Pen Pal

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Lisa continued reading the story, her mouth watering for more, her pussy aching with each word she read and a hunger and desire filling her very being. Eagerly she went to the next page, knowing what was coming, but needing to read it as if she had no idea. Needing to keep going as if it were a drug…she was mesmerized, entranced, controlled. Her body responding to every erotic word picture that had been perfectly placed together…her hips pulsing forward, her fingers tracing across the skin on her neck, and her pussy filling with hot liquid as the storyline continued and her desire for more quickened.

Realizing that she was fully turned on and still sitting at her desk at work, Lisa got up quickly from her desk and headed towards the bathrooms. Closing the bathroom stall quickly behind her, she was so glad the doors sealed each stall in from floor to ceiling. She quickly unzipped her pants and slid her hand down between the soft plush lips of her pussy, the warmth causing a gasp and soft moan to escape her lips. With her free hand she continued reading the story as the two characters engaged in a hot, steamy, sexual encounter. With every word she read of their encounter, she slowly ran her fingers from her pussy to her clit and back, her body twinging with each pass on her clit. As the characters in the story neared climax with each other, she rubbed harder and faster, moaning softly in unison with the characters as they climaxed, and she slid down to the toilet seat. Her eyes rolling to the back of her head, she breathed out a controlled sigh.

Knowing that she had to return to work, Lisa quickly commented on the story, washed her hands and walked casually back to her office. Two of her employees saw her return and entered her office to discuss cases they had on their caseloads.

Once her employees left, Lisa closed her eyes and sighed. This was the tenth time she had read the same story over the course of a few weeks, and each climactic orgasm had been better than the last. She scanned back over the comment she had left, her heart pounding in her ears. All she wanted was to get through the day to the evening she had planned: she had set up a meeting with the author of the erotic stories she loved so much. She knew she had to meet the person who could control her so well through her writings.

*Several hours later*

Lisa stood in front of the full length mirror, scrutinizing her look. After several failed outfit attempts, she had settled on a simple cobalt blue dress that was smooth to the touch and shone in the light. The dress had a v-neck that plunged below the bra-line, so her round perky breasts sat free within the folds of the material. She turned to look at her butt, which was cupped perfectly by the skirt of the dress, which hugged every curve effortlessly. She looked down her toned, pale legs to the blue heels she had chosen to go with the dress, she pulsed her leg muscles, smiling at how they tightened.

Her brown hair with purple highlights sat just above her shoulders, the ends curling under subtly and softly cupping her face. She pursed her plump, red lips at herself in the mirror and nodded her head slightly in approval. She was ready.

As the Uber driver tried to discuss the weather and her day with her, his eyes clearly fixated on her through the rear view mirror, she answered each question flatly, her mind elsewhere. Her mind had strayed to the characters from one of her favorite erotic stories, the scenes unfolding in her mind as if she was reading them again. She was brought back to reality by the Uber driver opening her door and telling her they were at her destination – a fancy lounge and restaurant she had chosen for the occasion. She accepted his hand as she stepped out of the car, and she realized upon standing that her blue lace thong was warm and wet from her memories of the story. She blushed at the thought of meeting the author like that, but knew there was nothing she could do about it.

Lisa went inside the lounge and headed for the section she had described to her pen pal and the author of the stories. She sat on the plush black velvet couch she had reserved to wait. She didn’t know what to expect in this first meeting, or even what the author looked like. All she knew was that the author was going to come with a red rose in her hand. She casually Beylikdüzü escort scanned the room as she ordered a drink from the waitress who had just come over.

A few minutes later, she looked up and her eyes locked with the stunning emerald green eyes of a woman walking towards her with a red rose. She noticed the woman blushing as she realized that she had allowed her eyes to roam slowly over the woman’s entire body, appreciation across her face.

The woman wore tight black skinny jeans above black strappy heels. She wore a black and white striped shirt, the neckline barely covering her tan breasts. That was topped by a fitted blue jean jacket which perfectly accented the outfit.

“Hi, I’m Diana.” The woman said as she reached her.

Standing up quickly, knocking over an iced water the waitress had brought and clumsily picking it up, she said “Hi, I’m Lisa.” Her face flushed as she noticed Diana’s dark wavy brown hair cascading down her shoulders like a soft cotton blanket draped over a bed.

Diana reached out and put her arms around Lisa’s shoulders. Lisa hid the shocked look on her face as she followed Diana’s lead and hugged her. Lisa was only too aware of the fact that her milky breasts were perfectly aligned and pressed against Diana’s tan breasts. Every cell of her body awakened at the touch of Diana’s skin against hers.

“It’s so nice to finally meet you, Lisa!” Diana’s voice broke Lisa out of the seductive alley her mind had been going down and she pulled back and smiled at Diana, noticing her perfect babydoll pink lips.

“Yes, so nice to meet you too Diana…” Lisa fumbled through her words as they sat down on the sofa. She looked at the floor as an awkward silence surrounded them. She wondered why she was so nervous all of a sudden. After all, she was just meeting a pen pal whom she had admired for months.

Diana reached out a warm, tan hand to Lisa’s shoulder. “Why are you so nervous, Lisa?” Diana’s voice sounded like warm coffee on a lazy Sunday morning. Lisa looked up into her emerald eyes…mesmerized by this dark haired beautiful woman in front of her. Her skin felt on fire where Diana’s fingers were just beyond the shirt line on her shoulder.

“I don’t know…you’re more beautiful than I ever expected, and I guess it just caught me off guard. Silly really…you would think I was meeting someone for like an actual date or something and not a friend who I truly admire and want to get to know in person, because your writing is amazing and addictive and so…” Lisa’s words trailed off as Diana chuckled a quiet, calm chuckle at her rambling.

Lisa looked back into Diana’s eyes. “You’re very beautiful too, Lisa. And you look so elegant in that dress…though your ivory white legs are what caught MY attention first.” Diana looked seductively down to Lisa’s legs.

Lisa crossed her left foot behind the ankle of the right one. She cleared her throat as she pulled the hem of her dress down a little further and flagged down the waitress to take their drink orders.


*some time later*

Before long they were laughing with each other and sharing stories of their lives and how they had met through an online erotic story site. Diana reached up and pulled off her jean jacket as her skin warmed after a few drinks. She combed her slim fingers through her hair, swishing the silky curls at the bottom and causing them to dance around her shoulders. She looked back to Lisa, realizing that Lisa had stopped talking mid sentence. As she looked at Lisa she caught Lisa looking at her breasts which were barely covered by her shirt. She smiled, feeling satisfied that her choice of outfit was having this effect on Lisa.

Diana reached over and put her hand on Lisa’s bare knee. Her skin tingled as her fingers landed on Lisa’s leg, the hair on her neck came alive and she reveled in the fact that no one had caused this reaction out of her in awhile.

Diana saw Lisa swallow hard and look up into Diana’s eyes. Diana grinned a playful grin and said “Hey, my place is nearby, what do you think about going there where there aren’t as many people?”

Lisa nodded and took a last sip of her drink before standing up. Diana stood up and motioned towards the door. As Lisa turned to walk towards the door, Diana placed her hand on the small of Lisa’s back, Beylikdüzü escort guiding her gently but with the rising urgency inside of her.


Lisa sat next to Diana in the Uber that she had called to take them to Diana’s apartment. Lisa’s head was swimming as she tried to think back over the conversation they had been having and why Diana would want to take her to her apartment. Her skin was awakened the moment Diana had placed her fingers on her knees. Lisa realized that Diana still had her hand on her knee and was rubbing her soft thumb rhythmically in circles on Lisa’s leg. “Does Diana hear my heart beating?” Lisa thought as Diana’s rubbing was in time with her heart beating.

Lisa followed Diana out of the Uber and towards an elegant apartment building where Diana greeted the bellhop at the door. Lisa wondered at the amused smile the bellhop gave to Diana as they walked past. Lisa still wasn’t quite sure what was happening, but was so excited to spend more time with Diana. She felt she couldn’t get enough of those bright eyes above the perfect mouth as well as Diana’s hypnotizing voice.

Diana pushed open her apartment door and stood back for Lisa to enter first. Lisa’s jaw dropped at the elegance that opened before her. The apartment was spotless and was decorated with items and furniture that looked like they belonged in a palace.

Lisa jumped at the sound of the door closing behind her and spun around, watching Diana put her purse and cell phone down on a table by the door.

“I want to show you where I feel inspired when I write my stories,” Diana stated, grabbing Lisa’s hand and pulling her towards two glass doors. Diana flung them open to reveal a large wrap around balcony with luxurious and comfortable couches.

“I’m glad I chose a fancy lounge” Lisa stated as she chuckled softly to herself. Lisa moved over to the railing and looked down at the city lights and streets below them. Before she knew what had happened, Lisa felt Diana’s hands on either side of her hands, Diana’s warm curvy body pressing up against Lisa’s and pressing her into the railing. Lisa gasped at how good it felt for Diana’s body to be pressed up against her back. A cool breeze blew her hair into her face but she didn’t care because Diana was keeping her warm.

After what felt like eternity, Lisa felt Diana move. Her eyes closed as Diana’s mouth closed around the outside of her ear…and then a gentle nibble to her neck. Lisa instinctively raised her arm and dug her fingers through Diana’s hair, pushing her head gently down harder to her neck. Lisa let out an audible moan.


Diana took Lisa’s moan as encouragement to keep going. She gently spun Lisa around in front of her, pushing her body up against Lisa’s again. Their breasts pressed together and Diana’s skin crawled with excitement. She leaned over and kissed Lisa’s neck again, this time trailing soft but urgent kisses down the neckline of Lisa’s blue dress. She lingered a kiss at the top of Lisa’s breast and felt Lisa’s body shudder against hers and the railing. Diana pulled Lisa closer to her, their bodies fully pressed together. Diana wrapped her arms around Lisa’s butt and pulled her into herself. Diana’s pussy was alive and she knew she couldn’t wait much longer. Grabbing Lisa’s hand she spun them around and through the glass doors back into the apartment.

Diana closed the doors and then guided Lisa towards a closed door. Excitement coursing through her body she grabbed Lisa’s face and kissed her lips hard, causing a loud moan to escape Lisa’s lips.

Diana threw the doors open and led Lisa to a perfectly made bed. She ran her fingers down the sides of Lisa’s hips to the hem of her dress and pulled the dress off of Lisa. Lisa’s breasts bounced as they were released from the dress. Diana took a step back to admire Lisa’s ivory skin in a bright blue Lacey thong. Lisa’s body shivered in anticipation.


Her whole body shivered as she stood almost fully naked in front of Diana, someone she had looked up to for months…the most beautiful woman she had ever met. Diana’s eyes were hungrily drinking in the sight of her and Lisa suddenly felt embarrassed and self-conscious.

Diana rushed to her and kissed her lips gently and then with more and more desire. Lisa felt warm liquid slide down from her barely Escort Beylikdüzü covered pussy. She knew she was ready to cum.

Diana picked Lisa up with strength Lisa didn’t know she had and she placed her on the bed. Lisa unbuttoned Diana’s pants and pulled them down, exposing the most beautiful glistening pussy she had ever seen. Perfectly shaped and shaved, and glistening with Diana’s sweet smelling juices. Lisa couldn’t resist and kissed down Diana’s stomach until she reached the top of her pussy. Lisa smiled and slipped her tongue between the soft folds as Diana moaned her appreciation.


As Lisa lightly licked Diana’s clit, Diana pulled her shirt off and started to rub her own nipples. She pushed Lisa fully down on the bed and got on top of her, straddling her hips. She grabbed Lisa’s wrists and put them above her head, lowering her body down to Lisa’s. Diana made sure that her nipples rubbed against Lisa’s and smiled at the gasp from Lisa.

Taking a hand, Diana reached down to fondle Lisa’s still slightly covered pussy. The thong was soaked through. Diana kissed Lisa’s neck and trailed the kisses to her breasts. She passed the breasts and scooting backwards continued to kiss down to the top of the Lacey blue thong.

Using her teeth, Diana pulled Lisa’s thong down off of her legs. She then slid back up between Lisa’s thighs and slowly kissed around Lisa’s moist, beautiful pussy. Lisa’s body lifted in anticipation and Diana dove in.


Lisa gasped in ecstasy as Diana plunged her tongue deep into her moist pussy folds. Diana sucked and licked harder than Lisa had ever experienced. Lisa reached down and grabbed Diana’s hair, encouraging her to continue. Lisa’s body began to shake as Diana brought Lisa to the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Her eyes held shut Lisa heard herself scream aloud in ecstasy. She pushed Diana’s head away from her throbbing pussy as her pussy squirted cum out onto Diana’s bed. Her legs shook uncontrollably as she tried to regain control of her body.


Diana sat back in awe as Lisa squirted out onto her bed. That was the most intense orgasm she had ever seen and she had never seen a girl squirt before. She sidled up to Lisa on the bed, laying next to her and putting her arms around Lisa’s waist. She wrapped a leg around one of Lisa’s as she felt Lisa’s body relax from the orgasm. Diana’s pussy was throbbing in anticipation of Lisa’s next touch.

Lisa rolled towards Diana and slowly kissed her lips. Diana smiled at the thought of Lisa tasting herself. Diana’s eyes got big when she felt two fingers push themselves inside of her pussy. She smiled and rolled onto her back, eager for Lisa to fuck her. Lisa turned with her and continued exploring her pussy with her fingers while leaning down to lick her clit.

Diana moaned in pleasure as Lisa’s velvet tongue lapped at her clit and locked up her juices. Her body moved in rhythm with Lisa’s fingers. Barely able to speak, Diana said “top drawer…next to bed.”


Lisa sat up and reached over to the top drawer. She opened it and smiled in delight. She pulled out a strapless strap on. She quickly placed the plug end into her still soaking pussy and placed her body in front of Diana. Diana opened her legs wide in anticipation, her juices leaking out onto the bed, mixing with Lisa’s cum.

Lisa smiled down and slowly inserted the strap on into Diana’s glistening pussy.


She felt herself being fucked, her eyes squeeze shut. She heard Lisa’s ecstatic moans as she plunged the strap on deeper and deeper into Diana, also feeling the effects of it being pushed inside of herself. Diana felt herself soaring, the fireworks in her head building to a grande finale…and then her body ignited, convulsing uncontrollably as Lisa continued fucking her. Diana felt as though she was swimming and realized that she herself had squirted but that Lisa was once again squirting all over her too…their cum mixing all over each other, both of them moaning loudly in surrender.


Lisa slowly pulled the strap on out of both of them and laid down next to Diana. Her eyes wide open she couldn’t believe what had happened tonight. She had not expected any of this. Was it all a dream? As Diana rolled to her and wrapped her arm tightly around her, snuggling up to her side, Lisa knew it was not a dream at all. That she was laying next to her pen pal, her favorite erotic author, and that they had just finished the most amazing lovemaking she had ever experienced. Lisa nuzzled into Diana and fell asleep in her arms.

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