My Wife’s First Stud Ch. 02

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This story contains some light male on male contact so if that isn’t your thing please don’t read! This is a fantasy I shared with my wife.


Last week my wife finally agreed to a threesome and let me tell you that it was amazing. Sure I had mixed emotions watching my wife having sex with Joe, but I knew she loved it. Sure she had a little guilt the day after and we talked about it, a lot the next few days. I think that we were both open for more.

Pam was in the mood every night and I knew she was thinking about him.

On Wednesday night I asked her, “So, are you thinking about him?”

Pam played a little coy, “Him?”

I reached for her hand, “I would love to invite Joe over for dinner on Friday if that is okay with you.

She smiled, “Sure. If that is what you want baby.”

I knew that she wanted me to own the idea. This way there would be no guilt since she was doing what I wanted. “Oh yes, that is what I want. And after dinner you will be desert.”

Pam reached over and grabbed my cock, “How about you come over here and fuck me in my ass. I know that you want to and I’m ready to try.”

Oh my god, I’ve been after her for years to try anal sex and a few weeks ago surprised her with some toys. I was kind of in shock when she wanted to try out the toys but enjoyed sharing the toys with her. Slowly we worked larger and larger toys in her ass till she was comfortable taking a six inch life like dildo in her ass. She never admitted it to me but I think she really enjoyed anal sex. Working a toy in my wife’s ass, well she never lasted more than five minutes before reaching an orgasm.

Did she offer up her ass to try something new or because I wanted Joe to do her again? To be honest I didn’t mind either way. The dog in me wanted to watch my wife getting laid and the guy in me wanted to fuck my wife in the ass.

Pam started to work some lube in her ass and my cock, “So tell me big boy are you ready to fuck my ass?”

Oh yeah, I’ve been more than ready! Pam rolled over on her stomach and arched her back. Slowly I moved behind her, she reached between her legs and guided me closer till I felt the tip of my touch pressing against the entrance of her ass. Thank god my cock was rock hard due to the resistance her sphincter muscle put up at first. I allowed Pam to push back against me every time that she moved back my cock would slip deeper into her ass. I didn’t move because I wanted to give her time to adjust and relax to having my cock in her tight ass.

I have no idea how to describe the sensations that I was feeling. This was the first time in my life that my cock was in a woman’s ass. Oh, she was tight so tight that I thought my cock would be pushed out. It took gaziantep escort bayan every thing in me to just relax and not take her hard, but I knew better. Anal sex can be painful and if Pam experienced any pain she would never allow me to fuck her in the ass again.

Inch by inch she successfully took me in her ass till all of my cock was in her. I could hear her moaning while her ass adjusted to having my cock buried deep in her ass. After a few moments Pam started to move like she normally would when we did it doggie style. Her movements told me that she was ready to get laid.

She turned to look at me, “I want to be riding Joe and then feel you slip into my ass.”

I was kind of in shock, “Excuse me?”

She smiled, “Baby, I want to fuck both of you at the same time. I want to have Joe’s thick cock in my pussy and have you fuck my ass. Would you do this for me?”

Yeah right, like I would ever say no to a request like that. First I get to watch her with him; secondly I get to be in her ass again. Then I felt something, she started to mount her life like dildo. “What is that I feel?”

She turned away from me, “I want you to know how it feels when he’s in my pussy and you’re in my ass.”

I didn’t move to allow her to position the dildo, “Which toy is it?”

I felt it enter her pussy; I mean I really felt the dildo against my cock. Talk about a strange sensation. I’m buried deep in my wife’s ass and I could feel this thing enter her.

She groaned, “Oh baby can you feel it? Think of how it’s going to feel when Joe’s thick cock in me and you enter my ass.”

Inch by inch she worked the eight inch dildo into her pussy. Once she started to move I grabbed her hips and pulled my cock out a little. Talk about a sensation, the more my cock came out the more I could feel her tighten, about two thirds out of her ass I pushed back pushing my cock back into her ass. Pam just moaned. I knew that she loved her dildo and how could I blame her, after all the dildo filler her pussy better than my cock did. We started to work up a rhythm together. I was careful not to move too much because she needed to work both my cock and the dildo.

I dug my fingers into her hips, “Oh baby, I can’t wait to enter you after you mount Joe. His thick cock in your pussy filling you and starching your tight pussy and once you’ve adjust to him you feel the tip of my cock against your ass. This is going to be so hot!”

“You don’t mind that I want to fuck him again?”

That was what I’ve always wanted to hear from my wife, “Oh no baby, I’m happy to share you.”

“He has such a beautiful cock.”

I slapped her ass, “You mean a thick cock that feels good in your pussy.”

Pam kept the dildo deep in her pussy, not moving it and in my mind that told me that she wanted me to take over and fuck her ass. Every time that my cock started to slide out of her tight ass I could feel pressure from the thick dildo in her pussy. I guess that there’s only a thin wall of flesh between her ass and pussy so there was no way that I was unable not to feel it. Oh, how would it feel when it was Joe in her? Would she enjoy the sensation of two men wanting to fuck her hard?

“I’ve been thinking about him fucking me all week long.”

I slapped her ass again, “I know baby. The sex has been really hot this week.”

“Are you jealous?”

I smiled, “Honey we’ve been together a long time. I started this and this is something that I want. I’m comfortable with sharing you as long as you’re open and honest with me.”

She grunted, “I felt you getting harder when I told you that I wanted to fuck Joe again.”

I slapped her ass again, causing her to let out a little scream. Pam enjoyed being dominated in bed but she would never admit it. That was one thing that Joe did for her. From the day Pam met Joe, Joe was totally dominate over her. She would normally walk all over most men but Joe fought back and that drove her wild. She loved the fact that he was physical with her and stood his ground.

Pam pushed back hard, “I feel like such a slut.”

“You’re my slut and this is what I want. I can’t wait for Friday, to watch you mount Joe’s cock and ride him a little. Then to enter your ass and feel you fucking him.”

Pam started to take control, “Promise me you won’t hate me.”

My hands squeezed her hips, “I promise. This is what I want.”

Her voice deepened, “I’m going to cum. Can you cum with me baby?”

Between her voice change and the way Pam was breathing I knew she was close. This was the first time she allowed me to fuck her in the ass and I wanted to feel her cum with me in her! “Come on baby, I want to feel you cum with my cock in your ass.”

She pushed back a couple of times and then it hit. Her ass clamped down on my cock, I’ve never felt something so tight before. I was frozen in her ass, no way that my cock could move deeper or out of her ass. She was clamed down. She moaned and then a loud groan and I felt it. Her ass muscles started to convulse from her orgasm. That sensation and her being so tight just pushed me over the edge. I’ve never felt something so erotic before from the tip of my cock trying to expand to shoot cum deep in her ass. She really let out a scream the second time my cock shot a stream of cum in her ass.

“Oh baby, I’m cumming.” She screamed. “I feel your cock expanding, shooting cum in my ass. I’ve never felt something like this before! Oh the pain; oh the pleasure.”

I wanted to push my cock deeper into her ass but feared how that would feel for her. She controlled this situation and how much of my cock was in her ass when she came. I was just so happy to have felt her orgasms while my cock was in her.

Another minute went by before I felt my cock become flaccid. Pam moved a little and my cock was ejected from her tight ass. She reached for a towel and wrapped my cock in it, “Baby, in a minute lets take a shower together.”

Pam has always been shy when it came to sex things. I’m sure that she was worried that some things might be on my cock and she wanted to clean every thing up. Nothing really bothered me but I hoped that she would ride Joe bareback and that I would be able to see his cum dripping out of her pussy.

I collapsed next to her. What a moment we shared. First my wife wanted me to fuck her in the ass. Secondly, she admitted that she wants to fuck Joe again. Pam just told me that she wants to share our bed with Joe again! My wife has become a ‘Hotwife’ and hopefully we could progress to becoming swingers or something. Its not that I wanted to be with other women but that variety would help spice things up a little. Having Pam enjoy Joe was nice but I would really love to find another couple that we can do things with. For now, I just wanted to play it by ear.

About ten minutes later Pam wanted me to take a shower with her. Pam’s motherly instinct took over and made sure that we both were clean. She kissed me, “So when are you going to ask Joe?”

“I’ll call him later. Are you comfortable with him coming over again?”

She smiled, “Oh god yes. If you are that is.”

“Yeah, I can’t wait to watch him fuck you again. Oh yeah I can’t wait to fuck your ass while he enjoys your pussy.”

She slapped my shoulder, “You are such a guy.”

I smirked at her, “Please like you don’t think about it.”

Pam hugged me, “Okay fine, I’ll admit that I think being with Joe, but the way you said it was too blunt.”

Sure I was blunt but I was happy Pam admitted she enjoyed having sex with Joe. We had broken through the marriage taboo. She was ready to be shared and enjoy lovers and she even admitted that she enjoyed having him in her bed. My only fear was that she would try to do things on her own which I wasn’t for. I’m all for her having Joe, but only when I’m with her. I know it’s a double standard but that is what I’m comfortable with and Pam knows this.

Later that day Pam started to ask me questions about dinner, what she should make and things like that. I thought it would be easiest if we had steaks, salad, a sweet potato, and have a few bottles of wine on hand.

She told me that it was getting kind of late and was tired. She liked my dinner idea and asked me to pick up everything on my way home from work on Friday. Since she didn’t want to go shopping I’m sure she had something on her mind.

“Honey why don’t you take Friday off and go to the spa? I’ll call them tomorrow and set a meeting with Kerry and after you get your hair done you can relax with a massage.”

She hugged me, “That would be great.”

It was kind of hard for me to fall asleep. My wife and I made plans so that she can enjoy her lover again. Even thought I came in my wife’s ass thirty minutes ago I was still aroused. Do other men feel the same, when their wives talk about enjoying a lover? Why do I find it so erotic that my wife is going to have sex with another man? Why wasn’t tomorrow Friday?

The end.

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