Out Shopping with Lisa

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Hair Pulling

Ever since the day she caught me wanking, dressed in her bra and panties, my partner Lisa had made the rules that allowed me to wear female underwear – always when we go out together, sometimes when I go out on my own, and always when I go to the pub with my mates, (in case I fancy my chances with another woman). She has also developed a habit of tying up my cock and balls ending with a lead from my balls that she can pull on them if I need a reminder of my subservience to her, or to be directed.

Mostly, she likes to be with me to watch my humiliation and before we go out she tells me what to wear. This is usually just a pretty lacy bra and panties from my personal collection, but sometimes I have to wear breast forms as well. Invariably she chooses the colour of my bra and this never matches my over clothes, although I am allowed to wear a jacket. A pullover would really enhance the outline of my breasts to everyone, so thankfully she has not shown an interest in totally humiliating me in this way.

Last weekend we were going out shopping and Lisa told me to get dressed in a little more than the usual. I knew from experience when the more humiliating dressing up days were likely, as she always called me Jennifer then, rather than Jenny and it usually followed my not having pleased her in some way.

On this occasion I had to wear my red lacy bra and panties with white stockings and suspenders. Before I put on the panties she tied my cock and balls with a length of black cord and eased a medium size butt plug into my sissy pussy. Then she passed the cord through a loop at the base of the butt plug and pulled it tight up between my ass cheeks. Then she fitted my B-cup breast forms and had me wear a thin white shirt and some fairly tight trousers, passing the cord through the rear belt hoops so she could give me a tug on my tightly wrapped balls.

As I looked in the mirror I realised that anyone paying more than a little attention would obviously notice both the outline and colour of my bra through my shirt and also the tell-tale signs of my suspenders. I protested quite a lot, which annoyed her further, but finally I was allowed a light jacket, it was a hot day and hotter with my nylon underwear on but at least I had a little modesty.

We spent the day browsing in and out of various shops, the sun was very hot and it was very humid so I had been sweating. Lisa kept suggesting that I take off my jacket and was laughing at my discomfort. She was also getting pretty annoyed with me as I kept standing near any fans or lingering in air conditioned shops just to try and Pendik Ukraynalı Escort keep cool. She got hold of my black cord and yanked my balls hard, this got me on the move, but also kept getting me stiff and with the cord tightening with each pull I wasn’t losing erection. Thankfully no-one noticed and I was relieved when I thought we were finally returning home as the shops had begun to close.

But Lisa decided she did after all want to go back, (for the third time), to buy a pair of shoes at a small shop we had visited at the very start of the day. I was not best pleased at this as it was very hot in there, and although it wasn’t busy, (I suspect because of the heat), the only staff were three young Saturday shop girls who were constantly chatting and giggling to each other. They kept asking if they could help me, as I found it best to keep looking at the shoes on the walls to give less of a chance of my bra being spotted through my shirt.

In any case as we approached the shop, the skies darkened and the rain came pouring down. My shirt was now almost completely transparent, and despite my protests, Lisa literally dragged me by the balls back to the shop. She seemed delighted that I was going to feel nervous and exposed in there again. I was hoping the shop would be closed before we got there but I wasn’t going to be so lucky.

We arrived just as they were closing and I suggested we’d come back another day but Lisa had her arm round my back and gave another hard pull on my balls. One of the assistants recognised us from the earlier visits and as we were drenched, let us in, put the closed sign on the door and shut the blinds to show the shop was now closed.

After joking about the rain and thanking the girls for giving us shelter, Lisa started trying on shoes and again I was approached by them offering help as I looked at the shoes on the walls again. It was getting hotter inside despite being wet and I guess the girls had had a long hot day as well with only a few customers and were looking for another sale from me as well. Lisa called over that she had decided what pair to buy and told me to sit down and try a pair as I needed some new shoes as well, and the least we could do was give them a decent value sale after they had let us in.

I sat down and the oldest assistant came over with a selection of shoes to try, I wasn’t keen but Lisa had sat beside me and was tugging on my balls again, I was sure one of them would either notice her pulling at my balls or notice my cock which was still totally erect, hard and straining at my trousers. Pendik Üniversiteli Escort The assistant was quite busty and was kneeling at my feet and helping get the shoes on and off so I had a good view of her ample cleavage which just made me harder still. Meanwhile the other assistants were either standing around her, or fetching more shoes for me to try on.

It was the boots that were my downfall, as the girl at my feet pulled them off, my sock came off leaving my stockinged foot on view. Everyone paused, including Lisa and then they all looked directly at me, I was totally red in the face from the heat and embarrassment and Lisa said, “Darling you really must be so hot, what with this jacket on and all your underwear underneath as well.” And with that she pulled off my jacket leaving my bra plainly on view through my shirt.

The assistants were all staring at me wide eyed, then one of the girls began to giggle to the others and asked Lisa, “Can we see the rest then please?”

With that they rushed over and Lisa moved aside showing that she wasn’t going to stop them. The girl at my feet joined in, pulling off my other boot and than grappling at my trousers yelling that it would teach me for staring at her tits, while the girls pulled my shirt off.

I didn’t stand a chance as the three of them had pushed me back and were pinning my arms. I was totally humiliated and Lisa stood over me laughing and said, “What do you girls think of this little toy then”, and began tugging on my balls again, “go on have a play with them, he deserves the punishment, after all he’s not interested in fucking me any more, he just wants to dress up like a woman.” This wasn’t true but it was no use arguing, Lisa was humiliating me big time and no-one was about to believe me.

The girls led me round the shop laughing and pulling on my balls, they laid me face down and all sat on my ass and lower back, squashing my cock and tied up balls to the point I thought they would burst. They turned me over and sat on my face smothering me, tugging at my cock and balls, and all the while Lisa was shouting, “Go on, give it to him good for wasting your time today and have some fun.”

One of the girls said, “Let’s get him into some really nice shoes then.” They began fitting me with ridiculously high heels and got me stumbling round the shop, they just loved the cord round my cock and balls and had tied on a couple of heavy bags of coins to it, which were swinging about wildly as I walked, pulling and stretching my balls with every step.

Finally Lisa stopped their Pendik Vip Escort games and had me stand in front of them and said, “Go on and wank off for them now you pathetic man.” I started masturbating, and all the girls kept laughing at me. I came just about the biggest and hardest I had ever done, so hard that I sprayed a big white glob onto one girls face. She stopped laughing and said, “Wow that really hit me hard on the face, much more powerful than any of my boyfriends.”

Lisa looked at me and said, “You really got off on that didn’t you – I think we should try this again, don’t you agree?” She forced me to agree to this, that I wanted to be humiliated again like this in front of strangers, and then she told me to lick my spunk off the girl’s face and as I did so she said, “Oh, did I just say strangers?, I’ve got news for you, if these girls agree, then they are coming round to our house for a show you will be giving tonight and I will be inviting my mother and some of our lady neighbours.”

I said, “You can’t be serious, your mother is a real gossip and the neighbours will tell their husbands and pretty soon I’ll be the laughing stock in the village.”

Lisa asked, “Did I see you girls taking some photos with your phones?” Sarah, the youngest girl said, “Yes, and I’ve already sent some to my mother to help explain why I’m late leaving work – can she come too if that’s ok?”

Lisa nodded approval and then said firmly and calmly, “So you see my darling, pathetic husband, if you don’t become more enthusiastic about it, then perhaps I will invite your mother and sister to see Jennifer as well. I think my neighbours will soon have their husbands performing as well when they see what fun they can have dressing them up and humiliating them.”

Finally I was allowed to get dressed and we went home. Lisa left me to prepare for the party, still in my bra and panties while I could hear her on the phone to her friends inviting them.

Later, one of the husbands phoned me asking if I was joining the guys on a night out as all their wives were going round to a special party at our house. Lisa passed the phone to me and listened in. She pulled my ball cord hard from behind with one hand while squeezing them firmly with the other to remind me to repeat the message she had prepared for me. I told him I wasn’t up to drinking tonight and they should enjoy themselves.

Then the doorbell rang and Lisa dragged me by the balls to the front door and threw it wide open, so I was in full view to anyone who may have been passing in the street and looking in our direction.

It was Sarah from the shop, and her mother Claire who looked me over and told Lisa she was looking forward to the entertainment tonight. I showed them in and thought back to my friends invitation to go drinking with them and I thought “Guys – you’d had better enjoy yourselves while you still can.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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