Opportunities Pt. 01

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Part 1 of 3


An associate degree in accounting apparently qualified me to work in a package store. Seriously? I’m asking myself why I busted my ass at this stupid Junior College to get this degree. Every time I see the commercials for that college, I just want throw something at my television. It shows these fucking sexy bitches and these model handsome guys and they’re working at really exciting places and making a shit load of money.

Rusty Butt; his name was really Russell Abutsini, but we called him Rusty Butt didn’t go to that shitty Junior College and didn’t sign up and agree to pay them all kind of money and he was working at the same package store. Shit, he dropped out of high school in the ninth grade and he was working at the same damned place I was working at.

Stone Mountain, Georgia is right outside Atlanta. It’s kind of nice but I bet there’s one church for every ten package stores or bars in this stretch of land. And, why they call it a package store? We sell booze.

I was working this one Saturday; Rusty Butt was late again, but at least this time he called and let me know he was running late. This really cute girl came in and looked around, real nervous like. She didn’t even look at me and kind of walked up and down, looking at everything.

When I was eighteen, the drinking age was eighteen. President Reagan really pissed a lot of people off when he upped the drinking age to twenty one. But by that time I was already twenty seven, so I didn’t give a shit.

This girl wasn’t twenty one. Her whole attitude screamed eighteen and the fact that she wouldn’t look at me was a dead giveaway.

She had this spiky ‘Rod Stewart’ kind of hairstyle which was cute on her. Even though the hair was blonde, her big eyebrow was dark brown so I’m pretty sure the hair was dyed. There was some pimples on her face; poor girl. I’d suffered pretty bad with zits too.

She was skinny; you couldn’t miss it. She had on a boob tube and a shirt unbuttoned and a pair of shorts, all in this ugly lime green and I could see she didn’t really have any boobs to put in her boob tube. Her butt was kind of cute, though.

When she brought the bottle of vodka to the counter, I asked for her ID. She tried to act real offended but I didn’t budge. Finally, she jerked an obviously fake ID out and I shook my head.

There was only one other guy in there; Old Willie. Old Willie was in there to buy his pint bottle of whiskey and was in the corner, counting out his pennies and nickels to make sure he had enough.

I told the girl I wouldn’t sell her the vodka, but if she wanted, I’d get it and we’d go back to my place and we’d do a little partying. She turned this real bright red and looked around all nervous, then asked if it was all right if she had a friend come too. My dick shot straight out; fucking two girls at the same time was a huge fantasy of mine.

I made sure Leslie, that was her name, I made sure Leslie was eighteen and her friend Terry was eighteen too. I watched as Leslie went to the pay phone outside and called this Terry. Old Willie finally grabbed his pint bottle and staggered up to the counter. I smiled at him; shit, I felt pretty sorry for him. He was only thirty two or thirty three, but damn, man looked like he was sixty two or sixty three.

He was fifteen cents short so I just popped the fifteen cents out of my own pocket and gave him the bottle. Old Willie nodded and said God was going bless me. I’m not sure God cares about fifteen cents but okay.

Rusty Butt came in, all smiles as he’s telling me how sorry he is that he’s fifty minutes late. I punched him in his kidney as I walked past; I’m six five and Rusty is about five nine and has never done a pushup in his life. I’m pretty sure he’s going piss blood next time he pisses. Bet that fucker won’t be late tomorrow.

Leslie could tell I was mighty pissed off when her friend Terry turned out to be this boy. He was a cute boy, even had the same hairstyle as her, a light brown in color. He smiled when I walked up, then lost his smile when he could see I wasn’t smiling.

Leslie was about five six and Terry was about five seven. We call crammed into the front of my Toyota pickup; Leslie jammed in between us two guys. She had bahis siteleri on some shitty perfume smelled like dead fish and flowers. Terry had on a bottle of that crappy Jovan Musk for men shit and I wanted to make him get in the back of the pickup bed.

I had two bottles of the vodka and my own bottle of gin. In my trailer, I put on some old Aretha Franklin and went and got three glasses down. Thank God I’d remembered to fill my three ice cube trays that morning. I fixed Leslie and Terry some vodka and Orange Crush and fixed myself some gin and Orange Crush. Again, we sat, Leslie jammed between us on my couch as we listened to the Queen of Soul doing her thing. That bitch can sing, you hear?

About halfway through her drink, Leslie and Terry are giggling about something. I leaned over and kissed her on her pretty mouth and she opened her mouth and let me tongue her mouth. She let out this kind of squeak when I started playing with her titties, or whatever she had in her tube top. Leslie was the president of the itty bitty titty committee.

I pushed her tube top down and let her pale little tits come out for some air. She did have nice nipples and they were hard as I played with them. When I quit kissing her to start licking them nipples, she and Terry started making out. I finished my drink and told them to drink up. Both Terry and Leslie gulped down their drinks and I went and made us some more drinks.

When I came back in the living room just when the album finished playing and the next album dropped down, Leslie was sitting there in just her plain white panties. Terry was kissing her and playing with her tiny tits but they both quit when I held out their drinks for them. Roberta Flack started singing; I love her singing.

About halfway through his second drink, Terry stripped out of his tee shirt and shorts and after a minute, pulls down his plain white briefs and out pops his skinny five inches of boy boner. It’s not big enough to be man meat; even his balls are tiny.

They both looked at me as I pulled my shirt up and off. I pump iron; shit, it’s not like I got anything else to do when I’m not at work. So, I’m pretty solid. When I pulled my jeans and boxers off, Leslie lets out this little squeak. Terry gives out this weird ass kind of sigh looking at my slab of meat. I didn’t have a hard yet; I’m not going get a hard just from playing with titties. But my limp whang was easily as big as Terry’s puny stiffy.

As Roberta sang, I asked rhetorically who was the only one not one hundred percent naked. After a big gulp of her drink, Leslie stood up and wiggled out of her panties. Just as I had suspected, that bush is dark brown; not a bit of blonde in it.

She goes to sit back down and before her sweet little ass can hit my couch, I pulled her onto my lap. She let out this squeal, damn near a scream and I shut her up with a kiss. I started playing with her titties again while we made out and her sweet ass is wiggling on my whang as she sucks on my tongue.

I could feel her twat dripping on my pecker as we made out so I put my hand over her stiff pussy hair then wormed a finger into her tight box. Why is pussy hair so rough? I had a girlfriend that never shaved her legs or her armpits and that leg hair and armpit hair wasn’t nowhere as stiff as her big bush.

It took about two minutes and Leslie was bouncing and squirming on my lap and my dick was as hard as it could get, feeling that sweet ass rubbing all around. I rubbed her joy buzzer and Leslie let out this scream and really squirted pussy juice all over my dick and balls and legs.

The whole time I’m finger fucking his girlfriend, Terry just sat there and drank his drink and watched us. I kind of pushed Leslie off of me and drank some of my drink. Instead of kissing her or playing with her titties, or fingering her bush, Terry just kind of whispered something to Leslie. She shook her head and took a giant gulp of her drink, almost emptying the glass. Terry whispered again and Leslie looked over at my eight inches of fat cock and let out another squeak. Obviously, she liked squeaking a lot.

Terry whispered again and Leslie got kind of angry. She finished off her drink then told Terry to ask me himself; she wasn’t going do it. I sipped canlı bahis siteleri my drink, enjoying Roberta’s honey smooth voice.

Finishing my drink, I figured it was time to get my dick looked after. I pulled Leslie onto her knees on the couch, facing her little boyfriend. This put her sweet ass up in the air, right at the right position. Before she could let out another one of her annoying squeaks, I shoved Leslie’s face into Terry’s crotch. Leslie got the message and both she and Terry let out this loud sigh as her hot mouth wrapped around Terry’s little dick.

Leslie’s pussy was peeking out through her brown curls and I lined my dick up with her lips.

I’m willing bet the biggest dick this girl’s pussy had ever seen was right there on the other end of the couch. I pushed in and Leslie let out this kind of scream. Terry’s face got real red, then he just kind of gasped and Leslie let out another scream; this one sounding pretty pissed.

“Asshole! You supposed say something!” she screamed at him.

Leslie let out another scream when I reached up underneath her and started pulling her nipples pretty hard. I hammered her tight box for several long strokes, feeling the mouth of her cervix gripping and pinching around the knob of my schlong as I sawed in and out of her.

We both screamed when I finally blasted a load of my spunk into her kitty. Damn, that was a good piece of ass. When my dick got soft, I pulled out and finished my drink.

Leslie sat up and continued bitching at her friend. I made three more drinks; I’m glad I bought a whole case of Orange Crush orange soda last time I was at the Kroger.

The album finished and I decided to flip the albums over and play the B-sides. When I returned with our drinks, I saw Terry’s eyes looking at my sticky cock. Leslie had this glazed look in her eyes as I handed her the drink. I’m glad I don’t give a shit about this couch; she had her sloppy pussy right on the cushion, no towel or nothing under her ass. My sperm and her joy juice were puddling up under her as she sat and drank.

Terry’s eyes never left off my dick and I think I can guess what he and his girlfriend were whispering about earlier. I took a big gulp of my drink, then walked around to stand right in front of the little bitch.

I grabbed my slimy cock and ordered him to clean it off. He looked real shocked and blushed a hundred shades of red. I took my cock and slapped him in the face with it. He opened his mouth to say something and I shoved my dick into his mouth. Leslie let out yet another squeak as she watched her boyfriend start to get into being a cock-sucking little bitch.

I fucked Terry’s face almost as hard as I’d fucked his little girlfriend’s kooch a minute ago. Terry was moaning and slurping and letting out these little gagging sounds as I fucked his mouth. A minute later, I grabbed the back of his head and held him in place as I coated his tonsils with dick sauce. That little pussy swallowed every drop of cock cream without any fuss.

Terry asked to use the bathroom and I pointed out the door to the hall bathroom. Leslie just sat and drank and didn’t say anything. When I pulled her onto my lap, she just gave me this half-stoned kind of look. But when I pushed my cock up into her slimy box, she let out this grunt. Thank God it wasn’t another damned squeak. That squeaking shit was getting old quick.

Terry returned a minute later, his tiny dick barely even hanging over his balls. He watched as Leslie bounced up and down on my fuck-stick.

“Don’t worry, pussy,” I said. “You’re next.”

I swear, the little pussy’s little dick got hard when I said that. Leslie was squeaking and grunting as she and I slammed into each other. Finally, she stiffened and let out this howl of orgasm. She leaned real heavy against me after her orgasm quit. A moment later, I kissed her and she sucked hard on my tongue.

“Get up; your boyfriend wants get his pussy used,” I said.

Terry hurried up and drank his whole drink in one big swallow. I went into my medicine cabinet and found my jar of Vaseline. I got two fingers greasy with the slimy stuff and came back into the living room. Leslie and Terry were sitting on the couch, bitching about something with each other. I canlı bahis grabbed Terry by his spiky hair and pulled him onto the living room carpet. He knelt and I just greased his fuck-hole with the two fingers. My cock was still slimy from Leslie’s twat, so after I greased Terry’s little shitter, I lined up my cock and just rammed it into him.

“Ah! Ow, oh my God, oh Jesus it hurts!” Terry screamed. “Shit, Jesus, shit! Stop, Stop, you, you’re fucking killing me!”

I grabbed a handful of his hair and held him in place as I pounded his hole. Leslie sat, just staring at us as I turned her boyfriend into a big cock slut sissy. Terry might be a boy, he might be a friend, but Terry would never ever be Leslie’s boyfriend again. He was one hundred percent homo fuck toy from now on. He actually cried as I pumped his hole full of dick juice.

After the last song died down and the record player shut off, I made both little sluts get dressed. I drove both of them home, dropping Terry off at some shitty little apartments. Leslie lived with her mother and her step-father in some house looked ready to fall over. She and I kissed for a few minutes, until the porch light came on. Then, stupid bitch almost fell on her ass getting out of my truck. I drove off just as she was about to fall off her rickety ass porch steps as she tried to climb them.

“I got all kind of punished,” Leslie informed me a few weeks later.

“That’s nice,” I said, ringing up Old Willie’s pint bottle of whiskey.

“What?” Leslie asked, just staring at me like she couldn’t believe that I just didn’t give a flying fuck about her problems.

“What you want me do about it, Leslie?” I asked, nodding as an old woman put a half-gallon of bourbon onto the counter.

Leslie waited until the woman left, leaning as she tried balancing the heavy bottle of booze. Then Leslie leaned close and asked me if I would get another bottle of vodka for us to party with. I agreed and she laughed happily. Rusty was on time. Ever since I punched him in the kidney, he’d been managing to make it on time. Even so, he stayed out of reach until I cleared the counter. He gave me this asshole smirk when I bought the bottle of vodka and the bottle of gin. One look into my ‘I want to kill you’ eyes wiped that asshole look off his fat face.

In my trailer, Leslie got out of her jeans and turquoise colored tee shirt and panties. Tiny as her tits were, Leslie didn’t need worry about a bra. I put on some Luther Vandross and we made out and drank our drinks. Within ten minutes of coming into my trailer, Leslie was swallowing my meat. I almost asked if she got dick sucking tips from her pussy boyfriend, but didn’t. I leaned over and finger fucked her wet twat and she screamed in orgasm, my knob halfway down her throat. Then I made us a couple more drinks. I put her on her back and returned the favor, fighting through her bush to get to her tasty little joy buzzer. She was still shaking from her orgasm when I slammed my suck stick into her twat. Ten minutes of pounding her followed, then Aretha Franklin started singing and I coated Leslie’s love canal with billions of sperm cells.

After her third drink, Leslie cleaned my sticky cock with her mouth. I put her on her hands and knees on the living room floor and she squeaked and grunted and groaned as I fingered her virgin ass. I used my thumb to tease her joy buzzer while I got two, then three fingers into her cute little rosebud.

Just like her boyfriend, Leslie said it hurt, said I was killing her, begged me to stop. Whole time, though, she’s rubbing her pussy and pushing that tight turd cutter back to get more of my meat into her poop chute.

I managed to fuck Leslie’s sloppy pussy one more time before she squeaked that she was late and needed to get home. I drove her home, even though I knew I was way over the limit. Thank God Stone Mountain didn’t seem to have any cops out that night. Thank God I didn’t kill anyone as I drove Leslie home, then returned to my trailer. I had to drive with one eye shut. One eye shut or not, Leslie wasn’t able to make it up her rickety steps and fell off the porch into the rose bushes next to her porch.

I didn’t see Leslie again; I guessed her mother or her step-father punished her pretty bad for falling into their dead rose bushes. But Leslie and Terry weren’t the last virgin asses I managed to plow that month. They were just the first. And to date, Terry is the first and the last punk ass fag I fucked ever.

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