Sutton Family Stories 02

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It had been two weeks since I fucked my brothers, Aiden and George, in an intense Friday night threesome which had involved me taking George’s virginity, orgasming twice, and being left naked on the sofa with their combined loads seeping out of my well used pussy. I didn’t exactly regret doing it — I was horny and it felt great when they were inside me — but I had really mixed feelings. We had broken the law. People just don’t go around fucking their brothers. I’d therefore slightly avoided them both since that night. Aiden had tried to squeeze my bum once in the hallway, but I’d just batted his hand away. Nothing else had been tried or said by either brother. My parents were definitely none the wiser that their three adult children had shagged each other.

Now it was Sunday morning and time for George to head off to university. My parents were outside on the driveway with Aiden, trying to cram a surprising amount of apparently essential stuff into the car. Despite the pile of full boxes and bags downstairs, George had been sent to his room to check he hadn’t forgotten anything. I couldn’t avoid him anymore. I tapped lightly on his bedroom door and walked into his bedroom. He looked over at me. “I guess this is it, little bro, time to head off your next adventure,” I said, returning his gaze.

“Yeah, I’m a bit nervous but excited too,” he replied.

“You’ll have a ball, you’ll meet so many great new people, it’ll change you,” I told him. I paused and looked down at the floor. I’d always thought of going to university myself — Aiden had already gone and come back home after graduation — but I hadn’t felt ready so just stayed at home. And now, here I was, still living at home, nearly six months pregnant and split-up from the baby’s father. Life just didn’t work out like you imagined sometimes. I sighed to myself.

George clearly misunderstood my thoughts. “I’m sorry, Sarah, so sorry for what we did. Is that why you’re sad? Do you hate us? We shouldn’t have taken advantage of you like that,” he blurted out. Clearly I wasn’t the only one who’d thought about that Friday night a few times since but he’d actually misinterpreted why I was looking sad right now.

“No, no, I was feeling a bit down because I never got to university, and I’m sad you’ll be away for a while,” I quickly replied and walked over to hug my brother. I didn’t want him leaving and going away for months having just argued with me.

“You don’t regret it then?” he asked.

“I don’t actually. I mean, we shouldn’t have done that because incest is illegal, but you didn’t take advantage of me at all. I was as horny as you both,” I told him as I continued to embrace him. It’d been his first time and I really didn’t want him spending his life thinking it was a mistake. “And it felt good at the time,” I added.

“It felt really good, I’ve never felt anything as good as your pussy,” he told me as gazed into my eyes as we continued to hug.

“Ha, thanks, well you’ve got a really nice cock and it just felt perfect inside me, you made me cum you know, that’s what was happening when I clamped on you towards the end,” I confessed. The Friday night fun had taken care of my insane levels of horniness at the time, but now I could feel myself getting aroused again. I wasn’t the only one: I could feel George’s cock begin to grow through his chinos.

“I’ve wanked over the memory non-stop for the last two weeks,” George blurted out bluntly. Shit, something about the thought of him lying here in his bedroom masturbating over the memory of being inside me was getting me very turned on. I decided suddenly that I’d give George a goodbye present to see him off to uni with a smile and show there were no regrets. The sound of my parents talking with Aiden came in through the open window and reminded me we didn’t have much time.

“I’ve masturbated over the memory too little brother,” I whispered in his ear, then dropped to my knees in front of him. “I can’t forget what a nice cock you have.”

“Sarah!” he exclaimed, as I rubbed his bugle and unzipped his fly.

I looked up at him. “Shh, we don’t have much time, and you need a going away present,” I explained as I reached into his tight trousers and opened the buttons at the front of his Ted Baker boxer shorts. There was no going back now. My inner slut was rekindled and I wasted no time pulling George’s now rock hard cock out of his flies and wrapping my hand round it. I wanked it slowly back and forth, enjoying the warm feeling of his hardness and watching the foreskin slide under my touch. We didn’t have much time though, so I quickly lent forward and engulfed the head with my mouth. God, it felt delightfully kinky having my brother’s cock inside me again and I wanted to make him feel good.

I set about sucking his cock with gusto. I’d always enjoyed giving head to Jack, my ex-boyfriend. There was just something about the way you could get a guy to moan as you acted the whore, on your knees looking up canlı bahis at them. And that’s exactly what I was doing here. I licked the shaft, then run my tongue down to his tight balls and flicked at them with the tip, before working up to the head and licking round the head and up to his slit. I lapped up some precum directly from the slit, before taking as much of the cock in my mouth as possible and wrapping my lips round it as I bobbed my head back and forward.

“Fuck, fuck, that feels so good, you suck a really good cock,” George moaned as I went to work worshiping his eight inch dick with my mouth and tongue. I had another fan. I could feel my pussy moisten.

I continued sucking for a few minutes when the sound of my Mum’s voice interrupted us. “George,” she shouted up from the driveway, “where are you? We need to go soon.”

Mum would never imagine George was upstairs getting his dick worshiped by his whore of a sister, I thought to myself, and began to feel very naughty. I was even more determined to get my brother off despite the rush. We were near the window, but out of site of anyone outside one floor below. “You better reply,” I whispered, taking his cock out of my mouth momentarily before dribbling some spit onto it and sliding it back in.

“Yeah, I’m just checking my room and saying goodbye to Sarah,” he shouted back, then took hold of my head and started to really thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. I liked it when a man got the idea and started to take some control and use me for his pleasure. His cock was now sliding in and out of my mouth with speed, and I used my tongue to lick round the head when I could whilst working my lips up and down his hard shaft. I knew he wouldn’t last long like this and reached up to gently massage his balls while sucking for all I was worth.

“GEORGE, HURRY UP!” Mum shouted up loudly.

George didn’t miss a beat. He was too far gone to stop now. “I’m coming, Mum,” he shouted back. It was a cheesy line but I appreciated the warning and I felt his balls tighten in my fingers and his shaft pulse between my lips. “Mmm, yeah, that’s so good,” he sighed as his cock sprayed out it’s salty load into my mouth. There were several strong spurts and I had to work hard to swallow it all down. I kept sucking, more gently, as his cock stopped spraying and began to soften. I loved the taste of a virile young guy’s semen.

Once I licked round it a bit, George pulled his dick out of my mouth and tucked it back in his boxers, zipping up his flies and looking round guiltily. “No one knows I just sucked your cock,” I reassured him, “it’s our little secret.”

“That felt fucking amazing, best goodbye present ever,” George replied and hugged me. I could still taste his cum on my lips and tongue but having checked myself in the mirror, knew there were no visible outward signs of what we had just done. I followed him downstairs to the front drive.

“At last, we really need to get going,” said our Mum, beckoning George to get in the car, where Dad was already looking impatient.

“Well mate, hope you enjoy uni as much as I did,” boomed Aiden as he bear hugged George.

George leaned in towards Aiden’s ear. Lip reading was one of my many skills so there was no mistaking what he said next: “Sarah’s horny again, ask her about my goodbye present.”

Aiden smirked as George walked to the car and got in. I stood next to Aiden and tried to maintain my composure as we both waved. As Dad started to pull out of the driveway, I felt Aiden reach down with his left arm and squeeze my buttock, as he kept waving with his right hand at the now disappearing car.

Once they were out of sight, I batted Aiden’s groping left hand away and walked quickly back inside the house. “What the fuck, Aiden, anyone could have seen,” I hissed at him as we got through the front door.

“Yeah, well what’s this about a goodbye present?” he asked.

I felt guilty. Guilt that I’d started this up again, guilt that I’d done sexual stuff with one of my brother’s again, and even guilty that Aiden might feel left out. “Nothing,” I spat back.

Ever the more confident brother, Aiden lent forward until his face was centimetres from me. “Bullshit, you’re a bad liar Sarah,” he said, and suddenly forced his tongue between my lips and gave me a very unbrotherly snog before withdrawing and declaring: “And your mouth tastes of cum.”

I was busted. “Alright, George was worrying I regretted the other Friday night, and I didn’t want him leaving on a downer, and I ended up sucking his cock. Satisfied?”

“I will be satisfied soon, yeah,” George sniggered as he unbuttoned his jeans and let them fall open to reveal a prominent bulge in his Calvin Kleins.

“Fuck off, no, I’m not your personal slut,” I replied as forcefully as I could muster.

“Give me a blowjob or I tell people what a slut you really are.” It was probably an empty threat as he was as guilty of breaking the law as I was, but bahis siteleri I didn’t want to risk it. I was also still turned on from sucking George and hadn’t forgotten that Aiden had a nice dick to. I didn’t say anything but dropped back to my knees for the second time in half and hour and reached forward to take hold of the bulge in front of me, rubbing it slowly through the underwear as I held it.

“That’s right, I knew you wouldn’t take much convincing,” breathed Aiden, before moaning contently as I pulled his Calvins down. His now hard cock sprang out and I quickly lent forward to lick it. It was as I remembered, a bit shorter than George’s, but thicker and with two heavy swinging balls at the base by his trimmed brown pubes. There was already a pool of precum at the tip which I quickly swirled onto my tongue and gulped down. I then engulfed as much of his cock into my mouth as I could and began repeating what I’d just done to one brother with the other.

Aiden was much quicker to take hold of my head and drive his dick in and out of my mouth, clearly revelling in the feeling of my lips wrapped round his shaft and being in control. He was moaning loudly. I was enjoying the depravity of this second cock within my mouth and could feel my levels of horniness rising rapidly. I was on my knees in our living room, sucking my brother’s cock with the taste of our other brother’s cum still on my tongue, and my pussy was dripping.

I was using my lips and tongue all over Aiden’s cock and balls and he was leaking precum readily into my hungry mouth then periodically holding my head and fucking my face. After a few minutes, however, he clearly had other ideas. “That’s a good suck, but I want to fuck you again.”

“We can’t. It’s not right,” I told him. He ignored me and pulled my up my feet, learning in to kiss me and putting his tongue in the same mouth his cock had been in seconds before. As he did this, he worked his right hand under my tracksuit bottoms and underwear and soon had a finger buried into my cunt.

“You’re mouth says no, but your pussy says yes, Sarah. Just like last time.”

My body was giving me away again, but I was still worried this might become a regular thing when a brother and sister shouldn’t be having sex. “I’m horny, yes, but it’s incest and it’s illegal. Why don’t I just finish you off with my mouth, like I did with George?” I pleaded.

Aiden was having none of it. He ignored me and pulled my tracksuit bottoms and panties off roughly, then pushed me back onto the sofa. “Take the weight off your feet Sarah,” he said sharply, and then pulled my top off and unhooked my bra. It fell away, leaving me stark naked. “I’m going to fuck you now.” It was a command I couldn’t resist.

I meekly spread my legs as Aiden pushed his jeans and boxer briefs down his muscled thighs and kneeled on the floor between my legs. He pulled me to the edge of the sofa and rubbed his hard cock over my pussy lips and up and down my slit, all the way up to my clit. I was tingling all over. He knew just what I needed.

After some teasing I was begging him to get inside me and soon he was slowly sliding in, making me ache for more. He couldn’t maintain a slow pace for long, though, and was soon picking up the pace and giving me a damn good dicking. “You like that, don’t you, your brother’s dick in your tight, wet pussy?” he asked.

“Oh God, yes, I do, I really need a good fuck Aiden,” I replied, as I wrapped my outstretched legs around him. He kept pushing me back as he thrust into me until I was lying all the way on the sofa and he was on top of me again, working hard between my legs. I looked up at him and took in how hot he looked, with a covering of dark hair over his pecs and well-built upper body, his muscled thighs also covered in dark hair and his thick dick driving in and out of my pussy lips. I was being taken by a real man, who knew just what he wanted.

“Mmm, fuck yeah, Sarah, you feel so fucking good, I love being inside you,” he told me, as he picked-up the pace to fuck me hard. Here we were again, the sofa bucking back and forth as Aiden really pounded me. He was more passionate this time though, licking my nipples as he thrust into me and then moving up to kiss me as we fucked with abandon.

It wasn’t long before I felt a tingling building inside me, and Aiden’s thrusts suggested he was similarly getting close. “Keep fucking your slutty sister, I’m gunna cum,” I shouted out and of course he did. All I could do was groan and wrap my legs around his clenching arse to keep him working his exquisite dick in and out of me. He was grunting hard with each thrust.

“You want my cum, don’t you, you naughty little slut,” he demanded.

“Yeah, give me that brother load,” I replied. Something about my brother spraying his cum deep inside me was really getting me off and I felt myself tip over into a screaming orgasm, my cunt really getting wet and clamping round Aiden’s thick rod. This pushed him over bahis şirketleri the edge and he hollered as he painted my insides. We were both panting as he eventually withdrew his dick, which resulted in a large amount of our combined juices dribbling out on my well fucked pussy onto the sofa.

“Fuck, that was so intense,” Aiden said, “but you’ll need to clean-up the fabric before Mum and Dad get home.” What a cheeky bastard. I couldn’t do much more than lie there in a happy glow, although eventually I did just that and by the time our parents got home there was no sign of the sweaty, intense fuck that Aiden and I had shared in the family living room.

I had really enjoyed the fuck, but I still had some misgivings about what we were doing. It was surely wrong to be having sex with my own brother like this. And I still had a slight hang-up about not wanting to be a slut, thinking I shouldn’t shag around with guys I wasn’t dating. Of course, I had done just that a fair few times over the past few years, but I really worried about getting a reputation. I therefore avoided Aiden over the next couple of weeks. I was polite and made small talk around the house when we were in the same room at the same time, but I avoided being alone in the same room as him. I wasn’t sure he’d take advantage of me, it was actually more that I wasn’t sure I could resist his magnificent cock again. I decided I wouldn’t sleep with Aiden again.

We lived together, though, so I couldn’t just avoid him forever. I hadn’t expected what happened next, though. I was home alone and six months pregnant. I’d had a long day at work, but with an early start had finished and got home before anyone else. I needed a long, hot shower. I’d stripped all my clothes off. As I stripped, I caught sight of myself in the bathroom mirror. I did a double take. I hadn’t properly looked at myself naked for a while. My body had changed. My breasts were bigger than ever. My bump was really visible.

I was lost in thought, so lost in thought I didn’t hear the front door open and someone come upstairs. I wasn’t expecting anyone home for a while, so hadn’t locked the bathroom door. Our house had two bathrooms, the en-suite that our parents used and the other bathroom that the three adult children shared. I was still looking at my body in the mirror when the door burst open and Aiden walked in. “Aiden! What are you doing?” I screamed.

“I finished work early and I’m desperate for a piss. What are you doing?” he replied.

“I finished work early as well, I’m about to take a shower. Piss off.”

“Like I said, I’m desperate,” he said forcefully as he brushed past me and went over to the toilet. He was wearing a dark blue suit and unzipped his flies, pulling his dick out and started to piss into the toilet right by me. I was partly disgusted but couldn’t help watching the stream of piss flow out of his thick dick. Seeing it brought back memories of two good fucks. That familiar horniness was rapidly returning.

“That’s disgusting,” I told him.

“Sorry Sarah, I really needed a piss the whole train ride home. You don’t have to stare, do you?” he replied. “What are you doing anyway?” he added, as he shook the last remaining drops of piss out of his slit.

“I was going to take a shower, but I caught myself in the mirror. I’m so fat and ugly in this state.”

Aiden immediately walked over behind me. “Don’t be stupid, you’re glowing, pregnant women always look great. I still think you’re hot,” he reassured me. He reached forward. I flinched but didn’t make any effort to stop him. “Your body is amazing,” he added, as he reached round and worked his firm hands over my fat belly and up to my swinging breasts. He was stood right behind me, his arms round me and his hands working around my body slowly. “You’re so beautiful like this,” he whispered into my ear.

Aiden was being surprisingly tender and it was really making me feel better about my changing body. But I suspected a bit of an ulterior motive too. He hadn’t actually put his cock away after his piss, and I could feel it growing as he was stood directly behind me and close enough to touch me with it. It actually made me feel better that a man could still find me attractive in this state. Perhaps I’d been mean the past few weeks, basically ignoring him around the house.

“Thanks, you are making me feel better about myself, I do love you really,” I told him. I could see him in the mirror, his face over my left shoulder, and he smiled. He continued to massage my baby bump with his left hand but was now working his right hand up and across my tits.

His head was close to mine and he moved his mouth close to my left ear. “You’re such a sexy bitch, Sarah Sutton,” he whispered to me. “I can’t help get so turned on by you, especially with your body looking like this.” God, he was making me wet again. I shouldn’t be this horny at my brother’s touch and I thought I should probably stop him. It wasn’t long before his right arm then moved down to rub around my thighs and a finger was soon playing around my pussy lips.

“Aiden, no, we can’t keep doing this, I’m your sister, it’s incest,” I said as firmly as I could manage.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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