Stacey’s Feet Ch. 02

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“You’re amazing!” Jake told his sister, Stacey. It was right after she had licked all of his cum off of her cute, sexy feet and his mind was still reeling from that. Then, to render him utterly unbelieving of his incredible good fortune, she had told him that all of her sexy, perky, barely-legal friends wanted him just as badly as she did, and that her friend Jill had dibs on next. To entice him, Stacey had said that Jill had just gotten a pedicure. That may not have necessarily been true, but she would make sure her friend did get one before their rendezvous!

“Thanks!” she told him happily, ecstatic to have helped him relieve tension, feel better, and live out her cum-eating fantasy all in one go. “But, uh… Do you think, maybe… That we could do some more stuff?” she asked sweetly, looking at him with big, fluttering eyes.

“Like what kind of stuff?” he asked, mind still not totally functional.

“Well, like… I mean you fucking my feet and cumming on them was so sexy and fun but, well… I’m kinda super horny now, and I’d really love it if you could…” she trailed off, and Jake immediately looked ashamed of himself.

“Oh my god, I’ve been so selfish!” he apologized. “I got myself off all over your pretty feet and it looked like you enjoyed it, but of course you want to, like, find some satisfaction in this arrangement!” he said, realization dawning on him.

“Yeah!” she answered quickly, smiling big. “So, like… I did cum when you jizzed all over my toes, but I’ve never ‘been with a man’ before and I’d really love to get, like, the whole experience?” She looked at him hopefully, and he smiled at her.

“You want me to be your first?” he asked seriously. This was a big deal for her and he wanted to be absolutely certain she was sure!

“You’ve already been my first blowjob and obviously my first footjob,” she giggled, “but I still haven’t, like… Kissed someone? Or gotten fucked.”

Jake was absolutely floored. “I… You haven’t had a first kiss yet?” he asked incredulously, not believing that his adorable, sexy sister had not even gotten to first base. And she had just sucked his cock!

“No, I… Well, I guess I kinda wanted to wait for you,” she admitted breathlessly, looking nervous he would reject her or laugh.

“That’s…” he paused, and he could see frightened tears welling in her eyes, “That’s so sweet!” he told her, smiling reassuringly. “You really always wanted me to be your first, like your first everything?”

She nodded, feeling less nervous as he seemed to not be recoiling from her.

“That is so fucking sweet, sis!” he told her warmly, reaching out and hugging her. “Especially after that, but mostly because I love you so much, I’d be thrilled to!”

Stacey lit up in a gigantic, giddy smile. “Yay!” she squealed. “Let me go rinse out my mouth and we can maybe start with the kissing?” she asked eagerly, already clambering to her feet. Jake laughed and let her scurry to the bathroom.

When she came running back into the room, she skidded to a halt when she saw Jake sitting on the couch, fully dressed and looking serious. “Oh… So…?” she asked sadly. It seemed he had changed his mind.

“Come sit down, Stecey,” Jake said, patting the couch next to him. She did, and hung her head with regret. It seemed like she had been too excited and now he was having second thoughts!

“You really haven’t had a first kiss?” he asked, looking at her and making her lift her head to look him in the eyes.

“Well… I’ve never kissed another guy,” she told him. Then she giggled and admitted, “but, I guess we did sometimes all kiss each other, you know, to see what it felt like and to practice for you…”

Jake was stunned again. “So, you’ve kissed girls?” he asked, the erotic scene playing in his mind.

“Yeah. İstanbul Escort Jill’s a great kisser! You’ll love it,” she said quickly. If he was feeling weird about kissing her, she still wanted her friend to get the chance!

“I’m sure I would,” Jake said calmly, “but I want to apologize first.”

“You have nothing to apologize for!” she angrily snapped. “I’m the one who came onto you and basically jumped you and sucked you and – and…”

“Shhh, no Stacey, I mean I’m sorry I didn’t do this first,” he whispered, leaning in and using his hand on her jaw to turn her to him. Their lips met and both felt sparks shoot across the point of contact. It was amazing, and comfortable, and exciting. It was perfect.

They kissed for a few minutes like that, just gently feeling their lips against each other, when Stacey felt her brother’s tongue pressing between her lips, and gladly parted them to allow him entry to her mouth. Their tongues met, and playfully tangled and tasted and rubbed. Jake’s hand continued to caress Stacey’s jaw, causing her to give a slight, whimpering moan, and then her tongue was in his mouth, and the two were just passionately making out. Their breath started to quicken, and she gently guided his hand from her face down to her pert chest. He felt her excited nipples poking through her top, and sensuously brushed past them, eliciting a much louder, deeper moan.

“You like that, baby?” he asked his sister breathlessly. She just panted and nodded shyly, looking at him through heavily lidded eyes.

“Please, grab them… It feels so good when they get squeezed…” she moaned, rubbing her legs together to relieve some of the pressure building in her core. Jake smiled and complied, cupping her entire breast in his palm and squeezing gently. “Harder…” she pleaded, and after a moment’s hesitation he did. This drove her absolutely crazy, and she arched her back, thrusting her tits more firmly against his grasping hands.

“Oh yes, Jake! Yes! Touch my body,” she begged, loving every sensation he was giving her. “Oh, please don’t stop, oh yes, squeeze my nipple!” she gasped, knowing that would set her off. It did every time one of her friends did it…

Jake looked at her in shock. He was seeing his sweet little sister in a completely new light. It maybe should have made him uncomfortable, but he loved it, loved how she turned into such a little slut with him. Then, with her body still trembling its need, he listened to her and pinched her nipple, softly at first then harder. She began to rasp for air, bucking her hips and moaning crazily, and he knew what to do. He twisted the nipple savagely, pulling it away from her breast and causing delicious, evil tension in the sensitive flesh.

“OH MY GOD YES! OH JAKE THANK YOU! I’M – I’M – I’M CUMMINGGGGG!” she screamed, and her pussy flooded. Small gushes of liquid spurted onto the floor, and Jake smiled as he reached for her other breast with his other hand, performing the same motion and driving her over the edge again. She writhed and bucked and screamed and moaned and gasped for air. She was loving it, and he never wanted her pleasure to end.

When her tremors finally subsided, Jake kissed her gently, causing her breathing to slow further and regain a somewhat-normal pace. “Wow…” she breathed, looking at him with tears streaming gently down her face.

“So… I take it your tits are sensitive,” Jake laughed, and she started hysterically giggling.

“Well that has never happened before,” she said emphatically, “but I did know that they feel really good when they’re played with…”

“I love it,” Jake said strongly, “I can’t wait to find out all the other fun surprises your body has for me!”

Stacey flung her arms around his neck and kissed him İstanbul Escort bayan in a wet, excited attack. When she pulled away, she looked at him with eyes full of love. She just felt so accepted, so cared for.

“You’re amazing…” she whispered, conveying as much love as possible in her voice.

“No, you!” he told her seriously. “Well, that’s your first kiss with a guy, huh?”

“Yup! I’d say it was 10 out of 10!” she told him goofily. “Now, I believe after the kiss you were going to…”

“Take my lovely sister’s virginity?” he finished for her.

“Hmm… I don’t know if I love that…” she said, unsure of herself. “Let’s say ‘take your devoted cum slut’s virginity,’ okay?” He laughed and smacked her on the ass, causing her to jump and giggle.

“Sure thing, you sexy little slut,” he told her, and then pushed her onto her back. “But first, I’m going to get you ready… Ever had your pussy eaten before?”

She blushed and looked away, nodding shyly. “Wait, seriously?!”

“We got bored waiting for you to notice us!” she admitted, giggling when she saw his cock twitch in response. “Oh, does that make you horny?”

“Uh, yeah!” he said, “my sexy sister and her pretty friends all eating each other out? Fucking hot!”

“Well now that you’ll be fucking us all, maybe we can put on a show for you…” she offered, and he shuddered his arousal. “But first, get down there and let’s see if you’re as good as Jill!” He looked determined, and dove between her legs.

“Oh my god… So much better than Jill…” moaned Stacey after several seconds. His tongue hit all the right spots, with the perfect pressure, and had her right on the edge almost immediately.

“I love your taste,” Jake breathed, coming up briefly for air before lowering his mouth again and starating to tongue-fuck her dripping tunnel.

“Oh Jake… Oh yes, please, right there… Oh my god, I’m gonna… OH FUCK I’M CUMMING AGAIN!” she shrieked, arching her back off the couch and thrusting her delicious cunt into his mouth as hard as she could.

She flooded his mouth, shooting her sweet nectar onto his tongue and splashing it all over his face. He blinked and kept going, pleasuring her all the way through her orgasm until she was shuddering and shaking, looking completely exhausted.

“So, that looked fun,” Jake teased, lifting himself up to kiss her. She loved the taste of pussy, and eagerly lapped it off of his tongue and lips.

“Uh, yeah!” she giggled, still in bliss.

“You look completely beat,” he said easily, not wanting to pressure her at all if she was tired from a day of big firsts.

“Nope! Not getting out of this that easily,” she said, suddenly full of energy again. “I want you inside me, now!”

Jake quickly moved into position, kneeling upright between her spread thighs. “Wow, Stacey, your pussy is so beautiful,” he smiled at her, and saw her eyes sparkle from her flushed face.

“Aww! Thank you Jake, you’re so sweet. But seriously: In me. Now. Please.”

He laughed and lined his long, hard cock up with her waiting entrance. “Okay, Stacey, here it goes…” he warned her before slowly pushing in. Wow, she was tight!

The sensation of having her wet, pulsing opening stretched wide around his cock head was ecstasy for Stacey, and she cried out immediately. “Oh my god, YES! Oh, please keep going! Oh fuck, split me in half!” she panted, her legs flexing and her back arching powerfully.

Jake stopped when his head was inside of her, then pulled it back out all the way to the tip. In again, then back out, and then again but just a little bit further. He kept repeating the motion, going deeper by small increments, until he felt an extreme tightness blocking further progress. “Wow, you really are a virgin, Escort İstanbul huh?” he teased, and she cracked her eyes open and stuck her tongue out at him.

“There was nobody else I wanted to claim me…” she moaned, gasping when he bumped into her hymen again. “Do it, Jake. Make me – oh, yes! – make me a woman!”

“Stacey, thank you. This is amazing. I, hold on…” he pressed against the barrier blocking her pussy and waited, poised to thrust forward. “You’re amazing, and I,” he started to push forward, feeling resistance and then an extremely satisfying giving-out of the resistance to his further progress, “I love you so much!”

“Ow! Oh my god yes! You did it, Jake! You made my cunt yours! Oh yes, it feels so good!” she sobbed, her body wracked with powerful waves of pleasure at feeling something inside the recesses of her pussy for the first time. The feelings were made more powerful knowing it was him inside of her.

“Wow, Stacey… You feel amazing,” Jake complimented sincerely, starting to build up a rhythm of thrusts into her virgin cunt.

“I feel so full! Wow, I love it, I love you!” she panted, writhing as her muscles tensed. “Oh my god, here it comes, oh Jake, yes, yes… Oh! Right there! I’m going to… I”M CUMMING!” she screamed, thrashing against the couch and gripping the fabric with her hands, knuckles white. “FUCK ME!” she commanded, and Jake happily did as we was told.

He built to a fast, powerful rhythm, deep thrusts spearing into her eager, grasping pussy. She came and came and came, screaming his name and her pleasure to the heavens. Eventually, she started to tire, unused to such intense sensations or emotions, but she wasn’t done yet.

“Please, Jake, I need you… To cum… In my pussy…” she begged, her breath ragged.

“I’d love to, baby,” he told her, but a flicker of disappointment showed in his eyes.

“What… Oh! No! Wait!” she told him, and he quickly pulled out, looking at her expectantly.

“Here, baby…” she purred, moving her feet to near where his head had been. “Suck on my toes while you fill me, please?” she asked sweetly, and he rushed to fulfill her request.

Driving back into her, he eagerly sucked the toes of one foot into his mouth, licking them all over and adding to the incredible sensation their union was giving both of them. Stacey’s breath had picked up even faster, and Jake’s was almost as quick, when Stacey started screaming.

“Oh my god YES! Oh Jake, I love you! I love your cock! Please, use me like a little slut and fill me!” she begged, her cunt squeezing down on his shaft, milking him.

“Fuck! I’m about to… Oh!” Jake moaned, spurting a stream of cum deep in her pussy.

“OH YES! I CAN FEEL IT! FILL ME! USE ME LIKE A DIRTY SLUT! I WANT IT TO DRIP OUT OF ME!” she shouted, completely overcome with the most powerful orgasm of her entire life. She thrashed wildly, staring intensely into his eyes and bucking her hips frantically against his. She gasped and moaned and babbled, but the whole time she gazed at him with nothing but love and joy on her face.

Eventually, Jake stopped pumping cum into her, and Stacey calmed down. Finally, he flopped to the side of her and she flipped one arm over him, pressing her perky tits into his body.

“I love you, Jake,” she told him confidently.

“I love you too, Stacey,” he breathed, completely happy.

“I want you forever,” she said, then after about a minute added, “but I do think it would be really fun to play with the girls…”

Jake smiled and hugged her tight. “I love you, Stacey, and if you really want, I guess I wouldn’t be totally against having threesomes or whatever with other nubile young women…”

She smacked him on the chest, giggling. “I’ll tell Jill in school tomorrow. She won’t believe me, but would you mind if we came over your place tomorrow?”

“Hmm… No, I guess I could make time,” he teased.

They kissed and drifted off to a nap. They were awakened about an hour later by the sound of their mom giving a shocked scream. “Oh my god what did you do?!”

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