Something Unexpected

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Betty and Veronica

Something Unexpected…

It was a rather dull day in a rather dull neighborhood. Veronica was waiting for something; she just did not know what. There she sat waiting for what was to come with her long red hair falling ever so perfectly around her face. Her body was that of a goddess, that is the only comparison there is for such beauty. Slender but not too skinny, she is about five feet seven. She sits a while then decides to bathe herself and relieve the stresses she has accumulated.

Her legs are her most prominent feature, as they seem to go all the way to heaven. They are built long and lean. They are the legs you would find at any fashion show. Her derriere is perfectly proportioned to the rest of her. It sits high and firm and moves just right when she sways her hips as she walks. Her waist is small, and her abs are tight. Her bosom is soft but firm and her nipples are pink and perky. As she sits in the bath she admires her goddess like body. She wonders how she is so beautiful yet, she cannot seem to find a man who can love her. Alone she sighs and sinks to her nose in the bubbles.

A while later, her phone rings, and it is her best friend, Betty. They have been friends for over a decade and one always seems to know to call the other on days like this. This particular day, Betty seemed nervous on the phone. She said she had something to talk about but wanted to do altyazılı porno it in person. So Veronica invited her over for dinner and proposed a girls night in. They both hung up the phone and Betty was to arrive around seven. Veronica made up a nice meal, got herself somewhat dressed up and got everything set. At seven, the doorbell rang and sure enough it was Betty, right on time. The two ate dinner and then Veronica started conversation. She asked what was on Betty’s mind that was troubling her so much. Betty just shrugged it off and said she was just having a hard day.

After dinner, they decide on a chick flick and decide to change into their pj’s to watch the movie. As Veronica is getting changed in her room, Betty knocks on the door. Thinking nothing of it, Veronica lets her in. Betty then surprises Veronica by helping her undress. As Betty takes off Veronica’s pink petal bra, she can see that Veronica’s nipples are getting quite attentive. She leans in and begins sucking on them softly. Veronica moans in response and looks at Betty, confused. But Betty doesn’t stop; she lays her best friend on the bed and kisses her from her neck to her navel, not stopping to see what her friend’s reaction is. She then grabs Veronica’s firm behind and kisses lower…She takes her panties off and drops them on the floor then begins kissing Veronica’s smooth mound. Veronica is confused, but she is just enjoying zenci porno this too much to say anything. Betty then kneels down so she can be in a better position to kiss the now damp lips of her best friend’s pussy. She sucks on each of Veronica’s pussy lips, and rubs her inner thighs while she is doing so. Veronica, very shocked, tries to stop Betty, but Betty won’t stop. As Veronica lies back on the bed, her best friend continues to please her, touching every spot at just the right time. Betty licks Veronica’s now dripping pussy and slurps up every last drop. She then proceeds to come up from her position to passionately kiss Veronica’s mouth. Veronica plays with Betty’s beautifully shaped breasts, and takes off her shirt so she can put them in her mouth and please her friend. Betty does not allow Veronica to linger there long. Betty leaves the room and Veronica is very confused and scared that she frightened her best friend.

Veronica then follows Betty out to the living room and asks her what is wrong. Betty just gives her a come here glance. Veronica does not know what she is in for…

Betty had planned this ‘night of fun’ before she had even called Veronica. Betty always thought Veronica was beautiful and has described her as a goddess. She has had a crush on her ever since 9th grade but was too shy to say anything. She watched her best friend get hurt time and time aldatma porno again by worthless asshole men and decided that today was the day she was going to show Veronica that she didn’t need a man to please her. So when Veronica proposed a girls night in, Betty did not hesitate in saying yes. She made sure she was prepared to show Veronica just how much she liked her! So Betty packed a few toys, and headed out of the house with confidence.

As Veronica walked into the living room, she was amazed to see Betty standing there with toys spread about. As Veronica entered the living room, Betty greeted her with a kiss and motioned for her to sit. Betty came over to Veronica (and was now wearing a decent sized strap-on dildo). She thrust Veronica on her back tied her arms and legs hog style and proceeded to finger Veronica vigorously. Veronica moaned and quivered. Once she was wet enough with her own juices, Betty slid the strap on into her. She thrust slowly building anticipation. She then gave Veronica the fucking of a lifetime. Betty untied Veronica and dragged her to the bedroom by her hair and tied her to the bed, spread eagled. Betty then thrust into Veronica again, and did not stop; she only thrust faster and harder. Veronica came so many times she lost count and passed out. Betty kissed her on the lips and went home.

When Veronica awoke at nearly noon the next day she noticed her friend was gone. She was in a daze and could not figure if this was a dream or reality. A note on the bedside table made her realize that this had indeed been real. Veronica called Betty and did not get an answer. She waited days and still heard nothing from Betty…

(To be continued)

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