My gay tale

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I can easily remember that I had an attraction towards boys rather than girls. I was the only son of my parents and I lived in a society where being gay is considered a crime. But I can’t help it; it was in me since I was very young. When I was 12 I realized that this feeling is called gay. I got to know it from the internet while I was searching for porn and I saw a picture of a boy holding his penis and the title of the picture was GAY. Afterwards I used to jerk off to gay porn quite regularly. One day my mom was talking to a lady outside when I came back from school. I was told that the lady was our new neighbor and she had 2 sons who were 10 and 7 years old and their names were aron and immi. We became friends very early and I started to hang out with both of them. One day aron who was 10 years old came to my house while my parents were away.
Aron: hi Vicky (me)
Me: hey what’s up?
Aron: nothing I was alone so decided to come at your place.
Me: come on in then we will have some fun my parents are also gone out.

We decided to watch T.V but I was getting bored I wanted something else; I got up and brought some cold drink for Aron and spilled it on him.
Me: im really sorry you can come to my room and change.
Aron: ok don’t worry it will dry.
He took escort his shirt off and now I could see his beautiful slim body, it was smooth and enchanting I felt like heaven and Aron looked like an angel
Aron: what are you staring at?
Me: nothing your trousers are also wet so you can take them off as well
And he did so and now he was in his undies he was the most beautiful boy I had seen or met until then, I also started getting undressed and I also was in my underwear now.
Aron: why are you undressing? O I get it you want to play wrestling with me
Me: yes I do
Suddenly he jumped on me and we started playing his body was so smooth I started to gat an erection. While playing we both fell and I was on top of him there was a silence for a moment and then I got closer to Aron and kissed his cherry lips. He was surprised but he liked it and then he returned the kiss and now we were kissing passionately our tongues were massaging together we kept kissing for a long while then I stopped.
Aron: what did you stop for I loved it?
Me: you don’t know this is just the beginning there are more things to come.
Aron: well show me then.
Me: ok then take your underwear off and I will show you heaven.

He did what he was told and I also did the same. Now both of us were completely izmit escort bayan naked I grabbed aron in my arms and started kissing him again then I moved to his neck and now I was sucking his tiny nipples. I licked his body for a while and then I was on my knees I started licking his little erection. He closed his eyes and started enjoying it. I sucked him for a while and then stood up again to kiss him, this time he repeated what I did but I liked when he licked my nipples I asked him to continue it for a while I cant explain the feeling when his tongue massaged my tiny nipples I liked it so much even more than kissing him. Then he started to suck my boner. This was my first ever experience with a boy and I was loving every bit of it
As he continued to suck me I was feeling pleasure that I never had before and after a while I shot in his mouth he took some in his mouth and the rest fell on his boyish chest he was surprised to see my cum because he saw it for the first time. It was also my first load. I tried before but I didn’t cum. I explained to Aron that what had just happened and he stood up and kissed me and I shared my cum from his mouth and I also licked it from his chest and swallowed it. Then I got dressed Aron didn’t want to dress.
Aron: why izmit sınırsız escort are we stopping?
Me: we aren’t its just a break my parents are away for a weak you can stay with me and we can love each other and you can also bring your brother.
Aron: no I don’t like him a lot and I don’t want him to be aware of our love.
Me: ok I just asked you can come alone and we will have fun together and I will show you some more interesting things.
Aron: ok I will ask my mom and I am leaving now she will be home by now.
Me: see you soon

aron went to his home and asked permission from his mom she resisted first but then she agreed to it his younger brother immi also insisted to go but Aron said that he is not welcome and vicky is only his friend. his mom said that Aron could go alone and then she said that both of you can come at our place for lunch and dinner as my parents were away. Aron agreed to it and ran back to my house
he knocked at my door and as soon as i opened the door he jumped inside locked the door and started to kiss me. i took him to my room where i sat on my computer and showed him some gay porn. i started off with some solo boys and then went on to show him some serious action of boys having fun together. then i showed him some pictures of boys fucking each other.
Aron: wow whats that what are they doing .
Me: they are fucking each other thats what lovers do.
Aron: when are we gonna do it.

to be continued……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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