Snow Squall

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Amy Lynn Steele pounded her steering wheel in total frustration as the low fuel light began to illuminate the dark interior of her car with its bright yellow light. Around her the snow that had been falling for the last several hours began to swirl in an eddy over the hood of her rental car. Another six inches had already accumulated since traffic on I-81 came to a stand-still from a fatal accident a few miles ahead of her. Now it took all of her stamina to switch off the ignition and save what precious amount of fuel she did have left to get her to the nearest gas station when traffic did get moving again.

Before her small fingers could even leave the shiny metal key, the cold of the winter’s night began to creep in to the car. Amy shuttered at the thought, knowing full well she was not prepared to speed the night in such conditions. Her trip to York, Pennsylvania was supposed to be for a weekend trade show; a short overnight trip for which Amy did not pack many clothes. Looking through the rearview mirror at her overnight bag in the back seat, Amy thought of its contents.

Without question her toiletries would come in handy in the morning, but the nylons, mini-skirt, blouse and blazer sole purpose was to entice sales, not to ward off the cold of a winter’s night. Once again Amy cursed out loud and pounded the steering wheel in frustration.

“Why hadn’t I packed an emergency kit,” she chided herself as she sat in the car, removing her high heels and rubbing her cold toes to keep them warm as she huddled up in the car. “Why hadn’t I packed warmer clothes? Why had I chosen to go to such a small trade show in the first place? Why had I chosen this god-forsaken highway? Why hadn’t I filled up in Wilkes-Barre? Why oh why didn’ tI find a better job,” she finally thought as the seconds grew into minutes, and the minutes into hours, the car growing colder and colder as the night progressed

As Amy contemplated her life in the dismal conditions of her rental car, a sudden burst of light snapped her out of her doldrums. Through the rearview mirror Amy watched as the driver of the truck that sat two cars behind her, dismounted his cab, slid into the space between his truck and trailer and relieved himself. Even though Amy could not see anything in the darkness and the angle of view, she knew what he was doing as a vapor cloud emerged from the effects of hot urine on cold snow. For a moment Amy was repulsed by the act, but that feeling was turned into jealousy as he nonchalantly swung back up into his truck cab not even knowing he had just been watched.

“Must be nice,” Amy said out loud as she watched the dome light flicker off, for even at this distance she could hear his big diesel engine running and knew his cab must have been warm. Still, as she looked back at the truck that was now shroud in darkness, except for a row of orange lights illuminated across the top of the cab, she realized it was what she did not see that was of importance. She had not seen anyone sitting in the passenger seat.

Amy struggled to find her shoes as she swept around in the darkness, bouncing her hand off the accelerator and brake pedal before finally coming into contact with her heels. Slipping them on, her feet felt like blocks of ice as she stepped out of the rental car and walked back towards the truck.

In the snow it was a precarious walk. Trying her best to maintain her balance in the slippery mess, Amy felt the snow run over the tops of her pumps and soak through her nylons. Still trying to sound like the preverbal princess in distress, etiler escort she stepped onto the running board of the big rig and wrapped on the door, just as if she was knocking on the door of a home.

“Excuse me Sir, I know you don’t know me, but my car is almost out of gas, I’m certainly not dressed for the cold and I’m freezing to death. Would you mind if I got up into your cab just long enough to get warm,” she asked, her body shivering a little as if on cue.

“Hell no Miss, jump on up”, the truck driver said as he watched her lanky frame teeter in heels and the deepening snow as she crossed in front of the truck and climbed up into the passengers seat, banging her shoes on the door frame to knock as much snow off them as possible before entering.

“Thank you so much. I really was not prepared for any of this.”

“I can see that,” he said looking at her meager clothing as the dome light slowly timed out and then left them in the darkness again. Turning on the heater to full blast, he spoke again. “Anytime you travel in the winter, you really should have some warm clothes and emergency gear squirreled away, just in case something like this happens.”

“You sound like my mother.”

“I do don’t I. Sound advice though. Are you hungry? I got a turkey sandwich here if you want it?” Amy went to reach into his Igloo lunch box but hesitated before she took it.

“It’s your last one?”

“I know, but if you are hungry, take it.”

“You do know I was the one that cut you off back there when I came down the on-ramp don’t you?”

“Yeah I knew it was you. Forgive and forget though huh? Besides its nice just having someone to talk to for a change.”

“I know that feeling well,” Amy said between mouthfuls of the turkey sandwich.”

“Really, what do you do,” the driver asked?

“I work for a company that manufactures woodworking tools. I travel around to the various trade shows and sell these tools to woodworkers and retail outlets. It sounds more interesting than it really is.”

“Well at least you get to meet people. Myself, it’s just me and this truck and of course the people you meet at truck stops, which are pretty much all the same.”

“Yeah what was it you called those girls, Lot Lesbians? I saw a special on HBO about them one night.” At that statement the truck driver could only laugh.

“Close, they are called Lot Lizards, and as I said they are not very interesting.”

“Well it is no different with me. I meet plenty of guys, of course they are all married and are out on the town and away from their wives and just looking for a little fun in their life, but that is it, nothing serious.”

“It is ironic isn’t it though; you meet all these people, go to all these great places, and yet don’t see or do a damn thing,” he said as he reached up to turn down the heat, now that the heat was blasting out of the vents and almost causing him to sweat. “I suppose I should have asked; are you warm enough now?”

“Yeah mostly, just my feet are cold, but my toes are always cold.”

“Well kick off those shoes and rub them, that’s the fastest way to get circulation back in them and get them warmed up.” Amy knew it was sound advice and slipped off her left high heel and began to rub her foot to warm her icy toes.

“If you want put them in my lap and I’ll rub them for you. I would probably be a lot easier for me to do, rather than you huh?”

“That’s okay,” Amy said feigning a smile as she said it. “I’ll be alright, besides I would feel foolish.”

“Well escorts would you rather have warm toes or your modesty,” he asked at the same time he reached over the seat and gently tugged at her legs? Amy was not sure if it was his charm alone, or at being helped out of her cold predicament that made her give in to her wishes. She did not necessarily help him, but she offered no resistance as he spun her sideways on the passenger’s seat and placed her feet into his lap.

Relaxed now in the warm heated cab with the snow swirling outside, Amy felt almost contented as he slowly gripped her right heel and gently slid it from her foot; as it did so, the back of her pump made a zipping sound as leather slid along her textured nylons. When he gave it a gentle toss into the passenger’s foot well to join up with her matching shoe, Amy felt as if more than just her shoe had been removed. That feeling only intensified when the truck driver’s giant hands began to massage some warmth back into her chilled toes.

“Thank you,” she said quietly as his fingers seemed to press and prod her cold flesh in just the right spots, at just the right pressure, to ensure her circulation was flowing again. She was not sure how long the man stayed on task, rubbing her toes, but slowly she felt his hands creep up higher on her feet until her toes were all but abandoned and he was rubbing all areas of her feet. She enjoyed the foot rub immensely but after a few minutes of enjoyment, she knew she had to stop him. “That feels great, but I think my toes are warm now.”

“I bet they are, but I bet this feels great too. You said you spent most of your time wearing heels. That must kill your feet and it’s not like I mind.”

“I bet you don’t, but are you rubbing my feet or are you trying to seduce me.”

“Well whichever is working I guess”, he said with a broad smile.

“Oh God, I’m in the middle of a blizzard being seduced by a truck driver,” she over-exaggerated just for a laugh.

“Well it’s not like we don’t have much else to do. Besides that would keep us both warm,” he joked with her as he continued to massage her feet. Amy laughed along with him if only because it was the crazy truth, wincing with slight pain as his fingers dipped into her arch and rubbed a particular tense muscle. “But if nothing else, you should get out of these nylons, they are soaked from your little walk in the snow, and wet clothing is not something you should be wearing out in the cold.”

Amy never answered the man, at least not verbally. Slipping her hands up under her miniskirt, she gripped the stretchy waistband of her nylons and began to tug them off her hips. Of course Amy had two choices on how she could accomplish the task; the modest way, or by letting him know beyond any uncertainty that his seduction had worked. Pulling her feet out of his lap, Amy spread her legs wide as she tugged the tight fitting nylons off her hips allowing the man to get a shadowed glimpse at her panty-covered sex. Even as dark as it was in the cab, the action spoke volumes about what she wanted.

She watched as the truck driver smiled and gripping her hand, leading her now into the bunk area of the truck. Here Amy lost all her inhibitions, grasping at her nylons; she pulled them the rest of the way off her feet and slid into the bunk bed. Her newly found lover quickly followed; neither one of them bothering to remove their clothing. The driver merely undid his plate-sized belt-buckle and unzipped his jeans, tugging them down only to his knees which were all that was bagcilar escort needed to accomplish what he lusted for.

Amy was no different. She splayed her legs widely for the man, feeling him hover above her just long enough to push her skirt up as she separated her panties with her own hands. For a moment their eyes locked together, his expression search to make sure this was indeed consensual. With a smile, Amy extended her neck forward and greeted the unknown man with a kiss; a deep probing kiss that spurned them both onward.

As her tongue swirled and collided inside his mouth, she felt his hardness touch the outer ring of her sex. When her tongue finally retreated, it was as if it was a cue to enter her. With both his tongue and his shaft, the man slid inside her deftly, first with his tongue, and then with his shaft.

“What am I doing,” Amy’s mind screamed at the thought of having such provocative and unprotected sex with a man whose name she did not even know. “He’s a truck driver,” she thought some more as he began to piston with abandon into her. “I should not be doing this. I definitely should not be doing this,” she said again and again even as her own body defied her and lifted itself off the thin mattress to match his thrusts.

In fact her body began to well up with the pleasure of having a man take her so forcefully, so strongly, and yet also so wrongly. She tried to will herself not to wrap her strong legs around the man, but she could not hold out and gripped his ass tightly with her bare legs as he rode her.

“Honey are you okay with this,” he asked as he watched a tear begin to form, only to roll down her soft cheek, smudging her makeup as it did so?

“I’m okay with this. I think…I think we both needed this.”

“Me too”, he said and continued to thrust into her, trying his best to match his thrusts with her own. “I’m trying, I really am trying to hold out, but you…you feel so good Honey, and it’s been so long…”

“I know. I know it has. Don’t wait, don’t wait for me. Just let it go. Enjoy me,” and with those unselfish words, the truck driver gave one final thrust that left Amy gripping the mattress to stop her head from being pushed against the cab of the truck. As her fingers began to get white from the strain, she felt his release, an explosion really as a warm blast of hot semen jettisoned inside her unchecked by any condom.

“I’m sorry. I am so sorry. I tried to hold out for you.”

“Please, don’t be. A woman doesn’t have to get off to be fulfilled. It was wonderful. It was what I needed,” she said as she felt him slowly going soft within her. As they kissed again, Amy swooned at the feeling of having a complete stranger enjoy her.

As Amy lay underneath the man feeling his heavy breathing upon her chest as he slept, a knock echoed inside the steel cab as someone pounded upon the door.

“Driver…Driver wake up. The road has been cleared ahead of you and traffic will start moving again soon.”

Quickly the truck driver sprang up and rolled down his window, looking down upon a police officer who was standing upon the running board.

“Thank you officer, I’ll try to get my rig moving soon.” As the police officer moved on to the other cars, the man spun around to face Amy who was just pushing down her skirt to a more lady-like level. “Traffic is moving again, so I guess this is it huh? You are off to that woodworking show in Atlanta and I am off to Jacksonville.”

For a long moment there was silence as Amy thought about her lonely life and pathetic career. With a smile she shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t know, I wouldn’t mind heading down to Jacksonville myself. I’ve been ridden in a big rig, but I have never actual rode in one,” she said with a wink and an even bigger smile.

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