Sculpting Mei-Lien Ch. 07

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At ten o’clock Saturday morning, my door bell rang, and I found a freshly scrubbed, ebullient Mei-Lien waiting to be let in. As soon as she was inside, she stepped in front of the hall mirror and, with an exultant smile on her face, unbuttoned her coat to reveal that, aside from the socks and sneakers on her feet, the only garment she wore was a leotard. Furthermore, the leotard itself did little to hide the figure inside. Made out of a thin Lycra material, it showcased every detail of Mei-Lien’s increasingly curvaceous body. Had her breasts been naked, her nipples, including the dark hallows of their aereolae, could hardly have been more visible. Because it was cut to leave most of the region between her bust and lower belly bare, it drew attention to the shape of her firm tummy and the little shelf, which she had described to me on the phone, where her navel sits. Letting my gaze follow the curve of her belly down to her crotch, I could discern a hint of the pubic hair on her mons. Nearly as intriguing as the way it displayed her front was the view it provided of her from the rear. Other than the thick bolt of black hair, which dangled from the back of her head and ran in a straight line along her spine, and the network of thin straps which secured the leotard to her body, Mei-Lien’s back was bare from her shoulders to her buttock. Exposure of so much flesh by a pinko-grey northern European is often a mistake, but on a woman with Mei-Lien’s tawny complexion that expanse of flawless, smooth flesh is an asset which deserves exposure. In summary, I was awestruck to recognize what an enticing little package my student had become.

Making no effort to conceal her pride in my admiration of her body, Mei-Lien grinned like the Cheshire cat and coquettishly divulged her plans.

”If you think that I am dressed this way for your eyes only, you are sorely mistaken. You said that you want me to experience having my body available for others to view, and, with that in mind, I have located a health club in this neighborhood to which we can easily walk. This is the surprise that I promised, but we had better go soon, before I lose my nerve.”

Pleased as I was by Mei-Lien’s plans, I felt the need to assert some control over the situation. Approaching her from the rear, I planted a warm kiss on the back of her neck before untying the bow which held the straps of her leotard together. Once the bow was undone, it became an easy matter to lower the top of her leotard to her waist. I then inserted my hands through the warm crevice between her arms and her ribcage, bringing them to rest on the sides of her breasts.

”I am delighted by my surprise and fully intend to make your plan a mutually gratifying experience. However, before we put your body on display, I think that we had better check that all its parts are functioning up to par. In particular, having subjected them to such arduous training, it would be a shame not to have your nipples displayed to their best advantage. Since it will be impossible to do so discreetly once we get to the health club, I have decided to put them through their warm-up exercises before we leave. Thus, I hope that you will not object to my I spending several minutes bringing them to the state of rigidity at which I hope they will remain throughout our visit to the club.”

I sensed that Mei-Lien would have preferred not to be reminded how prominently her nipples were about to be displayed. Even when they wore their collars, their presence under her normal clothes had been apparent but vague. Under her leotard, every detail of their shape and recently acquired robustness would be available for inspection, and that fact would inevitably encourage inspection of the rest of her scantily covered body. Thus, as, under to my supervision, her nipples grew in length and bulk, I could feel a frisson of excitement tinged by anxiety course through her half clad frame.

When her nipples had attained their maximum size and stood out more than half an inch beyond her aereolae, I pulled Mei-Lien’s leotard back up over her chest and refastened its straps in a bow between her shoulder. At the sight of her own distended nipples in the mirror, she exclaimed,

”I am beginning to resemble one of those dolls which primitive people believe will promote fertility. My nipples have become veritable teats waiting to be milked. It is exciting to know that ones body will awaken primordial instincts in others, but it is scary to contemplate the consequences.”

In an attempt to quell her fears but not her excitement, I replied,

”I agree that the sight of your body is likely to raise a few eyebrows, not to mention other parts, of its viewers, but I assure you that, until we return home, you have nothing to fear from the consequences. I adore the incongruous blend of innocence and potent fecundity which your diminutive but powerful body exudes. You are right that you have become a fertility symbol, but your major concern should be that you remain a symbol and not a victim of fertility.”

My admiration and light tone seemed to allay some of Mei-Lien’s fears. With a smile on her face, she retrieved her coat, and, tuzla escort obviously wishing to preserve her modesty for as long as she could, buttoned it from top to bottom. Not a word was exchanged between us during our walk to the health club. Mei-Lien was struggling with her own conflicting emotions, and I was content to let deal with them on her own.

I was relieved to find that her mood had brightened by the time that we reached our destination. Once inside, it was clear that she was familiar with the routine. Without hesitation, Mei-Lien approached the front desk and signed us in. Handing me a towel, she escorted me to the door of the men’s locker room and headed for the women’s. Because she only had to remove her coat to be ready, Mei-Lien was waiting for me when I emerged. She was already the object of admiring stares, and she was anxious to have me as a buffer between her and her admirers.

”How should we proceed from here? Knowing that it is the point of this experiment, I have been standing here with my arms at my sides so that there will be nothing between me and the eyes which have been glued to my front. I will not deny that I am sexually excited by the attention which I have attracted, but it has taken all my will power to not retreat back into the locker room. In the hope that I will be less self-conscious when I am a moving target, I suggest that we begin by following the standard circuit, progressing from one machine to the next.”

Mei-Lien’s suggestion struck me as reasonable. Although she was correct that in motion her body would be harder to scrutinize, she was wrong that she would feel less embarrassed. Indeed, several of the machines seemed specifically designed to put her on display. Of these, she found the ones which exercised her pectoral and upper leg muscles the most challenging. Each repetition on the pectoral machine required her to literally thrust her chest forward in a way that stretched the thin material of her leotard so that the shape of her breasts and their turgid nipples were brought into stark relief. Maybe even more embarrassing to her was the exhibition she was giving while working the muscles in her groin. Spread to the sides, her legs framed but did nothing to hide her crotch and the absence of anything between the material of tightly drawn her leotard and the most intimate part of her female anatomy, a fact which became increasingly apparent as her own sweat welded her leotard to her skin.

By the time that we completed the circuit, we were both bathed in sweat. As Mei-Lien was well aware, her damp leotard had become little more than a second skin which did nothing but heighten the appeal of what lay beneath. Feeling that she might have had enough and not wanting to push her too far beyond her accustomed limits, I asked her whether she wanted to leave.

”No, not quite yet. Before going, I want these people know to how it is that the body which they have been ogling was produced. For this purpose, you can have me do a homework assignment on the mats in the corner. I leave the choice of assignment up to you, but you should not spare me just because we will undoubtedly have an attentive audience.”

Without waiting for me to reply, Mei-Lien headed for the mats and lay down on her back. Kneeling at her side, I had her raise her shoulders and legs so that she could bring her body into a tight ball by locking her arms behind her knees. Although this position meant that her breasts would be out of sight, it focused attention on her tightly stretched muscles on the back of her thighs and the folds produced in her leotard where it adhered to her vulva.

”Mei-Lien, you are to release your legs, spread them and your arms as far as possible, and keep them spread until I tell you can resume the position in which you are now. I will have you repeat this exercise ten times, varying the length of time you are to stay spread so that you will not be able to anticipate when you will be allowed to relax.”

Before beginning, through gritted teeth Mei-Lien told me,

”I should have known that you would not spare either my body or my modesty. Nonetheless, your wish is my command, and so I will do your bidding.”

So saying, Mei-Lien spread her arms and legs, knowing that she was thereby presenting every facet of her body to anyone who bothered to look. As I had promised, I made her repeat this act of self-immolation ten times, sometimes making her hold her splayed pose for as much as half a minute but usually relenting much sooner. Although she was showing nothing that she had not revealed earlier, she was now doing so while static, a fact which not only enhanced the image for her viewers but also deprived her of any alternative but to think about the salacious image to which she was treating those viewers.

Even before we left the health club, I could tell that Mei-Lien was extremely agitated. Had she not been hugging my arm to her body as we walked along, I would have been worried that she was angry at me for having forced her too far outside of her comfort zone. If Mei-Lien had been angry at me, I recognized that she would have had just cause. She may have been the one who tuzla escort bayan actually arranged our visit to the health club, but I had been the one who put the idea in her mind and the one who made sure that during the visit there would be a total suspension of her modesty. Thus I was relieved and pleased that anger at me did not appear to be the explanation for her agitated state.

Not until we had returned and Mei-Lien was lying naked on my bed, after both of us had taken much needed showers, did I learn what was on her mind. Raising herself to her knees so that she could see her reflection in my bedroom mirror, she cupped her hands under her breasts and gently applied her thumbs to the tips of her nipples. Obviously proud of the fact that her nipples had remained just as hard as they had been when I prepared them for their debut at the gym, a smile of satisfaction spread across Mei-Lien’s face.

”Today you helped me to remove the last vestige of doubt which I had about my body. For the first time in my life, I know that I am an attractive woman whose body is an asset to be enjoyed by herself and those with whom she chooses to share it. At the same time as I recognize that I am not and never will be an Hollywood idol, I realize that my body has the capacity to attract the attention that I desire. In fact, I have learned that it can attract more attention than I want, but that that is a price which I, like every other seductive woman, should be willing to pay.”

Amused by Mei-Lien’s outburst, I decided it was the right moment to tell her about and introduce her to the surprise which I had for her.

”I am glad that you have learned to appreciate your body and the pleasure that displaying it can give you. In anticipation of this turn of events, I bought you a pedestal. If you look in the corner next to my bureau, you will see a package. Go and take a look at what it contains.”

Like an excited child, Mei-Lien hopped off the bed to fetch the package. After unwrapping and examining it, she turned to me with a quizzical expression on her face. I could not tell whether she really unable to figure out how she might use what was obviously a replica of a penis mounted on a sturdy base or whether she was just too embarrassed to admit that she understood its purpose all to well. In either case, I thought it best to tell her why had given it to her.

”Because our relationship requires that you spend most of your evenings alone, I thought that you might appreciate having some of the advantages of male companionship available to you at your apartment. There is a large variety of devises, known as dildos, made for that purpose. In fact, there is evidence that the dildo is a Chinese invention, and certainly some of the more ingeniously designed ones come from either China or Japan. The one which I have given you is somewhat different from most. Most dildos are intended to be used while lying in bed, but, as you can see, that is not the way this one is to be used. Instead, it is to be placed on the floor and inserted by the woman squatting over it until it is fully embedded in her vagina. Once it is, she has several options. If she wants to have it move in and out, she should continue to squat so that she can control its depth. If, on the other hand, she wants a more subtle experience, she can arrange her legs so that she can enjoy having its presence while she is engaged in other activities. My own thought was that your yoga training should allow you to accommodate it in a number of positions while on the phone with me. I am confident that we can incorporate it into your homework assignments, and I hope that doing so will create a new source of pleasure for you while doing your assignments. Would you like to take what might be called a ‘maiden voyage’ on it?”

Having learned its function, Mei-Lien was ready to try out her present. After dragging it to the rug next to my bed, she squatted so that she was straddling the prong, making sure that its tip rested against the entrance to her vagina before slowly lowering herself onto the shaft. As she absorbed the shaft into her body, she raised her head so that I could watch on her face her response to her impalement. Although the prong was no larger than a normal human penis and was encased in a layer of soft, rubbery material, it was less malleable than a living penis. As a consequence, Mei-Lien had to give her vagina time to adjust as she proceeded, and several minutes elapsed before it had disappeared into her depths. When it had, the look on Mei-Lien’s face was one of satisfaction. However, it was obvious that she was waiting for advise about what to do next.

”Because I hope that a dildo is not the only visitor which your body will have today, and because I want to know what I am missing and should be picturing while you are perched on your dildo while talking to me on the phone, I think that you should assume one of the positions which I will ask you to take while doing your homework. Namely, without dislodging the dildo, maneuver yourself so that you can sit on your haunches with your legs folded on either side. I had you sit like this on a previous visit, and so escort tuzla I know that you can do so in reasonable comfort. After you are on your haunches, I want you to straighten your back and place your hands on the back of your neck. That position will not only afford me an unobstructed view, it will also shift your entire weight onto the object on which you are impaled. I think that you will enjoy the mild stretching this imposes on your internal organs, and I believe you will discover that your new toy has virtues which you have not yet noticed.”

The contortions required to maneuver herself into the prescribed position gave me the opportunity to admire once again what a fine body Mei-Lien possessed. When she was at last seated on her haunches and before she clasped her hands behind her neck, she used her fingers to part her hair into two thick strands, draping one strand over each shoulder and arranging them into black veils through which her pert breasts peeked. No oriental potentate had ever been treated to a more seductive sight of the woman he was about to bed. Seated as she was, Mei-Lien’s succulent buttock bunched beneath her and brought a pleasing plumpness to her hips. At the same time, her inner thighs pressed together in a way which both hid and drew attention to the mysterious region which lay at their junction. Clearly pleased by the image which she had created, a coy smile spread across her face.

”I believe that I have discovered one of virtues which you said my toy has. Burying itself into my vulva is a strategically placed bump which not only holds me open but also applies pressure to my clitoris. I do not know if it is capable of bringing me to orgasm, but it is more than sufficient to be a serious distraction when I supposed to be doing my homework assignments.”

Much as I was enjoying the sight of Mei-Lien deriving pleasure from her toy, I became concerned when her facial expression indicated that she was well on her way to finding out whether her new toy could induce an orgasm, at which point I decided that, before she did find out, it was in my own best interest to have her maiden voyage come to an end.

”My dear Mei-Lien, I hate to disturb your reverie, but I think that I had better interrupt you before you learn to prefer your dildo to the real thing. Thus, I would like you to stop what you are doing long enough to have me replace your toy as the object to which you are making love.”

After extracting herself from her perch, Mei-Lien straddled my supine body, where, after inserting my penis into her recently vacated vagina, she assumed the same position which she had held on her dildo.

”Your jealousy is gratifying but unnecessary. I prefer the real thing to the fake, especially when the real thing is attached to you.”

In view of the sexually charged day which we had spent, it is not surprising that our climax arrived quickly and that it left both of us drained. For what remained of the day, we lay in bed, satisfied to bask in the proximity of our bodies without more explicitly sexual contact. Sometime after midnight, Mei-Lien prepared for her departure while I found a container in which she could convey her toy without having it being evident what she was carrying. In the end, my solution was to put it into a nondescript box and call a taxi so that she would not have to hassle with it on public transport.

The introduction of her new toy resulted in some changes in our evening phone conversations. Wanting Mei-Lien to think of her time on the dildo as a reward for her efforts, I would put her through a calisthenics beforehand. Only after she had completed a strenuous workout was she allowed to take her ride on the dildo, and even after she had mounted the dildo I found ways to continue her exercises. For example, while seated on it as she had been in my bedroom, I would sometimes have her improve her posture by balancing a book on her head. Alternatively, I would make her exercise her shoulders and arms by having her raise her arms to the side and rotating them while holding some weights in her hands. At the same time, I took the opportunity to tone her internal musculature. Specifically, while mounted on the dildo I made her alternate between clamping her vaginal muscles around it and allowing the dildo to penetrate her to the maximum depth when her vagina relaxed.

Wanting to provide some variety, I also encouraged Mei-Lien to explore the versatility of her toy. After she had become accustomed to having it vertically inside her, I taught her how to take advantage of its flexibility. Although the shaft itself was rigid, its attachment to the base was elastic, affording considerable latitude in the angle at which it could be lodged inside its client. Knowing this possibility, I had Mei-Lien begin by taking the dildo inside her while she was kneeling astride it. Once it was fully embedded, I told her to, without dislodging the dildo, lean back until her body formed an arch anchored at one end by the dildo and supported at the other by her head. My intention was to make her experience the intense sexual excitement which the pressure on the front of front wall of her vagina would produce and at the same time the equally intense strain which her position would impose on her abdominal muscles, and, from her sound of her labored breathing over the phone, I knew that I had succeeded.

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