Spencer’s Secret

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Alexis Ren


Lexy sighed as she flipped through the same channels she had scanned for the past three hours. It was 3:30 a.m., and paid programming’s prime time. Mostly male enhancement advertisements.

Lexy laughed at the fake, smiling actors attempting to sell pills to lacking men. “At least they are guaranteed to reach the right audience,” she spoke out loud to herself, “the only men watching TV at this hour must have a problem or else they would be getting laid or passed out from getting laid earlier.”

Although Lexy was a lesbian, she occasionally had the feeling she was missing out on truly fulfilling sex. When she was masturbating, her thoughts strayed as she made herself hornier, her wet cunt aching for something to fill it completely. The only thing that confused her was her complete lack of desire for a man or a cock. So what exactly was she craving?

The actors shouting the benefits of too-good-to-be-true blenders, curling irons, and an arsenal of other appliances finally got on Lexy’s nerves. She hit the power button on the remote and watched the image on the screen collapse into a starburst that shrunk quickly before fading off with a click.

As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, Lexy slipped out of her tank top and underwear, she loved sleeping naked; her sheets molding to her, and enveloping her stunning figure completely.

She grabbed her cell phone and browsed through her contacts before stopping on one. She desperately wanted someone with her, to hold her, but was afraid nobody would be awake. Who was she kidding? Nobody would want to come just to cuddle anyway.

She threw her phone back on the nightstand and drew a pillow to her stomach, curling around it. Right before the phone’s screen shut off, it went from the contact information for Spencer to the call log. The last call recorded now read ‘Spencer- 3:46 a.m. Outgoing’.

Lexy wiggled and smiled in her sleep as she dreamt that someone entered her apartment and was now nestling themselves around Lexy, holding her tightly. She could feel a soft warm breath below her ear and a relaxing, warm, feminine body wrapped around her. sex izle She sighed happily and let herself melt into that body. She didn’t dare open her eyes, lest she wake up.

The figure behind her shifted as they removed their clothes and wrapped itself back around her. Lexy could feel an intense heat radiating from their pussy as it pressed into the crack between her firm, smooth buttcheeks. Lexy moaned as a spark of lust tingled up her spine. Oh how she hoped she wouldn’t wake up from this dream.

“I came as quickly as I could,” the soft breath whispered. Lexy jumped as she recognized the voice. Why was she dreaming about Spencer? Sure she was a gorgeous, 22 year old brunette with a fantastic physique and a love for women, but Lexy had always thought of Spencer as a player. She didn’t want to start anything with guaranteed heartache as the outcome.

“I’m so ecstatic you called me,” Spencer continued. “I can never get my mind off of you Lexy, you stimulate all of my senses to the limit, yet you’ve never given me a chance to fulfill everything you yearn for.”

Lexy sat up quickly in bed, “that is enough, I am waking up right now. If I dream about how great sex with Spencer is, I will have no choice but to fuck the hell out of that gorgeous player.”

“Oh baby, that is what I want, though.” Spencer’s voice crooned from the bed. ” I don’t know why you are talking about dreaming though, I’m right here and I swear I’m real.”

Lexy pulled the covers up quickly to hide her nude body. “I didn’t call you though, I haven’t called anybody tonight.” Spencer sat up also, and gently massaged Lexy’s neck. “Well I talked to you hon, check your phone,” she whispered into Lexy’s ear.

Lexy grabbed her phone, certain she would prove Spencer wrong. The fingers kneading her neck muscles felt so amazing, and she unconsciously leaned back into them and sighed.

She got to the outgoing calls screen and held the phone up to Spencer. “See, not a single outgoing..” her voice trailed off when Spencer turned the screen away from her and Lexy now saw the most recent outgoing call. “Oh my gosh.. I was just browsing my contacts and stopped on you. I decided not to call though, I don’t understand.”

Spencer fransız porno smiled and ran her finger down Lexy’s slender neck and then pulled the gorgeous woman into her chest and wrapped her arms around her. “Well maybe it was aliens or something, and so they called me from your phone and replicated your voice because they want to watch how we interact,” she giggled slightly and nestled her chin on Lexy’s shoulder.

“Haha, very funny,” Lexy snorted, but couldn’t help but melt into her the solid form behind her, rubbing Spencer’s tight, muscled thigh. The two women sat like that for a while, both trying hard not to give in to the desire they were feeling; Spencer because whoever was on the phone mentioned they just needed someone to hold them, and Lexy because she didn’t want to get her heart broken.

Spencer broke the silence with an unexpected sneeze, and Lexy jumped from her deep thoughts. “Jesus!” Lexy cried, “you scared the hell out of me.” She grabbed Spencer’s hand and held it to her chest. “You feel my heart? I think I may be having a heart attack.” She attempted to feign seriousness, but her telltale smile gave her away.

“Well I do apologize for sneezing at such an inopportune moment Ms. Dramatic,” Spencer laughed and laid down on the bed. “I should definitely control it better.” She winked at Lexy and held her arm up to invite Lexy to lay with her.

“I’m a little wary now, I don’t think my heart can take any more sudden surprises,” Lexy grinned seductively and bit her bottom lip as if she was weighing the pros and cons of follow Spencer’s lead. “Oh shut up you sexy lady, and lay by me.”

Lexy didn’t hesitate another moment, and laid herself down beside Spencer, head on the brunette’s chest. She felt her pussy leap as the arm came down and lightly stroked her cheek, ear and neck. She closed her eyes and heard Spencer’s hear beating-quite fast she thought. “Did you scare yourself with that sneeze also?” Lexy joked.

Spencer’s rich, lilting voice filled her ears and mind, “Not at all hon. My heart has been beating fast since I got here..it always does when I’m around you.”

Lexy’s breath caught in her throat, she couldn’t fight her feelings teen porno anymore. She could only hope what she just heard was true, and not smooth talk. She finally replied to Spencer, “You make my heart go wild too..”

She wrapped her arm around Spencer’s toned belly, and stroked her side lightly. She was so turned on by this woman, even more so due to the fact she had started falling for her quite a few months ago.

” You are all I can ever think about,” the sexy voice spoke again. “You give me feelings I’ve never felt before and I thought you would never feel the same. You’ve made me the happiest person alive tonight Lex.”

She gently took Lexy’s hand and brought it to her lips, kissing the tip of every finger and all over her palm. She then set Lexy’s hand on her breast, and sighed when she felt her immediately cup it. “Kiss me Lexy, god please kiss me.” Spencer pleaded.

Lexy, who was being flooded with amazing feelings and pure ecstasy, sat up on her elbow and moved her hand up to the back of Spencer’s neck. She paused for a moment, staring into the deep pools of Spencer’s blue eyes, before slowly tilting her head and leaning closer. When she was close enough to Spencer’s face, she rested her forehead on hers, and sighed. “My heart is beating fast again,” she whispered, barely brushing the full lips she was wanting so badly.

She felt the lips parting as Spencer replied, “maybe I can calm it down a little, gorgeous.” She then grabbed a handful of Lexy’s hair and squeezed lightly, pulling her into a deep, passionate lip lock.

The kiss started out slowly, with each woman absorbing the other’s taste. It grew more and more passionate, fingers were running wildly through hair, tongues were dancing in and out, and both women were moaning, whimpering, and sighing.

Spencer slid her arm down, reaching slightly to grab Lexy’s hip. She pulled slightly, and Lexy responded immediately, throwing her right leg over Spencer’s body and pulling herself up to straddle her friend. She could feel the intense heat underneath her, and knew she was just as hot. She leaned down and kissed Spencer’s neck, the vibrations from moans urging her to suck and nip at her neck and earlobe.

“Baby, you’re so hot,” Spencer moaned, massaging Lexy’s buttcheeks, occasionally dipping her fingertip into the folds of Lexy’s pussy. Lexy moved back to Spencer’s face, ” You made me that way, lover. Now lets see just how much hotter we can get.”


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