Start of Something

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That’s the one, Mandy Turnby told herself, as she watched the handsome young guy in his neat open neck shirt and tight fitting pants walk across the floor. She nudged her best friend Linda,and pointed. “Wow,” Linda gasped,” You’re ambitious. You know who that is?”

“Never seen him before.”

“Half the girls in this club would give up Christmas to get between his sheets. That’s Guy Ballin, his old man owns the paper factory down town. Loaded, they are.”

“But you said I should aim high,” Mandy was very uncertain about this whole process but she was adamant that, being nearly twenty, it was time that she lost her virginity.

The pathetic, unexciting fumblings of the guys she’d met so far had left Mandy feeling that sex maybe wasn’t for her. But the ravings of Linda and other girls about their orgasms and what a good lover could do for a girl had convinced her that it was time she lost her virginity.

Mind made up, the right course of action was needed. And Linda had agreed and had offered her the advice that, “It’s best done with a stranger.”

When she’d asked ‘why?’ Linda replied, “Well if it turned messy you’ve got no comebacks to worry about. But choose carefully.”

“I’m choosing carefully,” Mandy said now, watching this Guy Balin saunter up to the bar.

“You sure are, ” Linda laughed. “But don’t be disappointed if you miss out on this one. He can have any girl he sets his mind on.”

“So he has plenty of experience?”

“You could say that, yes.”

“Well, isn’t that what I need? A guy who knows his way around a woman’s body?” Linda shrugged,

“I just don’t want to see you be disappointed.”

Mandy screwed up her face, “I’m willing to take that risk. Wish me luck.”

And, before LInda could stop her, Mandy had strolled across to the bar where her target was ordering a drink. She allowed her shoulder to gently nudge against his arm as she quietly ordered a bacardi and cranberry juice.

He half turned to look at her and his eyes, the deepest of blues she noticed, made a quick survey of her body. Mandy was confident in her simple, snugly fitting dress, that he would appreciate her curves.

She knew he had when, in a deep brown voice, he asked, “May I buy that drink for you?”

In no time they were chatting and she was telling him of her boredom in the office where she worked.

Then they were dancing and when he pulled her in close she could smell his after shave and during the third dance became aware of some thing extra rubbing hard against her thigh.

Great! She was having an effect. Once she caught Linda’s eye and her friend raised an encouraging thumb.

As the evening advanced he leaned in close to her and asked, “I have a place not far from here. Would you care for somewhere quieter?”

For the first time Mandy’s nerves began to jangle.

This was it. The burning of the bridges. A clear opening yet she hesitated, but only for a second. “That sounds good.”

Outside the club her escort raised a hand and almost by magic a large car pulled up in front of them, driven by an immaculately garbed chauffeur.

“The apartment, sir?” the chauffeur asked as they climbed into the back of the sumptuous vehicle.

“Yes, please, Wilkins.” Then he turned to her and took her hand, “You have to be the best looking girl I’ve seen for many a day—”

“And I’ll bet you’ve seen plenty,” she butted in, amazed at her own sudden boldness. She was on her way—to what?

He smiled at her comment, “I won’t deny it.”

“And is that the line you use with all of them?”

He held both hands up, “On my honour, I meant what I said.” And he leaned forward and kissed her gently on the mouth.

Maybe five seconds, but the warmth and softness of his lips set güvenilir bahis siteleri Mandy’s pulses racing.

The journey was very short. The large apartment block had an underground car park and soon Mandy found herself in a lift with Guy’s hand resting soothingly on her bare shoulder.

The apartment was huge, lavishly furnished and really quite breath-taking. Mandy recalled Linda’s comment about the Balin’s being loaded. This place was proof of that sure enough.

Guy had busied himself at a drinks trolley and now he handed her a glass of white wine. “Here’s to what has so far been a lovely evening.” And he raised his glass to her.

Mandy wasn’t at all surprised to find it was the best wine she had ever tasted.

Gentle, romantic music suddenly began playing and she felt a strange mix of emotions as Guy turned those blue eyes on her, put down his glass and stepped in close her, placing his hands on either side of her waist.

She was nervous and excited, feeling sensuous and worried. When his lips descended onto hers, one hand removed the glass from her while the other gently cupped her right breast and the mix of emotions stopped.

As his tongue gentle slid between her lips there was only one feeling building in her now, and it was down below her centre of gravity.

Guy’s hand moved to the top of her dress and his fingers stroked the skin of the first gentle rise of her breast. Her skin tingled and she raised her own arms and placed them around his neck while her tongue flicked out to meet his and the pressure of his lips intensified.

His other arm wrapped around her waist and drew her close and she felt the hardness of him against her lower belly. This was what was coming to her. Did she want it?

Now was the time to stop him. The thought spilled quickly out of her mind as he deftly slipped her dress straps off her shoulders and the fingers on her breast now pushed down to envelope all the softness revealed.

He broke the kiss and growled huskily, “I think we need comfort.”

Taking her hand he led her to a door painted in delicate pastel blue. Opening it, he stepped aside and ushered Mandy into a bedroom that was dominated by a king size bed, that was all blue silk and littered with bright cushions.

Guy stopped her by the bedside, quietly whispered, “May I?” Then he slid her dress down so that it tumbled at her feet.

“No bra,” he said with a smile.”I thought not.” And he leaned down and kissed her right nipple, while his hands slid her brief panties down over her thighs to follow the route her dress had taken.

Mandy found herself breathlessly eager as Guy’s fingers trailed down over the flatness of her belly to linger briefly among her pubic hair, as though tousling the head of a little boy.

He stepped back and with a look of some appreciation he viewed her naked body. His very look stifled any embarrassment she might have felt.

“God, you have a terrific body and I love that tawny triangle.” And once again his fingers gently flickered over her mound. He nodded towards the bed and she needed no second bidding as she climbed onto that lush silkiness which of itself set her skin aglow.

Guy was quickly out of his shirt, unbuckled his belt and allowed his trousers and shorts to drop to the floor.

Mandy couldn’t help gazing at the firm muscular body revealed and more pertinently the hugely erect penis pointing at the ceiling.

She had seen erect penises before, always just before rejecting the offer, but this was larger and fuller than any in her meagre experience. The thick blue vein running from the glossy purple head all the way into his large sagging scrotum seemed to be throbbing just for her.

For a brief moment feelings of apprehension returned. Could she really canlı bahis siteleri take all of that first time? It was indeed only a brief moment because Guy was immediately lying alongside her, his naked thigh touching hers and his smooth hands tracking gently across the contours of her lissom body.

His actions emphasised every nuance of her curves and the subtlety of his touch made her so very aware of the texture of her own skin. His hands adored her.

His lips lingered teasingly over hers, briefly touching then retreating. Touching, retreating. And she knew she was in the hands of a master seducer.

At last his mouth meshed with hers, his tongue probing deep over her own. An electrifying mingling. As his body turned towards her his hardness pressed against her hip, as though knocking for entry.

Mandy became aware of her blood coursing through every vein, but centring low down in her abdomen, and she felt herself moistening down there. It would be all right. It would be all right.

Guy broke the kiss and looked down into her eyes. His own eyes had clouded with desire. She didn’t know whether to feel pleased or worried.

“How many men have you—–well, you know–?”

Mandy wasn’t sure she should tell him. “Why do you ask?”

His face had an apologetic look as he said, “Well, you’re immobile. Your hands—you haven’t touched any part of me.” He gave her a kindly smile. “I just hope it isn’t boredom.”

God, it was anything but that! And she told him so before quietly adding, “There haven’t been any others.”

“You mean you’re a —–” And he avoided saying the word. “Well, this is a real honour—but—you’re sure this is what you want?”

“Oh, yes, I’m really sure.” She wanted to scream, ‘Please get on with it’

He kissed her again to quell her worries and his fingers trailed over her breasts, tickling at the nipples. An action that she found most intoxicating.

Even more intoxicating was when his fingers centred on each of her nipples, and she felt them rising under his caressing.

Then his mouth broke from hers and he kissed and licked down over her shoulder to the rise of her breasts, where his mouth played with little sucking and licking movements that had her gasping. When his mouth settled on her nipples she knew she was in a realm of sensual experience that had been denied her up to this point.

His tongue trailed over her erect nipples for what seemed like ages while his hand made circling movements over her belly, before trailing once again through her pubic hair.

Mandy, responding to his observations on her inactivity, traced her fingers across his muscular chest. She found herself eager to grasp that huge penis.

Once, in one of her niggardly romances she had given a hand job to a young man and had been repulsed when his cum had sprayed over her hand and lower belly. She just knew that this wouldn’t happen with Guy.

She was about to reach for his swollen member when his lips moved downwards over her belly just as she felt his fingers touch the lips at the start of her crevice.

Within seconds a finger was touching that spot that she had found pleasurable by herself. None of the men she’d been with had a clue what they were supposed to find or what to do when they did find it—-but Guy knew.

His finger delicately flickered over her clit, and Mandy found herself wriggling in ecstatic response.

Her breath caught in her throat as his lips continued their downward patrol, first nuzzling her pubic mound, then, his finger moved deeper and back soothingly along her pouting labia, to be replaced by the tip of his tongue on her swelling clit.

Mandy heard a loud ecstatic moan, before she realised it was herself. Electric charges pulsed through her limbs. bahis firmaları

Turning her head as the wild surge possessed her, she found that, with his change of position, Guy’s erect, pulsing penis was right before her eyes.

With an eagerness surprising to herself, she reached out and ran her fingers along the impressive length, flickering teasingly over his balls.

Imperceptibly, his hips move closer and, as his tongue energised her, she felt compelled to tickle her tongue over that smooth shining purple head.

Mandy delighted in feeling his whole body respond and the penis was moved closer to her. She had never done this to any of her male acquaintances before, but now she reckoned maybe there was more than one way of losing your virginity, and her lips closed around that swollen head, while her tongue continued its licking work.

All this time his fingers had been gently parting her lower lips which made Mandy more than aware of her own wetness.

Further proof came when two fingers probed deeply and easily into her waiting vagina. Guy moved these fingers backwards and forwards, each time venturing a little deeper.

The tongue and lips were licking and sucking at her clit. The fingers were devastating her equilibrium as they searched through her warm moistness.

Mandy was taking his cock deeper into her once virgin mouth, hoping to lavish as much attention on him as he was giving her. She was amazed at the sensations provoked by his warm hardness pressing against the inside of her cheek.

But now more than anything, as his fingers explored her very depths she wanted the fulfilment, the completeness of her purpose tonight.

And, as if by mutual agreement, Guy pulled his cock back from her grasping, suckling mouth, and turned his body so that he rolled between her eager open thighs.

“I think it’s time,” he said, the blue eyes gazing down into hers. “And don’t worry. I think it’ll be all right. I felt no obstruction down there. Nothing to break through.”

So that was why his fingers had been exploring. Now all Mandy wanted was to experience the sensation of having that gorgeous penis exactly where it belonged.

Demanding, yet fearful, eager yet curious, she held her breath as he gently placed his cock head against her soaked lower lips. His eyes never left hers as a gentle nudge parted the way and the walls of her vagina clutched at his entry.

Another nudge and he went deeper. Warmth and tingling coursed through Mandy’s body. She felt the penis begin to retreat. No, no, she wanted—- But at that point Guy gave one large thrust and he was filling her,immense, gratifying. There was only momentary discomfortas her vaginal walls were made to expand, but then those same wall began drawing at him.

He withdrew and plunged again, withdrew and plunged, ever deeper. Deep, deep into her very being.

The rhythm of his movement quickly became her rhythm. And they pounded together. Hips rising and falling in unison.

“Oh, Mandy,” she heard him gasp, as he raised himself slightly and she felt his hardness running along her clit.

And the heat, the movement, the sheer power of it all, carried her away and she heard herself gasping and grunting as the massive wave of orgasm struck and struck again.

He was growling into her ear and raised himself just once to give an almighty final push that Mandy was sure struck her cervix. So intense was his own climax that Mandy was convinced she could feel the spurting of his cum inside her as he bucked, thrashed and moaned above her.

At last they collapsed side by side and Guy grunted hoarsely, “If that was your first time, what are you going to be like with experience?”

They lay there, gently fingering each other until it happened all over again, more subtly, more fervently.

At last Guy rose above her on one elbow and said, “I don’t think I’m willing to let you loose on the world.”

And all that Mandy could think was, like in the song ‘This could be the start of something big.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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