Strange Encounters Ch. 02

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This wasn’t my first sexual encounter with a women. It wasn’t even my first girl/girl encounter with a friend. A girlfriend and I ended up going at it in front of our husbands one night. That was spontaneous and fucking hot. But, it was my first encounter with two women and it was certainly a first with sisters. It freaked me out more than a bit initially and my first instinct was to bolt, but the extreme naughtiness of the situation grabbed and held me quick.

Stacy stood up and let her dress slip off her shoulders and slide down her body to the floor. She stepped out of it and slipped her thumbs into the waist of her now soaked panties and bent down toward me. It was a beautiful motion, by the time she had made it to the floor she had slipped her panties down and off. I watched as she straddled my legs and then bent forward, never losing eye contact with me, and pressed her lips against mine. Her lips were so soft and the smell of her perfume just sort of washed over me and i felt myself shiver a bit.

Patty had stood up and slipped off her pants and panties and taken up a position behind me.I felt her body press up directly behind me. Her legs slid on either side of me and she pressed her tits against my back. She reached around with her hands and started massaging my tits through my dress, squeezing and pinching my nipples.

If I haven’t mentioned it before my nipples are extremely sensitive, play with them and give them attention and I will cum hard for you. Patty was doing just that.

Stacy was getting more aggressive. She pushed her tongue inside my mouth and rolled it around. Her hand slid between my legs and started stroking my pussy and rubbing my clit through my panties. I felt Patty pull my hair to the side and start to nuzzle and kiss my neck. She was whispering in my ear. She was whispering things, dirty things. She bit my earlobe then stuck her tongue in my ear and I lost it. My jaw fell open and my body began to shake. I started to moan deep and couldn’t hold it. I could feel my pussy start to explode.

I came. I squirted. Hard. I fucking soaked my panties and the floor underneath me.

I fell back exhausted against Patty. I felt hands stroking me and lips kissing me. My ears were ringing. As I came back to my senses both sisters were giggling. They were saying something and I heard Patty whisper in my ear.

“Oh you are a filthy little slut aren’t you.”

She giggled again as she started rubbing and massaging my tits again. Stacy leaned forward and kissed me then over my shoulder she kissed Patty.Patty reached forward and stroked Stacy’s face then down and squeezed her tit. She pinched her nipple for a moment before Stacy sat back.

I felt my dress being pushed up. Patty grabbed the bottom of my dress and started pulling it up over porno izle my body.

“I don’t think you’re going to be needing this anymore.”

I didn’t resist. I lifted my arms and she pulled my dress off.

“Or these.”I heard Stacy say.

I felt her tugging at my panties and it was all I could do to get my hips off the floor. My wet soggy panties were slid down and off my legs and thrown across the room.

They were both making comments on my body, my skin, my hair. Patty started slowly stroking my arms up and down, then back around to my stomach, up to my tits, then up to my face. Stacy was still straddling my legs, stroking my thighs. She leaned in to kiss my chest and start sucking on my nipples. I was sooo relaxed.

I started getting my second wind when Stacy switched positions. She knelt between my legs and pushed them open with her knees. Her hands grabbed me behind my knees and pulled me open then pushed me on top my back. Patty moved to lay me on the floor.

I watched as Stacy lowered her head between my legs. She kissed then licked the outside of my pussy. I gasped. Her hands ran up my legs and started massaging my pubic area while she took her time.

Patty watched then leaned forward. Her tits hung down in my face, so I reached up and started squeezing them. I pulled her closer and moved my mouth from one nipple to the next.

Patty moaned for me.

‘Mmmmmmmm….Yessssss…suck on them for me baby. Good girl. Stacy eat that pussy. Eat it good. Do all of that shit I like.”

Patty hovered her tits over my face while she watched her sister lick and suck on my pussy. She started stroking my tummy in slow circles making her way further and further down until she was finally stroking my clit. She grabbed it between her fingers and begs to pinch it as she made little circles.

Stacy was doing a tremendous job eating me. None of that alphabet bullshit either. She licked and sucked, kissed, nibbled, flicked. Her fingers came up and pushed their way inside me. She trailed her down down to my ass at times licking and sucking on my tight little hole. This girl knew what she was doing and I was getting close again.

I reached down with one hand grabbing her by the hair and pushed my hips up to her mouth.. I was sucking Patty’s tits hard, making her moan, That just pushed me over the edge again and I started to shake again as I felt the orgasm hit me deep.I stayed board straight for a few moments until it subsided then slipped back down to the floor soooo fucking weak.

Stacy was between my legs licking her fingers and Patty sat back on her heels looking down at me smiling. She leaned down to kiss me, invading my mouth with her tongue as I tried to catch my breath. She kissed me long and deep for a few minutes, then pulled amatör porno back.

“I want some of that.”, she said smiling at me.

She crawled forward over the top of me until she was straddling my face. She lowered her body and I felt her tits press against me. I watched her pussy lowering toward me and I stuck my tongue out to meet it on its way down. She was so pink. I gave her a nice long lick. She was sooo soft. Have you ever licked pudding? It was like that…lol…She was sweet too.

I started slow. Sweet and wet. I did my thing.

I love eating pussy. Oral sex is so great in general. There’s a feeling of power when you;re directly responsible for someone else’s pleasure. With just a small well done repertoire of moves you can bring someone to their knees.

Well, she was already on her knees, but you know what I mean.

I was tender. I was gentle, I was rough. I was forceful.

I gave what she wanted and I took what I wanted.

While I licked and sucked I stroked her legs and back. I squeezed her ass and slapped it to make her squeal. I grabbed her by the ass to pull her closer, then spread her with my thumbs and slid my tongue around are tight little asshole before I stuffed it inside and tongue fucked her ass.

Oh she mooaanneedd. She liked that. I smiled at my success.

She looked up at Stacy and I heard her say, “Stace, go get the…”

Her sentence trailed into a moan and I noticed Stacy walk out of the room.

Patty started rubbing my stomach. Her hand trailed down to my pussy where she rubbed me hard. She stroked my inner thighs before I felt her grab both thighs and pull my legs back rolling my hips toward her. She locked my legs behind her elbows and buried her tongue in my pussy. I didn’t realize her tongue was so long. Oh fuck, Patty was tongue fucking the shit out of me.

Pulling back for a minute I felt her thumb pushing against my asshole. It seemed a little unceremonious, but my asshole opened up for her and she went knuckle deep inside me before lowering her head and stuffing her tongue back inside me.

Not wanting to be outdone I redoubled my efforts. This had turned into a contest and I was not going to lose. I gave her the blue ribbon performance of pussy and ass eating and she reamed the fuck out of my ass and pussy with her tongue and thumb.

Finally, I felt her tongue withdraw, but not her thumb. My legs were still rolled back as I felt Patty tense up.I slide my thumb in her ass and licked and sucked the shit out of her. She started to moan deep then grunt. Oh yeah, I owned this pussy now. I egged her on without stopping too much.

“That’s right you slutty little bitch. Give it to me. This is what you want isn’t it?!”

“Yessssss….uuuhhhhh…”, anal porno she grunted back at me, “Fuck pleeasssseee…”

She started to shake for me. Oh fuck did she shake and I didn’t let up. I was winning. Her thumb was still deep in my ass, but she had all but forgotten what she was doing.

She bared down and stuffed her pussy in my mouth cumming long and hard for me the collapsed on top of me huffing and puffing.

I giggled and stroked her back and legs.

I won. I was grinning ear to ear, not that anyone could see me at that particular moment.

I stroked and caressed her ass. Kissing each cheek, biting one. She squealed a bit.

I heard her say in a breathy voice…

“I fucking knew you’d be good at that.”.

“I’ve had some practice..” I replied.


I felt her pop her thumb out of my ass and gently lower my legs down. She turned herself around on top of me and pressed her mouth against mine. Long, soft, sweet kisses.She felt sooo good.

“I think we could all use a short break.” a voice giggled.

We both looked back and Stacy was standing there watching. She had come back into the room at some point standing there naked and smiling, well naked except for the strap on she was wearing. The huge cock sticking obscenely straight out. She was stroking it, slowly jerking it while she spoke.

“We saw this that night with yo on cam and decided we wanted one. We love this fucking thing.” She grabbed and squeezed it at the base the swung the huge cock like a baseball bat.

Patty rolled off me on to her side ad stroked my tits smiling at me.

“Oh fuck yeah. We break it out on special occasions.”

“And not so special occasions”, Stacy laughed.

Patty popped up and walked over to her sister. She grabbed the cock in one hand and pulled Stacy toward her, pressing her lips against her sisters and gave her a kiss.

“Happy New Year sister.”

“Happy New Year hun.”

For some reason that part had slipped my mind. Them doing the sex thing,not it being New Years..

We spent the next half an hour cleaning up, re-hydrating,and carbo-loading…lol…It was all pretty much understood we weren’t done. Evident by the fact Stacy never took the cock off. It became quite the topic of conversation as we sat around the kitchen table.

“Yeah Iove that thing…”I confessed, “…most especially because I fucked my lover with it.”

Their attention piqued with that, so I went into the details. All of the who, what, when, where, and why’s of it. They laughed when I got to the HOW. How we were screwing around. How he had his ass in the air and more or less dared me, at least in my version of the story. How his ass opened up and HOW he squealed for me. I also told them the rest.

They laughed saying their husbands would never do that. I confessed mine wouldn’t either but it was different with my lover. We sat there and I told them a couple of other stories, dirty stories, and that got things going again.


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