Riding the Riding Instructor

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It was a sweltering summer, over 30C and no rain for weeks. As we drove towards the stables my daughter and I had the windows open but had still broken out into a sweat. We pulled into the stable yard and got out. Roger the owner came across “Hi there, we’re going to have a short hack into the forest today, too hot and too much sun for the ponies.”

My daughter busied herself getting ready and then tacking up her pony. I wandered around the yard as usual, petting the larger horses and feeding them with the carrots I’d brought. The ride was eventually ready and off they went, 5 ponies line astern following Roger. I wandered around the yard a little more not sure what to do, normally I watched the lesson but as they’d gone off I couldn’t. I heard movement in the barn so went across there to see if Liz, Roger’s wife was there. Liz was a good-looking woman, mid forties but fit with a slim body, I guessed from all the riding. She had shoulder length blonde hair, small tits but a fantastic pair of thighs. Whenever I came up here she’d be wearing jodhpurs that accentuated those thighs; how often I’d looked at those and longed to have my face stuck between them. She was in the barn shifting bales, “Hi Liz, need any help?”

Liz was sweating with the effort and her tight cotton riding top clung to her, showing off those perky, if a little small, tits. “Hi there, if you’ve nothing better to do you could help me get some bales down.”

Liz was clearly struggling lifting the higher bales down and as I’m well over 6 feet and a fit, well built guy what could I do but help. I started to lift bales down from above and Liz busied herself moving some of the lower stuff. Suddenly I noticed her dislodge a bale and make a stack unstable, slowly, almost in slow motion the stack began to fall towards Liz.

“Look out!” I screamed and leapt across, sweeping Liz up on my way past, and dived out of the way of the falling stack of straw.

I landed in a pile of hay, flat on my back with Liz on top of me and the force of the landing with Liz on top of me knocked the wind right out of me. The straw pile crashed into the ground feet away. I looked up at Liz straight into her crystal blue eyes. We both burst out laughing, a nervous response to the near miss, then suddenly and without warning she leant forwards and kissed me. Her lips were warm and soft as she pressed them hard against my mouth. I responded in the only way any real man would and slowly slid my tongue into her mouth, my cock responding by swelling quickly. Liz looked me deeply in the eyes again and my cock throbbed against the inside of her thigh. I guess she felt it as she stood up, pulled her jersey over her head klasbahis yeni giriş and slipped her jodhpurs off. Now I could see her body, lithe and smooth, tits small but perky (I’m guessing even only an ‘A’ cup) with erect pink nipples. She had a slight 6 pack and those thighs, oh those thighs.

My cock was now rampant and straining against the fabric of my shorts. Liz leant forwards, gripped my shorts and yanked then down, releasing my thick cock. Now I’m not one to boast but my cock stands proud, 7 inches and thick. Liz’s eyes opened wide and she licked her lips. She slipped her panties down and stepped out of them; as she did so I had time to throw off my t-shirt and kick off my sandals. Stepping forwards she gripping my cock and crouching down positioned it against her warm wet opening. I felt her pussy lips caress my cock and then some serious pressure as she slid onto the head. Fuck me she was tight, either Roger wasn’t packing or he wasn’t using, or probably both. Liz’s eyes rolled as I began to stretch that sweet pussy.

Liz knelt, still straddling my throbbing cock, how I wanted to slam into that tight hole and make her scream but I could feel the resistance from those under stretched pussy muscles. For a few seconds her pussy resisted the girth of my cock but soon with her natural lube I felt her muscles yield and my cock start to slip in. Over the years I’ve had many frustrations with some women not able to take my cock fully and only really getting a head massage. Liz slid me in but only got around half way then I felt her stretched pussy stop against the thick portion of my cock. I instinctively worried this would be it and tried to push up and in deeper.

With a sigh Liz withdrew slightly, maybe a quarter inch, then slammed back down, taking a little extra length. She did this a couple of times, each time gasping for breath but taking a little bit more of my cock. I was convinced she wouldn’t be able to accommodate me but then, as she reached the thickest part of my cock she pushed down hard, letting out a squeal, and I slid full depth into her and I felt the tip of my cock press against the dead-end of that luscious, warm, smooth pussy. Boy how good that felt, a pussy fully enveloping my cock for the first time in many weeks; and not only that but a tight, stretched pussy. Liz gripped my ripped chest and steadied herself, I guess trying to come to terms with the stretch. Slowly, so slowly, she started to slide on my cock.

I lay back enjoying the feeling of the vice like grip of Liz’s tight pussy stretched and straining as it slid along my cock. It felt so good and I wanted to stay there but the riding lesson was only klasbahis giriş 30 minutes long and I had no idea how long they’d been gone. I couldn’t risk getting caught fucking the owner’s wife but Liz’s slow pace was going to take too long, I needed to take control. I looked around and saw a straw bale close by at a likely angle. I pushed myself up on my elbow and then quickly stood, lifting Liz with me. I carried her across to the bale still impaled on my cock and then lifted her off feeling the suction as that tight pussy slid slowly along my cock and then released me. I turned her around and bent her over the bale face down, her ass stuck out and I could just see her pussy red raw and stretched. I positioned the head of my cock at that hole and applied pressure. My cock slid in the same distance as the first time, about half way, and I felt the resistance of her pussy muscles but certainly no resistance from the lady herself. Time being of the essence I simply grabbed her shoulders to steady her and applied more pressure; she grunted primordially but her muscles yielded and my cock sank into her fully.

Now I was in control, Liz tried to stand up and turn towards me but I wanted what I needed so I put my forearm across her back and pushed her roughly into the straw. I felt her relax and her legs opened slightly to give me better access. I, of course, needed no further invite and began to thrust into that tight pussy. Liz groaned under the pressure as my cock pounded into her; the feelings around my cock were sublime as every part of it was in contact with some part of her insides. I thrust deeply and rapidly and soon she began to tense, her fingernails digging deeply into the bale. I felt a warm, wet explosion around my cock as Liz’s orgasm flowed through her and her pussy filled with her own cum. This extra lube although not reducing the tightness of her pussy increased the ease of slamming my cock into her and I was able to increase the speed of my thrusting until I was like a jackhammer pounding into Liz’s pussy, my balls slapping rhythmically against her belly. She was limp now, her orgasm had subsided but she accepting every thrust as I fully embedded into her abdomen.

The combination of her submissiveness and the unbelievably tight grip her soaking pussy had on my cock soon had me at the limit and I knew I was going to blow my load. My balls tightened and I felt the first warm rush of my cum flow along the shaft of my cock and spray into Liz. As I said my cock was filling her completely and so I felt this small but powerful first stream enter her but then quickly coat the head of my cock, there was nowhere else for it to go. The second spurt klasbahis güvenilirmi was much bigger and I felt that coat along the shaft of my cock, followed quickly by the third, which was soon dribbling out of her cunt as there was no room left. I didn’t want my thick load to be wasted so pulled my cock out until only the head was in that tight cunt and deposited the fourth, fifth sixth, seventh load into the space I’d left behind. Soon I’d had my fill and my cock began to soften.

I stepped back, letting my cock slip out. Wanting to see my work I continued backwards but stumbled on another bale and sat down heavily. Now I was at a good level and could see the black hole of Liz’s stretched, abused cunt, her muscles not yet able to close her hole. Slowly she stood upright legs still wide apart and a shaft of golden sunlight streaming through the barn wall caught her straw blonde hair. I admired those shoulders with her hair cascading onto her back, tight and strong and followed it down to her tight ass. As my gaze reached her ass I saw a steady stream of my cum as it flowed from her cunt landing with a splat on the concrete floor. I was mesmerised by the sight and as I watched as Liz’s ass cheeks clenched and relaxed and her pussy spat out 2 more globs of my sticky load.

Finally Liz turned towards me and I got a fine view of that pussy. She clearly didn’t see the need to trim and her pussy was topped with a thick mat of golden blonde hair. Looking upwards along her tidy body I could see those small tits with her perky pink nipples still sticking out proudly. Her chest, tits and stomach we covered in small angry red welts and scratches where the pieces of straw had dug into her flesh whilst I fucked that tight cunt.

As I watched a final string of my cum dribbled from inside her and began to stretch towards the ground. Would it reach? It was down to her knees when ‘snap’ half shot to the floor, the other half rebounded up and stuck in that mat of hair. She reached down and slipped it off with her fingers. She lifted her fingers to her face and smeared it around her finger tips before wiping it off across the cheek of her ass. “Thank God that lot came out, I’m taking the next lesson and the motion would have released it giving me a nasty wet patch!”

I was happy admiring the sight but then, in the distance, I heard the slow sound of hooves on their way back. We both quickly dressed and Liz swept my cum up off the concrete with some straw and threw it into the muck pile. I wandered out and greeted the returning ride. “Had a good time?” I asked.

“Fantastic!” said my daughter “What did you get up to?”

“Oh, nothing much, just helped Liz out in the barn.”

Liz came out. “Very helpful he was too, I could do with that type of help more often!” she laughed.

“See you next week!” I said.

“Absolutely!” Liz winked at me “I’ll call you if I need more help like that!”

“Any time!” and off I went.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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