Paul and Amanda

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For those who don’t remember, I work 3rd shift at a local factory. Well, local as in about 25 miles away, but close enough for living in a more rural area. I enjoy the night shift for the freedom it allows me-freedom to drive naked and freedom to set a daytime schedule of my choosing. Although I try to stick to a schedule of going home to sleep right away, there are times when someone wants a morning fuck, and of course I am always willing to oblige.

Kathy is lucky, she doesn’t have to work, I make enough money for us to live modestly. Truth be told, I don’t think she could hold a job anyhow. It’s not that she can’t work, or is even unwilling to consider it. Her problem is that she has one of the worst cases of nymphomania I have ever known anyone to have. It seems like anything will set off her craving for sex, and the desire is so great she literally can’t think of anything else until her pussy is filled. There are dildos laying all around our house so she can grab one at any time and play with herself. It never completely satisfies her, but is enough until she can either get a cock in her or have some pussy juice on her tongue. I always thought it was funny how pussy juice will calm her, but it never fails to satisfy her until her next craving. Since I usually wake up between 2-3pm, it is not unusual to wake up and find her fucking someone.

This is why when I woke up this Wednesday afternoon I wasn’t surprised to hear her moaning. I didn’t know if she was with someone or just masturbating, but knew I would find out soon. I rolled out of bed and walked across the hall to the bathroom to take a piss. I then did my morning clean up and walked out of the bathroom toward the living room pulling on my cock. I stopped in amazement as I saw our neighbor Paul fucking Kathy doggy style.

Paul is married to Amanda and they have been out neighbors for about 2 years. They are the one set of neighbors that never really talked to us. We always knew not everyone would agree with how we live our life, and we just figured they were one of those couples. So to see Paul fucking Kathy just blew me away. I stood there and jerked off while watching them.

I could tell Paul was pretty well hung, his strokes were pretty long. Kathy’s boobs swung under her in rhythm to the slapping sound that came every time Paul pushed in. I could hear the suction of Kathy’s pussy juice trying to keep Paul’s cock lubed and sliding effortlessly deep inside her. I could see Paul had shaved his cock and balls,which is something I really like. My mouth began to water and my cock grew harder as I thought about how his cock would taste and feel inside my mouth. I started really jerking hard on my cock as I watched.

After about 10 minutes Paul slapped Kathy’s ass and told her to roll over. She quickly did as she was told and soon he was mounted and fucking her again. I watched the sweat glisten off his back and Kathy’s fingers trying to dig into his back. It wasn’t long before she wrapped her legs around his waist and was trying to pull him deeper inside her.

I thought about Paul’s wife Amanda. She was one of those women who came across to me as being entitled. She was probably homecoming queen in high school, and had the attitude that often went with it. Although I have never known her to look at us in a bad way, just the standoffish nature she carried was enough to make me not even really consider her fuckable. As I watched Paul pound Kathy’s pussy, I wondered if maybe I was wrong in that assessment.

Kathy was rocking under Paul, trying to flip him over. Kathy’s favorite position is on top, where she can control everything- the pace and the depth of the cock inside her. She could tease herself, then pound hard. Paul got the hint and rolled over. His prize was having Kathy’s 44DD boobs hanging in his face, nipples long, hard and proud.

I thought about joining them but decided to just let them fuck. I am sure it took a lot for Paul to get the courage to come over. I wondered how long they had been talking about it, Kathy had never mentioned it before. I decided I would just go outside and let them have their fun. I would be filled in later with all the other details anyhow.

I opened the back door and walked outside ready to enjoy the warmth of the sun. My hard on had subdued just a bit, but I was still horny. I wasn’t sure really what I wanted, whether to masturbate or just wait and fuck Kathy when she got done with Paul. Those thoughts suddenly vanished as I spotted Amanda laying naked in one of our lounge chairs soaking in the rays.

Her body Bodrum Escort was a smooth even tan. I wondered if she went to a tanning bed or if she just liked to lay naked outside. My mind was having a hard time rationalizing that she was even here. All our past interactions have never lead me to believe this was possible. She looked to have what I thought to be about 38 C boobs, still somewhat firm but they had that slight droop that comes as you get a little older. Her nipples were about an inch long and looked like they would be really fun to suck on. Her pussy lips bulged out, swollen and wet, glistening in the sun. Her stomach wasn’t tight, but she wasn’t fat either. She was a middle aged woman who has had couple kids, who obviously trying to keep herself in shape. As I stood there studying her, I felt myself growing hard once more.

Amanda must have felt my presence because she glanced back at me and gave me a quick smile. I walked up and sat in the chair next to her, not really sure what to say. She broke the silence when she told me that she had heard stories about how big my cock was but now that she can see it close up that it was bigger than she thought it was going to be. I chuckled and told her she wasn’t the first to be surprised from it. I told her I was shocked to see her and Paul here as they had never given any hint that they were interested in really getting to know each other.

She leaned back, enjoying the sun, turning quiet for a moment. I leaned back as well, willing myself to relax. With Paul fucking Kathy inside and finding Amanda naked outside, I was pretty sure I was going to fuck her but I didn’t want to rush the process. I wanted her to be as comfortable as possible. I glanced over at her wondering again if I had misjudged her, two years of having a certain impression about someone just doesn’t go away. She looked over at me and had what seemed to be a sad smile and sighed.

She started telling me about how life had become stale for her and Paul. Their kids were getting older, and his sex drive was starting to decrease. Years of making love to the same person had become very routine, and although they loved each other, the spark just wasn’t there sexually like it used to be. They both knew that it was natural, that part of life where you transition from a relationship based more on sex to one based more on comfort and support. They had started to watch porn as a way to spice things up, mimicking what they watched. They heard stories about the life we had, and how much fun we were having living it. They bought a porn based on swinging and they both realized it was hot to watch their partner getting fucked. After talking about it for about a while and kind of watching what happened over here, they had decided to try it and see if the actual swinging experience was as good as the movie made it appear to be.

I told her I was glad they had talked about it and made a mutual decision, but they had to tread carefully. I told her how Kathy and I can fuck who we want whenever we want, but we have to be open and honest about it. We never keep secrets about who and when we fuck, and always try to have sex before we go to sleep at the end of the day. We understand that at the end it will always be just the two of us, everyone else is just sexual adventures.I told her it is vital to have that understanding or it could drive a wedge between them, and jealousy could set in.

We laid there for a few more minutes, and occasionally could hear a moan or noise from Paul and Kathy fucking. I wondered if they were on round two, or if Paul had exceptional stamina and hadn’t yet cum. I knew Kathy could go all day and had probably had multiple orgasms by now. I saw Amanda touch her pussy when she heard a moan, and knew she was excited about Paul getting fucked. I decided I may as well make a move, see where things led.

I slid down between her legs and lowered my head into her shining pussy, my tongue reaching out to taste her sweetness. I felt her shiver as my tongue touched her clit and when I glanced up I saw she was playing with her nipples. Her eyes were closed and she had a dreamy look on her face. I was surprised she wasn’t more tense and unsure, but was glad she was comfortable. I sucked her clit into my mouth and nibbled on it, making her back arch and her legs tighten around my head. I held her clit in my teeth and flicked my tongue back and forth over it, her body trembling. Her hands came down to my head and pushed it down, as if trying to smother me. I slid my hands under her raised ass and Bodrum Escort Bayan massaged her ass cheeks until she started cumming. Her body jerked and quivered, and she squeezed my head even tighter. She was strong and it almost hurt but I wouldn’t stop eating her pussy. I was all in by now, and my cock wanted in her pussy in the worst way.

The pressure from her legs let up as her orgasm faded, and I slid her off the chair onto the ground. I quickly moved on her, my cock straining and trying to find her wetness. She reached down and guided my cock into her pussy and she gasped as the head of my cock penetrated her. I paused for a minute to let her pussy relax. I knew from past experience many women needed those few seconds or they would be hurting later. Then I slowly started pushing deep into her, little by little, until my cock was fully engulfed by her pussy. I started slow, sliding in and out, letting her get used to the size of my cock, letting her enjoy it.

Her pussy wasn’t as tight as I thought it was going to be, obviously Paul has a bigger cock than I thought he had and she was used to being fucked. Knowing Kathy was getting fucked with such a big cock made me smile, and of course I really wanted to get a good look at it too. It has been a while since I fucked a big cock myself, and although I had no idea if Paul was interested in exploring that sexual avenue, it was nice to think about. I knew I would see his cock soon, and will probably be dreaming of it for a while, hoping to get a chance to experience it like Kathy is now.

Amanda pulled my head down and met my mouth with hers. I could feel the hunger in her kisses, as she sucked in my lips and nibbled on them. My right hand moved to her breast and played with her nipple. Her breath grew more ragged and her moans more intense and frequent. I was going strong, sliding in and out of her at a consistent pace, going as deep as I could with every stroke.

Suddenly a blow up mattress was placed on the ground next to us, and I looked up to see Kathy smiling down at us. Paul was standing behind her, staring at his wife and I having sex. His cock was limp from having just having cummed, but still looked pretty damned big. I could see it twitch as the horniness was quickly returning to him. Sometimes it is fun when you are the one fucking, but not so easy when you are seeing your partner getting fucked. Paul obviously was enjoying watching me fuck Amanda.

I pulled out of Amanda and rolled onto the mattress, Amanda quickly following. I laid on my back and she straddled me, lowering her pussy toward my waiting cock. She quickly grabbed my cock and lowered herself down onto it. Once the head entered her pussy she let go of my cock and started pushing down, taking all of me inside her. I could feel her pussy muscles tighten as she started bouncing up and down on me, her boobs following just slightly behind her movements.

I glanced back and Paul was still gaping at us, his hand holding his cock. He was entranced watching but Kathy wanted more. She knelt in front of him, took his cock out of his hand, and started sucking it. He quickly grew fully hard. I could see he was close to 7 inches long, about the same as my cock, he just didn’t quite have the girth I have. I was impressed because I haven’t seen to many guys with cocks about my size. Kathy glanced down at me and smiled, she knew what I was thinking. Kathy kept trying to get his attention, but he couldn’t take his eyes off me and Amanda.

I pulled Amanda close to me and grabbed both her boobs. Squeezing them together, I started sucking on both her nipples at the same time. I could feel her body shudder as she started having some mini orgasms. She started sliding up and down my cock a little faster. I knew she was going to cum soon, and sure enough just a minute later she slammed her pussy down hard on my cock, taking me in fully, and her pussy muscles started to pulse as she orgasmed.

Amanda finally paused and laid down on top of me. she was sweaty and starting to get tired out. I rolled her over and positioned myself so we were like a pair of scissors. I lifted one of her legs, slid close to her, and grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy. I looked at Kathy and she was getting frustrated. She wanted cock but Paul was like a statue, seemingly unable to move. She would suck on him, try to get him to titty fuck her, but he wouldn’t or couldn’t stop watching me fuck his wife.

Kathy went over to the toybox and got out a blindfold. She walked up behind Paul and slid it over Escort Bodrum his eyes and told him he was a bad boy for ignoring her. Paul grabbed his cock and said how sorry he was,but he just couldn’t get over how hot it was watching Amanda getting fucked. Kathy told him he was going to have to pay for ignoring her, and she pushed him over toward me and Amanda. She then winked at me and Amanda watched what was happening. She was excited about what Kathy might have for Paul in way of punishment.

I rolled over and got on top of Amanda once again, sliding my cock quickly into her pussy. Kathy knelt right next to me on the bed and pulled Paul close, sucking him again. Amanda’s eyes got wide as she watched Kathy take his whole cock in her mouth. Kathy was playing with her pussy as she sucked, but I knew that wasn’t going to last long. Suddenly Kathy stopped and turned Paul just a little bit so his cock would line up with my mouth.

Amanda gasped and wrapped her legs around my waist and squeezed tightly as she watched me take Paul’s cock into my mouth and suck on it. Her fingers were digging into my back hard enough to make me bleed, but I didn’t mind. I managed to get into a rhythm of fucking and sucking, not always the easiest thing to do. Paul’s large cock made it easier though as it gave me more room. My cock swelled just a little bit bigger inside Amanda, and as she felt my cock grow, her pulsing small orgasms returned.

Kathy wouldn’t let me have all the fun for to long, soon she pulled Paul down onto the mattress and climbed on top of him. She was soon riding him like a bucking bronco. Up and down she went, her 44DD boobs thrashing around threatening to knock anyone out who dare interfere. Eventually she took the blindfold off Paul, and told him if he was good he wouldn’t have to wear it again.

I felt myself swell and felt the cum starting to rise up the shaft of my cock. I think Amanda could feel it too because I felt her tense underneath me as she started cumming. With one last deep stroke I exploded deep inside Amanda. She pulled my ass tight toward her, willing and crying to be filled with my hot cum. Once my body stopped convulsing, I lay down next to her and we watched Kathy finish fucking Paul.

I was surprised when Amanda reached out and started playing with Kathy’s nipples. It was obvious by now how wrong I had been about her, and it was nice seeing this side of her. Kathy and Paul fucked for about five more minutes until they both orgasmed. Kathy quickly dismounted Paul and licked his cock, trying to get all the cum that she could. Then she laid next to Paul and we all just rested together, quiet, just taking it all in.

Finally we started talking, and Paul and Amanda got into a little more detail about their decision to swing. They both agreed they didn’t want to do it often, or with to many other couples, but they were glad they had finally broke the ice and at least tried it. They agreed it was definitely better than watching it, and both were amazed how great it was watching the other getting fucked.

As they were getting ready to leave, Amanda came up to me and whispered to me how hot it was to see me suck Paul’s cock. I told her that it was fun for me to suck cock asked her how far she would like me to go with him. She told me she wasn’t sure yet, she always wanted to see two guys fuck, but she wasn’t sure how Paul would react. While Paul was at work a couple times she had rented gay porn videos and masturbated. I went and got her some bisexual swingers porn videos and told her to play them sometime for him and see his reaction- if he got a hard on, no matter what he said, she would know the truth- after all the cock doesn’t lie. She said she would play them in the next week or so but she really hoped he would get hard. I told her to just let it happen, if it is meant to happen it will. I told her I noticed she had played with Kathy’s boobs and asked if she was interested in sex with Kathy as well. She blushed and said she wasn’t sure, she was just so turned on by everything she couldn’t help herself. I told her that it was a very natural reaction and that it sounds like the movies I let them borrow will be a big help to the both of them.

As they were leaving, Kathy went up to Amanda and told her that her and Paul didn’t have to be strangers, they were welcome anytime. Kathy planted a kiss right on Amanda’s lips, and Paul grabbed his cock through his shorts as he watched. Amanda turned a bright red, but to her credit didn’t jerk away. Paul came up to me and asked if it was true he could fuck Kathy whenever he wanted, and I told him it was true. He smiled and said thanks. Amanda and Paul then walked out the door, holding hands as they walked back across the street to their house. Kathy and I know we will eventually see them again and look forward to when that time comes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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