Rear Ended (FnF)

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BAM! My van lurched forward with jarring impact. “What the fuck!” I uttered. Putting my service van into park, I stepped out of the vehicle angrily to assess the damage.

Behind me was a white Lexus SUV, its bumper and grill crumpled from the impact. The ladder on the back of my van was pushed into the doors, both of which were concave. My rear bumper seemed to have taken most of the impact.

I looked up at the driver and stared into a pair of large, circular dark lenses. Behind the sunglasses was a faux-tan face, its made-up lips twisted into an ‘o’ of surprise or horror.

I’m a big man. I stand 6’6″ and weigh 260. Most of it is muscle, although I’m not in as good shape as I used to be. I flicked my cigarette onto the ground and squashed it. This Lexus-driving bimbo had just made my day a lot less convenient.

I tried to control my anger as I approached the driver’s side. She had the window down already. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!” she blustered. “I just took my eyes off the road for a second, I swear!” Yeah, sure, just a second. Bet she was texting.

Vehicles were honking around us. I scowled around. Rush hour traffic to boot. Nice timing, dim-wit. Her vehicle was still running. The damage seemed minor. I snapped a couple of quick pictures with my cell phone. “Follow me into the parking lot,” I growled and gestured.

“Ok! Ok! I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!” she apologized again.

I put my van into drive and turned into the parking lot. She followed. Parking my vehicle, I got back out to reassess the damage and exchange information. I muttered under my breath. I really didn’t have time for this.

“I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!” she repeated again, sheepishly as she exited her vehicle. She looked to be about 29, wavy blond long hair, and a reasonably thin figure except for her big ass. She was dressed expensively. Lots of bling too. Betcha she didn’t have the brains to add two and two.

“Please, please, I’m sorry!” she pleaded with a pout on her lips, waving her arms around apprehensively. “This is all my fault, please, we can’t go through insurance! If my husband finds out about this, he’ll kill me!”

I snorted. “Look, honey, that’s not up to me. If there’s more than $1500 worth of damage, I’ve gotta report it. And it’ll take more than that to fix your grill.”

“Please, please,” she begged. “You don’t understand! My husband’s already pissed at me! I spent too much on shopping last week! I forgot about his big party and showed up late. And I didn’t get my hair cut right last time! Please, you have no idea!”

Hoo boy. This lady had problems. I wasn’t going to begin to try to get to the root of her issues.

“Well, I’m real sorry about all that,” I said with an edge of sarcasm, “But I’ve gotta get my van fixed. Let’s exchange info and get the hell out of here, shall we?”

“Oh, please!” she almost sobbed again. “I’ve got cash! A lot of it!” She opened her purse and began digging around inside. “There’s six hundred, seven hundred, eight… About eight hundred and fifty dollars, ok? Please, just take it! I can’t go through insurance, please! You really don’t understand!”

“$850, huh?” I observed the back of my van again. There was a good bit of damage. “Outside of the fact that it’s illegal to not report it, I doubt that’s going to cover it.”

She looked at me for a moment with her lips pouting. She adjusted her posture slightly and smiled a hopeful smile at me. “…Well, I’m sure I could find some way… to make it… worth your while,” she finished, twirling her hair with her fingers.

I burst out laughing. “Oh, honey, I get all the ass I can handle. Let’s just cut the crap and get the info exchanged, ok?”

“Do you really?” she asked huskily. “Do you really get all the… ass… you can handle?”

She turned slightly, displaying more of a profile to me. She trailed a hand lazily across her hip, cupping her out-thrust buttock briefly in her palm.

She had a nice ass. I had to give her that. Was she offering anal? I hadn’t fucked a girl’s butt in some time… My cock stiffened a bit at the prospect. I did some quick mental math. $850. And a butt fuck? Hmmm, that offer seemed quite tempting indeed.

I fixed her with a pointed gaze. “You’ll let me fuck you in the ass?” She grinned and giggled coyly, gently biting her index finger. Holy shit, this slut had met me about three minutes ago and was now offering up her butt for the fucking? What a fucking bimbo! For some reason, this made my cock hard as fuck.

She was married, huh? Well, this guy had to know what he’d landed. If he was gonna trade vows with some bimbo anal slut, it wasn’t my issue.

“Ok, then, bitch,” I grinned, “Gimme the eight fifty and I’ll fuck your ass for the gaziantep rus escort difference. You better take it good, too; I’m taking a hell of a risk not reporting it.”

She rotated her hips suggestively. “You got it, stud.”

“All right then. Into the van. Let’s get this done!”

“Right here? In your van?” she giggled.

“Fuckin’ rights! Bing, bang, boom, we’re done and we can get on with our day. I’ve got a service call to be at.”

“Ha ha, you got it!” she smiled at me with a twinkle in her eye. I led her to the side door of my van, and she climbed in eagerly. “I’m a little bit excited!” she breathed. “Are you big? Do you fuck hard?”

“See for yourself,” I replied, closing the door and skinning out of my coveralls. I whipped my shorts and boxers down, and my prick sprang free. Three-quarters stiff, it bobbed in the air at six inches long and lengthening. Her face lit up and took on an expression of desire. “And yeah, I fuck hard.”

“Oh, wow, looking good so far! Can I get my mouth around that?”

Holy, what a whore! This bitch was some kind of a nymphomaniac or something. “Suit yourself!” I leered, taking off my socks and undershirt. She hadn’t taken off any clothing yet, but it seemed like she was totally into this. This was the weirdest chick I’d ever met!

She quickly took my pole into her mouth and began sucking. This brought a groan of satisfaction from me as my prong came to full size. She could take about six of my eight inches in, then began gagging, trying to swallow the whole length as I grabbed some moving blankets and threw them to the floor of the van. This certainly wasn’t any fancy hotel room or anything, but she seemed like she was getting off on the dirty, grungy, industrial aspect of this encounter. I didn’t really care either way. I was being overwhelmed with the urge to ram my cock into her ass, and I probably would have done it in the middle of a crowded street at this point.

I was liking the way she was giving head, so I decided to take a more aggressive role. I began entwining my fingers into her hair as she sucked, letting her feel it happen and giving her a chance to protest. As I had anticipated, she gave me no resistance, but rather, moaned with pleasure.

She had backed her mouth off to take the tip in between her lips, so with a fistful of her hair, I began lowering her down my shaft. She made little submissive whimpers of lust, and began accepting my shaft into her throat. She was really bringing out the animal in me, and I started forcing my helmet deeper into the back of her throat. I watched for any sign of protest, but got none.

I was really starting to get into a dominant, aggressive mood, and thrust my hips gently forward as I held her in place by her hair. She gulped and swallowed on my rod, struggling to take it deep into her throat. I pushed harder.

I kept waiting for her to give me some sign of resistance, but none came. I began pumping my hips now, shoving her head down by her hair as I fucked deeper into her esophagus. Little choking noises came from her as she sniffed in blasts of air through her nostrils. She seemed determined to show me how much of my cock she could take down her throat, and I was game to make it as objectifying for her as I could.

Ignoring the discomfort I was experiencing in the tip of my rigid dick, I probed deep into her gullet, building up speed and fucking her deeper and harder. With increasing force and insistence, I fucked her throat, not acknowledging her gagging and squirming as I did so. She kept her hands firmly tucked behind her back the whole time, signalling me that she was completely acquiescent to my will, totally submitting to this throat-fucking as hard as I was willing to give it.

What the fuck was wrong with her? She had just met me, and was gagging on the verge of puking on my dick, and was going to let me shove it up her ass immediately thereafter? I was bewildered, disgusted, and more turned on by this fucking slut than I could believe!

Tears began oozing from the corners of her eyes as I reamed her throat with my dick, and I just felt the desire to violate her mouth even harder, more aggressively, more ruthlessly, treating her like a worthless piece of fuck-meat. And she was loving it, gagging and choking, writhing and heaving, struggling to keep her mouth open and her hands behind her back as I degraded and used her for my selfish pleasure.

After a good five minutes of the most vicious, harsh, one-sidedly selfish incident of oral sex I had ever experienced, I hoisted her off my dick by her hair. Panting and gasping, slobber dripping from her mouth, she lolled her tongue out of her mouth and looked up at me with a lusty grin, her eyes possessed of unholy submission. Ok, enough of this. Time for the main course.

“You ready to get fucked in the ass?” I growled at her in demanding fashion.

“Yeah!” she gasped, her voice gravelly from the raw throat-fucking she had just endured. “Do it to me, fucker! Fuck me right up my ass!”

I began roughly tearing at her clothing, ripping the button off of her now-dirty white pants as I yanked them down. I tore at her white-thong panties, pulling them down her thighs. She just panted like a dog in heat and quietly whimpered in her breath. Her pussy was shaved, soaked, dark pink and twitching. I chuckled to myself. That hot little hole wasn’t going to be getting any action. Except to provide some lube, I supposed.

I scooped up some of her secretions with my index and middle finger. She started at my touch. I began rubbing them in between her parted butt cheeks, pressing into her puckered sphincter. She moaned. I was totally overcome with the urge to completely dominate and own this girl’s ass.

I penetrated her anus with my index finger, slowly probing in and out, twisting as I did so. I withdrew it and spat on it, reinserting it into her butt. She just moaned and sighed, clearly completely turned on. I inserted my middle finger as well, stretching her and warming her up. She kept her legs spread as wide as she could and her back arched with her butt thrust up into the air.

I withdrew my fingers, scooped up more of her pussy cream, and inserted three fingers into her. She was panting and rasping in utter, unadulterated lust. She occasionally twisted or grunted with discomfort, but kept moaning lustily with submissive desire and pleasure as I reamed her rear with my fingers.

Her pussy was dripping with cream, filling my van with the scent of sex. She was so turned on, I could practically feel the heat coming off of her. She kept trying to spread her legs wider and wider, reaching back to cup her own buttocks in her hands and part them as far as she could.

“Please!” she begged me. “Please, don’t tease me anymore. Put it in my ass! God, I want it so bad! Please, please, fuck me up the ass!!”

This was too much. I couldn’t believe this fucking cunt. She was the dirtiest, trashiest, most disgusting slut I’d ever seen, and she made my dick harder by far than any girl ever had.

“Ok, slut,” I growled, “Keep that fucking ass spread!!”

She shuddered as I ran my fingers over her pussy lips to obtain more lube, and smeared it all over my dick. She lay there, buns pointed toward the roof of my van and spread as wide as she could, moaning and panting. I pressed my bulbous tip of my engorged rod against her slick, puckered anus and began to press forward.

I met with very little resistance and began to slide up her ass.

“AaaaaAAAAAIIIEEEE!!” she screamed as I penetrated her.

Part of me should have been concerned that I might be really hurting her, or that someone would hear and call the cops or something, but a much larger, more primal part of myself didn’t care.

I drove down into her, grabbing her hair as a handle as she screamed long and loud. Her hands never failed in their duty to keep her ass cheeks as far from each other as she could. I took this as a positive sign.

“Oh my god!!” she wailed. “It’s so big! More! Fuck, give me more!! Fill my ass!!”

I continued my intrusion, my cock pulsing and throbbing with sexual amazement, forcing my way deeper and deeper as her rectum expanded to accommodate me. In less time than I would have believed possible, I was buried to the hilt in that big, wide, trophy wife ass.

I held still for a moment with my heart pounding. My pulse throbbed in my dick, straining against the walls of this slut’s rectum. Her ass enveloped and hugged my dick perfectly. She panted, her breath shallow. She stayed in position, on her knees, her hands spreading her butt cheeks as wide as she could.

“Oh god!” she gasped. “Please! Don’t tease me! You feel so good in my ass, please, fuck me! Let me feel you move!!”

I chuckled again, endlessly surprised and amused at what a total, wanton, anal whore this bimbo was. I complied with her.

As she groaned deeply, I began withdrawing from the depths of her ass. The friction of her rectum tugging on the shaft of my prick was delicious. I was looking forward to building it up to a burning fire of frenzied fucking.

I pulled half way out of her ass and began sliding back inside. She moaned a deep, “OHHHHhhhhh,” as I did so. I withdrew again about half way and she groaned again. “Fuck me!” she gasped. “Fast! Please! Hard and fast! Please, just pound my ass!!”

What a fucking whore! Alright, to hell with the warmup. This was the deal, and this was what I wanted right now. I pulled out slowly, pausing with just the head of my dick inserted in her anus. I considered using another wad of spit as lube, then shirked the idea. Fuck it. This bitch was loving it, so she already had all the lube she was going to get.

I got a better grasp of her hair, repositioned, and drove balls-deep into her with a powerful thrust. She screamed as I pulled her head back by her hair.

Quickly, I withdrew and slammed into her again. “OH MY GOD!!” she wailed. Out, and back in I drove. And again. My hips slapped against her buns with a loud smacking noise.

I whipped my dick out and back into her butt, ramming deep into her hard and fast as I pulled her hair back roughly. Her breath caught and she just trembled with her hands still spreading her butt as I fucked her asshole.

“UH!” she grunted. As I ploughed into her. “UH! UH! UH! OH, FUCK!! HARDER!!” I kept impacting her with loud slapping noises as I pulled on her hair and hammered my dick up her ass to the hilt as fast as I could. I could feel my balls start tingling, and a rising pressure and need began to well up inside of me.

I started groaning, deep throaty rumblings as I felt the need to blow my load escalate. I was sweating. The effort of continuously battering my way deep into her tortured asshole with my diamond-hard prick was making my abs start to burn. I could only imagine the burning I was creating in her rectum. I was determined to let up not one bit.

I barked out in lust, thrusting to the maximum, continuing my anal assault at breakneck pace as I prepared to empty my gonads deep into her bowels. But then, I was seized with a sudden urge. As satisfying as it would be to fill this dumb cunt’s asshole full to overflowing with my load, I decided I wanted to see if I could degrade her further.

As sweat dripped from my brow, I knotted my fingers into her hair, ripped my dick all the way out of her asshole, sprang in front of her, and thrust my near-bursting rod straight at her mouth.

I barely had time to yell, “OPEN UP, SLUT!” before I drove my quivering dick right down her throat. Not necessarily surprisingly, her mouth was already gaping open, fully prepared to accept my member, straight out of her own asshole.

“AH! SUCK, WHORE!” I roared as my cock began to erupt. “AH! AH! EAT IT, CUNT! SWALLOW ALL MY FUCKIN’ LOAD!”

She did.

Even as I tore her hair and forced my dick violently, deeply into the back of her throat, she dutifully gulped down each scalding hot mouthful of sperm I produced for her. She even kept her hands on her buttocks, still spreading her reamed ass wide.

She swallowed and swallowed and made little choking sounds as tears poured from her eyes. I held her down on my dick as far and deep as I could by her hair as I bucked and almost collapsed with the intensity of my ejaculation.

Holy fuck.

I don’t think I had ever felt anywhere near as satisfied in my life as I did right there.

Filled with total exultant, complete dominance over this brazen, shameless anal slut, I held my cock lodged to the hilt in her throat. As I leered down at her incredulously, she just maintained her posture. My cock crammed all the way down her throat, she simply continued kneeling, spreading her ass open. She couldn’t breathe.

Cruel, sadistic urges filling me, I decided to see how far I could push her. I held her in place firmly by her hair. She began gently convulsing. Then heaving. Then finally, with her face turning purple, she started thrashing about, and tore her hands from their place on her butt cheeks and tried to push against my thighs to free herself.

With a cruel snicker, I relented and allowed her to draw breath. She collapsed and gasped for air; heaving and panting. I sneered and gathered my clothing, preparing to dress to make my appointment. I would be at least twenty minutes late now I figured.

“Oh god!” she gasped. “Oh god, that was so good! God, you fucked me so hard! It was so good… Fuck!”

“Yeah I did. Told you I would,” I replied. “Now get dressed and get out. I’m still on a schedule.”

“God!” she gasped. “Oh, fuck, it hurts! Oooh, ouch!” She pulled up her pants as I resuited, pulling up my coveralls and preparing to get back in my driver’s seat.

Missing the top button, her pants wouldn’t fasten properly, and she stumbled around on unsure legs.

I gestured towards the door, eager to get my day finished.

“You’re awesome,” she gushed with a giggle. “You fuck so good! Will you fuck me like that again sometime?”

I just snorted dismissively toward her.

“Please?” she cocked her head, pouting her lips with that little girl expression. Fuck, she was a total mess. “Please? I’ll pay you a thousand dollars to do that to me again…”

My eyebrow raised up. “A thousand bucks?…Ok, lady, let’s talk…”

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