No Longer Virgins

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Today is the day. How I am looking forward to it! As I shower and get ready for picking you up, I recall how we met. Three months ago. I saw you, so lovely, so sexy, and vivacious. I asked you to the school dance with me and you accepted. My heart leaped with joy. Dancing with you and holding you — it was so nice! Taking you home, our first kiss was at your doorstep — just fleeting, but with promise of more to come! And more did come. Our next date was a movie. You leaned your head against me and I could smell the fragrance of your hair. I loved it! And the good night kiss this time, was longer and more loving. You hugged me so tight and I hugged you back. A brush of the lips became a wet, but not “sloppy” kiss, that lingered, a long while, but not long enough.

Our next date was a movie again. Again your head was on my shoulder and this time, my arms was around your shoulder. Again, mesmerized by the smell of your hair. My other hand was holding your hands with the back of my hands on your lap and thighs. My hands were getting a bit sweaty, as were yours. You would whisper in my ears every once in a while, something to do with the movie, but the effect on me was electric! — feeling your lips on my ear, sent a chill down my spine. My arm was around you and my hands initially on your arm. My hand very gradually inched to your chest, and finally just barely grazed your breasts.

I was so afraid you would push it away from you, but you didn’t. My hand was not moving and just barely touching your breast — wanting to caress them, but afraid to do so. Finally I just moved my hand a fraction of an inch, almost unnoticeable, but I feel a shudder in you! The movie is over, and we walked hand in hand out of the theater — cheerful, as if nothing happened. We had a bite to eat and I took you home, but this time, we sat in my car, talking, and then kissing. Oh, the taste of you. your lipstick, your breath, and your saliva — so sweet.

My right arm was around you and my left hand initially on your waist. I brought my left hand up slowly, over your right breast, past it, to your face, as I kiss you. I made it look like it was an accident that I touched your breast. Still kissing, I brought my hand down, again, over your breast and back down to your waist. I repeated this again, this time, lingering over your breast and just barely rubbing my palms over your lovely breasts! You sighed and moaned softly. I was so afraid you would stop me or even worse, slap me. But you kept on kissing me, even more passionately. Our lips were quivering and then almost mashing together, and our tongues playing together, alternating in your mouth and then mine.

You moaned into my mouth, as my hand became more obviously caressing your sweater/bra covered breast! I could feel the nipples poking out and so erected. I thought to myself that you like what I was doing. But it was time to get you in — your curfew and I didn’t want to get you in trouble with your parents. I took you to the door, and we kissed again but this time, you really pressed your body into mine, and I pushed back.

My erection was throbbing and so wet — pushing onto your belly. I was embarrassed and wonder if you could feel it there. You very “innocently” ground your belly onto my erection which essentially told me that you could feel it and liked what you were doing to me and how you made me feel. The kiss ended and you went inside your home. I got in my car and while driving off, I shouted: “SHE LIKES ME!!!!”

Our next date was to go to movie again, but instead, we went to a secluded area, overlooking the lights of the city. The full moon above made the evening so romantic. We got into the back seat, not wanting the gear shift to be in our way. We embraced and I whispered into your ear: “I love you”, nibbling it. You just sighed and hugged me even tighter. Finally we kissed, this time more urgently and hungrily. I was so excited, erected, and so wet — wondering and hoping that you were too.

Again, you had a sweater on and I timidly brought my hand up to your breast, this time more obviously than before. Again I worried that you would turn me away, but instead, you push your breast into my hands. And still kissing me, and you stuck your tongue into my mouth, and I retaliate. I was making a circular motion with my palms over your breast, feeling the nipple again more obviously erected. I brought my hand down to your waist again and then brought my hand up, but this time, under your sweater, slowly, feeling the skin of your chest — so smooth. Up and over your bra covered breast, I caressed and squeezed the magnificent orb gently. Then to your other breast as you separated your chest from mine to allow me. I gently pinching your nipples and rubbed.

You then pushed me away, my heart sank, then leaped, because you undid your bra, and now, I was caressing your breasts, bare for the first time! Oh, my! My heart was beating so hard, and so was yours. Finally breaking our kiss, you pushed my head down, to your breasts, asyabahis yeni giriş allowing me to kiss them, suck on your nipples. Your hands and fingers were running thru my hair. I was in ecstasy but wanting more. While kissing your breasts, my free hand was on your knee and slowly rose up your thigh. Your thighs were together, but you didn’t say anything and you didn’t stop me. In fact, your sighs into my mouth, the mashing of your lips onto mine, and the sinuous movements of your body were encouraging me. Just caressing your thighs, slowly inching my fingertips up, I finally reached your panties and I moved my fingers up higher to your lower belly. I just lightly rubbed there so very gently.

I was so afraid you were going to stop me, but you didn’t and you breathlessly sighed: “Ohhhhh Dave!!” I moved my fingers slowly to your panty covered mons and caressed it lightly. And then I felt u separating your thighs just a bit! My heart leaped — You WANT ME TO TOUCH YOU!!! And I did, slowly moving my hand and fingers between your thighs. You spread your thighs a bit more, just allowing my hand to cover your pussy. AND I FOUND YOUR PANTIES TO BE SOPPING WET!! My first feel of a female wetness. Both of our hearts were beating so rapid and hard, and our breathing rapid, almost panting. Initially, I just exerted pressure of my palm on you followed by a small circular motions and transferring some of your wetness to my hand. Your moans and the now obvious clenching of your thighs and buttocks encouraged me.

My middle finger slid into your panty covered slit and it felt so slippery, like wet satin. I could feel your clit becoming more prominent as I roll my fingers side to side over it. My lips had started to kiss and suck on your nipples, kissing one breast and then the other. My finger and palm becoming more insistent in rubbing and siding my fingers in your soaking wet panty covered slit. Feeling your body writhe and thrusting your pussy into my fingers and palm, your hands and fingers running through my hair, your intermittent kisses and tonguing of my ear, and your moaning was turning me on and exciting me to no end.

With my fingers still rubbing in your slit, you whisper into my ear, “Oh my God, Dave, what are you doing to me?!!!!!! — Don’t stop! I feel so good!!”

Your body and pelvis were now moving more obviously and more insistently. “Don’t stop,” you said again, and finally, “Dave, you are making me cum!!!!” as you violently hug and kiss me wildly!!.

You shook and shuddered. And finally when it was over, said “I LOVE YOU.” And I loved you back. And it was time to go. You put back on your bra and sweater and composed yourself. I brought you back home. Another wonderful goodnight kiss but this time, you more obviously pushed your belly into my groin, feeling my erected throbbing cock on your belly. You laughed, saying, “We’ll have to do something about that next time!!!!!!” I was so turned on — so hot and horny. At home and in my bed, I relived the entire evening. And I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t help myself. My hands slowly stroking my cock, as I thought of how I kissed your bare breasts, how I fingered you, and how much that you loved it. Stroking myself faster, I came, just as in my thoughts, you were cuming!!. Oh, a night full of anticipation came out in my cum. More than I ever had!!!

And the next time was several nights later — Again, a movie that we didn’t go to, but instead to our special secluded area. Again, in the back seat. Again, you with your sweater — you tell me it’s because I can get to your breasts easier. Again, your bra off and me kissing your lovely breasts. And again, my hands up your thighs. But this time, on reaching your panties, you ask me to take them off! And I do, as you lifted your buttocks to make it easier. I was in heaven, caressing your mons, and running my fingers thru your pubic hair — so crispy, even with your juices that flowed there from your wetness. Now my fingers were in your pussy slit unencumbered by your panty. I caressed and rolled your clit, with my finger. This time, you telling me what to do. What you like. and I comply with your every wish. I trapped your erected clit between my index and ring fingers and slid my fingers up and down your wet pussy slit. Finally getting your vaginal orifice. I was able to get a finger inside you satisfying your need to clamp on me, spasm on me. Again, you began to thrust and writhe into my hand and fingers.

And a steady stream of moans and sighs and whispers: “Oh, Dave, I’ve never felt like this before. Sooooo good. Yes, Yes, Yes!!. Please! More! Ohhhh God! Make me cum!” And finally, a momentary pause in your moans and holding of your breath and then: “Ohhhhhhhhh!!! You’re making me cum! NOW! I’M CUMINGGGGGGG” My finger still on your clit, lightly but rapidly rolling of it with my finger and another finger in your hole, as you came and violently and rhythmically spasmed on my finger. Your body arched and your pelvis high in the air and your whole asyabahis güvenilirmi body convulses. As you came down from the most magnificent orgasm of your young life, you just swooned, coo, and moan. I left my hand, finger there, inside you, and felt occasional quivers of your pussy and body.

You took my hand away and I thought the evening had ended, that I would have to relieve myself at home as I usually did after our dates. But you unzipped my pants, took out my throbbing erected wet cock. You just held it for a while and studied it. Your first view, let alone feel of an excited cock. You took the wetness of it. Smeared it all over the glans and shaft. And with it in your loosely held fist, began to slide your hand up and down. It wasn’t long before I was so close!! And you took your panties and covered my cock with it, as it shot out, loads of cum. “OMG, OMG, OMG” is all I could groan. I was trembling, shaking, and shivering. You put your panties in a bag, then in your purse. And it was time to go again.

And this was a scene we repeated a number of times, in fact, each time we went out, with just minor deviations. Each time, I fingered you and enlarged your virginal opening, without causing you discomfort. Mainly when you came, I was able to expand the opening a bit more. And you told me, that you were working on it too, on nights that we didn’t go out. That you could get two of your fingers inside, fantasizing it was my penis, although it had a way to go before I could fit into you. You told me that you had been masturbating, ever since our first date while thinking of me and how much you wanted us to consummate our love — all the way. You told me how much you wanted me and how you were preparing for THAT DAY. You stared birth control pills after our second date, almost 3 months ago.

And gradually, your hole did enlarge. I too, could get two of my fingers into you, without any discomfort, aided by the abundant secretions that you made. And each time, I would bring my fingers, all wet by your juices, and smell them, lick them, suck them. And I would put them on my lips, and then kiss you, telling you this is how sweet you taste. You just laughed.

Over the next few weeks, we expanded our love making. I remember the first time I kissed your pussy in the dark confines of the back seat of my car. I could make out your inner lips and your clit, and I would could get my tongue inside your vagina, as the opening there was gradually enlarging. You really enjoyed my making you cum with my mouth and tongue and with two fingers inside your vagina. I quickly learned that you liked me sucking your inner lips and clit into my mouth, in and out. And you tasted so good. And I would kiss your face and lips after you came, and you came to enjoy your own juices.

And you began kissing my penis, licking it. Acting like your mouth was your vagina. You said you enjoyed feeling it throb in your mouth and the taste of the precum. which tasted much like your own. Amazingly so. It really turned you on to give me pleasure and you began to realize why I loved to give you pleasure. The giving of pleasure was also receiving it. The first law of love making! But I always came into your panties. Except just once, you let me cum in your mouth — It was exquisite. But you spit it out, almost gagged. And I didn’t like you to feel that way. And I didn’t blame you, because I didn’t like the taste either.

And we tried to have actual intercourse, to actually do it!!! But my size, and your still smallish entrance, and mainly the confines of the car, wouldn’t permit it. It was so exciting, even to try. The last time we tried, I came, trying to get my cock inside of you. I spewed my cum onto your slit, just at the opening. But NOT INSIDE YOU. The last time was two days ago.

And today is the day. You have made arraignments to spend the day with me, and we are going to my folk’s cabin, on the lake — all by ourselves. You told me, we wouldn’t be able to complete the love for each other until we actually had intercourse!! Deep inside you!! I pick you up and drive to the lake. Reminiscing our times together, getting so turned on, and teasing each other. We are playfully accusing each other which was the hornier one, who did what and to whom! You tell me, how slow I was, and why it took so long for me to touch your breasts, your pussy, etc., (gosh, it was only a few dates that I did). So turned on by the time we reached the lake, but then somewhat fearful. Would I be able to do it? Would I please you? Would I hurt you? We first got in a row boat, and for about an hour, rowed in the lake. You had on a mini skirt, blue panties, that I could see, as you took your turn in rowing, your heels on the side of the boat for leverage. Showing me your dark blue panties, laced. and showing me a darker wet spot there!

We can wait no longer. Back to the cabin and we have a beer. I don’t necessarily like beer, and you don’t either, but we needed something to help us to relax, we both asya bahis giriş being somewhat apprehensive. The fireplace is lit, we sit in front of it, and we begin to hug, kiss. The kiss becomes so passionate and wild. We are so turned on by the anticipation of the first for each of us!! We gradually unclothe each other while we kiss and caress. Finally, we are totally nude and somewhat embarrassed, as this is the first time we have actually seen each other in daylight — totally naked.

“OHH, Sweetie!!! You are beautiful!!!!” Your body, so lovely, so sexy. Oh, seeing you like this. And this is the first time you are seeing my cock in daylight, all erected, wet and “angry looking.”

You tell me, “Oh, Dave, it’s so large. It won’t fit!!.” I promise that I won’t hurt you and tell you that if you tell me to stop, I will (stop). We stand at first and I twirl you around to look at all of you. Your firm breasts. Lovely skin. Your buttocks — so nicely shaped and firm. Lovely long legs and thighs. And your gleaming face!! Blush? Excitement? Seeing the love in your face. But a bit of apprehension. And we hug, and kiss. rubbing our bodies together excitedly.

I lie you down and I lay on top of you. Kiss you and tell you how much I love you. Kiss down your body, your lovely breasts, your belly. To your pubic hair, your mons. The Mons of Venus. The mound of love! I lie between your widespread thighs, your knees bent. and look at your beautiful pussy.. looking at the beautiful brownish pubic hair.. somewhat matted down with your wetness, and your dainty but swollen inner lips — a little more darker pink because of it being so engorged, and your lovely clit — so erected and throbbing for me, and the glistening wetness — all around your pussy including running past your anus and even to your inner thighs.

And you voluntarily make your pussy muscles spasm, and when you do, it makes your pussy look like it is winking at me and inviting me. I love this view and then smell the fragrance of your heat. I tease your pussy with my tongue tip. Getting a hint of your wonderful taste — starting at your hole — up one inner lip — to the base of your clit — and back down your other inner lip. And then to your hole again — twirl my tongue in your vaginal orifice and feel it spasm and tighten. And then, I cant stand it any more! With wide open mouth, I plant a big kiss on your whole pussy slit and begin long sweeps with my lips and tongue, up and down your whole pussy slit. I am looking you. past your lovely breasts, looking at the pleasureful grimace on your face as you concentrate on the wonderful feeling my lips and tongue are giving you.

I hear you moaning — telling me..”Dave.. I wanna cum!!! Make me cum!!! Please!”.

And you begin to thrust your pussy into my face as I continue those long sweeps — slowly, but Increasing the speed and intensity of those sweeps — with my tongue flitting from side to side. Flicking over your clit glans and the body of your clit, which makes your body jerk uncontrollably. And my fingers enter your hole as I begin to suck on your inner lips and clit. In and out of my mouth, like your clit is fucking my mouth. You hold my head to your pussy as you grind it on me and your vagina begins its uncontrollable spasms on my finger, as you get closer and closer to a cum.

And then it happens!!! There is a few seconds of a hugh spasm of your whole pussy area — A high that is almost unbearable — squeezing my fingers so hard. Your body tenses and for a few seconds you are unable to move a muscle. Your heart pounding and your breath being held Heralding the beginning of your long awaited orgasm. It hits like thunder. A roar that envelopes your whole body, your heart and mind. And there is now one giant body orgasm, as you writhe and thrust and scream, letting all your air out of your lungs: “IM THERE, I’M CUMINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!”. Wave after wave, spasm after spasm — your hands now flailing about aimlessly.

Sooo good. sooo long. but not long enough. Until it starts to wane and then you are aware, that I am now still kissing your pussy, but softly and soothing it — as you come down from the high. The most glorious orgasm of your life. Breathing so hard. Your heart pounding in your chest. Perspiring — so nice — still trembling but now beginning to relax. Such a relief! Of wanting to cum for so long. Sooo good — wow wow wow. And I look up again and you look down at me between your thighs seeing the looks of love on our faces. Not lust now. Just Love. I come up to your face, kiss you and let you relax after your cum.

We have our second beer and we hug and kiss again. I am so ready for you, but afraid. And You finally blurt out: “I WANT YOU INSIDE ME!!!” No subtleness. You turn me over onto my back and kiss my lips, my breast and nipples. You lick my cock a few times — I am so erected, throbbing and wet. And I can feel your wetness drip on my knee. You come up and straddle my body. You bring your pussy over my throbbing erected cock and aim it at your opening. Try to settle yourself down on it. Trying to get it inside you. Your hole entrance seems to be giving in! You are pushing and I just staying still, letting you control this situation. You push, steadily, gradually. It inches in, just past my glans.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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