Poor Angel Ch. 02

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He cummed in her, for the second time that day. Her arms were stretched out above her head on the bed as the walls of her pussy convulsed, orgasming. Sweat ran down her back and underarms.

He kissed her before moving, but her sock clad legs were wrapped tightly around him, preventing him from withdrawing his cock.

“Slutty Sherry. Should I call you that?” he asked softly, looking down at the hottest little body he’d ever laid hands on.

Sherry opened her eyes, as if only now realizing everything that had transpired. “James,” she said. She looked at her surroundings. Rumpled bedsheets. Blanket on the floor. What had she done? She glanced down at James’s abs and where their groins were still connected. How could it have felt so satisfying? She tucked some of her hair behind her ear. “I’m scared. Embarrassed.” She looked up at him for guidance, noticing how his dark green eyes were no longer unreadable. There was pleasure. Elation.

He touched his thumb to her lips, smiling. His other hand was on her leg that was holding him in, petting the soft skin of her thigh. Suddenly she felt his penis growing inside of her. “James!” she cried, and she immediately pulled her legs in, pushing him away. His cock slipped out of her with a pop sound.

“Sorry.” He ruffled his dark brown hair with his hand, looming before her. “Can’t help it.”

Sherry curled her legs up in fetal position, hiding her eyes behind her arms. “We did something so bad,” she whimpered.

“Bad and very, very good,” he said, his low voice as seductive as ever. He watched as his cum finally trickled out of her pussy, making a small puddle below her ass. He had to resist the urge to stroke himself, but it wasn’t easy.

“Don’t act like that. You’ve made me so sore everywhere. And a…a cheater.” All of her energy was completely drained, and she was still sweating. The heat in the room was high, keeping the Alaskan mid-March winter at bay.

James pulled her legs out gently, settling them in his lap. He peeled her gray over the knee socks off, her last article of clothing, before lifting her to a sitting position, grabbing her breast in one hand. They were beautiful.

She watched the veins in his hand and the phoenix tattoo as he kneaded her, until he kissed her lips again, different from the hungry kisses of just forty minutes ago. All kindhearted love.

He stuck his tongue in her mouth, tasting her. He wanted her to be here with him forever, but he pulled his face away, looking straight into her shy amber brown eyes.

Sherry intertwined her fingers with his and tucked her shoulder in against his chest. His embrace felt so good, and she was so confused. Then she saw the time on his gold watch and sighed. “I have to leave in a half hour. To pick up Ryan from hockey practice.”

“Tell him you can’t.”

“No. We’re going on a date tonight and we’re really looking forward to it. It’s at the cute little ice cream shop that just opened downtown. We haven’t done anything for a while and it was my birthday on Wednesday.”

Sherry stood, holding onto James’s broad shoulder for support. She looked around at her clothes, scattered everywhere. Her panties were inside her shorts under the silver handcuffs that dangled from the ceiling in the corner. “Can you give me a bag for all my clothes?” she asked. She bent to pick up her bra from the floor and put it on. It was white and lacy, cupping her small breasts perfectly.

James exhaled through his nose, dismayed she wouldn’t stay. He stood up, seeming monstrously large compared to her. He walked to his dresser and put on a clean pair of navy blue boxers. Then he went around, collecting Sherry’s clothes and throwing them in a gym bag. All except for her ripped blouse. He figured he’d just throw that one away later.

Meanwhile, Sherry sat on his bed, crossing her legs up on it. She pulled all her hair to one side as James picked up her socks from the bed and placed them on his desk over the assignment sheet she’d brought him.

“What, you’re keeping them? I don’t think they’ll fit you,” she said.

“Ha-ha,” he said dryly.

“Is it to remember me by?” she wondered aloud. “Or you’re going to use them to jerk off?”

“Wow, Sherry. You’re so cute when you say things like that,” James marveled. “But I mean, it’s a memento. You wore them this whole time. So I’m keeping them.” He smirked as he walked towards her.

She had her hand against her pussy, trying to massage the ache away. It wasn’t working. He’d gone way too deep and rough. She’d only had sex with Ryan once before but it was slow and sensual, and she’d never put anything else up inside her before. Not even a tampon.

“Besides, I also have the security camera footage to look back on,” James added, nonchalant.

“God, what..” Sherry looked towards the corner where the handcuffs hung. There was a small white camera, a red light blinking inside the lens. Fear prickled her arms. What if James used this to blackmail her into having sex with him again? No. He couldn’t be bonus veren siteler that evil. Sherry rubbed her head, trying to think clearly. “Can I borrow underwear from your mom? And clothes?” she asked.

“I was thinking the same thing,” James said, his breath on her neck as he lifted her. “Let’s go.” He carried her bridal style into the hall and down to his parents’ bedroom. “So tell me the fantasies you had.”

Sherry shook her head stubbornly. Who knew what James would do with that kind of information? “This was a one-time thing, I think,” Sherry murmured. She bit her lip. “I mean, not I think. I know. Like… Ugh. You know what I’m trying to say. I can’t think straight right now.” Why couldn’t she just assert that this was a one-time thing? She felt like smacking herself in the face.

“Babe, it’s okay,” he said smoothly. “I got you.”

The walls were pearl coloured in James’s parents’ room, instead of the blackish gray walls in James’s room. And Sherry felt surprisingly at ease in James’s strong arms, despite the cold air brushing aggressively against her bare pussy. Her arms hung over James’s shoulders as they entered the spacious walk-in closet. He let her down carefully, but his hand pressed firmly against her back as she stood next to him. Without shoes on, the top of her head was just under his shoulder.

James flicked the light on. “My mom kept all her size zeros and twos, even though she can’t necessarily fit into them anymore,” he said, flipping through the designer dresses, Sherry by his side. There was definitely room, alright, to keep a lot of stuff in this house.

“I don’t need that. Just a sweater or something.” Sherry hobbled over to the marble island counter in the middle, pulling drawers open until she found the panty drawer. She picked a gray cotton pair and slid it over her round butt. Then she picked up the bottle of Chanel perfume on the counter and sprayed her body, attempting to mask the smell of sex.

James admired her form for a while, how small her waist was, her long legs. “You’re so tantalizing,” he said under his breath.

Sherry laughed nervously. “Where do you even get your lines?”

“They’re genuine,” he protested. Then he returned his attention to the array of dresses on the rack. He fingered through the different coloured materials, from cobalt blue to sequined silver, but he began to feel a little exasperated. There was a pang in the bottom of his stomach. He couldn’t believe he had begun to try to choose a dress for Sherry’s date. Her date with Ryan fucking Daney. A subtle surge of envy rose in him.

He wanted to be the one to put her clothes on. And he wanted to be the one to take them off. He couldn’t stand the thought of Ryan’s eyes on her, no matter how great a person he was.

Still, he recognized he was only in this position now because of his own actions. His own need. And what if it had been the opposite? What if James had gotten to Sherry first?

“Ryan’s favourite colour is gold,” James muttered, furrowing his eyebrows. Gold, like how Ryan and Sherry were Firwood High’s golden couple. Gold, because of all his hockey awards. Gold like one of of the colours of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Ryan’s favourite team. James and Ryan used to be friends, before ninth grade happened and Ryan had to spend all his leisure time on hockey training, before they both grew to 6 ft 2 and got swarmed by too many girls to count. Sherry watched him as she leaned against the counter, oblivious to the turmoil. “Is that what you want to go for?” he asked, bitter.

“What were you thinking? Just now?”


Sherry hugged herself, a little cold. She rubbed her flat stomach. It was sore around there as well. “Who was that girl that you had the handcuffs for? Before me?”

“Friend with benefits.”

“Is that what you want us to be?”

James seemed to consider for a second. “No.” He had known Sherry since last August, and been her friend since she started dating Ryan in October. All this time. He’d had to behave. Now he wanted all of her. James pulled a dress out to show her. “Oscar de la Renta 2005. Keep it.”

The dress had a shiny light pink skirt under a black corset. It would barely cover her boobs. Of course James liked it. Sherry shook her head.

“I’ll hold it for you.” James continued browsing.

Sherry giggled. “Isn’t it usually the girl who shops for the guy?” James probably knew more about fashion than she did. Even though she liked fashion, she couldn’t compare with James’s mother, who was a native New Yorker. She came from old money and had probably attended a few high fashion runway shows. She also probably never worked in her whole life. Well, besides baby rearing. Sherry, on the other hand, was born and raised in Anchorage, her parents a pair of hippie snow sport lovers from Ontario.

“Is that a fantasy of yours? Shopping for me?” James asked, his eyebrow raised.

Sherry didn’t reply. James’s eyes went back to the dresses, and Sherry stole an appreciative bedava bahis glance at his toned physique. She realized she kind of wanted to watch the security camera footage herself.

“Here.” James tossed another dress at her. It was peach coloured. “Put this one on for Ryan.”

“Or for myself,” Sherry said. “A girl doesn’t always do things just for a guy.”

“Yes, angel.” James smiled knowingly.


Sherry Tandon parked her family’s old RAV4 on the street outside of Icy, the ice cream shop that just opened in downtown Anchorage. Then she got her compact mirror out from the glove box, checking that her glittery eyeshadow and eyeliner were in place. They were.

A chuckle came from her right. “You look great, Sher.” Ryan Daney put his hand over Sherry’s, closing the mirror. “So you said James gave the dress to you? Is his mom doing a closet cleanout?”

“Yeah, basically,” Sherry said, acting normal. “He gave me a lot of other clothes in a gym bag. Come to think of it, it’s probably not the best idea to shove all those pieces in there.”

“Well, you’re stunning.” Ryan smiled, flashing his white teeth. He put his hand on her bare knee lovingly.

Sherry smiled back, happy to just be looking at him. His curly black hair and sparkling dark eyes. Those dimples. Even though she knew he must not have been getting a lot of sleep lately with everything going on in his life, he looked healthy and he smelled like soap. And his touch felt like home.

Sherry checked for traffic before opening the car door and walking out in her coat and high neck Badgley Mischka dress, balancing on her heels. Luckily the city was well equipped for snow, so the sidewalks were never particularly slippery.

She followed Ryan into the shop, his hand clutching hers. The shopowner welcomed them warmly, briefly gushing about how cute a couple they were. That was a common ocurrance, so they were quite used to it. Ryan told her that it was because she was drop dead gorgeous.

Seated at a small round table, Sherry propped her elbows up, holding her chin in her hands. She stared at Ryan’s adam’s apple as he ordered her favourite flavours. It would break her heart to break his heart. But she knew she already had. Just the fact that she did what she did was plenty of evidence against her. And she was afraid Ryan would find out. It’d either be through her big fat mouth or… anyway, she knew from all the television she watched that the truth always came out in the end. What would she tell him? That it was a mistake? That she didn’t have conflicting feelings? Should she just break up with him now and take some time for herself? Or was she too damn selfish? Right now, she felt like the farthest thing from an angel.


On Monday afternoon, James Rios arrived to class late, got a lecture in front of the class from Mrs. Ross, and sat down directly behind Sherry where he usually sat.

Sherry turned around to face him, her wavy black hair swinging in a ponytail. “Next time, don’t text me so much when you know I’m on a date! It was distracting!”

James leaned back in his chair. Sherry was such eye candy. “But it was out of pure concern. You couldn’t even get to your car without limping…” he said innocently.

Sherry pursed her lips, turning back around to work on organizing her research notes. She was wearing a skin tight white shirt and black skinny jeans with high heeled boots. Still a tease. Even though he’d had her on Friday, it wasn’t enough. He wanted her again. Right now. He didn’t give a fuck.

He discreetly moved his desk up closer to her chair and tugged on her ponytail.

Sherry turned around, irritated. “Do you want me to report you or something?”

“Yes. Let’s both go to the ‘office’ together.” He lazily made finger quotes over the word office with his tattooed hand. He looked up to make sure Mrs. Ross wasn’t paying them any attention.

“Shut up, James.” Sherry turned back around. Unlike him, she had to actually do well in school to get money to live on for the future.

“How was the date? Did you fuck him too?” James whispered. He could see Sherry’s ears turning red, but she tried her best to ignore him.

This week it was Ryan’s turn to not be in class, but he wasn’t skipping. He’d already informed all the teachers beforehand that he would be away for something hockey-related. As far as Sherry knew, he was up in the air on a plane right now. And that was what she had to tell so many of her peers. She’d probably repeated the story ten times already. Everyone wanted to know about the future pro hockey player.

James waited patiently until class was over. This was the last block of the day, so everyone rushed out of the classroom when the clock hit 3:30, eager to go home.

Sherry was putting her things into her faux leather backpack, talking to two of the school’s varsity hockey team players, Haden and Wesley. She was so charismatic and likable, talking with her hands adorably. Haden side hugged her, scruffing deneme bonus up her hair. Then they waved their goodbyes, gave James a look of friendly acknowledgment, and sauntered out. There were still other students in the room but James walked up to Sherry and hooked his arm around her waist, pulling her into the hallway as they watched.

“It’s so obvious, you know. You don’t even come to school with any books or pencils. You’re shameless,” Sherry snapped, untangling her body from James’s hold and crossing her arms under her chest. James could see the outline of her bra through her shirt. “You come to school just for people to ogle you once in a while. To remind them how attractive you are.”

“Not untrue,” James said.

Sherry looked away from him. He really was that cocky. “Just go become a model, then.”

“Am I really such a bad person, Sherry? Or are you afraid you might be just as bad?”

Sherry frowned. Maybe there was some truth to that. Maybe she cheated on Ryan because she felt like she wasn’t good enough for him. Somehow. Or there was something repressed in her that she saw expressed in James. He was openly self-centered. And maybe she was too, but less inclined to admit it.

James brought his hand back to her waist possessively. “So did you? I’m kind of curious.”

“No. We, Ryan and I, we just…fell asleep together in his bed. That’s all. And I miss him,” Sherry said quietly.

“I can make you not miss him,” James replied, gazing down at her.

Some students glared at them in passing. Sherry could already hear the insults in their heads. Slut. Whore. Player. Ryan had always known just what to say in consolation. He’d sent chills through her body as he kissed her face and neck whenever they’d go through the onslaught of anonymous online hate. They’re jealous, he’d say. You’re popular. Beautiful. Smart. Successful. And mine. I’m the luckiest guy on earth.

But now she was being the things they were calling her. Was she not? Wasn’t she a slut now, having let James kiss her and grope her and…god… Friday.

She couldn’t let it happen again. She shouldn’t. Fear welled up in the pit of her stomach as she tried to distance herself from James. But he came closer. And her heart thudded.

“I really can’t, James. It was a one-time thing,” she said, trying to inject assertiveness into her tone.

“But it felt good, didn’t it?” he asked.

“The only way I’d feel good about this is if I were to break up with Ryan.”

“So break up with him. Date me.”

“How sweet of you,” she deadpanned, making her way closer to the exit, until she pushed her way outside and went straight for the parking lot, leaving James behind. He tightened his fist, a bit shocked by how hurt he was. So he had a heart after all.


“Hello?” Sherry answered her cell phone. “James?” Sherry was already in her bed. It was close to midnight.


“It’s late…”

“I just want to hear you.”

Sherry didn’t say anything.

James continued, “Yeah. Even the sound of you breathing. Just don’t hang up.”

“Are you sad?”

“This is about more than just fucking, you know.”

Sherry didn’t know what to say. She heard James sigh. “Be prepared tomorrow,” James said, and the line went dead.


But he didn’t show up at school. She’d been expecting him all day, and now Mrs. Ross was dismissing the class. Haden Preston patted Sherry on the back and Wesley Darc held her face playfully, squeezing her cheeks.

“Cute,” Wesley said, before letting go. Then he and Haden rushed off to hit the ice.

Sherry went to her locker, wanting to drop off her textbook before she went to ride the bus home. She unlocked her locker and placed the book inside. Then she breathed out, trying to stay calm. She was planning on telling Ryan that she needed a break from their relationship. She just didn’t think it was fair to him to keep it going if he was being the perfect boyfriend and she was… she didn’t know what she was. She rested her forehead against the locker and shut her eyes. Why couldn’t she make a decision? Why was she so tempted?

And where was James? It worried her a little. She felt bad for practically running away yesterday, although that was the silliest thing in the world to feel bad about. Still, his voice over the phone… She couldn’t figure out her own feelings.

Then she remembered. She wanted to catch the earlier bus today. She slammed her locker closed and checked her phone, hoping she could still make it. She spun around towards the exit.

And he was there, in a black Burberry coat and dark blue jeans. Only just now coming into the school building. But he was doing it so casually, nodding to a group of sophomore girls as they walked by him.

Sherry was frozen at her locker, apparently surprised. But hadn’t he told her to expect him? He scanned her from head to toe. Her hair was in a ponytail like yesterday, and she was holding her jacket and a pair of white earmuffs that matched her sneakers. She had on nylons, a denim skirt, and a pale blue sweater. Fucking delicious.

And today he was going to eat.

She seemed to understand the look on his face, because she held her jacket closer to her, like a shield. “You said it was about more.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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