No Holes Barred….

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Rob, sitting his office, the window open to the back garden, finished his tea and thought about his wife. After all these years, she still had the ability to make him harden just thinking of her. He mused that he had been up that pussy of hers a million times but each time it was like the first.

But a stray thought several months ago had turned to obsession and he wanted not just the pussy but that sweet little hole just down from it. Anal sex was not something his usually adventurous wife had ever expressed an interest in exploring, and a few tentative forays towards that delectable hole between those beautiful plump cheeks had been seen as a misdirection and she had made it quite clear that there was no going there.

He however had other plans. He had been the first (although not the last) to introduce that tight little Clara Bow mouth to a stiff cock and the first to take a cock and shove it up her virgin cunt. He was quite determined now to take the virginity of the one orifice he hadn’t yet plundered.

Unbeknownst to her, he had been in essence, “training” her for the past few months. He had begun carefully, simply by allowing a finger to rub between those sweet cheeks, barely touching the closed furled hole of her anus.

He had done this for some time, until he found she wasn’t starting or jumping and in fact had begun, albeit unaware, to rub that sweet ass against his invading finger. Then slowly, gently, he would allow the tip of a finger to just barely enter.

He didn’t know how he had maintained his control, particularly when he his big cock was thrusting in and out of that hot warm hole of hers and his hands were tight around those slender hips, one long finger just pushing ever so gently inside.

Now, he felt she was ready. The past few weeks as he had sucked and licked that sweet dripping pussy he had actually had her sink that sweet ass right down to envelope his finger as he ate her. His own orgasm had several times spurted out onto cool sheets as he felt her cunt spasm and that tight scrumptious asshole tighten and loosen around his finger as she came.

Finishing his tea, he stood, determined to do it tonight. Monique had gone upstairs, worn out from a busy work week to lay down for a nap.

Quietly, he went up the stairs, his cock already stirring at the thought of the treat in store.

She was asleep when he entered the room, deep dusk lending a golden glow to the pale walls of their bedroom. Through the open window, a soft breeze wafted, tremulous and sweet, a hint of autumn in its promise. She lay insensate, sleeping quietly atop the cool cotton sheets of their bed. Halfway on her side, the low bodice of her gown gaped open, revealing the soft mounds of her breasts. He admired them, the way in this position they dropped in a juicy mouthful, their bulk plump and inviting, the pink tips quiet in sleep. Her nipples were large nubs nestled into the surrounding pink areoles.

Going to his side of the bed, he noted with pleasure her skirt was ruched up around her waist. Monique’s long slender legs were open, her sweet slit vulnerable to his greedy gaze.

Easing himself gently onto the bed, so as not to awaken her, he idly stroked the bulk beneath his pants.

Carefully, inwardly grinning at himself, he bent close to study that luscious cunt. Her ass cheeks were round and firm and plump and closed over the small pink anus. Further down he could see her cunt hole, a dark pink indentation between her legs, the soft folds which normally enfolded a stiff prick in swollen joy, smooth and tight.

From her vagina, her inner lips swept down, barely visible within the warm prison of the pale, shaven outer lips of her cunt. Because her cunt was pressed together by her tangled legs, he couldn’t even see the nub of her clitoris, only surmise it slept quietly beneath its protective hood.

Sucking one finger, he very gently, so gently so as not to wake her, pushed the tip of his finger into the irresistible tightness of her pussy. Her cunt seemed to sigh and open very slowly as he inserted gaziantep escort bayan his finger, and he took a deep breath as his stiff finger sank into warm wet folds.

“The little devil!” he thought.

“She’s wet… she must be having nice dreams.”

Leaving just his fingertip enveloped and warm, he reached up with his thumb and very carefully separated her cunt lips, burrowing beneath to find the nub of her pleasure.

She sighed and moved restlessly, changing position just slightly. He froze, then as her breathing deepened once again, he again searched for her clitoris with his impudent finger, barely touching her, just carefully and silently burrowing between the slick, inner lips of her cunt.

There, he sighed as his questing finger touched her center. Flicking ever so softly he woke up the sleeping tip of her pleasure. Within seconds, he felt the finger he still had buried in her pussy dampen as her juices began to flow.

He watched fascinated as her arousal grew.

Alternatively flicking and burrowing, his fingers worked gently in her cunt, thrusting into her vagina, softly touching her clitoris then moving back to push even further up her hole. His finger was buried to the knuckle now and when he pulled it out it glistened with her juice, lessening the friction and allowing him to more easily push it in and out.

He could feel the soft, pliable folds of her cunt fold around the invading digit, swelling and expanding as he continued his ministrations.

Looking carefully at her cunt, he saw that the tight pink hole of her cunt was now stained a deeper, more intense fuchsia, the folds plumping and swelling as he watched. Her clitoris which had moments before been hidden between its protective lips was now thrusting its red tip out, begging for his touch. Her entire vulva was glistening as the juice began to trickle steadily from her cunt hole, which gaped and then closed as he pulled and pushed his finger in and out.

His prick was stiffening and swelling as her sweet musk wafted into the summer soft dusty glow of the room. Beneath, the cotton sheets felt cool on his flushed skin. The whirr of cicadas outside the window and the far-off cries of the children playing on the road made the intimacy of his actions all the more poignant. He felt as if the two of them, his sleeping beauty and he, were enveloped in a magic world of sensuality and touch

His prick felt stiff as an iron bar and moving his hand from the delectable cunt, he slowly pushed himself off the bed.

Undoing his fly, his cock sprang out, erect and wet with precome juice. He quietly stepped out of his pants, pushing them off his hips, relishing the freedom as his heavy cock bobbed free.

Then he stood for a moment, his hand pulling at his yearning prick, admiring the hot, swollen cunt which was fully exposed to him.

Kneeling, he carefully inched his way until he was directly behind her, spoon fashion. Then using his fingers, he pushed his prick down until its glistening spongy head was pointed at the beckoning cunt hole.

With a slight movement of his hips, taking care not to touch her with any other part of his body, he thrust his cock head just into her cunt.

She groaned, her eyes fluttered and he stilled, leaving the head of his cock embedded in her, dribbling juice which mingled with the wet sticky residue of her own arousal.

Her breathing quickened and leaning over, he saw her eyes fluttering beneath the closed lids.

Carefully, gently, stifling a groan at the sweet feel, he pushed another inch of his stiff cock into her.

Her hips moved almost involuntarily and yet another inch of his stiff white shaft disappeared into her juicy hole. He had to exert every ounce of self restraint to stop himself from shoving his cock right up, but he wanted this to last and he wanted to fuck her as long as he could before she awoke.

He felt like Prince Charming and mused on whether the Prince, coming upon that beautiful woman, had in fact woken her with a kiss, but rather thought the Prince had instead pulled a stiff, princely cock out of his breeches and opening Beauty’s slender white legs, shoved it up her virgin cunt and given her a good stiff fucking.

He began to shove his cock in and out of the juicy hole, stopping occasionally to admire the glistening juice which coated his prick each time be pulled it out. Slowly he began to thrust more and more cock into her, trying to keep up a steady rhythm and continuing to hold his hips apart from her. Finally, he couldn’t stand it any more, and with a stifled groan pushed it up as far as he could each, his groin banging into the plump cheeks of her ass.

She awoke suddenly, gasping, bemused with sleep, a little uncertain of what was occurring.

Instinct and a deep atavistic emotion made her thrust her hips forcefully back against him.

That was all the invitation he needed, grasping her hips he held her still so that he could really shove his cock into her. He gave up any pretence of gentleness but began to fuck her hard and long, letting his cock touch her womb, pulling it out only to shove it back in again.

Her breathing was laboured and he knew that she was very close to coming. His prick was slipping in its juicy prison and occasionally would slip out and bang against her.

She made a little motion with her hips and suddenly it seemed as if her entire cunt was clinging to his prick. He was in her but with every retreat her long slit seemed to caress the length of his cock just before he shoved it back in. It, felt .as if someone was running their tongue along his prick while he was fucking her and his hips increased their movement as he felt his balls tighten.

Banging against her, his prick slipped out and momentarily lodged just the tip in her tight pink anus.

He knew now was the time. Just thinking about it almost precipitated his orgasm, but exerting an iron self-control, he admonished his unruly member to mind itself and then, determined, he reached down to take a hold of his aching prick.

Monique moved, shoving her ass back at him, seeking the hard, moist cock.

He held his prick, carefully teasing the tip between the firm cheeks of her ass, just touching the spongy head to the tight hole.

Monique quietened, then he heard her sigh.

He gave an inward smile of joy as he felt her first tentative nudges against his aching cock.

He could hear her breathing, heavy and laboured, faster now as she pushed that luscious ass against him.

Her ass was slick and wet with their mingled juices while his prick was pouring a steady stream of pre-come which made it slippery.

Reaching between their bodies, he made sure he had a firm grasp on his throbbing member.

Determined not to be swayed, he gently but insistently pushed the spongy tip of his prick, working it carefully into the tight furled hole between her cheeks.

He felt her gasp and her hips pulled away. His other hand came around and with an iron grip, held her hips steady.

She seemed to resist him, her ass tightening and attempting to expel the invader, but the tip of his prick was in and he persisted. She gave an inarticulate cry.

“No, baby.” he said firmly.

“I need this. Relax.”

Releasing her hip, he reached around and down, and his fingers found her distended, aroused clit. She moaned as he expertly manipulated the sweet nub, her traitorous body betraying her.

Almost helplessly, she relaxed back against him, the invading prick still secure in her tight ass. Exquisitely, slowly but inexorably, he pushed first one inch, then two into the incredibly tight hole. As he firmly pushed his prick in further, her sphincter seemed to relax and the next couple of inches of stiff, moist prick sunk in.

He paused, relishing the feel of this virgin territory and allowing her to adjust to this never-before felt sensation. She had held her breath and he had felt her body stiffen as his prick finally sank into her, now she suddenly expelled a long, lustful breath and tentatively pushed her ass against him.

His cock felt like it was in a vice. Her ass was so tight it was almost painful yet the hard hot feel was more pleasure than pain. Unlike her cunt whose folds seemed to mold and caress him, swelling about his stiff cock, the walls of her rectum were tighter, less pliable.

Slowly he pulled his prick out, wincing slightly as her ass involuntarily tightened around him.

Then back in and gasping, as his foreskin was peeled back almost painfully from the head of his cock. In and out, slowly the friction began to ease although the tightness remained.

Her cunt literally began to stream juice, almost as if she were pissing and as the warm, wet cunt juice rolled down the crack of her ass and pooled on his groin he felt like he was going to explode.

Taking a deep breath, he took both hands and grasped those delectable hips and began to pump steadily in and out. From this angle, he could see his own stiff cock sinking into that tight ass and his breath began to quicken as he watched the pale shaft appear and disappear.

Shoving his cock as far up her ass as he could, he reached forward and between her legs, to tickle her clitoris and revel in the feel of her shaven cunt. His hand was full of hot cunt and he pinched the lips and flicked her clitoris as he steadily pumped his cock in and out.

Leaning a little more forward, his balls banging on her groin as he ass fucked her with gusto, he pushed two fingers into the swollen folds of her cunt.

He felt as if his balls were up in his throat as he felt his own cock through the thin membrane separating her rectum from her vagina. He was actually able to feel the hard knobby head of his prick and the thick muscular shaft as he thrust it in and out of her asshole.

He pushed his fingers against it, rubbing up and down the shaft of his own prick and without conscious volition began to fuck in and out of her even faster.

Suddenly he felt her stiffen and there, with his fingers up her cunt, his cock up her ass, he felt her start.

Her groans disturbed the still air of the room as he suddenly felt her cunt contract. Giving an undulating cry of ecstasy, a gush of juice soaked his hand.

She yelled, and her ass slammed against his groin, taking every inch of his large prick up her tight nether hole. He felt her cunt coming then suddenly he yelled as the spasms engulfed her asshole as well. Tightening and loosening, her sweet ass began to milk his cock.

His balls tightened tugged and then with an unbelievable shudder, his cock began to spurt, come jetting from the tip of his cock in a long, hot stream. He actually felt the warmth of his own come with his fingers through the thin membrane of her cunt.

He was almost doubled over, his groin glued to her ass, his thick prick buried to the hilt, while his hand worked spasmodically between her legs, fucking his fingers up as far as they would go while the contractions pulled and sucked at them.

Pulling his slick, come soaked fingers out of her cunt, he grasped both her jerking hips and pulled her hard against him, feeling his cock deep within her, thrusting once, twice until he could feel his cock emptying and jerking. Finally, the spasmodic jerking of his cock began to still, and closing his eyes, he felt the last drops of sperm trickling into that sweet prison.

Exhausted, his cock still buried in her ass he pulled her against him, the two of them concentrating on the ebbing of an incredible orgasm.

He closed his eyes, the spent passion creating a lassitude which lasted for some time. Then as he felt his cock soften and shrink, he gently pulled his prick out of hits delectable warren. With a pop, his cock came out of its tight home and immediately following, a veritable steam of sperm poured out and soaked the sheets.

Turning her, he kissed her gently on her soft lips, then on the closed eyelids of her green eyes. She opened and blinked sleepily at him, then a grin lit up her face.

“Well, that was fun!” she said.

He grinned, happy that all had worked out the way he had planned.

This is one girl that would be getting lots of ass time in the future!.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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