Taking Mom’s Place

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I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Ohhh god, daddy! Smack me! Smack my little ass daddy!”

I had just come home from practice to hear my parents fucking in their room upstairs. I had heard them many times before. I had even gotten into the guilty habit of rubbing my own wet pussy as I peeked in on them through the crack in the door. But I had never heard anything like this . . .

“You like your daddy fucking you, baby? You like daddy’s hard cock slamming into you?” My dad was grunting like a wild animal. “Oh god Chrissy . . . Your young titties look good enough to eat baby!”

I froze. MY name is Chrissy! Was my dad fantasizing about me? What did mom think?

I got my answer as mom started moaning again, barely able to speak as she cried for “her daddy” to fuck her harder. “I want you daddy . . . I’ve wanted to fuck you since I turned 18. I want you to give it to me while mommy watches!”

My parents were fantasizing bursa escort about me! The thought of it immediately made my young pussy wet. Without thinking, I snuck down the hall to their room and peaked in. What I saw turned me on even more. Dad was ramming my mom from behind, groping her ass and letting out beastly grunts – and mom was wearing MY cheerleader outfit! The skirt was flipped up just enough to let his cock penetrate her. The sight of my mom pretending to be me while my daddy fucked me was too much. I slipped my hand down the front of my sweats and started rubbing my already dripping pussy.

Then it happened. In spite of myself, I let out a small squeal of pleasure. Mom’s head snapped toward me immediately and she looked shocked. “Phil . . . Phil!” She cried desperately, between slams of his cock.

“Call me daddy. Chrissy . . . I’m your daddy baby.” He hissed.

“No, Phil! Chrissy’s . . . ohhhhh . . . there . . . She sees us . . . bursa escort bayan

Dad looked at the door and saw me. I immediately got nervous. I didn’t want to get in trouble. I pulled my hand out of my sweats and started backing away, but dad had already pulled out of my mom and came toward me. “Mmm hi baby . . . ” he breathed. “Looks like you like what you see.”

“I’m sorry daddy! I didn’t mean to . . . “

“Phil . . . ” my mom said softly. “What are you going to do?”

“I’m gonna’ finish fucking Chrissy. Look. She’s already ready for it.” Dad pulled down my sweats and panties and kneeled down in front of me. He started to lick my pussy. I wanted to protest, but it felt so good. I never felt this way before . . . I felt primal and sex-driven. I wanted my daddy to fuck me. Mom didn’t look so happy about it though.

“Don’t Phil. She’s just a girl.” Mom watched dad lick me harder. I could tell she was trying to fight her own lust escort bursa as she started rubbing her own pussy under my cheerleading skirt.

Before I realized what I was saying I begged, “Daddy . . . Fuck me like you did to mommy.”

Dad needed no further motivation. He picked me up and slammed me down on the bed. He pulled my pants all the way off and spread my legs apart. “You ever fuck a boy before, Chrissy?” he panted as he started pushing his cock into me.

Oh it hurt. “Yes daddy. I fucked Jim and Greg . . . Ohhhhh daddy!”

This made dad hornier to know his little girl had sex before. “Well then, baby. I’m not going to be gentle.” He moaned out as his cock rammed into my tight pussy. I cried out in pain, looking at my mom. She was already rubbing so fast, moaning, “yes Phil . . . Fuck our girl’s cunt . . . ohhhh…”

Dad fucked me so hard that I screamed out when I came. Mom looked so embarrassed as she climaxed, and she immediately left the room. I looked at my dad, who had just pulled out of me and still had a look of lust on his face. “Can I fuck you again sometime, daddy?” I asked nervously.

“I don’t think you have a choice, baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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