P!nK Ch. 02: Intern Snack Pt. 01

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“Kelly can I see you in my office please?” I said into the phone. “Yes sir, I’ll be right in,” was her reply and a few minutes late, one of the newest interns at P!nK sashayed through my office door looking like Megan Fox walking a fashion runway.

“Please close the door Kelly.” She turned and took 2 steps back towards the door and closed it. She then walked over and took a seat across from my desk. I watched her cross and recross her legs while I asked some questions about a customer call she had taken earlier in the week.

“Well Kelly, the customer was very impressed with how quickly and professionally you handled their concern. Elliot is coming to town in a few days and he expressed a desire to meet you in person,” I told her. “I was wondering if you would like to accompany us to lunch and then back to the airport, to see him off, after our meeting?”

“Yeah, I would love to. Sir, how do you think Alexis is going to react to that? That used to be one of her big accounts, I don’t want her to think I stole it from her,” Kelly said with concern.

“Oh, I’ve already spoken to Alexis, she’s just fine with you working on it. You do know that Elliot is the CEO of WMAOS, Inc right? Isn’t that one of the places you wanted to work someday?” I asked. The smile that had been on her face since the beginning of this conversation told me answer.

“Yes, I knew that. Thank you so much for this chance. This could be a great stepping stone for me,” she said.

I couldn’t help but notice how the line of her body flowed so nicely from her ears down her jaw line to her neck and then down where it intersected her shirt which I then followed downward to the V where her shirt came together between her lovely softball sized breasts. I was totally mesmerized by the white dress shirt she had on and her tan skin. The way her hair fell on her shoulders. I could feel my cock hardening. My eyes continued downward to her black pencil skirt and her black nylon covered legs. Her feet were out of view because my desk was in the way but it didn’t matter…

*cough* “…Mr. Dalton?”

I looked up at her face and she had a look on her face of confusion. “Yes Kelly?” I couldn’t help but stare at her lovely lips.

“Well sir I was just thanking you again for the introduction and I said I won’t let you down,” she said softly with a slight blush to her cheeks.

I quickly regained my senses, “yes of course Kelly, I have no doubt.”

With that Kelly uncrossed her legs, stood up and walked around my desk. Her scent hit me like a ton of bricks and I felt my cock throb in my pants. She stopped and held her arms out. I slowly stood up and bursa escort leaned into her to give her a hug. She then took a step forward and her stomach brushed against the bulge in my pants.

With a gasp, Kelly jumped back and looked down. She retreated back to the corner of the desk, close to where she had been sitting. There was about 10 seconds of awkward silence. Kelly looked more confused, then offended and since she hadn’t left the room screaming I was taking that as a good sign. Finally I tried to break the ice… “Kelly?”

“Is that why you invited me in here,” she questioned.

I told her the truth, “no Kelly, I honestly can say, everything was true, you’ve done a great job and the client was very impressed.”

“Then what’s that about,” she hissed nodding toward my crotch.

“That wasn’t part of the plan, it just kind of happened and I apologize,” I said to her.

She looked up at me glaring, “well what the fuck were you thinking about?”

Stammering my reply started, “I, uh…”

She cut me off, “don’t fucking lie to me. What were you fucking thinking?”

I realized this was going to turn into an HR nightmare, but I’d never had any problems before and it would be her word against mine. I decided to just be honest, blunt and straightforward, “you Kelly, I was thinking about you. You are a very attractive woman. You dress very professionally, but also with a hint of sexy. And honestly you have a great set of legs and in admiring them, I seem to have, well,” I trailed off.

She relaxed slightly, “so you didn’t invite me in here to seduce me?”

I quickly replied, “no, I did not.”

“Because I’ve heard of stories of bosses taking advantage of young sexy interns,” she said.

I kept my mouth shut and just looked into her eyes.

“You know the stories, someone in authority tells a subordinate to get on their knees and service them. By service them, I mean, suck their dicks.” she whispered.

I was speechless, her entire tone had changed and damn was she sexy.

Kelly stepped back around the desk so she was directly in front of me. Slowly and softly she continued, “so, is that why you called me in here? Did you call me in here to try and get me to suck your dick?”

I just stood there.

I wasn’t answering fast enough for her, “did you?”

I shook my head no, “no, no I didn’t. That wasn’t it at all.”

She cut me off again, “so you don’t want me to suck your dick?”

The hostility had returned slightly, here I was the owner of this company, standing in my office sweating bullets.

“Uh no,” I blurted out.

She flared up, “oh, you don’t escort bursa want me to suck your dick? You don’t want my lips wrapped around it? What’s wrong with my lips? What’s wrong with me, why am I not good…”

I chose my next words very carefully and cut her off, “Kelly, that is not why I called you in here.”

She stopped and I could see her relax, “Okay, I believe you,” she said cheerfully.

A smile crossed her face, “I did totally have you going though, didn’t I?”

“Wait, what,” I didn’t know what to say. “You were messing with me,” I replied to her?

“Well not at first, at first I was kind of upset about it,” she said.

With an awkward laugh I said, “well you had me going.”

“So you forgive me,” Kelly said with a big smile followed by some eyelash batting.

I smiled back and said, “only if you forgive me.”

“Of course and to be honest, I’m used to it,” she continued, “can I ask you a question, Mr. West?”

I laughed, “after that exchange, of course you can.”

“Did you mean it when you said you found me attractive,” Kelly questioned.

“In the spirit of being honest here, yes, yes I do. Very much in fact,” I truthfully said to her, looking in her eyes.

“Good, I think you’re attractive too,” she said with a smile.

“Thanks,” I replied.

With a little bounce and slight giggle, “so how about it,” she asked.

“How about what,” I replied genuinely confused.

“Do you want me to suck your cock,” she asked with a beaming smile.

I about fell over, “what? You can’t be serious,” I stammered.

“I’m totally serious, the whole scenario makes me hot and the fact you weren’t trying makes me want to do it,” she stated as she knelt down in front of me.

I had no idea what to do, “uh, Kelly.”

“I’ll stop if you want me to,” she whispered as she placed her hands on my thighs just above my knees, “but I don’t think you want me to.”

My heart was hammering in my chest right now staring down at the sexy coed on her knees in front of me, “just don’t think this is a good idea.”

“Nope, it’s not a good idea, it’s a great idea,” she said as she began to unzip my fly.

She got my zipper down and reached into my slacks, sliding my underwear down, she fished my cock out.

I was extremely nervous standing in my office with my penis out in the open as one of my companies interns was kneeling in front of me, but I was starting to get hard. It probably also didn’t hurt as she started to rub my dick on her face. Kelly then began nuzzling by balls, I could feel my cock harden as she gently blew on my nut sack.

“So Mr. West, escort bursa do you want me to suck your hard cock,” she said in a very seductive voice.

She looked so amazing as she held my cock above her head and slowly licked all the way up the bottom of the shaft.

Kelly repositioned herself so my hard cock was throbbing right in front of her face and she stared at it. “Mr. West, tell me to suck it. Tell me to suck your hard dick,” she said just above a whisper.

I stared down at the beautiful angel kneel in front of me with her mouth less than an inch from my throbbing member, “do it Kelly. Suck my cock, Kelly. Suck it.”

She moved forward, her soft lips touching me. She wrapped her lips around the head and swiped her tongue across the bottom of the tip. I twitched and throbbed.

Kelly’s mouth descended, taking a little more into her mouth.

“Yesssssss,” I hissed.

Kelly’s mouth slid back just a bit then moved forward again, taking a little bit more. Her hands moved up to my belt and quickly undid it. That was quickly followed by button on my pants being undone. I just stood there in heaven as she pulled my underwear and dress slacks down to my ankles.

Her mouth just moving along the first half of my cock, slowly going back and forth on it. Kelly’s soft tongue flicking along the underside.

I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. This was all too exciting. Her mouth felt amazing and she ran her hands up the backs of my legs. Then I felt her left hand touch my balls. She began gently massaging them as her mouth continued to work it’s magic on my dick.

It was too much. “Kelly, dear I’m going to cum,” I warned.

Kelly removed my cock from her mouth just long enough to say, “cum in my mouth,” and back to sucking she went as my cock pulsed and twitched in her mouth.

“Uhhh, get ready sweetheart… Ohhhhh get ready. Oh sweetie here is cums.” At that point I just threw my head back and let go into Kelly’s mouth. Her head just kept bobbing up and down and I could feel her swallowing over and over. I could hear her gulping.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned while she kept sucking as I started to get soft. Finally she stopped and pulled my underwear back up, gently tucked me back into them. I just stood there looking down at the sexy girl kneeling in front of me. I noticed she had a little bit of cum at the corner of her mouth as she pulled my pants back up. I took my pants from her and quickly finished pulling them up, buttoned and zipped them up. I then took her hand and helped her stand.

“Kelly, what was amazing, I feel like a million bucks. Thank you,” I said while she licked her lips.

She stopped and smiled slightly, “just understand, I did that because I wanted to. I have a boyfriend so this never really happened, okay,” she asked.

“I’m okay with that,” I said.

With that she kissed my cheek and headed for the door.

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