Sugar and Cream

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Double Penetration

Waking up in a strange bedroom, my world alternating between brave, new, and what the hell are you thinking! It had so long been a fantasy of mine that I could scarcely believe it nor imagine how much the night’s festivities might impact my life.

Where should I begin? The wide aperture would take you to junior high when I expressed revulsion when I first heard of a guy eating pussy. Soon afterward, lesbian fantasies were the only ones I enjoyed reading, and a single cock in a Penthouse spread would be one too many. It was as though my fantasy women were being violated by a third person. Couldn’t this unwanted guest understand that there were many red-blooded hetero readers who only wanted to see the package between their own fingers?

As years went by, I gradually found myself getting aroused by some images of transexuals. I don’t know what it was about these long haired effeminate ladyboys that made it possible for me to consider or even look at the types of things they would do to a man or have done to them. Maybe it had to do with how turned on I was early in my sex life when a number of lovers fondled, kissed, licked and penetrated my insatiable ass ring with their fingers and mouths. I can still remember being amazed how far I would shoot a load of come when I saw a beautiful caramel-colored tranny in a five shot sequence licking a guy from his balls down to his asshole while the guy was beating off looking into her eyes.

Fast forward to the present, and I find myself heterosexual for the most part, yet with occasional urges to taste forbidden fruit. The fantasies I have these days are somewhat similar to the earliest ones I knew. Only, instead of just two or more women, there would often be another man and zero or more women. Granted, the number of females is usually one or two, but I have on occasion even fantasized about just a guy and me. Usually I’ll be lying on my back with my knees high and my ankles spread as my male lover is licking my cock, balls and playhole. Every now and again, I even see myself pleasing a man the same way–whether it be me teasing his crack with my tongue while he strokes himself to climax or we’re in a slow, intricate sixty-nine.

Usually, however, my fantasies involve a dominant woman who is turned on by watching two men together, and who may or may not be bisexual herself. Sugar is a dominant woman. And she happens to be very bisexual. We met on a Saturday afternoon at Charles DeGaulle airport in Paris at a bookstore. The title Bound caught my attention, and I flipped through the pages to see if the love scenes between Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly were any steamer than the film.

“Now, that was a hot movie,” said a dark chocolate woman in a southern drawl whose large breasts suddenly pressed against me in the crowded store. Her forehead was even with my chin, and her slight touch in the crowded store had an instantaneous effect on my startled cock. She looked up and into my eyes after slowly and deliberately using my shoulder to regain her balance, her gaze dropping to the swelling in my crotch where it brushed against her. I can’t remember ever having reacted so quickly so anyone’s touch before or since.

“Yeah,” I said nervously. “I loved that movie, too.” I didn’t know what to say but continued, “if I were a woman, I’m sure I would be a lesbian.” The sensual black woman smiled and asked if I spoke French.

“Who me? I can read just a little, but my pronunciation has been called atrocious,” I grimaced.

“Well, that’s too bad. I really love French erotica. My favorite author has just come out with a new book, N’oubliez pas le Crème. You see the cover with two couples in a somewhat curious pose at a coffee table.”

As she started speaking, I noticed the cover details featured a young white couple and an older black couple who had expressive faces in a slightly unusual cafe scene. Looking closer, I saw that one of the black woman’s hands was noticeably inserted inside the front of the pants of the shocked blond man. The redheaded woman behind him had her hands on his shoulder, her lustful eyes locked on the intruding digits. The heavier-set black man in the front of the image had a knowing smile on his face as his partner’s other hand squeezed his upper thigh, the artist being kind to blend the colors in such fashion to make you believe you saw both bulge and stain on his dark trousers.

“This is the third book in a series that she’s done with these couples. It started as a torrid affair between Gladys, the one with the wandering hands…”

I felt my face redden as we both took in the fullness of the book cover. Some pictures may be worth a thousand words–this one could inspire at least a million.

Her hand somehow clasped mine as she finished her sentence, “and Cayenne, the insatiable redhead.”

I could not believe how turned on I had become in little more than a minute. Both of our eyes reflected the racing in our minds that had suddenly consumed us. Rather than withdraw my hand, it involuntarily responded with finger tracing on her palms and then around her soft, smooth bursa escort hands.

“I’m Sugar,” the mischievous schoolteacher of a woman said in a low voice. She leaned forward to give me a french cheek kiss, quite unlike the handshakes that I usually exchange with women. “Where are you headed today?”

Where am I headed? I was completely distracted from traveling. “Brussels. I’m Randy. Randy Williams from Seattle. I’m working Monday through Friday and then fly back next Sunday.”

“What a pleasant coincidence. I am also going to Brussels–Air France?” “Yes,” I replied, feeling my cock grow and sensing she was aware.

“That is fantastic! I should call my husband and have him set another plate for dinner tonight. Do you have plans? Are you married?”

Husband? I knew it was starting to sound too good to be true. I tried not to show my disappointment. “No, I just left a two year relationship with a much-too-conservative woman.” I had to keep my bitterness in check. During that entire time, I neither received nor gave oral sex, having to be satisfied with missionary sex once or twice monthly. It’s no wonder I began fantasizing!

“Well, conservative we are not,” the diminutive dark temptress smiled. “And, actually, it is good that you are traveling alone. The author of that book we just looked at, Dominique, is also coming for dinner. A foursome would be perfect!”

I felt my breath empty from my lungs. Not quite sure what she meant by perfect, but the invitation was difficult to resist. “You’re really kind. I’ll have to check into the hotel and shower when we arrive. What time were you thinking?”

“Shall we make it 8:00? That gives us a few hours.”

“That sounds great. Where’s your seat?”

“Let me see. It’s 31A. You?”

“I’m in business for this leg. I have someone waiting for me at the airport and need to make a few calls as soon as we land, so 8 o’clock will be perfect.”

“Tres bien. Here is my card with my phone and email. I’ll write the address on the back. Please let me know if you cannot make it. Dress code will be casual, and we have spare toiletries and pajamas if needed.”

Pajamas? I looked at Sugar inquisitively.

“I meant if the night gets long, and you wanted to sleep in one of the spare rooms.”

“Thanks. It sounds like they’re boarding now. I’ll see you at eight? Should I bring anything?”

“A bottle of wine if you like.” She gave me a long lingering look from my knees up to my crotch and beyond. I felt a sexual wave in the wake of her blatant lust, having no idea what she had in mind. “Just bring your birthday suit, and you’ll be fine,” she winked as she disappeared from view. _________________________

When 8:00 finally arrived, I felt like a schoolboy being invited to a private naughty teacher’s affair. It wasn’t so much the age difference as it was the sexual maturity. Sugar seemed quite experienced, to say nothing of her friend, the erotic author. I had my share of exploits in high school and college, but my recent years had been an odyssey of vanilla sex.

Nothing could have prepared me for Dominique and Sugar standing in revealing sheer bedroom attire at the entrance to the four bedroom townhouse. I don’t know how long I stared at their nipples before the blond woman said, “bonjour, je suis Dominique.”

“Bonjour! I’m Randy. It looks like I’m overdressed?”

Dominique wasted no time. She reached straight out for the top of my jeans, unfastening the button with one hand as she reached behind my underwear with the other. I felt like she was designing a new cover. Sugar removed my shoes and socks, laughing at her friend’s brashness.

“Hello, Randy. I’m Pierre,” said the black man dressed in the same type of women’s lingerie that the two women wore. “I believe these are yours,” he said, gesturing to a neatly folded pile of towels with equally see-through lingerie on top.

“Uh, thank you. All of you. I’m not sure if we have the same thing in mind,” I said as I could not help noticing Pierre’s cockhead dance beneath the edge of his nighty.

“Mais, oui,” Dominique mocked as she continued undressing me after Pierre’s interruption. “Sugar tells me that you found my latest book very interesting. She tells me that the reason you came to dinner is because you saw the cover. She says you were, how-do-you-say, impressed?”

I stopped fighting Dominique’s quick-moving hands as she had gotten off everything but my shirt. I noticed Sugar smiling in the kitchen, looking at us as she opened a bottle of wine. As the erotic author stared at my quivering manhood, she held the piece of lingerie in front of me, waiting for me to take off my shirt and put it on.

In one smooth motion, I slid out of my shirt and reached my hands up through the armholes of the sheer attire I was about to wear. She stepped in towards me and held my hands in hers, keeping me from lowering my arms and letting everyone see my naked torso and bouncing cock.

Through the fabric, her lips found mine. She kept me suspended with no desire to lower my arms and shield my nakedness. gürsu escort I suddenly became aware of attention being given to my exposed areas. I felt two distinct mouths kissing and licking the head of my cock. Dominique was still in front of me, so I imagined who the two were that were French-kissing with my cockhead between their moist lips. Dominique reached down to my cock and started stroking the length of it into one mouth and then the other. I couldn’t move.

“Do you know what my new book is about, Randy? Do you know anything about the title?”

I could not remember the name and never knew what it meant. My mind returned to the foursome on the cover. One woman’s hand was down the front of a man’s trousers whose partner held him in place while the woman massaged her own man’s thigh with her other hand. But, he still could not remember the title or anything about it.

“It’s called ‘Do not Forget the Cream.’ Do you think you can guess what it is about?”

As I parsed through the words, I looked at Sugar whose eyes were glued to mine as she stroked her husband’s thick cock, seeming to point it towards me. His eyes were crescent moon slits as he rocked back and forth, my cock and eyes competing for his attention.

“No,” I said nervously. “No, I can’t.” I had not had much experience with same sex situations and was unsure how I felt about it.

“Okay, there is no problem. The best way to explain the title is to give an example.” With her hand still on my cock, she looked me in the eye and asked, “do you like eating pussy?” Before I was able to reply, she moved her other hand, with drenched fingertips, to my nose and lips.

I licked and sucked her fingers while maintaining her gaze. After a few moments of bliss, I answered, “oh, yes. Absolutely.”

She took my hand and walked me to the master bedroom which held a very large bed. The French nymph lied down with her head on the pillow, her legs spread open, her fingers plying the folds of soft flesh around to expose her clit, all the while watching the lust grow upon my face.

“Mon dieu! If you don’t want any, I want some,” said Sugar as she let go of Pierre’s rigid member. Dominique’s fingers filtered through Sugar’s coarse hair, keeping her friend pressed deeply into her womanhood. The blond author stared at me as her friend burrowed into her furry hole. After a couple of minutes, during which she encouraged me to masturbate while watching them, she pulled Sugar by the hair away from her pussy to let me see her sopping bush.

“Don’t you want any of zis pussy,” the seductress insisted, as she opened up her pussy lips with her free hand. Pierre left the couch where Sugar had been stroking him, hardened his tongue, looked toward me, then licked his wife from behind, paying particular attention to her clitoris and asshole. At one point, when he had entered his wife’s anus with his fully extended rock hard tongue, Sugar reached backward and held her man by the back of his hair, not letting him escape from his duties.

I moved toward her insatiable love hole and ravaged it with my lips and tongue as though it were the last watering hole before crossing the Sahara. At first, Sugar licked her friend along with me. She would lick from her protruding clitoris all the way down to her twitching asshole. Then, she turned her attention to me, sticking her tongue in my ear while I ate her friend. Sugar moved down my body, her hand tracing my spine to the small of my back. She positioned herself directly between my legs then leaned forward and started licking my asshole. She played with my cock while she tended to my ass and balls with her very thorough mouth muscles.

A sudden shade alerted me to Pierre’s new position behind his wife. His tongue was being replaced by his even harder cock. At one moment, I felt Sugar’s tongue stop exercising my ass and felt the deep breaths that accompany penetration from such a large cock. She moaned into my balls and ass, her nose pressed against the crease between my groin and leg. After a few thrusts, she found a rhythm between his clocklike pounding.

All the while, Dominique stared at the three of us from her position at the top of the bed. I should have guessed she would be a squirter. It came out of nowhere as I heard Sugar coming with her face repeatedly smacking against my ass cheeks. Pierre also sounded like he was about to lose it. As the black man began to breathe very heavily, Dominique suddenly grabbed my hair and forced my face to stay right where it was as she ground her cunt against it. Along the ridge of my nose, my lips and extended tongue, she coated my face with a thick sheen. I could tell that something was about to happen as she gasped uncontrollably.

She pulled my face away from her pussy and stared at me as she ejaculated three or four times. I had heard of women ejaculating, but I had never seen such a thing. It wasn’t like urine or cum, but she sprayed me like I’ve never been sprayed in my life. I wasn’t sure how to react for a moment, when Sugar’s attentive mouth licked and kissed all orhangazi escort of the liquid that had coated my face and hair, almost closing my nostrils.

“So what do you think? You like eating zis pussy? Tu aimes mon crème?”

“Oh my God. I’ve never been turned on so much in my life! Is this what you meant when you said, don’t forget the cream?”

Sugar reached for my cock and said, “you still haven’t come. Maybe you want to eat my pussy?”

Dominique sat next to me and stroked my cock along with Sugar. Pierre stood next to Dominique, his cock dangling in front of her. She took him in her mouth and said, “I can taste Sugar on your cock.” She then looked to me and presented me the sticky black slab filling her hand. “Can you taste her on his cock?”

Without thinking, my mouth opened and Dominique guided the thick muscle between my lips. She took it out then rubbed it around my face, pointing it straight up and pressing his balls against my face and lips.

“Take his balls in your mouth. He likes that.”

I did what she told me. Sugar had meanwhile positioned herself at the top of the bed and had her legs opened, playing with her pussy while watching her husband’s cock being pleasures by Dominique and me. She managed to get my attention and used her curled finger to call me forward to her soaking cunt.

When I got close to her pussy, I noticed a thick white substance flowing from her pussy down her asscrack. For a moment, I felt and looked apprehensive. But, Dominique already had her hand behind my head, her free one on my cock. We looked at each other, and she said, “you must not forget the cream.” I looked back to Sugar’s dripping hole, and Dominique pushed me face first into her good friend’s steaming box.

While Dominique stroked my cock, I felt a tongue in my asshole. I knew it had to be Pierre. As I was cleaning his cum from his wife’s lust pit, he was preparing me for something that I had neither expected nor wanted. But it all happened so smoothly. Not necessarily quick, per se. I was lost in a daydream as I buried myself in Sugar. Her reassuring hands on my face and in my hair had me hypnotized. Dominique’s steady hand and the contact she made with Pierre’s face while he tongue-fucked me left me in a state of nirvana.

I didn’t notice when Pierre stopped rimming me. Dominique’s fingertips with lube took its place and she immensely enjoyed playing with my ass and sticking one, then two or three fingers inside me. When I finally realized that there was something larger than a tongue or finger in my ass, it was too late. Sugar closed her legs and had both hands behind my head to make sure I stayed in place. Dominique stretched my cheeks apart and pulled my cock forward to make sure that Pierre could penetrate me as effortlessly as possible. Once he was all the way in and all motion stopped, Dominique let go off my ass cheeks and pushed them together, forcing me to be aware of the large black cock inside me.

Dominique and Pierre helped get me up on my knees after having been fully laid down on my stomach. The erotic author grabbed my still hard and aching-to-come cock and began jerking more life into it. She moved up to look me in the eyes and said, “it is time for you to come now, all right?”

I was so turned on, like I had never been in my life and could not believe I hadn’t come yet. I could only smile at her as my ass was slowly being fucked by the black man behind me.

“I am going to lay beneath you and suck your cock, lick your balls, and my tongue is going to dance along Pierre’s big black dick to the point where he penetrates you. What do you think?” I could still do nothing but smile. The strain that the cock put on my ass did not leave me able to speak much. “And you must eat my pussy at the same time. If we are lucky, we will come at the same time. Will you know when I’m doing?”

I smiled at her, thinking of the spray that her friend suckled from my face. She licked my lips and tongue, kissed me full on the mouth, then went upside down between my legs. Her pussy found its way just below my face. Her hands locked my head in place, and her mouth began to do its magic. She licked all around my cock and balls, tracing the shaft all the way down to where Pierre’s cock penetrated my virgin hole. As she poked her tongue around the edges of his black muscle, I could hear Pierre begin to lose control. And then I could feel it quiver inside me. Dominique also began to hold my face in position as her sex hole began its march towards release. At that moment, I finally felt myself become overwhelmed.

I managed to look up and see Sugar on the verge of orgasm, rapidly beating her clitoris as she watched the three of us. Finally, as I start to feel the thick muscle inside my ass began to vibrate and expand, as I feel the clenched fists in my hair keeping my face pinned to a pussy that I know is about to explode, as I hear Sugar begin crying out over and over, “I’m coming,” my cock finally blasts out a long overdue load. It felt like my orgasm lasted an eternity. I finally regained consciousness when feeling Sugar kissing and licking the thick spray with which her friend coated me. I barely noticed the spent cock still inside my ass or the gentle kisses and nibbles that Dominique continued spoiling me with. What happened in the morning is another story to tell.

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