Taming Her Master Pt. 05

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When Elise strode into the library in the morning, she heaved a sigh of relief, seeing the calm, happy look on Nicholas’s face. Since he’d asked her to marry him the night before, he was like a new man. A man that she could love whole-heartedly, providing of course, he would stay this way and not go back to the dark days when she’d first agreed to work for him, when his mood could change with the wind.

Kind and tender one moment, violent and furious the next, she never knew what to expect from him, or even what he expected of her.

But after he’d shocked her and popped the question in his kinky chamber of horrors last night, after he’d nearly lost his mind and beaten her ass till it stung, when she refused to leave him. He’d then forced her up on her knees and fucked her mercilessly hard from behind, trying to inflict even more pain on her.

Mostly, she’d begun to realize, because he was deeply in pain himself.

Elise had known his history, even before he’d told her, since his housekeeper Mary had confided that he’d been abandoned, not once, but twice, first by his mother at the tender age of six, and later by her governess when he was still fairly young and impressionable. And then of course a few years ago he’d lost his father. So, not surprisingly he was terrified of letting his emotions rule his life, scared of losing anyone else he allowed to get too close. Which she knew was why he kept trying to push her away. Afraid he was falling in love with her, he thought if he forced her to leave, he wouldn’t have to deal with having his heart broken again if she ever walked out on him once he was into her too deep to turn back.

What he didn’t understand was that Elise had fallen in love with him, too. Warts and all. He might not be perfect, but as strange as their relationship was, she’d begun to realize that he was perfect for her, especially when he let his guard down and allowed her to experience his tender side.

Now all she had to do was show him how she felt, and let him know that she would stay if he’d just accept the fact that she’d fallen in love with him, and she had no plans to walk out of his life like all the others had before her.

The moment she walked in, Nicholas looked up at her and smiled, his eyes slowly raking over her body, like a warm caress. “Fully recovered from last night, I hope.”

Truth was, after the paddling he’d given her, her ass still stung, but not nearly as bad as it had. But at least her pussy wasn’t sore anymore, after the pounding he’d given it, basically punishing her with his body, over the torment he felt she’d caused him.

“I’m fine,” she assured him.

“Then why don’t you come over here,” he told her with a sly smile, patting his lap.

Curling into his lap Elise was more than happy to sit close with him, seeing as he appeared happier than she’d ever seen him. Nicholas pressed a kiss to her cheek, wrapping his arms tightly around her, he groaned as he shook his head. “And to think I almost drove you away yesterday.”

Elise turned her head and cupped his face in her hands, telling him, “It’s in the past, Nicholas, and I’m here now. And that’s all that matters.”

He nodded and let out a grateful sigh. Then he pulled his sketch pad closer for her to see what he’d been drawing. “I’ve been busy this morning, trying to design the perfect engagement ring for you. And since you’ll be the one wearing it, I’d like to know what you think.”

Yikes. Since she hadn’t said yes yet, and actually agreed to marry him, she wasn’t too sure what to say. But rather than send him into another of his dark moods, she just looked at the sketches, blown away, as always, by his talent. He was definitely as gifted an artist as he was a business man. The library was proof of that. She lifted her gaze to his latest creation, a very large watercolour of her, naked and smiling straight into his eyes. Tipping her head as she studied what he’d captured, she could actually see the love shining from her eyes, clear as day, which made her wonder why he couldn’t see it, too, and was always doubting her.

Realizing he was waiting to see what she thought of the rings he’d been designing, she looked down and focused her attention back on the page. Pointing at his favorite, he told her, “I like the emerald cut for you, such a classic style. But I’m wondering,” lifting her hand to his lips, he pressed a kiss, “with the size of diamond I’d like to get you, with your delicate little hands, if it might be too much and look too heavy.” Staring down at the beautiful sketch he’d created of a flawless emerald cut diamond ring framed with baguette diamonds on either side of the platinum band, she didn’t know what to say.

Finally she took a chance and said, “It is beautiful, but you’re right and it might be a little too much for me. And I really don’t need a ring that size, Nicholas, and don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune on whatever you pick.”

She could ataşehir escort feel him tense, when he asked, “Why, because you might change your mind about going through with this, is that it?”

Heaving a sigh, she knew she had to be honest, so she turned, looked him in the eye and said, “You asked me to marry you last night, but you never waited to hear my answer.” When she saw his jaw beginning to clench, she turned around in his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck and told him the truth. “I love you, Nicholas. But I just have to be sure before we take such a big step, that what we have is solid, and enough to build a life together. Yesterday, you wanted me gone so badly, that you actually brought someone in to replace me. And I have to know that if we do get married, you won’t get annoyed over some little thing and tell me get out whenever the mood strikes. I couldn’t imagine agreeing to marry you and then living on pins and needles, always wondering if you’ll change your mind and want me gone. I guess what I really need to know is that you mean for this to last, and you’re not asking me to become your wife just to keep me here with you for now.”

The tension slowly drained from him as he began to consider what she said. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, he looked into her eyes and told her, “Would it matter to you if I told you that I’ve never felt this way before, and from the first moment I saw you that you consume my every waking hour, and even my dreams? I’m not sure if I can say the words you want to hear, but you have to know I want you as my wife and partner for the rest of my life. And believe me, this is something I’ve never contemplated before, until you.”

Her heart melted for him. He was still so insecure, even when he was asking for her hand he couldn’t find it in himself to admit to her out loud that he loved her. But maybe she’d just have to accept the fact that he’d been hurt so badly before, that he might never be able to truly trust her with his heart.

She smiled into his eyes and pressed her lips to his and told him, “Well, maybe I’ll just have to love you enough for the both of us, if you can’t admit that you love me. And I really do love you, Nicholas, and I would be happy to marry you.”

Heaving a relieved sigh, he shook his head, and hugged her to his chest raining kisses all over her face. Finally, he tipped up her chin and kissed her lips, lingering over them for a long while, till she could feel him stirring against her bottom.

Stroking her tongue with his, he cupped her breasts and squeezed, teasing her erect nipples with his thumbs. Finally he pulled back and told her, “And I want children with you, lots of them.” He grinned. “And of course I’m really going to enjoy creating them with you, too. We’ll be married as soon as we can, and then I’m going to do nothing but make love to you, day and night, until I’ve got you pregnant with my child. And even then I won’t stop, you drive me so wild.”

Without waiting for her to reply, he started to unbutton her dress and told her, “And now you’ve gotten me hard, just thinking about how good that will be, I want you on my desk so I can feast on your beautiful body, and show you just how crazy you make me, and how much I need you.”

Elise smiled at him as he worked at stripping her off. She knew this would be her life, her husband would be insatiable, but at least she knew she’d always be desired, and god help her, never be bored married to a man like him.

Once he had her naked and on her back on his desk, Nicholas grasped her the knees, parted her thighs and smiled first at the sight of her glistening pussy, before lifting his delighted gaze to meet hers. “God, I just love your pussy. It is sheer and utter sweetness,” he murmured, as he dropped his head and dragged his tongue across her folds, moaning deep. Then pushing a finger inside her, he told her, “And you’re just so tight. When I fill you with my cock it’s like heaven the way it sucks me in and clenches me inside you, like it’s where I belong.” Lapping into her again, he murmured against her flesh, “I love the taste of you, the smell of you, and dear god the feel of you. And to know that you’re all mine now, I could devour every last inch of you, and still want more.”

Pushing two fingers inside her, working them in and out, he lapped and licked and teased at her clit with his talented tongue till he had her digging her nails into the desk and fighting to breathe as the most incredible orgasm imaginable began to ravage her body, making her shudder and scream out his name.

Nicholas smiled up at her slender body desperately shuddering; her eyes clenched shut as she slowly began to come down from the high of coming that hard. Dropping his pants, he fisted his erection in his hand and slid it back and forth over her sodden pussy, basically kissing her sex with his. “You’re mine now,” he told her. Then pushing in just the kadıköy escort bayan tip, to tease her, he said, “Now say it, tell me that you’re mine, or you’ll get no more.”

“I’m yours,” she said breathlessly, “I’ve always been yours, Nicholas, since the day we met, and always will be.”

He smiled as he lifted her ass into his hands and squeezed. “Now I’m going to this plunder this beautiful body, and I’m really going to make you mine.”

She moaned as he pushed himself inside her, deliciously stretching her insides as he filled her up, driving in deeper with every flex of his hips. Leaning over her, he pressed his lips to hers. “This is where I belong,” he told her, “buried inside of you. And I fully intend to be here for the rest of our lives.”

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Elise smiled against his lips, basking in the utterly delectable feeling of almost unbearable fullness as he consumed her body with his long hard shaft. “And it’s right where you belong,” she quietly whispered back, delighted at the thought of really belonging to such a handsome charismatic man, as both his wife and his lover.

Nicholas always lost himself when he was buried inside her. Clutching her ass, he roughly tugged her body across the desk, savagely using her body to fuck his cock. The feel of her encasing him, enveloping him like a tight warm glove as he ravaged her, claiming her for his own, as always, made him feel whole and complete, driving away all the dark thoughts that fought to consume him.

Pounding himself into her, just as far as he could, what he craved more than anything was to be buried inside her so deep, that she could never let him go.

Nowhere else on earth ever gave him the sense of wholeness or peace and contentment he felt than when he was lost inside this intoxicating woman. Which was why he knew that he had to make her his, not only physically but legally so that he’d always have this with her, and never be in danger of losing her again, or god forbid his mind.

Softy moaning as he took her harder and deeper than she’d thought he’d ever taken her, even the slight sting of him ravaging her so wickedly hard, felt utterly divine. And Elise knew that at least she’d always know how he felt about her, since he could never hide this side of himself, the desperate lover that she craved. Knowing the insatiable desire he had for her, she knew this would be her life. Whenever he was aroused, he’d take her like this wherever and whenever he wanted her. And how could she not love the fact that he just couldn’t get enough of her.

Smiling up into his eyes, even with the savage in him on full display, as he ruthlessly pounded her flesh, she whispered, “I love you, Nicholas.” And the way his whole face lit up as he beamed back at her, made her heart clench. Maybe one day he’d be able to tell her how he felt, in words and not just with his body. Although, she did love the way he communicated with his big thick cock slamming between her legs, because damn, it felt so good the way he’d ravage her till he had her entire body tingling like it was on fire.

As his balls began to tighten, Nicholas clutched her ass painfully tight and slammed into her with one long hard thrust, overwhelmed by the sensation of not only coming so insanely hard, but of filling her with the proof of his desire and marking her as his. Delighted to think that soon he’d be filling her belly with his child, he already knew even heavily pregnant, he’d only want her more.

A small part of him had been angry at first when he’d realized that somehow she’d managed to bewitch him. But he was more than happy now to be totally besotted, and completely entranced, by not only her beauty, her luscious body, and her sweetness but perhaps most of all her defiance and refusal to back down, no matter how hard he’d tried, she always managed to make him see reason. She was no push over, and she’d keep him on his toes, and would definitely tell him whenever he was going too far, or getting out of line, which of course she was just what he needed. Not some simpering little bitch who’d let him do anything he pleased with her, as long as he greased her palm.

Overwhelmed at the thought that she’d actually agreed to commit her life to him, he lifted her into his arms, still buried in her deep and took her mouth and kissed her like he’d never kissed her before. He desperately wanted her to understand just how passionately he loved her, even if couldn’t find it in him to tell her. Then he smiled against her mouth and thought that maybe by the day they said their vows, he’d finally be able to tell her just how much he cared, in words and not just by ravaging her body.

Happily hugging him to her chest, her entire body still delightfully humming after once again being made to come so hard that she could barely think straight, much less breathe, Elise sighed into his hair. Pressing a kiss to his cheek, she said, “Wow, escort maltepe that was amazing, Nicholas.”

Pulling back, he wiggled his eyebrows and told her, “And once we’re married, be prepared to be continually amazed.”

She laughed and stroked her hand over his cheek. “Mmm, and now I can hardly wait.”

“Good, because I plan for us to be married this weekend, it’s all been arranged. I’ve decided a small church wedding might be nice. And the local minister has kindly agreed to officiate.”

Not entirely sure she heard him right, she blinked and said, “This weekend?”

“Yes, and we can have the reception here. And if there’s anyone you’d like to invite, just put it on the list and I’ll make the arrangements for them to attend.”

Turning her head, she saw that he’d created a file for their wedding, and was flipping it open to show her. I wasn’t exactly what she’d ever envisioned when she thought of getting married, that her groom would take over the planning, with barely any input from her. But then again, Nicholas would never be your average bridegroom. So, rolling onto her stomach, she got up on her elbows and scanned the list, wondering who exactly he might have invited.

After all, she was only the bride, so why should he inform her of his plans?

Stroking her bare bottom with his palm, and giving it a gentle squeeze, he said, “And I thought we’d honeymoon in Paris, and maybe even visit Rome or perhaps London, while we’re in Europe. They’re all lovely this time of year.”

Elise just nodded, and finally said, “Sure, sounds wonderful.”

Now that she’d accepted his proposal, it sounded like this was really going to happen, and even sooner than she imagined. Resolved that she was actually getting married so soon, she stared past him, wondering what she needed to do to prepare. “Guess I should look for a wedding dress, then.”

Nicholas shook his head. “No need. I have a seamstress coming this afternoon. So you might want to go online and find a style of gown you like. She’s assured me she can have it ready in plenty of time for the wedding. And I’ve already chosen a tuxedo – dove grey. So, now there’s only the matter of the rings to decide.”

“Of course.” She’d have to accept that he would never be a typical man, happy to leave details like this to his fiancée. Though he could be controlling and temperamental, she also knew, when he chose to be, he could also be tender and loving and even fun to be with. So, all she’d have to do was carefully nurture the side of him she loved the most and work hard at taming the rest – most likely for the rest of her life.

True to his word, that afternoon a seamstress was shown into his office and Elise was asked to get out of her clothes and stand on a little wooden base Nicholas pulled out of a cupboard. It seemed he was accustomed to having his clothing tailored to fit in the comfort of his office.

The middle-aged woman with dark hair and glasses smiled at her, and said, “Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, Miss Elise.”

Elise smiled and thanked her, still trying to wrap her head around the fact that she’d agreed to not only marry but do by the weekend.

Just as he’d asked, she’d chosen a few styles she liked and asked the seamstress what she thought of them. And of course overhearing their conversation, Nicholas came over to take a look at the dresses she was showing her on her tablet. “Oh, this is the dress,” he told her, pointing at a very beautiful simple silk gown with a full flowing skirt, with lace accents and a slightly off the shoulder neck-line that dipped low in front, that would perfectly accentuate her cleavage. “It’s your dress Elise, and it’ll be perfect for you,” he declared.

Thankfully it was the one she’d liked the best too, or she’d have felt odd trying to tell him that she didn’t like his choice for her bridal gown.

“So,” the seamstress pointed at the screen and asked, “Is this the dress?”

Smiling up at Nicholas, Elise said, “Yes, that’s the one.”

He might be a little overbearing, but at least she knew him well enough that she was entering into this with her eyes wide open. And lord help her, she actually did love him, just as he was.

Once the woman had taken her measurements, she left them with a respectful little bow of her head, reminding Elise what a wealthy, powerful man she was marrying, which still overwhelmed her at times.

But she was never interested in his money, knowing him the way she did, she knew she’d be glad to marry and share his life with him, no matter who he was.

After the seamstress left, the way he smiled into her eyes, Elise had a feeling that something was up. And when he said, “I got you a little something,” and handed her a little white gift bag, after she looked inside and pulled out what he’d gotten her, she laughed.

“You sure this isn’t more for you, than it is for me?”

His eyes dancing with mischief, he shrugged, as she pulled out a white lace garter, and sheer white silk stockings to match. “I’ve never accessorized any of my models before,” he explained. “And I thought you’d look quite fetching if I were to sketch you in virginal white, especially before our upcoming wedding.”

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