Not Your Typical Family Ch. 03

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Author Notes:

Please read Chapter 1 and 2 to get familiar with the story line and characters, this is not a standalone series. Please understand that all characters are 18 years or older. It has been a long time trying to get this story to a third chapter, with many setbacks, re-writings, and other such nonsense getting in the way of my completing this story. If you like my story, please don’t forget to vote. Also, leave some constructive criticism; not just blasting my writing — I am not an English major just an old guy who likes to entertain the masses with my fantasy stories.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Barber O Saville.


Not Your Typical Family

Chapter 3

One Day at a Time

To catch up on the story — a short synopsis — I am a 26-year-old graduate law student living at home with two willing sexual slaves that continually seek, service, and obey my commands to please and pleasure me. It is Christmas break from my college; Mom and Dad are going to the Philippines to a BDSM Resort were Mom will be further trained as a Pony Girl. Meanwhile, I will be watching the house and my slaves for the next eight weeks. The story continues…


Dreaming of my sweet Kristine several months pregnant, her warm wet mouth sucking and licking the head of my cock, slurping it like and ice cream cone, taking it deep to the back of her throat swallowing my cock and humming causing me to moan loud and deep. Grabbing the back of her head, I fucked her lovely face. I woke to the feeling of my balls tightening and my dick swelling just before I exploded in orgasm. Talk about the ultimate wet dream when I opened my eyes, Jazzy was looking at me. I grabbed her head and forced it further down onto my cock shooting four ropes of thick white sperm into her stomach.

Fully awake and fearing I had soiled my sheets from best fucking wet dream in my life there sat Jazzy her mouth open showing me her prize and for my approval to swallow the remaining sperm not forced down her throat. I looked into her eyes I saw complete and utter devotion to her slavery to me, deeper into her emerald green eyes I looked pulsating to the beat of her heart. I nodded and she closed her mouth swallowing my sperm.

“Good Morning Master.” She said with a smile on her face. It was a smug look and it really was cute and I thought about being angry, but I could not with so much love for her as her Brother and Master.

“Good morning my sweet slave girl. I see you have followed at least one of my instructions from last night; did you follow the others? You like to suck your Master’s cock, don’t you my slave girl?”

“Yes, Master I love to taste you and the feel of you in my mouth; it warms me and makes me a horny slave girl.”

She stood up naked in display positon. I admired her beauty and openness checking that she indeed had followed my instructions. Turning her around making her bend at the waist I saw the glass butt plug, she so liked to have in her dark hole. Her pussy lips swollen thick with blood and her clit was protruding out of its cover. She was ready for her Master’s instruction.

“Well, aren’t you afraid what might happen if Mom or Dad saw you sucking on their son’s and your brothers cock. What do you think they would do to you?”

“Master I don’t care as long as I can be your slave girl until you release me or I die. We are adults now. You are almost 22 and I just turned 18, Mom knows and she is the only one here right now. Master you saw to that yesterday. Mom accepted it and I have a feeling Dad either will kick you straight in the balls or send me to a long term live-in mental institution. No matter what happens with Dad what is in my heart, mind, and soul is yours. I live, breath, and exist to be your slave girl. Understand this Master I know that we cannot marry I don’t care. I know that Krissy will be your slave wife I don’t care. I will be yours body, mind, and soul until the end of my life. If you want to release me then you release me. I will have to learn to live with it, which will be very hard and cause me to become a reclusive old slave fucking and sucking whomever comes to my door. Master, I am yours forever. I will sign whatever stupid piece of paper you want me to sign stating that from now until you die, I die, or your release me from your service to you without conditions, safe words, and with no closing date, like the first contract we signed.”

My thoughts running a mile a minute over what my little sister told me. She wants to be my slave 24X7, 365 for the rest of her or my life. A millions of thoughts and scenarios past through my brain in an instance, Jazzy broke me free of my thoughts.

“Master, I know that I cannot marry you, but I don’t care. You can have both of us as slaves. This slave girl will become whatever my Master decides. I am at your command, Master. If you decide that Krissy will be my Mistress because she is your slave wife, then I will serve her as I serve you totally and without reservations. I will submit to her as I have submitted to you noting that your commands supersede hers.”

“What if I decide to breed you?”

“Oh God Master I would carry our child and then ask for another.”

“What about the hype of “Incest defects”?”

“Master with proper prenatal care and tuzla eve gelen escort monitoring our child will be healthy and loved.”

“As you’re Master and because I am your brother you will find some courses at the community college that will help you with some type of skills besides being my slave. Understood?”

“Yes, Master. I will look at the courses and seek your approval to take them.”

“Good, now where is Mommy Slut?”

“I believe she is finishing packing as Dad had instructed her. I must say she looks really amped up this morning. I have never seen her this excited she is dripping wet Master and not because she is naked, but for some reason her lips are red and puffy like I get when you punish me.”

Only I knew why. Dad had abused her pussy with the tawse and his dick last night and she did not orgasm. Amped is not the word I would use, but maybe highly aroused and horny as hell needing any dick in any one of her holes. I was tempted but did not act on it she needed to understand to obey her Master’s commands and I would be a distraction to her. I walked into her bedroom sporting a semi-hard cock, Jazzy naked behind me.

“Hey Mommy Slut I see that you are finishing your packing for the trip. What bags are finished that I and Jazzy can take downstairs to the door?”

“Oh, Master Son, Master’s bags are finished, these two for me, and this one, I have to finish with this one bag left, shower, shave, and insert the bullet into my slutty pussy for Master’s enjoyment during our trip. He told me to leave the pony plug in until we arrived at the airport when he would take it out in the limo and feed it to me. Oh God it is making me wet just thinking about going through the security at the airport with this bullet in my cunt.”

I chuckled about that and could only imagine what the TSA agent at the full body scan would say to Mom when she found the bullet logged in her pussy. In my head it sounded like this: “Oh excuse me Miss could you step over to the side I need to do a full body search. Miss what is inserted in your cavity?” As embarrassed as my mother would be she would answer because Dad had told her not to lie about anything she had inside, outside, or any other place on her body. “Oh that is a magic vibrating bullet my Master inserted into my slutty pussy to keep me horny and ready for him to use during our trip” I burst out laughing Mom and Jazzy looked at me funny. I told them what I envisioned going through the TSA Security Full Body Scan; our Mother looked at me shocked and scared.

“You mean they would be able to see that on their screen?”

“Yes, Mommy slut, if it blocks the x-ray then it can and will be seen. Of course they may want to do a full body cavity search and might ask you to remove it. They would undoubtedly stick a finger your ass and cunt to see what might possibly be in there, but knowing you Mommy Slut you will be embarrassed, aroused, and probably cum without permission just from the TSA Agents manipulation of your holes.”

“Oh God Master I would be so embarrassed and so turned on I would orgasm when the agent stick their finger in my ass or pussy.”

“Wow never thought of that, Hmmm…that would be great to watch Mommy Slut come out in front of the TSA Agents in the Airport. She would be dripping wet and her juices running down her legs in no time.” Jazzy said.

“Jazzy grab the other bags while I get these two and will put them by the door.”

“Yes, Master.” We grabbed the bags and walked to the front door setting down the bags Jazzy and I were still naked.

“Jazzy go shower and I will set out what you will wear today.”

“Yes, Master.” She took off up the stairs grabbing a towel from her room and into the shower. I went to her room and picked out a nice sun dress, no panties — of course, and no bra — Hm Duh. She walked into her room naked except for the towel wrapped on the top of her head like a bun. Her nipples were hard and I could not resist tweaking them with my forefinger and thumb which caused her to moan loudly. I continued to the point of her gasping in pain from my squeezing and twisting of her nipples. I looked down and her juices were running down her leg to about the bend in her knee. I smiled and walked out to my room grabbed a towel and showered. It took me about five minutes to complete. In my room I put on a pair of jeans, Harley Davidson T-shirt, socks, and sneakers. I wanted to be comfortable. Jazzy needed to catch a bus for school; I made a small breakfast for her to take on the way to the bus stop. I leaned over to her ear and said.

“You already had the protein shake this morning and will have a protein injection when you return home this afternoon. Make sure that Krissy is not aware I am home and invite her to stay with you tonight. I have plans for the both of you. Also, make sure she has her toys inserted this morning.”

“Yes, Master I will obey.” Off she went bouncing down the driveway in her semi warm short coat. I watched her ass sway until she turned the corner for the bus stop. I was hard just thinking about Mommy Slut naked and primed for fucking. I walked upstairs to the Master Bedroom and saw Mommy Slut bent over putting some things into the last suitcase; Man the temptation was unbearable. I unzipped my jeans dropped them to my feet scurried over lined up my cock to the entrance of tuzla otele gelen escort her well lubricated pussy and shoved forward.

“OHHHHHHH…GOOOOODDDDD…Master…OHHHH…SHIT!” Mom came on my cock from just my inserting it into her. I started to bang away at her ass and pussy, slapping her ass with my free hands, and telling her to ride the wave. Oh boy did she, every time I slammed forward Mommy Slut would orgasm. Finally, I could not take it any longer and needed my own release I started to beat her ass with my body, fucking her as hard as I could not caring if she came or not. Finally I could feel my balls tightening up and my dick swell.

“Ohhh…GOD Yes, Master cum inside me, Please cum inside me I want to feel you pulse in my hot pussy. OH OH OH…Oh FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, harder Master Harder. May this pony girl cum please Master. I have been good, Please OH OH OH OH! OH SHIT FUCK…Here I cuuummmm…”

Her entire body shook, convulsed, and I pulled out spun her around she opened her mouth for me to shove my 10 inch hard cock into her throat and lost it. I exploded five or six good strength pulses into her stomach. God she was good. Finally able to stand I pulled my pants up, fastened my belt buckle, and walked away as if nothing happened. I left Mom kneeling in her bedroom sucking, licking, and cleaning cum off her body. I went downstairs to the kitchen pouring a large cup of coffee thinking of this morning events and my cock twitched. Jazzy woke me with a blow job and now I just fucked Mommy Slut to multiple orgasms it indeed was a beautiful day. My thoughts turned to the two slaves coming — pun intended — home this afternoon Oh the joys of being a slave owner. Mommy Slut came down stairs naked with her pony tail still in her ass, watching the tail move with her walk just got me really hard again. Mommy Slut walked over to the coffee poured herself a cup and sat down at the kitchen nook. I looked over at her and smiled.

“Mommy slut you look radiant.”

“Thank you Master Son I have you to thank for that, but I will have to tell Master that I came without permission when he gets home.”

“Oh, I could do that by telling him I went by your bedroom and heard you scream his name two or three times. I guess he would really punish you especially if I did it when he walks through the door and you’re here in the living room waiting on him.”

Mommy Slut’s eyes went really wide staring at me in total fear of what would her Master would do with their son in the house. I smiled my evil smile at her thinking what Dad would do and knowing what Dad would do.

“You know if I tell Dad he will tell you to go to your bedroom to discipline you.”

“Yes, Master.”

“I think it is better that we tell Dad the full story and see where that goes. I do not like sneaking around on Dad especially with you. However, we need to be honest with him before you two leave for the Philippines. I was thinking about that in the shower. I feel that since you and Dad are going away I would really feel bad if something happened and I could not tell him the full truth about you, me, Jazzy, and Krissy.”

“Yes, Master Son I have not slept well and kept thinking of your big cock up my ass, it makes me horny and forgetful.” Just then we heard the key in the door Mommy Slut panicked and I just looked over at the front door. It was indeed Dad I could see his shadow. Mommy Slut started to get up, but I put my hand on her shoulder forcing her to stay seated. Dad walked in turned and saw Mommy slut naked with me being clothed sitting on the opposite side of her. Mommy sluts breathing was shaky she was aroused for being caught naked in front of her Son and Master.

“What in God’s Name is going on here?” I looked at him and said

“Please take a seat Dad. Your slave and I have something to tell you. However, we want you to sit and listen before you make or say anything. Is that ok?” Dad was stunned into silence but nodded his head. I looked over at Mommy Slut.

“Mommy Slut you must tell him the full truth of what has been happening. Remember what we said just before he walked in the door.” Mommy slut got off the seat and kneeled in front of Dad bowing her head, putting her hands behind her back interlocking with her elbows.

“Master, I must confess my bad behavior to you. I have orgasmed without your permission six times today. Our Son will explain in more detail, but I must be punished for disobeying my Master.” Dad looked pissed. I was sure he was going to take a frying pan and beat the living shit out of me instead he looked down at Mom.

“Will you both tell me the truth? Holding nothing back?”

“Yes, Master I will tell you the truth.”

“Yes, Dad everything will be told truthfully.”

“Then proceed slave.”

Mommy slut started with my early entrance into the house yesterday. How we got started then how I incorporated Jazzy in the mix of things and what transpired until he got home yesterday. She told him what happened this morning and how she came to be naked in front of her Son. Dad looked at me and I said the exact same thing, leaving out that Jazzy is my slave; then I concluded the story.

“Well, I am not surprised with you son, I am surprised with my slave. She knows what happens if she orgasms without my permission. You say that she has had 25 orgasms over tuzla sınırsız escort the last 36 hours.” I nod my head and look at Mommy Slut. She is still looking down at the floor not saying any further word. I looked at Dad and then took a sip of my lukewarm coffee.

“Son, I am not at all surprised that you dominated your mother, you do have my genes for that. What I am disappointed in is the fact that MY FUCKING SLUT OF A WIFE did not tell me about it yesterday while I beat her pussy raw. SLUT you have disappointed me go to the dungeon stairwell and wait for me. My curiosity went up about a thousand percent.

“Dungeon?” I said to Dad.

“Yes, you know those keys I gave you yesterday in the white envelop marked open when I am dead.”

“Yea, I remember them.”

“Well, those are the keys to the dungeon, now you have a set and I have a set — no one else will have them. You my son have grown to a fine young man and it is about time you learned your legacy and destiny. Follow me and I think you will enlightened.”

As he stood by invisible door next to the linen closet, he inserted a key into the door and with a loud click the door opened. Dad grabbed the back of Mom’s hair and shoved her through the opening I followed suit shutting the door behind me. When my eyes got accustom to the dim light I just stood in awe of the place. There was a St. Andrew’s cross in the corner, a spanking bench in the middle of the room, a glass enclosed full shower, an exam table, a chair with leg holders on them, hooks, and eyelets in the ceiling and floor, whip, paddles, chains, crops, and other assorted BDSM tools and toys. Dad had forced Mom onto the spanking bench and started to secure her hands to the leg of the bench.

“Take those cuffs and secure her ankles to the bench. Now secure her wrists to the other legs.”

Which I did post haste not wanting to get myself in further trouble; I stood when I finished and looked at Mom bent over at the waist, head at cock level, pussy at cock level, and her puckered brown hole was opening and clamping. Mom was a true bondage slut from watching the video feed, some of the private movies I found in their room and just from watching porno films, and Mom fit the bill as a true bondage pain slut.

“Now you told me this slut has cum without my permission. Not once, but 6 times this morning and 19 yesterday before I got home. Slut what is the standard punishment I give you for cumming without permission.”

“Master you discipline this slut with five strokes of the paddle or crop.”

“Well, since you did it 6 times with your son it is only fitting that he delivers the 30 strokes from the cane to your ass and thighs and then another 95 with the crop over the rest of you body. Does that sound reasonable to you SLUT?”

I thought about his statement “reasonable.” Was it really reasonable or was he just saying that to make sure Mommy Slut understood that I would be delivering 30 strokes of the cane which I have never used, the crop yes, but never a cane. The process of how to swing the cane for maximum striking ability fascinated me: I thought it is similar to the crop but slightly longer. Dad handed me the cane.

“Now, I am assuming you have never used a cane before on anyone of your girlfriends.”

“No Sir.”

“It is longer than the crop and has a definite stinging power to it. Here let me show you. Lay the cane on the area you want to hit. Short stroke, you don’t need a big swing although the bigger the better. Now watch me I will be giving her the first 5 strokes then you will deliver the remaining.” Dad swung the cane back about 45 degrees off of his side and swung it until it connected with Mommy Sluts right ass cheek. Mommy slut cried out and then counted the stroke and asked for another. Dad did short quick hard strikes to Mommy slut’s ass cheeks. When he had finished there were red welts crisscrossing her ass. He handed me the cane.

“Now, I don’t mind sharing my slave with you son I always knew you were a Dominant from the day you were born. Now it is time to get your training in using of this cane. I will direct you, but this slave needs to be reminded that MY WORD IS LAW.” The last words stated into Mommy slut’s left ear. Mommy slut was still trying to wrap around the constant pain causing such arousal from the strictest of implements. I walked behind Mommy slut, swinging the cane back and forth listening to it singing in the air. Since I was right handed I lined up on her left I looked down at the pattern that show on her ass looking like a chess board, I laid the cane just between the ass and her thighs, knowing that it is a sensitive spot to maximize her pain and then her arousal. I looked at her ass and pussy, her pussy was dripping her fluids down her leg. I thought in my head “Fucking damn Mom is a pain slut too” then I struck her with the cane right where I had laid it with a quick flick of my wrist it connected with a short but sharp crack, almost sounding like a 22 going off. Mommy slut yelled out counting the stroke and thanked me asking for another. Before she could finish talking I struck her thighs lower then went to work not stopping until I had counted my 25 strokes. When I finished Mommy slut’s head was down, her ass, back, and thighs crisscrossed with red welted lines none drawing blood or cutting into her skin. Dad released her and told her to stand with her arms interlocked behind her head, tits out, legs spread wide. Mommy slut stood in front of us tears running down her face, pussy juice streaming down her thighs. I gave the cane back to Dad, who held it like a spear and then swung upwards into Mommy slut’s pussy; the strike was quick and strong and Mommy slut screamed. Dad handed me the cane again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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