My Hot Coworker

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We all know her, we all have her. That one coworker. The one damn fucking hot coworker that jut turns us own. They one that we’d love to fuck. The one that we are secretly lusting for, the one we dream of fucking instead of working. And yes, I had one of them too.

And I even told my wife about her. Told her about her looks, her curves, told her how she turned me on. Told her that she was twenty nine years old. No, my wife wasn’t mad at me. She is into girls too. She has a hot coworker of her own too. And she was the one, that came up with the idea, to get mine in our bed. To share her, to have fun with her, to fuck the shit out of her.

It took us some time to came up with a devilish plan. My thirty two year old wife and thirty five year old me put some serious time, some serious effort into it. The core of the idea was, that I would invite her into our house, for work. For better communication, for better workflow and to kill the loneliness in our home offices. And to my, to our surprise, she was into it. She accepted my invitation to come over to our place to work together.

About one week later the hot coworker knocked at our door. She was dressed in some hot business attire, while I was dressed in my stay at home clothes. I excused myself for my sloppy clothes, she just smiled at me: “It is okay, I had an appointment beforehand. I needed to dress up. Without the appointment, I would be wearing about the same clothes like you do.”

I nodded. I showed sympathy for what she had said. But inner me, inner me was nothing but happy that she was dressed up. I already had a semi hard dick in my pants.

But then we really went upstairs, into my huge home office with enough workspace for four, maybe five people. It was that big, because friends of mine and me, including my wife, we often hung out at my place playing computer games together. I appointed her one of the desks, then we began to work. We really had to get some stuff done.

After about two hours of work, my wife showed up for the first time. She was dressed to impress to. She was out buying groceries when my coworker arrived. I introduced the two and they were checking out each other. Not just in a casual who are you way, it was a more sexual, more tension building thing. Inner me smiled again, they seemed to like each Sex Hikayeleri other. Or at least they were turned on by each other.

When the were finished checking each other out, my wife asked us, if we wanted some coffee. We gladly accepted the offer. Some time later my wife was back again. She brought us coffee and snacks, wished us a productive time, then she left.

Time flew by and it was lunch time. Again, my wife had prepared something for the two of us. We planned that all ahead. We had lunch together, at the kitchen table. We talked a lot, we asked each other question, and my wife did everything to draw my coworkers attention. While giving me nothing but a raging boner. And luckily my coworker seemed to take the bait. She clearly was flirting with my wife.

After about an hour of sweet talk, we went back to work. Again, we were really productive. By far more productive then when we both were sitting home alone. Surprisingly, her behavior towards me was changing in the afternoon. She clearly began to show off herself. And she even asked me some questions about my wife. My guts told me that something great was laying ahead of us.

When we were finished working for the day, she packed her stuff together and went towards the entrance door. I guided her out, to say goodbye. But my wife caught us. She stopped us. She invited my coworker to stay for some lunch. My wife asked her in a very seductive way. A huge smile appeared on my coworkers face: “I’d love to stay, and to have dinner with you.”

Then we had dinner together. This time my wife ordered some food for the three of us. Because cooking wasn’t really her thing to do. When we were done eating, we offered our guest a drink. She gladly accepted. Then we told her that we would go and relax in our heated outdoor whirlpool.

We didn’t even needed to ask her to join in. My coworker more or less forced herself onto the two of us. My wife offered her one of her bikinis. She declined: “Let’s go in butt naked.”

My wife and I looked each other in the eyes. We smiled at each other. We made it. We seduced my hot coworker. Then we took our drinks, my wife got some towels, and went outside, stripped naked and climbed into the whirlpool.

But my hot coworker had a surprise for the two of us. There was a dick Erotik Hikayeler and a pair of balls between her legs. When she realized that my wife and I were starring at her private parts, it got awkward for a few brief moments. She all of a sudden got really nervous: “Is that a problem for the two of you?”

My wife and I shook our heads: “No it is no problem. It just caught us by surprise, that’s why we had to stare. Sorry for that.”

As soon as she heard us saying the words above, she relaxed. A huge smile appeared on her face and she climbed into the warm water too: “Then, let’s have some fun together.”

It didn’t took long until our hand were all over each others bodies. Passionate kisses were shared. My dick was nothing but rock hard. Hers stayed limp. And my wife, she wanted to fuck the two of us. She wanted to fuck us up the ass, because well, my wife really is into that kind of stuff.

But the fucking, not in our whirlpool. We made that mistake in the past. We moved over into the bedroom. My coworker and I prepared our dirty holes. While my wife was preparing the toys to play with. When we all were finished, the real fun began.

Passionate kissing set in again. My wife fucked my coworker first. Watching her doing so, watching the decent sized strap on sliding in and out of my coworkers hot asshole, nothing but hot. Nothing but a turn on for me. I wanted to stroke my rock hard, pre cum dripping dick. But I wasn’t able to do so. Because the girls had tied me to the bed. I was unable to move, unable to please myself.

They fucked each other with passion. My wife knew the spots she had to hit. She knew how to fuck someone up the ass. She had years of training, she had gained years of experience through fucking me up the ass.

My wife fucked my coworker towards an orgasm. Her moaning was filling the room. Her limp dick, her balls, her damn gorgeous boobs were bouncing back and forth with every thrust my wife gave her.

After some time, her eyes were rolling backwards. She was really close now. My wife finished her off. My coworkers legs began to shake first. Then her damn hot sweat covered body collapsed. She was elsewhere. My wife gently pulled out. While having a huge smile on her face.

Then, while my coworker still was out, she came Tecavüz Hikayeleri over to me. She gave me a gentle kiss on my cheek. She whispered me in the ear: “Thank you, thank you for bringing her home. I love you.”

I told my wife that I love her too. Meanwhile the coworker was herself again. She came closer to me and my wife. My coworker cuddled to me on my left side, my wife on the right side. I, in the middle, was nothing but turned on. Horny was in full swing. I was desperate for some relief.

My wife and my coworker began to talk about me. They talked about me as if I wasn’t in the room with them. They were arguing, at lest sort off, if they should finish me off, or just leave me be for the night and cuddle next to me and fall asleep.

I got desperate. I pegged them to relieve me. The liked my doing. The were willing to show me mercy. The came to the conclusion that it would be the best when the fuck me up the ass. That my wife would fuck me up the ass while I had to eat out my coworkers ass. Hearing that made even harder. And then the untied me.

I went in position. They went in position. My coworker sat herself on my face. With her dirty hole directly above my mouth. A few seconds later my tongue was on, my tongue was inside her freshly fucked asshole. It was nothing but a turn on for me.

Then, my wife slid her strap on inside me. It felt nothing but awesome. The moment she entered me, moaning left my throat. She fucked me how I like to get fucked. She took me hard, she took me deep, she took me fast. Needless to say, I was in heaven. Having nothing but hot sex with two hot woman.

It didn’t took long and my rock hard dick got limp. It didn’t took long until moaning and the scent of fucking were filling the room. It didn’t took my wife long to fuck me towards an orgasm. While I still was eating out my coworkers tasty dirty hole.

Then I felt some inner heat building up. Then my asshole began to tingle. Then my legs began to shake. And one more damn hard thrust later, my balls emptied themselves. I came all over me. I had a mind blowing orgasm. I more or less collapsed after my wife finished me off.

My wife gently pulled out, my coworker cleaned up the mess I made by using her tongue, then we collapsed next to each other. We cuddled for some time, enjoyed each others company, kissed a little bit and then we went to the bathroom. One after the other. Then we went to sleep. Our coworker stayed with us over night. So that we could start work earlier the day after. To get more work done. And maybe to fuck a little bit more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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