Slow Seduction Ch. 02

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Cold. Wet. Warmth. I slowly open my eyes to find his bright bluish greens staring at me. My lips must have been slightly open because he has managed to melt ice in his hands and let the liquid drip from his fingertips into my mouth. I wipe the excess water from my chin and he kisses me. He reaches for something on the nightstand when I finally realize I am completely naked and uncovered. I sit up looking for the sheets, my clothes or anything to cover up when his voice creeps into my feelings of anxiety.

“Don’t.” I stop like a doe in headlights, folding my knees into my chest and wrapping my arms around my legs.

He speaks. “I like looking at you,” I don’t know how to respond, so I try to swallow but my mouth is dry.

“—Can’t you tell?” I look over at him and see that he is also completely naked and very hard. I bow my head smiling as he hands me a glass. I let go of my legs with one hand to take it from him stealing a glance at the elevated excitement between his thighs, now the only thing I can concentrate on. He turns to face me, ready, watching. Waiting. The entire glass of water is downed in seconds. Hey selfish, drink it all up and offer him nothing!

“I’m sorry did you want some? I wasn’t thinking” He smiles, taking the glass from me and puts it back on the nightstand.

“I didn’t know how much longer I could wait before you woke up. So yeah…I want some.” My anxiety falls into the pit of my stomach again and his eyes lock on mine leaning in closer to me. I feel my head tingling. All the hair on my head feels as though its just grabbed a bag of static and submerged itself in deep, follicles first. As his hands slowly scale up the front of my legs, he moves my arm and his hands touch my knees. There is a slight pause and a quickened skip of beat in my breathing. As much as I want to I can’t break our gaze. His lips graze my knees. My mind is racing and I hope he hasn’t noticed that my nerves have caused goose bumps on my arms to render that truth. What is he going to do with me now? What if he wants me to do more to him? What if he realizes I don’t have much experience? Shit! All the books to read and you never think to pick one up about-

“Open your eyes.” Damn I love his voice. Deep, rich,and unintentionally pretentious. My thoughts have clearly overcome me, as I didn’t realize they were closed. When I do open them I see a grin on his face. I exhale shaking my head in disapproval.

“Sorry, escort bayan I don’t know why–I’m still kinda nervous.” I whisper. He gives a smirk and a slight laugh, and then whispers in my ear in a matter of fact way. “I can fix that.” My eyebrows raise in curiosity and excitement and I can’t swallow. I look over to the empty glass and wish there was even a small corner of water left in it.

He kisses my knees again, this time slowly, very slowly, then my lips. When he does I feel the palm of his hands grab my knees and steadily move them apart. He watches me. Both of us waiting on my inevitable reaction. My eyes still on him I hear his voice give off that same deep menacing but sweet tone. My heart quickens at the sound.

“Lay back” There is something about his voice that strikes every sense in my body forcing it to comply without hesitation, and to my surprise I like it. My mouth is no longer dry. He kneels in front of me. He’s perfect. His eyes, his arms, his well-formed body, right down to that beautiful piece between his legs. His eyes devour every inch of my body and It’s so quiet I can hear myself breathing and realize my mouth is no longer the only part of my body that’s increased it’s warmth and wetness. I try to escape my blushing shyness but it quickly emanates all over my body causing me to look away for a moment and cover myself. I can feel his eyes on me and somehow I know he wants to see mine. When I glance back he looks me over with an almost unsatisfied and confused look on his face. I inhale and stop breathing as he lowers his body over mine as close as he possibly can without touching me, putting his mouth to my ear and whispers.

“If you keep covering yourself—” He moves slightly down to my neck and breathes me in.

“–I’ll have to tie your hands.” He tells me as he slowly exhales. Tie my hands? A part of me wants to disobey him. I’ve never been tied up let alone been touched or talked to the way he has in the last few hours. I am more than intrigued and slightly startled at my own intensified curiousity. My reaction must be exactly what he wants because I feel him grow harder on my thigh. He looks at me almost animalistic, biting his bottom lip, like he wants to plunge himself into me, break me, fuck me, and devour me all at once, and that tone returns to his voice.

“Do you understand?” His look is eerily sincere and once again I don’t refuse altıparmak escort his question. My breathing stutters and my chest feels like its dropped into my stomach, as I manage to calmly shake my head in agreement and utter the word “yes.”

But instead of doing any of those things he continues with the greatest self control I’ve ever seen a man have as he licks my neck and then my lips. I immediately want more as my hands touch the side of his face maneuvering him to get closer to me. The word “Good” rolls from his lips and he sticks his tongue into my mouth kissing me deep. I let out a sigh that seems to trigger a slight frenzy in him, because in that moment my breast, my ribs and my stomach all feel the warmth of his lips and tongue. Bit by bit, piece by piece of me and then the frenzy subsides. I open my eyes revealing him slowly placing kisses from my left inner thigh to the right, the dip where my hips and pelvis meet, and up and down my lower abdomen. He teases me like this for what seems like forever. What happened? Did I do something wrong? He’s slowing down,Is he about to stop? Although each kiss he leaves on my body is extremely pleasurable its also the most agonizing. He kisses between my legs once more. I want him so badly I can’t take it. I whimper, and it’s all he needs before I feel the warmth of his mouth cover what is now known between the both of us to be the most uncontrollably wet part of me. I take in a deep breath as I part my lips to moan. His tongue gently thrashes over and inside me caressing me slowly. I place my hands on his shoulders, arching my body as my head tilts back into the pillow in submissive pleasure. He feels so good. A soft blissful ache rises in me and he slows down, rolling his tongue over me wave after wave. I feel his fingers hit my lips then dip into my mouth. Rather I realize it or not my mouth knows exactly what to do and I suck on his fingers one by one. I don’t know how he knows that this would turn me on even more but it does. My body gently rocks against his mouth as it is becoming harder to subdue. He turns his fingers out of my mouth roaming his hand down my stomach. Moan after moan turns him on as I hear him tell me how beautiful I am. My heart beats a little faster as that soft blissful ache turns into a sweet but overwhelmingly tight throbbing. More. I think, and that’s exactly what he gives me. My thighs clench to him mudanya escort and his mouth knows just how and where to move. I’ve never felt anything so good in my life. My panting grows as my hands sink into his hair and I quietly beg him to let me. It seems as if my sex crazed newly seduced being has subconsciously understood to ask for his permission before I allow my body to make any sudden decisions, because I cry out.

“Please” I hear him murmur in content agreement, and my body begins to surge and shake uncontrollably. I moan one last time before I feel the most pleasurable and almost deafening rush strike through my body. His hands grab my waist forcing me down onto his mouth. I can hear him groan in an enjoyable satisfaction as his tongue strokes me again. I manage to softly gasp, before I realize I have to catch my breath.

I sink into the bed relishing in what has just happened. I can feel him kissing my fingers and then my shoulders as he lies down next to me.

“You taste so fucking amazing.” My mouth slightly drops and I smile. I want to but I remember not to cover myself.

“Yeah?” He doesn’t answer but gives me a look instead. He grabs my face and plunges his tongue into my mouth and the feeling one gets as the roller coaster takes it’s first big dive overcomes me, but he stops. I can taste myself on his lips. He’s right.

“See?” He goes to kiss me again but everything that has just happened plays back in my head. My moans, sounds, reactions and that uncontrollable shaking . I smile hard placing my hands over my face, as I feel compelled to tell him.

“That’s never happened to me before.”

‘What?” I search for the words and try not to sound like a complete inexperienced geek. He must know that I’m embarrassed because he saves me from having to tell him anything.

“It’s ok. I actually prefer it that way.” I watch his hand slowly stroll down my arm, but that now familiar tone creeps into my ears and I know it’s coming. More? I think. What else could he possibly want to do now?

“Don’t look anywhere else but right here at me” I shake my head in agreement as his hand then quickly settles in between my legs, with his index, then middle finger slipping inside and cupping me. I inhale as my body unwillingly tenses up.

He tells me “Relax.” as he kisses me and takes my hand placing it between his legs. My eyes widen and I try to relax my body.

“You feel ok? “I tell him yes and can feel him grow in my hand as he speaks. My mouth slightly parts inviting him to kiss me. But instead he gives me that almost animalistic look with a seductive grin and speaks, “Good, because there’s more”… He whispers in my ear. “So much more.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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