My Ex, Monica and Fun with Her Pt. 05

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Solo Male

I was almost asleep when I heard a knock on the door. By nature I only sleep in a T shirt, so I put on my dressing gown and went to see who had come frolicking after my night out. I was surprised to see that it was my ex.

“Anything happened?” I asked surprised. She came in, closed the door behind her and without any talk put her hand under my dressing gown at the same time pushing her tongue into my mouth.

“It hasn’t happened, but it’s about to happen”she said, rubbing my semi-rigid cock “I need a fuck and you can relieve yourself.”

She untied the string of my dressing gown, knelt down and began to suck my cock hard, putting in just enough to lick lightly, then deep into the throat. The cock was stiffening very quickly. When she felt it, she got up from her knees, unzipped her coat and then I saw that apart from the coat and stockings she had nothing on

“Lay down with your head towards me, I need licking!”

As if on command I quickly lay down on the bed, Beşiktaş escort my head on the edge of the mattress, and she turned around, stood slightly apart and squatted over my face lowering her pussy so that I could start licking it. She didn’t need licking, her pussy was almost dripping juice, which I told her

“Lick my asshole” she wheezed “you know I like it when you ride me” she leaned back and supported herself on the bed with her hands so her anus was now more available for licking. I spread her buttocks and began to drill and surround her tight hole with my tongue. She very quickly started panting hard.

“Check if she’s ready” at which I inserted two fingers into her pussy up to the root, after a moment when they were quite slippery, I took them out and without any warning slid them both into her hot anus. She just pushed harder so that they went all the way in. She lifted herself up, turned around and climbed on top of me in a 69 position Beşiktaş escort bayan and began sucking my cock, which after a while was all slimy and I took a moment to lick her pussy. After a while she got off me, stood on all fours and bucked hard. Without waiting for any words, I lifted myself up and drove into her pussy in one swift movement. During the first few movements of my cock in her pussy, my thumb began to push her anus apart again. Without waiting for encouragement I removed the cock, slippery with juices, from her pussy and pressed it to her asshole. She bucked and spread her buttocks with her hands, and I pushed my cock in and began to push her sphincter apart. As soon as the head pushed through, the rest of my cock went in without any problem. I heard my ex moan, which gave me the signal that it was just the way she liked it. I was already warmed up enough that I didn’t have to wait long. She knew I liked her tits, so she got on all fours, allowing Escort beşiktaş me to reach her C size. While kneading them, I began to move regularly at the same time

“Fuck hard and all the way in and cum!” She panted rapidly


“Fuck me and cum!” She growled while pushing her ass out hard After a few more thrusts I felt I couldn’t take it any further. The spasms of orgasm began to cause more violent and deeper movements in her ass. When I finished, I wanted to come out of her ass as standard, but she held me back

“Don’t pull out, I still need it inside me a little more.”

Without asking she took my phone in her hand. She selected a browser and started typing something. I didn’t watch because I was busy stroking her back and lightly fidgeting in her ass. After a few minutes she finished and with a deft movement slid my cock out of her cocoa eyes. She got up from the bed and put her hand to her back.

“I’ll fuck you too soon”

“You like it up the ass yourself”

“Sure, but I want to fuck you too. I’m not giving you my ass for nothing” she added smiling. “When you get some sleep, order what I put in the basket on your mobile.” Without looking I already knew that it was going to be an interesting shopping…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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