a bike? If I was careful and tucked it around me it should work. Would he think I was crazy? Maybe, but I really liked the idea of the wind rushing up my legs. Okay, the skirt it is with a cute pair of my favorite cowboy boots and now I’m all ready to go.

He arrives exactly when he said he would. Oh. Wow. I have to remember to breathe. He looks soooo good when I answer the door. Nice fitted, faded button jeans encased in black leather chaps. Yum. Open-necked, buttone-down shirt that just about matches the blue of his eyes. He kisses me hello with a little peck on the cheek, just enough so that I can catch a whiff of his cologne. Again, yum.

I do a little pirouette for him asking for his opinion. He looks at my skirt then at me and asks if I’m sure I want to wear it, then says, before I can answer, it should work if I tuck it up and reminds me to be careful of the exhaust pipes.

We go out to the bike and he hands me my helmet. Not my favorite – it’s the full face helmet with the faceguard. The really cool thing about them is that there are microphones in them so we can talk to each other, if we want. Okay, helmet on now it’s time to mount up. With some difficulty, I swing my leg over and sit. I start tucking the skirt around me and thankfully, he decides to lend a hand. He asks me to lift up a little which I do and he slowly slides his hands over my ass to make sure the skirt is all tucked under me. Even though I know he is just helping me get situated, the feel of his hands sends a jolt throughout my body. Then he has me sit back down and tells me to raise my left leg a little bit so that he can tuck the skirt under it. As he is sliding his hand down my leg, my breathe begins to hitch. Something about watching his long fingers gliding over and around my leg excites me. It’s almost a caress and reminds me of my dream. He lifts his head to look at me, but can’t see my face behind the helmet. I’m happy about that because I don’t want him to see how his touch has affected me. He finishes my left leg and starts working on the right. His hand starts a little higher up this time, just at the crease of my thigh. Having his fingers so close to the center of me makes me shiver. He asks if I’m cold and I shake my head no. He smiles his one-sided smile and continues.

He finally finishes tucking to his satisfaction and climbs on. I am utterly amazed at how awesome his butt looks in those leather chaps. He settles himself on the seat and asks if I’m ready. If he only knew how ready I was. I just give him the thumbs up and he puts on his helmet and leather gloves and starts the engine.

Oh. WOW. The throb of the engine is amazing, low, throaty and, dare I think it, arousing! I snuggle up against him, nice and close, wrap my arms around his waist and off we go. His voice comes through the mic, startling me a bit, as he tells me he mapped out a ride through the country. He says we’ll be traveling on rarely used roads but rushes to assure me they are mostly paved and safe and that there’s a cute little inn and restaurant a few hours away and thought we could stop there for lunch for a while. Sounds great to me I tell him.

We’ve been riding for about an hour and he was right. This road is rarely traveled and a beautiful ride. It’s as if this road was cut through a full, thick beautiful forest as the trees butt up against the black top, so close you can almost reach out and touch them. I notice little side roads, if you can call them that, eryaman escort along the way and ask if he knows where they lead. He begins to tell me the history of the area. It was once a big farming community and all those little side roads are actually drives to the old farmhouses. Some big conglomerate bought up all the land with the intention of building housing and put in most of the roads but the deal fell through and now everything just sits abandoned. He tells me this road is a favorite of his because no one really uses it and it gives him the freedom to ride as fast or as slow as he wants. He doesn’t much like riding in a lot of traffic because it doesn’t give him time to enjoy what’s around him and to think. This road makes him feel as if he’s the only one on the planet sometimes and he likes it that way.

“Well, you’ve got company today”, I say.

He chuckles and puts his hand on my thigh with a little squeeze and says “yeah, and it’s nice, too.”

We talk about a whole host of things. Kind of that getting to know you kind of stuff. Favorite this, favorite that. Likes and dislikes, and so on. I’m listening to him answer, but have thoughts running through my head.

Out of my mouth pops “So what is your favorite fantasy?”

Damn! I didn’t mean to let that slip! Into the silence that follows I begin to panic! I should have kept things light and easy! Too much of a personal question! What is he going to think of me? What an idiot I am!

He clears his throat and begins to tell me that one of his favorite fantasies is having sex on his bike as he’s riding down the road. I let out a nervous giggle and say the logistics would probably be too difficult, not to mention it would probably be dangerous! He chuckles, then says with all seriousness, he worked it all out in his head. With a little maneuvering and a whole lot of caution he thinks it would work. Oh. WOW! WOW! Is he serious? No, not possible, is it?

Into the silence I whisper “Tell me how”.

The hardest part is going to be swinging around to face him. We’ve got to do that just right or we both get dumped and I am not a fan of road rash!

I can’t believe I am actually going to try this! Just the thought of the engine throbbing under us as I open up for him is enough to get me wet.

He drops one of his arms as I start pulling up my skirt, bunching it up around my thighs. I carefully lift one of my legs and wrap it around his waist as I start to shift my butt off the seat. He begins to slide his arm around my waist and grabs onto my hip to help me all the way around. It gets a little dicey as I have to push off the foot rest to get myself the rest of the way around him. The bike wobbles a bit and he lets go of me to grab the handlebars. I shift a bit and find myself almost sitting on the gas tank. Once the bike is steady he places his hand on my lower back and tells me to move forward a bit. I am now completely facing him with my legs wrapped around him in the other direction! Ha! We did it. I look at him but can’t see his face.

I’m leaning back so that he can see the road in front of us.

He slides his hand around me and places it between us. He slowly starts moving my skirt up, tucking the excess behind me and I hear him gasp.

He says “No panties….I like that.”

His fingers, encased in those black leather gloves start moving in slow glides up and down. He lifts his fingers to the front of his helmet, the glove glistening with my juices and lifts his head. He must be looking straight into my eyes but I can’t tell with the faceguard. I turn my head in embarrassment for a moment, thankful that he can’t see my blush. When I turn back to face him it’s as if I can feel his gaze.

Although he could be looking at the road, my nipples say different and react immediately by tightening up. He slowly starts to lower the front of my shirt exposing my bra.

“Nice” is all he says as he slips a finger under my bra and circles my nipple with his gloved finger.

He says very quietly “Help me with this” as he tugs on my shirt and bra.

I reach up and lift my breasts out of my clothing offering them to him like a gift. The wind rushing over my nipples and feeling his hot gaze on them make them hard little pebbles. He begins to gently pinch them between his fingers, the leather adding a whole new sensation. He alternates between each nipple then encircles one breast with his whole hand gently squeezing forward to my nipple, almost as if he was milking them. He keeps switching hands, making sure one hand is always on his bike and the other always on me. I can’t believe that we are riding down the open road with my breasts so exposed!

He slides his hand down between esat escort us again and dips his fingers in my wetness. He brings his hand back to my nipple, coating it with my own juices.

He growls into the mic saying “I wish I could suck on that.”

I quietly groan and all he whispers is “soon.”

He slides his hand down again, getting his fingers wet and circles my other nipple. The wind should be making them cold, but all I feel is blistering heat centered right on my nipples with a direct line to my core. I don’t think I have ever been this aroused before!

He lowers his hand, swirling his fingers around until he finds my hot spot. He zeroes in on my clit and starts circling it with his gloved fingers.

I sway a little with the overwhelming rush of desire and he whispers “easy…easy” as he slides one finger inside me.

Easy…yeah right….not possible but I make the effort to stay completely still. In and out…in and out…. he slowly moves his gloved finger, adding a second one after a time. The way his hand is positioned, palm up, his fingers curl inside me dragging over my g-spot while his thumb puts pressure on and circles my clit. He keeps curling his fingers in a ‘come here’ motion over and over again. He starts moving those two fingers faster, his thumb pressing harder on my clit. I start to panic because I know what’s going to happen….I know my secret is about to be exposed!…I tighten up, trying to put off the inevitable, but he won’t let me.

“relax…let it go” he says.

How can I?…. this has never happened with anyone before, only by myself in the privacy of my own room! He starts moving his fingers faster…I can feel the pressure building…..I grab his wrist trying to stop him, but he ignores my silent plea…oh no!….I can’t hold back much longer!

Forgetting he can hear me I begin to moan and say “harder….harder….please don’t stop….don’t….stop…that’s it…..right there….right there!”

I can hear him in my head saying “Come on baby….let it go….yes…..yes… can do this….cum for me”.

I scream as I have my very first squirting orgasm with someone! His fingers slow as I stuggle to catch my breath. He finally takes his fingers out of me and holds his hand up in front of his helmet. My cum is literally running down his wrist.

I begin to apologize as I am so embarassed and he says just one word …..”beautiful”. I freeze, not believing what I just heard! He then says “I’ve read about this on the internet and always wondered if it was real…..I’ve never tried it with anyone and I saw my opportunity and wanted to see if I could make you squirt….”

“You’re not shocked or disgusted?” I ask.

“Why would I be digusted….it’s amazing to see….right when it started you were so open and exposed… I said….beautiful”.

He wanted to know what I was feeling right before and during the “explosion” as he called it and if it had ever happened before. How can I properly described feeling as if your whole body is going to shatter into a million pieces, as if you are completely engulfed in flames and can’t pull in enough air to breath and like the top of your head is going to explode and every bone has left your body????

All I can say is “it feels amazing….I’ve been able to bring myself to squirt with my vibrator but never had the courage to ask a partner to help it happen….just being able to enjoy it without having to work it makes all the difference.” I can feel his smile even if I can’t see it.

Once I get my bearings I look down between us and realize his jeans are being strained to their limit. I’m happy to see the truth of his words….he wasn’t shocked.

I quietly whisper “thank you” as I reach for his buttons. The bulge in his pants outlined by the chaps is one of the sexiest things I have ever seen and I can’t wait to expose him. I slowly unbutton his jeans, taking my time and playing my fingers over his bulge, one button at a time. He’s commando!

I say “no shorts….I like that”…and we both chuckle. He’s so hard I barely have to help him out of his jeans.

I begin to run my fingertips around the head of his cock and down his shaft. Silky smooth yet hard and hot. I wrap my fist around him, squeezing ever so slightly and slide my hand up and down the length of him. I can feel him grow in the palm of my hand and I squeeze a little harder. I remove my hand and reach between my legs. I need to use some of my own juices to make it more comfortable for him…..I can tell he’s watching me cup myself because he starts breathing faster. I decide to have a little fun with him and even though I’m sensitive from the amazing orgasm he brought me to I slide my etimesgut escort fingers inside myself.

I hear him growl and smile to myself and say…”like that do you?”….he just growls again as I slowly pump my fingers in and out of my pussy….again and again….getting them good and wet. I finally stop fingering myself and notice he’s added his own little brand of lubricant to the mix as a large drop of pre-cum is just waiting for me on the tip of head.

I say out loud “I wish I could lick that off of you.” and he groans.

I bring my hand back to his cock and start working him. I glide my thumb over the head, smearing his pre-cum around and around. I make a ring out of my thumb and finger and pump it back and forth, just to the rim making sure to lightly drag my nail over that little nub of nerves just under the rim. Every time I do that I hear him gasp and he rocks his hips forward. I start sliding my hand up and down his shaft, spreading our combined juices all around him. He starts rocking his hips faster so I tighten my fist adding friction to the motion. He’s panting into the mic…..I want to bring him just to the very edge because I have other plans for this magnificent hard-on.

I say to him “tell me when you’re almost there….tell me.” He groans again, louder this time as I slide my other hand to the seam of his jeans and put pressure on his balls through his clothes.

He starts to moan and his cock begins to jump and he says “I’m almost there…..almost.”

I immediately let go of his raging hard-on hearing him let out a loud groan as I let the breeze wash over him, cooling him down just enough to back him off the edge.

I ask him “just how much control do you have of the bike?…Do you want to pull over?”

“No!…no let’s keep moving” he replys. I tell him to keep the bike steady and to keep his eyes on the road as I slowly slide my ass closer to him. I ask him to scoot his butt forward a bit, stretching his arms all the way. If he does this right, I can lift myself enough to mount him! I ask him if he’s ready and he barks out a yes!

“Patience” I say and laugh.

I begin to lift myself, pushing myself up and toward him…he realizes what I am trying to do and slides his crotch forward.

I slowly slide down him until he is all the way inside me “aahhhh….that’s perfect” he says.

“Not quite, but it will be” I say as I gently start to rock my hips forward and backward. I can’t make any big movements, everything has to be small and easy, we are, after all, on a moving motorcycle. Back and forth I rock, feeling him slide in and out of me. With this steady rythym it’s going to be a long time before he gets there.

All of sudden I hear him say “we’re running out of pavement.” I ask him if he wants me to stop or if he wants to pull over and he emphatically says “hell no!….this just means things are going to get more interesting!”

I ask why that is and he says cryptically “you’ll see….or should I say feel?” and chuckles.

He slows down and I can’t tell if the throbbing I am feeling in my pussy is from his cock or the low revving of the engine, regardless, it feels amazing! I can tell immediately when we have finally run out of pavement.

This road becomes very bumpy. I now understand his cryptic remark. With every dip in the road, his cock slides out of me and with every bump it slides back into me! I don’t even need to rock my hips anymore, the road is doing all the work. He begins to speed up just a little and his cock does the same…he begins to gently swerve the bike across the road and with each swerve his cock moves around inside me. He’s breathing heavy and giving the bike more gas. I can feel him getting close and start moving my hips just bit, making sure that with every bump he slides into me harder and harder. I grab his shoulders and dig my heels into the seat behind him, getting as much leverage as I can I start riding him hard….up and down…..up and down….his cock begins to move in and out of me….faster and faster.

He yells “hold on” and hits the gas, we are flying over the road, hitting every dip and every bump so fast and hard I’m bouncing up and down on his cock with lightening speed!

Up and down….up and down…..I hear him groaning…straining to fly over the edge……..suddenly he hits the brakes! The bike slams to a stop and I fall back onto the gas tank….he’s pumping his hips slamming his cock into my pussy…. he shouts and starts shooting his load into me….hot spurt after hot spurt….I feel each one and it sets me off and I cum with him! He’s still slamming into me as he rips off his helmet and then mine. He grabs me by the hair and starts kissing me with a frenzy! He grinds his hips against me as he grinds his mouth on mine! It seems to go on forever. He finally stops and looks at me. I breathlessly ask if the reality was as good as the fantasy.

He smiles crookedly and he replies “so much better…so, so much better…”

I can’t wait for the ride home!

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