My Sister’s Panties Pt. 02

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Weeks had past and I had not been discovered in my new obsession. I say obsession, because there wasn’t a day, I didn’t look forward to rummaging through my sister’s laundry hamper for her dirty panties. Each pair was rich with her scent, some days the scent would be heavier as was her discharge. When she was on her period, a pad would sometimes still be present. Okay, I may have a little freak in me, but the extra rich scent from her pad made my cock especially hard. In my mind, that made it all the more taboo.

Then one day, my obsession went to the next level. I was in my room studying for a final, my sister popped in and said she was going to take a long hot bath and didn’t want to be disturbed.

“What’s wrong Les? Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m okay…I just had a very stressful day and need to decompress a little.”

Next thing I hear is the bath water running, then the bathroom door opens Leslie’s running into her room and back to the bathroom. I look up to see her beautiful naked body run past my door. All I could really see was the side of her tits and ass, but that was enough. You guessed it, instant hard on.

I heard her get into the tub and thought what the hell, I’ll get a pair of panties from the hamper and think about fucking Leslie in the tub. I went into her room and there on the floor was a black pair of panties. Black had become my favorite, because it was clear to see how much discharge she had that day. I went to pick up them up and felt they were still slightly warm. I almost yelled out Fuck Yeah!

I was not able to get my hands on her freshly worn panties until just that moment. I was in disbelief that just a few seconds ago, Leslie’s pussy and ass were being caressed by the material in my hands. I knew I had plenty of time, so I slowly inspected my prize. I brought the crotch to my nose and inhaled deeply. So fresh and deeply scented with Leslie’s cunt. She must’ve been stressed and moving about quite a bit during the day, because the she had plenty of discharge. My cock called out to be released from my pants. I unbuttoned and dropped my pants to the floor. I don’t think my cock was ever that hard before and begged to be stroked.

With my little head in charge, I began to lick the tangy and delicious nectar from my sister’s panties. I was lost in the fantasy of being in her bedroom and helping her prepare to bathe. Beginning with smelling her panties Bodrum Escort while still on. Not a casual once over, but savoring the smell of every square inch of material covering her amazing hot body. She always wore French cut, so they have always been my favorite. I would pick up the different hints of pee, discharge and sweat. Each smell distinct and flavorful would make my cock throb. I was so lost in my fantasy world…

“What the fuck?” is what broke me from my trance. Leslie was standing in a towel, in my bedroom doorway. In my haste to get into my fantasy, I forgot to close my door. Really, I thought I would be finished way before Leslie finished her bath. She would normally take 30 minutes or longer.

Like a moron, I just sat there on my bed…cock in hand, panties to my nose and mouth.

Once again, she said, “what the fuck are you doing? Those are my panties, aren’t they?”

Beginning to get my wit back, I retorted, “these are Jennifer’s (my neighbor and best friend since kindergarten). Why are you barging in my room anyway?”

“Well, the door was open and I was going to tell you the bathroom was free. But then, I heard you say my name and I see you jerking off. Why were you calling out my name?”

“I don’t know what you think you heard, but this is my bedroom and everyone jerks off.”

She came closer and grabbed the panties out of my hand. “I knew it, these are mine. Now, what lame excuse are you going to make up?”

Knowing I was busted, I began to profusely apologize. I began a different course in lying, stating I was just in her room to get a lighter and saw her panties next to her lighter. “I was just curious and then teenage hormones took over. It’ll never happen again, I swear.”

Leslie always could see right through me; I don’t know why I tried lying again.

She looked me up and down, mostly down, almost staring at my cock. “I know it’ll never happen again, because if it ever does, Dad will know and you’ll be out on your ass.”

“I’m really sorry, what can I do to make it up to you? I’ll do anything, wash your car, run errands, anything.”

She was still looking at me. I somehow forgot I was still naked in front of her. It dawned on me and I began to grab for my pants.

“Oh no, you just stay that way. In fact, I want to see just what a pervert my little brother is.”

“Wha, what?”

“You Bodrum Escort Bayan heard me, jerk off for me. I want to see.”

I slowly grabbed my cock and began stroking.

“No, you need these don’t you?” She handed me her panties. “Now, get back to what you were doing and saying. I want to see and hear it all.”

Being a teenage “man”, I complied by immediately getting rock hard. I brought the panties to my mouth and began licking. I sat back on the bed and stroked. I resumed my fantasy and began stroking faster. Just before I ejaculated, I said, “I love your pussy, your ass, all of you…I love you, Leslie.” Then, I came more powerfully than ever before. Ropes of cum splashing on my stomach. I quickly wiped the cum with her panties and brought it to my mouth.

“Ohh, mmmmy…ahhhh!”

I looked over and Leslie had dropped her towel and was frantically rubbing her pussy and had a finger deep inside.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t help myself. You better not tell anyone about this.”

“I won’t, I promise on one condition. Let me taste your finger.”

She hesitated for a second and pulled her finger out of her pussy and brought it up to my face. I held her hand and sniffed. Different from her panties since she just bathed and it was fresh. I sucked her finger in my mouth, savoring the flavor. My cock was responding as quickly as a young man’s cock will do. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I reached down and put my finger at her pussy and slowly pushed in. All the while, I was still sucking her finger and looking into her eyes. I pulled my finger out, brushing her clit…she shuddered. I brought my finger to my mouth replacing hers. Mmmm, so fucking good.

“Why don’t we switch places?” She moved off of the bed and sat down on the edge. She pushed down on my shoulders and I dropped to my knees. Looking straight at her well-trimmed pussy, she spread her legs and pulled me toward her. I could smell her honey pot, rich and creamy. Instinctually, I began licking her labia, sucking slightly as I moved up one side then the other. She tired of the teasing and pulled my head snug to her pussy. I was sucking and licking her clit and reached up to insert two fingers inside. That was all it took, she started bucking and yelled, “eat my fucking cunt, fuck, fuck, fuck, I love it.” She collapsed back onto the bed, her legs dangling Escort Bodrum over the side…she passed out.

I couldn’t believe what just happened. Now, my sister is passed out in my bed after I just made her orgasm with my mouth. I stood and tried to wake her. She was definitely passed out. Then, my little head took over again. I was still hard.

I positioned Leslie on the bed, with her legs parted. I got between her legs and began rubbing the head of my cock on her creamy pussy. She moaned as I rubbed the head on her clit. I thought, I’m just going to rub on the outside of her pussy. I didn’t want to overstep and have her think I raped her while she was passed out. I leaned forward and started sucking on her tits and rubbing my cock on the folds of her pussy. She was moaning more and moving her hips. Then, she reached up and pulled my face to hers. We were kissing passionately. Her soft lips parted mine and our tongues began to dance. It was so natural and perfect, like we’d been lovers for years. She reached down with one hand and grabbed my cock. I stopped and looked into her eyes.

She said, “I want you little brother…no, I need you to make love to me. Will you do that for me?”

In my wildest dreams, I wouldn’t have imagined this actually happening. I said, “I would do anything for you.”

She guided my cock into her hot juicy pussy. The feeling was like none other. The person I desired most in the world, wanted me to make love with her. We went slowly at first. Long strokes in and almost all of the way out and back again. She wrapped her legs around my back and started meeting my thrusts. “Pinch my nipples, hard…fuck me harder.”

I complied by ramming my cock into her, grabbing her tits firmly and pinching her nipples. She thrust her hips and pulled me in with her legs. She was grunting, then screamed out, “I’m cumming on your cock, don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck.”

Suddenly, she stopped moving. She passed out again. What the fuck? I kept going, thrusting in and out. Not knowing if she was on the pill, I pulled out and shot ropes of cum on her tits and face. I licked up most of the cum. I opened her mouth and snowballed her my cum. She woke up a few moments later licking her lips.

“You fed me your cum didn’t you, you naughty boy.”

“Yes ma’am. Wanted you to have some protein after your workout.”

“Why thank you kind sir.”

She reached for me to hug. We hugged and kissed for a few minutes. Then, we heard the front door close. Leslie bolted up from the bed, grabbed her towel and sprinted for her room.

I still had her black panties and figured Leslie wouldn’t mind if I held onto them for a while.

Part 3 What’s next?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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