New Neighbors

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All characters are fictional and over 18


My roommate Mike burst into the room grinning, “Dude, have you seen the two girls that just moved in down the hall?” That caught my attention, “Wait, that blonde and brunette are moving onto our floor?” I had indeed seen them earlier outside the building. They had stood, laughing and chatting with one another, while movers unloaded boxes under their supervision. I couldn’t help but notice them; the blonde in a slightly too short summer dress that showed off her strong legs, and a low neck-line that promised never-ending cleavage. The tall brunette wore cutoff shorts and a tank top that revealed a flawless caramel skin tone, her body was leaner than her blonde friend’s but still curved in all the right places. They looked like sexual gladiators, tall and strong with bodies from a swimsuit magazine. As they stood together watching the movers, their exchanged glances and laughter had a distinctly predatory feel.

Mike snapped me out of my daydream, “Well you owe me big time because we’re going over there tonight to welcome them to the building. I met the blonde one, Jessie, in the elevator and when she got off on our floor I suggested we have a neighborly glass of wine tonight. You included. So who rocks?”

“You do, Mike,” I said, at once impressed and for some reason terrified. I’m not usually shy about chatting with girls and they seemed about our age in their mid to late 20’s, but something about them made them seem impossibly out of my league.

“Damn straight,” Mike continued, “now I gotta shower and get ready. You go out and grab a couple bottles of good wine, white and red.”

A few hours later we found ourselves, wine in hand, knocking at their door. Jessie, blonde and busty, opened the door and hugged Mike like they were old friends. Then she turned to me, her bright blue eyes alive with laughter and mischief, “And you must be Paul!” she hugged me in turn. Her breasts felt huge pressed against me and I couldn’t help inhaling deeply as my face pushed into her hair: the scent of strawberries. I felt myself stiffen. Thankfully she pulled away before I embarrassed myself and welcomed us into their apartment. Arranged furniture was surrounded by a disarray of unopened boxes.

“It’s so sweet of you guys to offer this. Please don’t mind the mess. At least we have furniture to sit on and glasses to drink out of,” as she took the wine to the kitchen she called, “Yaz, the boys are here!” The brunette, Yasmin, appeared from a doorway, looking even better than I remembered. She was a striking tall figure with dark hair and light brown skin, her face an elegant mixture of south-east Asian and Pacific Islander. Where Jessie was light and bouncy, Yasmin seemed more reserved but her dark eyes shone with a similar mischievous intent.

Yasmin shot me a crooked smile, “You brought booze, right? I could really use it after today.”

“Red and white. I hope you like it,” I offered lamely. “So far so good,” she smirked at me and I felt myself blush like a teenager.

Jessie handed out the glasses and then, grabbing Mike by the hand, pulled to him to one of the two love seats in the living room. Yasmin glided onto the other love seat, making it clear where I would sit. After the first glass we all loosened up and were soon chatting and laughing easily. The girls were both aspiring actresses but worked in fashion for their day jobs. I couldn’t believe how well it was going. Yasmin would often put her hand on my knee and leave it just a moment too long. Jessie was teasing Mike mercilessly with her cleavage, brushing her breasts against his arm repeatedly while her nipples showed proudly through her dress.

At the end of the third bottle Yasmin excused herself to go to the restroom and Jessie suggested I go open another bottle. She and Mike were looking pretty comfortable by now, with his arm around her shoulders and her hand inching up his thigh. I realized I was fairly drunk as I made my way into their kitchen and started searching for the next bottle. As I spun around in the unfamiliar kitchen I looked back into the living room to see Jessie and Mike making out intensely. The back of the love seat was to me so I couldn’t see what their hands were doing but they seemed to be really going at each other. Mike was always better at closing the deal, I thought to myself. I found myself transfixed by the sight of my roommate and this hot blonde making out, what a wildcat she was, if anything she was being the more aggressive of the two, holding his head while she plumbed his mouth with her tongue and Mike struggled to keep up with her intensity.

She broke off their kiss Kadıköy Olgun Escort leaving Mike panting while she nuzzled his neck. Then she leaned against him and whispered something in his ear and he nodded. She reached down below my line of sight, as though to adjust her skirt, and Mike jerked back, attempting to pull away from her. Her other arm shot out around his shoulder and held him on the loveseat while she leaned over and whispered in his ear some more. Mike shook his head vigorously but her he didn’t leave his seat. Jessie’s grip on his shoulder relaxed and her hand slid to the back of his head turning his face to hers and she kissed him fiercely, tonguing his mouth. Mike slowly yielded to the kiss and began reciprocating running his hands across her breasts and through her hair. Jessie stopped the kiss to whisper in his ear once more and this time Mike didn’t respond but looked down as though defeated. Jessie smiled triumphantly, her hand, still holding the back of his head pushed him down towards her lap. As Mike’s head disappeared from view, I heard Jessie give out a throaty laugh and then a long sigh of pleasure. But Mike’s head didn’t disappear entirely from view, instead it appeared to bob up and down on her lap while her hand guided his movements.

Maybe it was all the wine but it sure looked like Jessie was forcing Mike to give her head but his movements were all wrong for going down on a girl. Confused, I started back towards the living room to get a better look. I could hear muffled gagging sounds coming from Mike and the occasional encouragement from Jessie, “That’s it…good boy…not so much teeth.” As I got closer, the object of Mike’s ministrations finally became clear. Jessie’s skirt was bunched up around her hips and a thick eight-inch cock was standing proudly up from her crotch, shining wetly from Mike’s efforts. Mike, who is as straight as any guy I know, seemed to be in some kind of trance, his eyes half-closed as he bobbed steadily up and down Jessie’s monster. He wasn’t resisting anymore, his hands gently stroked her thighs while her hand rested lightly on the back of his head, no longer forcing him to the task he now performed willingly.

Jessie looked up at me, “Where’s the wine, Paul?” I stammered something unintelligible as I gawked at her meat disappearing into my roommate’s mouth. Jessie looked down at my crotch, “Enjoying the show?” I was surprised to see my dick was at full mast straining inside my jeans. Jessie’s gaze returned to my face, “or maybe you’re just jealous, hmmm? Well don’t worry, baby, Yaz will look after you.”

Just then Yasmin came up behind me and hugged me tightly to her with her mouth against my ear. “That’s right,” she whispered to me, “we couldn’t let you leave with showing you how deeply we appreciate your welcoming us to the neighborhood.” She punctuated her statement my thrusting her hips forward and I felt a sizeable bulge grinding into my backside.

Reeling, both from the alcohol and the discovery that the two hottest girls I had ever met both had cocks, I spun around and backed away from Yasmin, explaining, “I’m not gay.” I backed into the empty loveseat and sat down heavily. Yasmin approached smiling, “Of course you’re not, honey. We only sleep with straight men, so you’re perfect. Besides,” she pretended to pout, “don’t you find me attractive?”

“Well sure but…” I trailed off as she approached me and held my face in one hand while her other reached down to stroke my throbbing erection.

“And judging from the tent you’re pitching you don’t have a problem with this,” she continued, “Look, we go through this with every straight guy and it always ends the same way. I’ve had a long day so why don’t we skip to the part where I get off. And if you don’t like it we can always stop.”

She sat beside me and I was struck again by how beautiful she was. We can always stop, I told myself as she drew me to her for a kiss, her hand continuing to rub my crotch. Her kiss was surprisingly gentle and I couldn’t help but kiss her back. I started massaging her perfect breasts and she moaned into mouth. She took one of my hands from her breast and guided it up the leg of her shorts. I felt it immediately, it was warm and spongy and growing under my touch. I tried to pull my hand back but she simply kissed me harder and held my hand in place on her tool. She started to move my hand back and forth across her prick and I felt it harden and lengthen, it was already bigger than mine and it was still growing. “That’s for you, baby. I’m getting hard for you.” She told me conspiratorially. Her cock had grown long enough for the head to escape the leg of Kadıköy Sarışın Escort her shorts. It was obscene, this long hard cock coming out of a hot girl’s short shorts.

She stood up and pulled me up with her. She hooked her thumbs into her shorts and said, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” I hesitated and her tone hardened, “That means take your pants off.” I clumsily shed my jeans and boxers leaving my raging 6 inches waving in the air. She slid her shorts and panties off in one catlike motion stepping out of them and face to face with me. Standing like this the difference in our sizes was remarkable. Her stiff prick lewdly poked me in the belly while 3 inches remained between my dick and her body. She reached between us grabbing both our cocks in one hand while she leaned in and kissed me passionately. I whimpered into her mouth and my hips thrust forward fucking her hand.

She broke our kiss and demanded, “Who’s cock is bigger, baby?” “Yours,” I whispered. “What was that?” “I said your cock is bigger,” I confessed both humiliated and impossibly aroused. “It sure is!” laughed Jessie. I turned to look at her and saw that at some point she had gotten Mike naked and now had him kneeling on the floor swallowing her fat tool and massaging her balls while she played with her nipples.

Yasmin drew my attention back to her with a brief squeeze of my balls, “That’s right. I’m much bigger. And I have a rule with all the boys I date: whoever’s bigger is the pitcher. And that would be me. So you’re going to be my cock-sleeve tonight, sweetie.”

I looked fearfully down at her impressive length and felt her push down on my shoulders. I looked back up into her eyes and saw no patience there, only an insistent sexual hunger. I gave in to the pressure and sank to my knees, not believing what was about to happen.

“Open your mouth and mind the teeth,” she commanded and before I knew it, she was sinking her cock into my mouth, choking me and bringing tears to my eyes. “Mmmm…just relax, baby and use your tongue,” she purred, sawing her length in and out of my mouth, pressing against my throat on every in-thrust. I tried to use my hands to keep some of her massive tool out of my mouth but she swatted my hands away and forced the head into my throat, gagging me.

As she explored my mouth with her cock I saw through teary eyes that Jessie had gotten Mike into a 69 position on the sofa. He was straddling her, still slurping her on girthy prick while she vigorously tongued his asshole. She held his ass with both hands moving his hole up and down on her tongue, orally fucking him.

I soon lost track of Mike as Yasmin picked up the pace, forcing her cock into my mouth until my nose was buried in her light patch of pubic hair. I had stopped gagging but was still barely able to breathe as she took my throat for her pleasure. She grabbed my head with both hands and hammered her cock in my mouth, breathing hard she announced, “I’m going to cum, I’m going cum in your mouth, swallow it, oh yeah!” Her cock grew to its hardest yet and then jets of hot spunk erupted into my mouth. I swallowed as quickly as I could, as her spurts kept coming, one blast after another. I could barely taste it, only feel the creamy texture slide down my throat and fill my belly.

Yasmin shuddered and I felt her cock deflate slightly in my mouth. She kept her hands on the back of my head forcing me to follow her cock as she sat back on the sofa, letting out a long breath. She told me, “Just keep me in your mouth for a while, lick it very gently and stroke my balls. Good boy.” She leaned her head back on the sofa and exhaled deeply as I gently nursed on her half-hard cock. I still didn’t like the idea of sucking dick but for some reason because it was attached to her, I couldn’t pull away. There was something powerful and magnetic about her that I just couldn’t say no to. I just hoped that now she would return the favor and blow me rather than the 69ing Jessie seemed to enjoy so much.

Now that I thought about it I could hear Mike moaning. I turned, with Yasmin’s cock still in my mouth, to look at the other couple. Jessie had my roommate on all fours as she knelt behind him slowly feeding her fat cock into his hole. It looked like an impossible fit and Mike was moaning in distress, trying to crawl away from this assault on his ass. Jessie only laughed and, gripping him by the hips, pulled him back onto her girth, pushing nearly half of her 8 inches inside him. Mike cried out and attempted a more frantic escape only to be pinned again and have her bury another 2 inches in his stretched hole. At that, Mike’s strength seemed Kadıköy Şişman Escort to fail him and he went limp in her grasp, only able to moan as she fucked his ass. Jessie sighed contentedly as she finished impaling her prey on her girlcock.

I looked back up to Yasmin only to see that she had been watching me watching Mike and Jessie. “Yes,” she said matter-of-factly, seeming to read my mind, “I’m going to do that to you. And yes it’s going to hurt. But it’s also going to feel good, so good that you won’t believe it.”

Her cock had begun to regain its hardness and I took my mouth off her to plead with her; this goddess who had somehow taken over my life, “Couldn’t I just suck you off again?” Here I was asking to suck dick, what had happened?

“Of course you can suck me off again, baby,” she cooed, “but first I need to be inside you. Now come up here and sit on my lap.” I felt helpless before this woman. I looked back to Mike for some sign of resistance or hope only to see Jessie sliding her full length in and out of his poor ass. Her larger heavier balls slapped into his on every instroke and he was moaning like a bitch with each thrust.

“He can’t help you,” Yasmin informed me, “he can’t even help himself.” She took my hand and pulled me up onto the couch next to her and guided my leg over her lap so I was kneeling above her now erect cock, facing her. She pulled my face down to her and we kissed deeply as I braced my arms on her shoulders. She now kissed me possessively, dominating my tongue with her own, showing me in every way possible that I was hers. Her hands slipped to my hips and began applying pressure, forcing me to sit back on her cock. I felt her head pressing at my entrance and tried to rise back up away from the invader.

“Wait, wait,” I blurted out, “I want to stop, you said we could stop.” Yasmin smirked at me and took her hands of my hips and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Just as I did, she snaked a hand between my legs and seized my balls in a vice grip while her other arm looped around my lower back pulling me downward. I cried out and my legs collapsed putting her tip at my entrance once again.

“There was never any stopping this,” she explained, “the minute you walked into our apartment you gave yourself to me. You think I’m going to let such a hot little piece of ass just wander out after walking in so willingly?”

But instead of immediately forcing herself in, she applied slow pressure all the while intensely staring into my eyes. The head of her cock popped into my ass and a moan involuntarily escaped my lips. She released my balls and placed both hands on my hips, pushing me further onto her prick. She felt huge inside me, a burning pressure that only seemed to be getting worse as I slowly sank down her length. My breathing became shallow as I tried to deal with the discomfort of taking this gorgeous woman’s dick in my ass. She seemed to delight in my expressions of pain, her cock growing fatter within me every time I moaned in distress. Just when I thought she would surely kill me with the length of her cock, my ass came to rest on her thighs and she bottomed out inside me.

I was trembling from the intensity of being fully skewered by her, I leaned forward, holding onto her neck for support. “You did it, baby,” she praised me. “I’m all the way inside you. Now comes the fun part.” She started pulling out, only slightly at first, then sliding her prick back home. Gradually she pulled further and further out until she was truly fucking me, sliding me up and down her cock with every thrust. As I grew accustomed to the pressure and the pain receded, I noticed a new kind of pressure, one that was both in my ass and in my cock at the same time. Yasmin seemed to notice the change in me and started to aim her cock in a way that made that feeling stronger, all the while keeping her gaze locked on mine. She upped the tempo and forced a moan from me, and then I kept moaning, unable to stop it. I started to jerk my cock in time with her thrusts but she pulled my hand off, “You get your pleasure from my cock, not yours. Focus on my cock and I’ll make you cum.”

I leaned back and to my surprise started bouncing on her pole as she guided my hips. Her fucking reached a frenzied pace, slamming home into my ass over and over, while my dick bounced untouched, drooling out cum. Then I felt her cock swell and begin spurting over and over inside me, filling me up with a molten wetness. She kept thrusting, seeming to cum forever and as my ass became soaked with her seed, I came as well spraying my load across her breasts. As her thrusts finally slowed, she pulled me down to her and breathed, “You’re mine and you’ll always be mine if I want you,” and I knew she was right.

I awoke the next morning sticky and sore on the couch in our apartment. Mike was sleeping on the floor. A Post-It on the table read: “Thanks for a great time boys! Same time next week? XOXO Jessie & Yasmin”

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