Sahara’s First

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Sahara’s First — Gaining a Master

My Daddy is a lawyer. He has his clients over to the house all the time. Most of Daddy’s clients are old like he is and kind of boring too. Daddy has a bunch of ‘favourite’ lady clients though — but that’s another story. This story is about the one ‘big’ client Daddy brought home; he became my first ‘favourite’ and my master.

Before you start thinking that I was always indulging in the ‘big’ clients Daddy brought home, you should know that until I started spending quality time with Derrick, I was a good little virgin. Daddy kept a very close eye on me.

Derrick wasn’t as old as Daddy but he was a lot older than me. Daddy told me the morning before he brought Derrick home, that Derrick was a very important client and that I had better be nice to him. I’ll admit that I usually treated Daddy’s clients like they were dumb old men — kind of like Daddy; men that I could play with a sweet smile and a wink.

As soon as I met Derrick though, I could tell he was different. Derrick talked ‘to’ me in a way that a man never has before; not ‘at’ me like most of the fart-y old men Daddy usually brought home. Derrick treated me like I was special and important. Derrick had a sexy accent that I found out was Irish. After that first dinner, Daddy told me that Derrick had been impressed with my maturity and sense of humour.

At first I though it would be the same old boring dinner, but then Daddy told me we’d be ‘entertaining’ by the pool. I loved the pool-side barbeques; I could eat, sit around and listen to boring legal talk for half an hour, then go to my room and change into one of my bikinis. Daddy rarely noticed what I was wearing because I did my best to stay at the end of the pool that he couldn’t see. He rarely noticed me at all sometimes- unless he was nagging me about going back to college. His clients usually had fun watching me play in the pool though.

I’m a natural red head with a slender waist and full hips. I’m about five foot eight and weigh 130 pounds. I have bright eyes in a rare almost violet colour. My big round titties were D36. I loved the way men looked at me; feeling sexy is one of the best feelings in the world.

A couple of months ago, I think one old German guy nearly had a heart attack when I took my bikini top off for a few minutes to play with my tight round titties. Daddy almost caught me that night when he turned to see what his important client was looking at. I did the same sort of thing the night Derrick was over.

Derrick had made me feel warm and tingling inside when he’d smiled at me as he watched me play by the pool — as if he knew what I was thinking. I hadn’t planned on taking my top off after what had happened the night with old German guy. But Derrick’s sexy accent and his warm smile and his intense blue eyes had tempted me to be naughty again.

He watched with a delighted smile on his face as I took off the bikini top and stretched out on my back in the water. When I straightened up and grinned at him, he nodded and laughed at something my Daddy had said. I swam to the edge of the pool and pulled myself up carefully — I’d scratched a nipple bad once when I’d been in too much of a hurry to get off the pool naked. (I liked to skinny dip anytime I thought I could get away with it.)

Sitting on the edge of the pool, I started rubbing my titties. Derrick watched me with that pervy hot smile on his face. He nodded and chatted with Daddy as I lifted my titties and played with them around and around. I smiled brightly when he shifted and crossed an ankle over his knee.

Why was I doing this? Well, I’d just spent the weekend at my best girlfriend’s house and she’d snuck an XXX movie from her step-father’s secret drawer. My best girlfriend, Melanie, had told me that she had snuck out one of her step-father’s movies one night when her boy friend had been over. She said it had really hurt the first time, but after a while, she’d been panting and begging her boyfriend to fuck her like the sluts in the movie. She’d gone on and on saying that having sex and being her boyfriend’s sex-toy meant that she was really an adult — a real woman desired by men. Besides, she pointed out that since she’s had sex with her boyfriend all she had to do was tell him what she wanted and give him head and he’d get it for her.

If Melanie could do it, I wanted to do it too; I wanted a man — real man — that I could play with the way she was playing with her boyfriend. Playing my daddy — getting him to get me anything I wanted just ’cause I was his baby girl was fun but it was too easy. I wanted to prove to Melanie that I could do better than she could.

I’d decided that weekend, watching that porn movie- then another and another- and listening to Melanie brag- that I wanted to be fucked by a man with a big cock the first chance I could get. I knew men looked at me; I knew I was sexy. I knew I wanted to have a big cock hammering into my tight virgin cunt so I could bahis siteleri pant and sigh and beg for more like the sexy sluts in the porno I had watched. I wanted to find a man I could play with to get what I wanted the way Melanie was using her boyfriend, and the way I could with my Daddy.

So, I started pinching and pulling on my nipples. After a moment, Derrick leaned in and said something to Daddy. Daddy nodded and stood; I managed to cover myself with a towel a moment before Daddy turned around. He told me that he was going into the house to look for a file that Derrick needed to see and reminded me to be polite to his important client while he was in the house. Of course I agreed with a happy smile. The moment the patio door closed, I tossed the towel aside and stood and walked to the table where Derrick was sitting.

I was topless and I knew my tight titties were bouncing lightly as I walked. As he watched me approach, he uncrossed his legs and spread them wide so I could see the tent his cock was making in his pants. If I wanted to get fucked, I knew I’d have to act like one of the sluts in the porno movie I’d seen. So, I walked right up to Derrick and stood between his legs; I leaned over to invite him to play with my titties. I smiled at him warmly as he reached up and gently pinched each of my nipples between the thumb and finger on each hand.

I had to swallow and clear my throat before I could speak. My body had started shaking and my stomach was churning and I didn’t know why. “I hope you believe me, Mr. Mattaghan. I’ve never done this before — with anyone.”

He laughed and shook his head. “You mean you’ve never been half-naked with a man before?” When I shook my head, he laughed again. “Sorry, Sahara, but I don’t believe you.”

“Honest, Mr. Mattaghan, I’ve never let a man touch me the way you are.” He’s gripped my titties and used them to pull me closer and push me down onto his lap. “My Daddy always has someone watching me. He doesn’t trust me so I never get to have-“

I gasped as Derrick leaned forward and sucked one of my nipples deep into his mouth. He bit into my tittie gently and kept nibbling as he pulled his face away from my body. My nipple stretched out long as he kept sucking and nibbling. I had to grip the arms of the lawn chair because I was feeling even more shaky and a little dizzy.

Derrick leaned back and looked at me; I was already panting and sighing. “Well, well, little girl, I do believe you were telling the truth. Get back to the other end of the pool and cover yourself with that towel.”


“I’ll talk to your dad about doing this again in a couple of days.” He grabbed my wrist before I had taken more than two steps away. He stood and pulled me close suddenly and kissed me firmly with his tongue plunging deep into my mouth.

I had kissed two or three boys before; one had even tried to put his tongue into my mouth. It had grossed me out and I hadn’t let that boy touch me again. But this- this was amazing. I let Derrick kiss me and play with my titties and squeeze my tight ass. I was so surprised that I didn’t react much except for the last few moments when I reached between our bodies and rubbed my hand over the huge bulge in Derrick’s pants.

He stopped kissing me suddenly and held me away from him turning me around and slapping my ass sharply. “Go now, you naughty little minx. Get those sexy round tits covered before you daddy shows up.”

I managed to sprint across the patio and grab my towel as the patio door slid open. Derrick sat down quickly and smiled at Daddy, crossing his ankle over his knee again. I was still shaky and my stomach was still churning and I wanted to be alone in my bedroom badly. I wrapped my towel over my shoulders and said ‘goodnight’ to Daddy. I walked to the patio table and kissed Daddy’s cheek. I smiled at Derrick and moved closer and reached out to shake his hand, letting him get another peek at my titties before I walked into the house.

Alone in my room, I was still feeling hot and fluttery. I tossed the towel on a chair and walked into my bathroom and turned on my shower. In the hot shower, I started touching myself the way Derrick had; I played with my titties more roughly than I ever had before. I pulled my nipples the way Derrick had as he’d stretched them out of his mouth.

Pretty soon, I realized I was rubbing my pussy. I knew I was lucky; I had hardly any hair down there yet. I knew men liked women they fucked to have their pussy’s bare. I rubbed my pussy slowly at first, then one of my fingers slipped between my cunt lips and felt a sharp delightful tingle. I’d played with my pussy and put my fingers into my cunt before too. But, I’d never felt anything before like what I was feeling now. I kept rubbing and rubbing my pussy and then I reached down with the other hand and rubbed and slipped my fingers into my cunt.

I made myself gasp, then realized I was panting and moaning. I played in the shower for a long canlı bahis time- rubbing my left hand over my pussy and playing with the button on the edge of my cunt as the fingers of my right hand stroked in and out of my hot wet cunt. As soon as I imagined Derrick doing the same thing, my body exploded and I felt dizzy and I realized I was grunting loudly.

After a moment, I started to feel less dizzy and shaky; I realized that I’d just given myself my first orgasm. Or something that I thought must be an orgasm.

I couldn’t help but laugh as I turned off the shower and grabbed a fresh warm towel. As I dried off, I looked around the bathroom and noticed the bumpy round handle of my favourite hairbrush. At first I worried that I wouldn’t get the handle into my cunt, then I remembered the baby oil in the cupboard. I sometimes used unscented baby oil to take off my eye make-up. I was determined to get myself off again.

I played for hours. I actually made myself a little sore I played so much. I used the brush handle over and over to fuck myself again and again. After a few tries with the hairbrush handle, I looked around my bedroom and found a better toy. The first time I played with the new — bigger — toy, I almost hurt myself. I didn’t know that the first time I used a bigger toy I’d have to go slower; I’d shoved it in hard and fast just like the last time I’d used the hairbrush handle to get myself off.

But I was determined. It only took a few minutes to work the toy deep into my well-oiled cunt. Even after I got it all into that tight little hole of mine, I found that I still couldn’t fuck myself as eagerly as I had before. I pushed the toy in slowly and pulled it out slowly — over and over — slow and easy. I diddled with my pussy with the other hand, playing with that wonderfully shocking little button that made my body hum and squirm. I was leaning back on the head of my bed with my knees spread wide outside my shoulders.

It took some time, but eventually I could fuck my self almost as fast as I had with the hairbrush handle. I fell asleep still playing with my new toy. In my sleep, I dreamed of Derrick watching me fuck myself with a toy that kept getting bigger and bigger; I was able to fuck myself as fast and hard and deep as I wanted and I just kept getting off. In my dream, Derrick laughed in that sexy-pervy way and played with my titties, sucking and nibbling and pinching.

When I woke up the next morning, I spent at least an hour fucking myself again before I went to the dining room to have breakfast with Daddy. Daddy was happy and hugged me and then gave me his credit card and told me to shopping. He said that Derrick had remarked more than once about what a charming and intelligent girl I was. I told Daddy that Derrick was one of the most interesting clients he had ever brought home. When I asked Daddy when Derrick might come over again, Daddy told me that Derrick had asked for a private meeting pool-side two days later.

Daddy clapped his hands together, rubbing them vigorously and smiling cunningly. “I think Derrick is going to ask our company to handle more of his business. That’ll mean a big bonus for me for bringing such an important account to the firm.”

Two evenings later, Daddy and me and Derrick were sitting by the pool. It was a really warm night and pretty soon Derrick told me that I should take a dip since his talk with Daddy must be boring. Daddy laughed and agreed and patted my knee as he encouraged me to go into the house to get changed. Derrick pretended to just glance my way as I stepped out the patio door; he cleared his throat and asked Daddy something. Daddy sat back in his seat suddenly and looked a little startled and then he stood with an agreeable laugh and went quickly into the house.

Daddy didn’t even look at me as he told me to be a good a girl and be charming and entertaining to our guest. It was a very good thing Daddy had been so distracted with business; I had bought myself the tiniest skimpiest little bikini I could find in the dozen stores I’d been in that day. The smallest bits of cloth barely covered my nipples and the string of the bottoms joined at the top edge of my pussy in a triangle of fabric smaller than the palm of my hand — there was nothing in the back but the strings. It was like skinny-dipping with a bathing suit.

I didn’t even pretend to have interest in the pool. I walked straight to Derrick pulling the bits of cloth away from my nipples.

“I dreamed of you, Mr. Mattaghan.”

He just smiled and grabbed my titties in each of his big hands and pulled me onto his lap as his mouth moved over mine. After a moment of kissing me, he leaned back and smiled. “I did more than dream these past few nights when I was thinking of you, Sahara.”

“The other night I played with myself using the handle of my hairbrush; I got myself off for the first time thinking of you.”

“Christ- you little minx. You’ll have me cumming in my pants with talk like güvenilir bahis that.”

“Let me touch your cock when you do, please, Mr. Mattaghan.”

He gasped and laughed and without another word he slipped his big finger into my cunt. The tiny triangle of fabric didn’t get in the way one little bit; the bottom of the triangle barely touched the top tip of my pussy lips. The string that went between those lips moved playfully over my button as I walked. It was the second reason I’d picked the bathing suit. Derrick moaned and gave me that sexy-pervy smile. “You’re fucking wet, Sahara. Could I try slipping another finger into that tight little cunt of yours?”

I’m not sure if I answered him or not; I think I might have moaned. I was holding on to the arms of patio chair again as he played with me. As Derrick slid two fingers into my cunt and pinched one of my nipples and sucked the other, I heard myself gasp and knew I had been panting since he’d slipped just one finger into my cunt hole. He kissed me again as he started to finger-fuck me faster and faster. Derrick shoved his tongue into my mouth as he got me off.

Derrick just held me for a few minutes as I tried to catch my breath. His fingers were still playing with my pussy but every time he tried to put a finger into my wet hole I gasped. “You’ve got a very sensitive little clit here, Sahara. I could make you cum again by just diddling right here-“

He rubbed his finger over my clit three or four times quickly and I was gasping and moaning again. Derrick brought me to another orgasm without putting a finger in my cunt. He smiled and kissed me and told me what a good girl I was.

“I want to be your slut, Mr. Mattaghan.” I looked at him solemnly as I spoke. “I’ll do anything you want me to- you’ll just have to teach me all the really dirty slutty things you like.”

“Christ-” He took a deep breath and shoved two of his fingers into my hot wet hole. Derrick pumped his hand in and out, in and out, over and over; when I was at the edge of cumming again, he shoved a third finger into my cunt. I cried out and climaxed even though what he was doing kind of hurt.

I was just recovering from the orgasm when he started pushing me off his lap and onto the ground between his knees. “Lesson one, my sexy little dirty slut; suck my cock.” He unzipped his pants and his huge cock sprang out.

I only hesitated for a moment to gasp then I was kissing and licking the tip of Derrick’s throbbing dick. I looked up at him and he gave me that sexy-pervy smile and told me to keep looking up at him. Derrick gave me detailed instructions on how to hold my lips tight around his cock and how my tongue should circle around the tip as my head moved up and how my tongue should curl around the length of his shaft as my head moved down. Derrick told me how wanted me to suck him off slowly, he wanted me to learn just what he liked the first time. He reminded me that he would tell me when he was going to cum so that I’d be ready to swallow the thick hot juice that came out.

Derrick laughed when he noticed that I’d gotten so excited that I was fingering myself as I sucked on his big cock. He was so patient and helpful as he gave me tips that helped me pull more of his long dick into my mouth. Derrick encouraged me to keep sucking even if I gagged; he liked that I was trying so hard to take so much. After about five minutes of my eager sucking, Derrick got really quiet and his breathing became panting and he put one hand on my shoulder and the other on my head.

He threaded his fingers through my hair and started guiding my head. I gave in to the rhythm he was demanding of me; I just relaxed my neck and let him shove my head up and down on his huge cock. I was gagging and choking like mad but I knew he was getting close; what he was making me do was going to make him cum. I rubbed my hands up and down his thighs and brushed my fingertips over his tight balls.

Derrick’s panting was turning to eager moaning. “Christ- I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Eat my cum you little slut-“

Hot jets of salty bitter fluid filled my mouth; I tried to swallow it all but it was coming out so fast I felt it dripping from my lips. Derrick finally finished cumming in my mouth and eased the pressure on the back of my head and he smiled at me again in that sexy-pervy way. “Lick your lips, my little minx. You have cum on your chin.”

Derrick used his thumb to catch the dribbles on my chin and push it all into my mouth gently. “I was too hard on you, wasn’t I, Sahara?”

“Uh-uh.” I shook my head eagerly. “I liked it. I liked the way you made me feel like your special dirty slut.” I leaned up on my knees again and pulled his half-soft cock into my mouth; I sucked more than half of Derrick’s big dick into my mouth this time.

I looked up at him with a playful expression as I let his dick fall from between my lips. “See- I can get more of your long cock into my mouth this way.” I dipped my head and used my lips and tongue to guide and suckle Derrick’s half-soft dick into my mouth. I kept sucking and sucking and I was getting close to taking his whole cock into my mouth when he started growing and getting hard again.

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