Rhonda’s Touch

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I had been working in this place, a body rub parlor in an apartment off Columbus Avenue in Manhattan, for a couple of months. For one-hundred dollars you could get a sensual massage on your backside, then a frontal massage complete with what we called the “happy ending”. It was quick money, and in another week I’d have enough to split for Hollywood and set myself up in an apartment. Then, after a couple of well-placed blowjobs to the right people, hopefully I’d get a part on a series, or one of the dating reality shows. But I still had another week of pulling cocks before I had enough.

Anyway, like I said, I’d been there a couple of months and I’d serviced all types of guys–businessmen, college students, professor types. And I’d seen all sorts of bodies–tall, short, fat, skinny, even a few well-built guys who were really hung. But the one thing they all had in common was that I never gave a shit about any of them. Just a dollar sign, I talk nice, pull their dicks and get them out the door. Except for this one guy.

He had made an appointment an hour earlier. He sounded sort of nervous on the phone. He showed up on time and I opened the door to let him in.

“Hello, Brad,” I said. “I’m Rhonda”

“Hi,” was about all he could muster. He was real pudgy, about 5’9″, two-hundred pounds. He wore a dress shirt and slacks. At least he was clean. You wouldn’t believe how dirty some of the shitheads who come here are. My guess is that he was some kind of scholarly nerd, maybe a grad student in philosophy. I could tell he was really nervous.

“Come on back,” I said. I led him to the room with the massage table. I asked if he wanted any extras. For an extra thirty, I’ll go topless and you can play with my tits as I stroke you. But he said no, just the basic would be fine. Damn. I took his one-hundred dollar fee and told him to bahis siteleri undress, that I’d be back in a minute. I went into the parlor and put the money in my purse.

When I got back, he was naked, laying face down on the table. I poured some baby oil in my hand and began to gently rub his shoulders. He flinched a little.

“Is that cold?” I asked.

“No, it’s alright,” he said. Like I said, I never gave a shit about any of these guys, and I didn’t give a shit about him. But he was really uptight and sometimes uptight guys have trouble getting it up when the time comes and it just makes my job harder. So I knew I needed to loosen him up a little.

“You seem nervous, Brad. Is this your first time in a place like this?”

“Yeah.” I guessed that he must have been worried about his wife finding out.

“Are you married?” I asked.

“No.” So if not his wife, maybe his girlfriend.

“Do you have a girlfriend?”


“Wow,” I said. “No wife and no girlfriend.” I kept rubbing his back ever so gently. So if he wasn’t worried about anyone finding out, there had to be another reason he was so nervous. I thought I had the answer. “Brad, you’re a shy guy, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess I am.”

“So. Are you a virgin?” I knew some of the younger college age guys that came in were virgins, I was pretty good at spotting them. He didn’t say anything. “It’s okay, Brad, you can tell me.”

“Yeah.” Bingo.

“Well, if you’re a virgin, you’ve come to the right place.” I started working my way down his back. “Am I the first girl to ever see you naked?”


“Okay, then. Just relax, sweetie, I’m going to take good care of you.” At this point I had worked my way down to the top of his ass. But I skipped over it and started massaging his thighs.

“So, Brad, how old are you?”

“I’m canlı bahis twenty-six,” he said. I could hardly believe it, a twenty-six-year-old virgin. I was twenty-two and my virginity was long gone.

“Well, you’ve got some catching up to do,” I said. I started massaging his buns and he let out a little moan. Obviously, he had never been touched there before. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”


I dug my fingers in a little deeper and he let out another cute little moan.


“Okay,” I said. “Why don’t you turn over and we’ll do the other side.” So he turned over and I turned around to put some more baby oil on my hands. When I turned back around, he was laying face up. And I saw the origin of all his shyness–all four inches of it. It was all I could do to suppress a smirk when I first saw it. I didn’t want to make him any more nervous than he already was. But in the months that I’d been working here, it was the tiniest little dicklet I had seen by far.

“Okay, sweetheart, just relax.” I started slowly rubbing the tip and he let out a moan. “Feel good?”

“Mmmm, yeah,” he said. “Mmmmm, mmmmm.” As I stroked him with my right hand, I gently swept my other hand over his chest. I gently pinched one nipple, then the other.


“Feels good, doesn’t it babe.”

“Mmmmm, yeah, mmmmm.” I had to admit it was the cutest little dick I’d ever seen and the way he moaned was kind of cute too. I worked my left hand down to his soft tummy, obviously another place he’d never been touched.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm.”

Then, while still stroking the head of his dick with my right, I started fondling his balls with my left. His moans got louder.


“Yeah, feels good, doesn’t it.” This tubby virgin was about to come and it had barely been thirty seconds since güvenilir bahis I first touched his dick. But that was okay, the sooner they come, the sooner they’re out the door.

“Come for me baby,” I said.


“That’s it, come for me.”

“UHH,UH,UH,UH.” He shot his load all over his fat belly. I’d never seen anyone shoot so much cum in so little time from such a little tiny dick. Fifty-nine seconds, a new record for the place.

I took a towel and cleaned him up. “Did that feel good, Brad?” I asked.

“Yeah. Yeah.”

“Good. You can get dressed now. I’ll be back in a minute,” I told him.

I went to take a pee and when I came back, he was dressed. “Did you have a good time?” I asked.

“Yeah, thank-you,” he said. He took a twenty out of his pocket. “Here, this is for you.”

“Thank-you, Brad.” I have to say, it was the easiest tip I had earned. I led him out into the hallway and towards the front door. I opened the door to let him out, but he turned around.

“Rhonda?” he asked.

“Yeah, Sweetie.” He pulled another twenty out of his pocket.

“I have twenty dollars left. Do you think…”

“Yeah, Sweetie. What?” God, I just wanted to get this fat boy out the door so I’d have time for a cigarette before my next client.

“Well…could I have a hug?” he asked. I couldn’t believe it. Guys had offered me money for all sorts of extras–straight sex, blow-jobs. I always had to tell them to forget it, we’re strictly a hand-job parlor. But no one had ever asked me for a hug.

“Sure, Brad, why not?” I took the twenty and put my arms around him. And all of a sudden, all the contempt I felt for this poor guy fell away. He came here for a hand-job; what he really wanted was a little affection. He was so sweet. I held him for the longest time. I had to fight back the tears.

Finally, I let him go. “I’m glad you stopped by, Brad. Come back again some time.”

“Thank-you. I will,” he said. I took the twenty and gave it back to him.

“That was on the house,” I said.

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