My One True Love Ch. 10

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Chapter 26

At the risk of rushing the story, our sophomore year went by rather quickly. I was actually really rather surprised by how fast college was going in general. I think it may have something to do with enjoying my time; learning what I wanted to learn and being with people who I liked to be with.

We were still both in the dorms, much like freshman year. Winter break came along and I popped a rather intense question. It had been on my mind for some time actually and thought it’d be appropriate this time of year. It would give us enough time to decide and also to gauge where we were.

Just like it was the year before, both of our families had holiday dinner. It was at Cheryl’s place this time. For the most part it was enjoyable. Our parents didn’t seem to have an issue getting along, and actually seemed to be getting along even better than ever. Up until this point my parents still had no idea about Lindsay’s specialness.

I didn’t even really plan for this moment to happen; it just kind of popped into my head. About a week before break was over I was with Lindsay. It was in the middle of the day and we were in the middle of a video game. She had just destroyed me on the fighting game, I was never good at those, and she was teasingly gloating in my humiliating defeat. She suddenly stopped; I guessed the look on my face told her something was up. Maybe that’s why I got creamed on the game…

“What’s wrong baby?” she asked concerned.

“You know, I’ve been thinking,” I began. I looked to my girlfriend for a reaction, there was none. “I think it’s about time my parents knew.” It took her just a moment to register what I was talking about. The subject didn’t have to be brought up because of our unique relationship (or at least some people may have thought was unique).

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” I said.

“You know you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“I know, but I think it’s being fair to my parents, to your mother, and to us. I’m not afraid of what they might say or think. I love you and nothing will stop that, not my parents or anyone else for that matter.” She began tearing up.

It took her a bit to regain her composure, “Okay Jay, we’ll tell them. But first, I want to tell my mother what we’re about to do, maybe she could give us some extra support if we need it.”

“Okay babygirl, if you want to.”

That night the two of us spoke with her mother. There was no surprise there, she was in full support of our decision and laid out a game plan for our coming out. We decided to not say anything until after dinner and dessert, not wanting to ruin anything, if it were to be ruined.

The moment of truth came. We agreed that Cheryl would be the one to bring it up, in the hopes that seeing her in support, my parents would be obliged (though not manipulatively) to be in support as well. I made it very clear that I didn’t want to manipulate anyone into accepting us or not.

There was a lull in the conversation and I gave Cheryl ‘the look.’ She acknowledged me and began.

“So, Tim, Molly, there’s something that I’ve known for quite some time now and your son has been the utmost gentleman about it. I completely support his, and my daughter’s decision. You see, my daughter here isn’t as she seems.”

“How so?” asked my father.

“I’m not genetically a girl,” my girlfriend butted in. Cheryl and I looked to Lindsay, surprised by her outwardness; considering we had agreed to have Cheryl speak about all of this. My parents sat there quietly, digesting what she had just said.

Finally my father spoke up, “So let me get this straight,” he paused, “you weren’t born a girl?” Lindsay only nodded. “Okay…” he paused again. My parents didn’t even look at each other when my father spoke up again not too much later, “I’m not sure what the problem is.” Cheryl, Lindsay, and I sat stunned, me especially. “The only thing I see, and I believe my wife here as well, is that Jay here loves you very much. And frankly it’s none of my business what your past may have been. You two obviously love each other immensely, and as far as I’m concerned, you are growing to become a beautiful woman.”

I turned to Lindsay, who was in tears already. I grasped her hand gently but firmly. “Thank you,” was all she said, choking back tears. My mother spoke up next, she grasped my father’s hand, “Your father’s right. I, and and I should say we are in full support of you two. And I agree with Tim that you are budding into an exceptionally beautiful woman!” Lindsay once again choked back and mouthed a ‘Thank you.’

The four of us began talking about Lindsay’s past. My parents seemed genuinely interested in how she became who she was. The inevitable question did come up, neither Cheryl nor I were prepared to answer it and I didn’t know if we were really anticipating it either. But my mother asked, “Now, if you don’t mind me asking, do you plan on surgery?” We all knew what was meant by that. Lindsay didn’t mention in her upbringing about any genital surgeries, only Pendik Olgun Escort the other cosmetic ones. My mother, and I’m sure my father, were curious as to what her plans were.

“Honestly, I’m not sure yet. I know my mom and Jay are in full support of whatever decision I make. A part of me wants to go through with it, but another part doesn’t. Jay has said it time and time again, that I’m a woman no matter what, and it’s quite expensive, and the success rate isn’t as high as I’d like it to be.”

“Well, seeing as our son has no problem, neither do we, we’d support you either way as well,” said my father.

After an emotional talk we decided to change gears and watch a light-hearted movie. After the movie it was getting late and our families retired. Since both of our families were here we didn’t think it’d be appropriate to be sleeping together, plus we’d have plenty of time for that once classes started back up.

Winter break soon ended and classes commenced. As the first day back closed I was in Lindsay’s room as per usual. There was actually one more proposal I had been working on, not just the coming-out part to my parents. Seeing as our sophomore year was halfway over, I was already thinking about out junior year. We actually could have done it this year but I wanted to save it for our junior year, since our work load would be a little less. I had been thinking about moving in together.

Lindsay was at her desk quietly reading, while I was on the floor doing my own bit of reading and studying. Now before I continue any further I should mention that we hadn’t been able to have any privacy during the rest of our break. That was almost two weeks ago… Anyways… I decided to take a little break from my studying since I had been going at it for nearly two hours straight. I set my book down and looked to Lindsay. She was really focused on whatever she was working on, and looked cute doing it, as usual. I looked to my wrist watch to see it was only just past five in the afternoon. I was starting to get hungry and thought it might be a good idea to run some ideas by Lindsay.

“Hey babygirl, put the book down. We’ve been at it for a while now, we should take a rest. Besides, I’m getting pretty hungry.”

“Yeah, I’m getting hungry too,” she said while setting down her book. She looked to me and smiled. I smiled back, noticing how she looked so sexy in just about anything. She was in a t-shirt and some short-shorts, but looked amazing as always. Lindsay must have noticed me gawking her and grinned, “You know, we’re alone… and it’s been a while…” she got up and made her way towards me. It was hard to miss the bulge in her shorts as she stood in front of me. Dropping her shorts, she stepped out of them, and then sat in my lap. Without a second thought she grasped her cute panties and pushed them aside. Her long cock flopped out and was rapidly growing. A large dollop of precum splattered onto my shirt. Lindsay giggled.

“It has been a while…” I said in a daze with half a smirk.

I was about to grasp her, “Don’t touch me babe… I’m about to burst at any moment as you can see.” I did see, but I still looked to her to confirm and her look told me all I needed to know. I backed off as I admired her glistening cock.

“I’ve been a good girl haven’t I, I haven’t played with myself this whole time,” she said innocently.

“Yes you have been a good girl sweetie,” I warmly smiled. Lindsay scooted down my legs, unzipping my trousers along the way. My bulging cock couldn’t be hidden anymore and Lindsay smiled knowingly. In another swift movement, Lindsay had my boxer shorts down as well. “There it is!” she hungrily said. The look in her eyes was sexily desperate.

In a blink, my cock was lubed as was her pussy. In another flash, she was hovering over me, anxiously waiting to plunge herself onto me. The butt of her panties was already to one side and I felt her warm crinkle along my head. “MMMmmmmmmmm,” she moaned. I gently threw my head back as her warmth slowly engulfed my cock.

Lindsay ever so slowly lowered her perfect frame down my shaft. Something caught me off guard though. Not too much later I heard gasping from Lindsay and her asshole flutter. I lowered my head to see her eyes closed and her orgasm face. I peered down further, not much further mind you, to see her cock pulsing with thick streams of pearly white cum. I couldn’t believe it! Lindsay was cumming just from me entering her, that’s how sensitive she was! This was unbelievable, watching my girl cum, without touching herself and just from her being entered.

She didn’t cum a lot by her standards, I counted five thick loads. She was already sweating and almost looked exhausted by the time she was done. Lindsay’s orgasm subsided not too long after and she slowly plunged herself all the way down on me with a grimace. My cock was buried deep within her bowels while she rested uncomfortably. I knew she was in a bit of discomfort because that was the quickest she had ever taken all of me. She was Pendik Sarışın Escort grimacing quietly and slowly gyrating her hips, trying to find a comfortable spot. There didn’t seem to be one because she didn’t stop for a long while, seemingly not until her pussy had adjusted to my girth.

She finally spoke, “Baby, you make me feel sssooo good!” she moaned quietly.

“As do you babygirl! You weren’t kidding when you said anything would make you pop!”

She blushed immensely, “I know, and I’m still on edge…” I could tell because she was still quite tense, not exactly sitting in my lap. Just as that thought occurred though, Lindsay sighed as she let her bodyweight rest in my lap. Her perfect buns squished into my thighs and her semi hard cock wavered about.

I wanted to touch her again, and since she just came I thought she might be desensitized a bit. Unfortunately, she caught me again, “No baby, I’m still too sensitive.” She meekly smiled knowing how much I wanted to touch her. Reluctantly I obeyed, besides if I could get her off without touching herself, the better.

A cold sensation brought my attention to my belly. A large blob of Lindsay’s cum just fell from her glistening cock. It was then that I really noticed Lindsay’s warm balls nestling on my belly. We were both off in our own worlds, Lindsay in her post orgasmic one, and me in my mesmerized by my girlfriend one. I still couldn’t believe, two and a half years on, that I was with the love of my life. I still couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be with such a great girl. I still couldn’t believe, after what I put her through near the beginning of our relationship, that she was still with me.

I felt Lindsay’s hole relax, which brought me out of my daydream. I looked up to see her smiling, a sweaty sexy smile. Her hair was a bit of a mess, ponytail tied, but a few strands in the front were dangling about. I smiled and planted a soft kiss in between her perfect breasts. The heat from her sweaty body was incredibly sexy. I peered down after the kiss and her aching cock was just inches away from my face. She was still semi-hard, oddly her cock looked innocent despite being coated in her white jizz.

“How you doin’ babygirl?”

“I’m okay,” she sounded exhausted, “I just need to rest a little.”

“Okay,” I smiled.

We looked to each other and smiled warmly. We silently communicated as we stared into each other. I knew she loved me and I knew she knew I loved her.

The tension between us soon became unbearable. In tandem, we began gyrating with one another in perfect harmony. We stayed connected, never leaving each others’ grasp. By now Lindsay’s cock had softened completely and lay in between our bodies. The cool goo on her cock was surprisingly refreshing, maybe because I had missed her happy endings for of couple weeks now. We barely moved more than a fraction of an inch on my cock, concentrating on being one.

Our heat began to rise and our urgency complemented that as well. Before long Lindsay was playfully bouncing in my lap, barely lifting off me. I was feeling great, but I noticed Lindsay was feeling better. Her cock began to rise and soon enough she was at attention again. She was squished between our warm sweaty bodies as our loving increased.

Not a minute or so later Lindsay was grunting her sexy grunt again, “Ohh Jay…” Her eyes were closed and she had that familiar face, the best face. “Oh Jay…” she repeated. I kissed her breast, but only for a second because I knew what was about to happen. I was anticipating it. I was counting on it.

The last signal warned me, “Jay…” she almost whispered. Even before she could finish saying my name I felt her tense. I was transfixed on her cock and was rewarded again with ropes and ropes of pearly white girl goo. I counted another five massive loads and then two smaller ones before she sighed once again. “Don’t stop…” she whispered. I didn’t.

I kept a steady slow and shallow pace to allow Lindsay to recover. Our sensual bouncing continued for minutes on end. It was great for me because I could keep going and I knew it was great for Lindsay because the evidence was all over our bellies yet again. She finally relaxed in my grasp and our love making resumed.

More time passed, I didn’t know how long, but our penetration slowly lengthened. We were still only going half of my length, mostly still lightly bouncing. This might be a good time to bring it up, so I will. Recently we’ve been exploring a little more with our sex lives. Since we’ve been together for two and a half years or so, we’ve grown to trust one another even more. And with this trust, a kinkier and sexier part of Lindsay has come out.

“Jay…” she whispered.

“Yeah baby?”

“Fuck me harder Jay…”

“When I feel like it,” I teased. She playfully pouted and I grabbed her little ass in the process, giving her a firm smack on one cheek. She squealed, “Ayyyeeee!”

“Who’s been a bad girl?”

“Not me!” she playfully defended.

“We’ll see Pendik Şişman Escort about that!” I smirked and gave her a hard full thrust up her pussy. A noticeably painful moan escaped Lindsay but her sweaty face told me she enjoyed it. I gave her another and then another, moans accompanied each. I stopped soon after though, and again she pouted.

“You have been a bad girl!” she didn’t say anything because she knew what was next. I grabbed her hips and anchored my feet ready for what was to come. Lindsay was more than ready though; she had been precumming for the past, what seemed like 5 minutes. Our stomachs were coated with a fresh coat of her precum juices.

“How bad am I?” she sexily asked.

“Shut up, slut!” I slammed my cock hard into Lindsay. She couldn’t hold back a massive sexy moan as I did it again, again, and again.

After six or seven thrusts Lindsay grimaced and clenched her fists on my chest, “FFFFUUUCCCKKK!!” she screamed. Reams and reams of girly white cum flew from her cock again! I couldn’t believe it, the best I’d ever done was three orgasms for her in one session. But here I was already giving her her third orgasm, within 10 minutes no less.

I didn’t let up this time either, I slammed and slammed and slammed her pussy as hard as I possibly could. Her cock flopped about between us, flinging cum every which way. It seemed to be an endless stream. Each plunge I gave her produced another load of cum. She was squealing, moaning, groaning and grunting through her massive orgasm.

By the end of it her body went completely limp; I had to hold her up just as the last spittle’s of cum oozed out of the tip of her still-hard cock. I took the cue and eased my merciless pounding to an eventual stop. “I love you baby…” she whispered tiredly. She was sweating profusely, and just then did I notice I was too. It was gleaming all over our skin.

“Baby,” she began tiredly again, “Can I rest a bit?”

“Of course sweetie.” Lindsay slowly rose from my lap and sat next to me. Strategically, when she dismounted, she showed her ass to me. Her hole gaped obscenely, her balls hung low and sexily. I could clearly see inside her pink walls, fluttering slightly from the sudden emptiness. As she sat, panting, “How was the view?”

“That was gorgeous!” I smiled pleasingly. She smiled to me, half closed eyes. She leaned on me, clasping my naked chest as she rested.

“Can we try something we don’t do often?” she asked timidly.

“I have an open mind.”

“I want doggy-style.” I knew why she was timid. I actually didn’t like doggy-style too much, I enjoyed seeing Lindsay, not her back, though having a front row seat to her ass was a plus. But I knew why she wanted it; it was one of her more pleasurable positions. This position was the best angle for her prostate. I didn’t hesitate when I answered, “Of course babygirl.” She smiled and got into position. I soon followed and positioned myself. She spread her cheeks for me, not that she had to, and I entered her warm love box.

We both groaned our approval as I sunk in. Sitting there, balls deep in Lindsay, I did enjoy the feeling of our balls nestling together. I could feel her warmth there, she sighed and I knew she was smiling in comfort.

Shortly we were doing the dance of love. Lindsay moaning and me grunting. She soon changed positions slightly, lowering her shoulders, allowing me even better access to her prostate. Once in position Lindsay became frantic, meeting my thrusts faster and harder with each stroke. “Yes Jay, harder!”

“Quiet slut!” a growled. I firmly grabbed her ponytail, carefully yanking her head back.

“Don’t,” she whimpered. I knew now when she responded negatively it was because she was close. And normally I would oblige, but that afternoon I wanted to make her cum as much as possible. “Shut up slut!!” I growled louder.

“No Jay!!” I let go of her ponytail and then slapped her ass hard, bent over and tweaked her left nipple. Her breathing quickly increased and she kept moaning, “No! no no no!! NOOOO!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!” with my other free hand I quickly placed it under her cock and felt more warm ropes of cum splattering out. “You’re such a fucking slut!! Taking it in the ass and cumming uncontrollably!” Three more heavy ropes plastered my hand before I grasped her cock and stroked her lightly. Lindsay’s cock pulsed a few more times before she finished her fourth orgasm.

I pulled out and looked into her hole, “You’re such a slut,” I calmly and authoritatively said.

“I know…” she said almost defeated.

If you hadn’t noticed, I hadn’t cum yet, and I was itching for release now. Lindsay sat facing me, smiling hugely and still hard, unbelievably. I crawled to her and planted a loving kiss. She held my head in turn and stroked my chest. Without notice I grabbed onto Lindsay’s waist and threw her onto her bed. She giggled with the sudden change and lay there waiting for me. I soon followed her, straddling myself above her.

Roughly, I grabbed my cock and guided it to Lindsay’s gaping and abused hole. Like the slut that she was, she moaned and threw her head back in utter joy. I slipped in quite easily, my balls nestling against her sweaty ass. Without a thought, Lindsay wrapped her legs around me and locked her ankles. “Now it’s my turn!” I growled.

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