Squirting For A Sexy Sailor

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My profile on the internet hook-up site gets more than a fair share of attention. And I try to be friendly in spite of the number of flakes I’ve encountered. Still, I didn’t expect anything to come of the friend request and messages exchanged with the sailor. But he wasn’t your average Joe, he wasn’t full of bullshit and there to play games.

We met one afternoon for drinks. It wasn’t long before we were headed back to my hotel room. I told him I had friends staying with me, but he didn’t mind since it was a two room suite. We went right to the bedroom.

He began kissing and caressing me and before I knew it we were both naked. As I kissed my way down his chest and abs I stroked his cock. It grew harder under my touch, impressing me with his size. But once my mouth reached its destination and my lips began gliding back and forth, it seemed to double in size. I was thrilled with the mouthful of meat I was being served. And I showed it by licking and sucking and swallowing every inch of him.

AS I did this, his hands explored my body, his fingers finding my clit briefly, teasing me. I began to tremble; he was so skilled that I was already close to cumming. The anticipation was killing me as his fingers dance over and around my wet hungry pussy. Pass after pass over my hole, until I was certain he’d tease forever. Then all bahis firmaları of a sudden he thrust a finger inside, allowing my juices to flow more freely. I got even wetter as his second finger found its way in. He had mastered this long ago, and it showed. Making me cum immediately, his fingers made a splashing sound. And it sounded hot! Then with a slight adjustment he had me squirting, he was in control of my every move. I was barely breathing, and damn near incoherent, he had me cumming so hard. I was in heaven as he fed me his delicious cock.

After making me cum so much I thought I’d pass out, he stopped and grabbed a condom from the pocket of his pants. He rammed his rod down my throat a few times before wrapping it so he could fuck me. I could tell he didn’t get to go all out for his own pleasure often, and I wanted it to be the best it could be.

He pulled me so my ass was on the edge of the bed, pushing my legs all the way back. Then, sliding his rigid cock in slowly, he let out a low, throaty moan. Slowly back and forth, he fucked me then gradually picked up his pace. Faster and faster he got until he was drilling me like a madman.

“Oh yes!” I said, “Don’t stop, keep fucking me! Deeper, baby! Harder! Faster! I’m cumming!” It was amazing. And he wasn’t close to being done.

Next he turned me around and kaçak iddaa gripping my hips, he plowed into me. He kept going and going and going until I was biting the sheets to keep from screaming. And he still continued. He was like the energizer bunny!

The finger he pressed against my asshole was not only welcome, it was craved. And I think he was a bit surprised when I suddenly pushed back real hard taking it in. He leaned over and spoke in my ear in a husky voice, “You want me to fuck your ass don’t you? Can I put my cock in there?”

I looked back at him and answered, “Only on one condition…” AS he raised his eyebrows curiously, I went on, “you have to promise you won’t be gentle. If you fuck my ass you have to fuck it just as deep and hard as you would any pussy.”

He looked a little shocked as he grinned and nodded his head. Almost at once I felt the fat head of his throbbing steel hard cock penetrate me. He moved slowly at first into my anal cavity, watching to see if I had meant what I said. As I bounced my rear back hard on his tool he knew I had. And in perfect rhythm we reached a whole new level of ecstasy, and with his skill and finesse he brought me again to an orgasm. My cum splashed freely from my quivering snatch. It was running down both legs and soaking the bed beyond belief.

“You’re amazing!” kaçak bahis I told him as he went to the sink to clean his still stiff rod. He wanted more head, and I was eager to give it to him.

I positioned myself over a couple pillows and opened my mouth wide. His cock easily pumped in and out of my throat from that angle.

In and out, in and out…his steel staff pumped endlessly. I savored the manly flesh he was feeding me. After quite some time he began to take on a different taste. The subtle hint of salty cum reached my taste buds. It was a pleasant flavor, not at all bitter or rancid, and I wanted more. I wanted badly to swallow every drop. I sucked him with a purpose now, a hunger that needed to be fed.

He reached down and worked his magic again. I was cumming violently, spraying my sweet nectar everywhere. And I was unable to move to stop him from pulling his perfect piece of meat from my mouth.

He stroked it once before it was shooting the hot sticky goo at me. It landed all over my face, hair, neck and chest. It felt like the biggest load I’d ever worn, it was awesome.

Keeping my movements minimal, I reached for my phone and turned on the camera. “Will you take a pic for me?” I asked.

He didn’t hesitate and took the phone. He snapped a couple good pics, one of them even had the head of his cock still aimed at my face. Better than I could have asked for, they were great shots. I still have them today, and every time I take a look at them I tingle. Needless to say, I look often. Sometimes we look at them together…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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