Tease Please

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The TV’s blaring, her favorite show lighting up our little apartment, but I pay it no mind. I simply stare at her, lying on the couch in nothing but a skimpy pair of red panties and a stainless white T-shirt, the liquid crystal display casting a feint blue tinge on her gently tanned skin. Massaging her heavenly feet in my lap, I marvel at the beauty of her golden blonde hair, luscious rosy-red lips, and cute little ears, her lovely hazel eyes fixed on the screen, hands folded on her stomach. I sit up on my knees facing her, her feet resting on my uncovered thighs, dressed only in boxers, as I tenderly pull her panties off.

“Mmm, honey can we wait a bit? My show’s almost over,” she asks politely, without even turning her head.

Choosing to ignore her, I spread her legs apart, resting her left leg on the back of the cold leather couch, her right hanging off the seat, her foot on the floor. I kiss the insides of her evenly tanned thighs, brushing her pretty, short brown pubic hair with my lips, finding myself a comfortable position. I lightly kiss the lips of her angelic vagina, placing my hands on her hips while my kisses grow long and firm. My tongue flicks around her pussy, the taste of her precious cunt paradise in my mouth. I run my tongue up and down the length of her slit, pressing harder until she starts to softly moan.

I didn’t even realize that she had muted the TV until I look up, her head back with her eyes closed and her ataşehir escort bayan mouth open, her hands holding the backs of her thighs. I crack a smile and return to pleasuring her. Turning my head to the side, I passionately lock lips and kiss her vag just like it was her mouth. I gently part her lips with mine, slowly sticking my tongue in her as far as I can. I wiggle my tongue inside her pussy, side to side and up and down, feeling the moist insides of her vagina. I pull my tongue out and go back to licking her lips, lightly flicking the hood of her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. Her swollen clit quickly peeks out, throbbing between my lips as I tenderly suck on it.

“Baby I can’t take it anymore, please make me cum!” she pleads.

I force my tongue between her lips, furiously making a lapping motion inside of her, squeezing her hips while she pulls down on my head, her moans growing louder by the second.

“Uhhhh, ohhh baby, ohhhh yes, oh my god, oh fuck, oh my god fuck yessss, oh yessss!” she screams in delight.

She puts her legs over my shoulders and hooks her feet together, her heels on my back, squeezing her thighs tight on my head. Her screams muffled by her thighs covering my ears, I feel her orgasm violently in my mouth, her body spasming in ecstasy, her hands pulling down on my head with all her might. I keep eating her out, her pussy still shaking on my tongue, until she quickly cums escort kadıöy twice more.

I withdraw my tongue and she lets go of my head, running her elegant fingers through her hair while she unclamps her feet, releasing my head from between her legs. I lightly kiss her still quivering lips, my head ringing from the pressure of her thighs.

I spread her legs again and pull her shirt off, revealing her toned, flat stomach and firm, large breasts. I playfully wiggle my tongue in her navel as if it were her pussy until she fully winds down, her breathing returning to normal.

Sitting up, I lovingly massage her supple breasts while we passionately kiss, her soft hands squeezing the backs of my arms. I roll my tongue around her hard nipples, moving my hands down along her sides, then gently suck on them. I back up and lightly rub her pussy lips with the back of my hand, my left holding her right thigh. I tenderly rub the hood of her clit until it pops out again, swollen and red as I rub it with my thumb.

I reach up, kissing her clit while she sucks on my index finger. I gently stick my wet finger in her vag, slowly moving my hand back and forth, kissing and nuzzling her sensitive pubic hair while she watches me hungrily, playing with her breasts and pinching her pointed nipples.

I put my middle finger inside her as well, both of my fingers now drenched in her juices, lightly flicking her clit with my tongue.

“I’m maltepe escort so wet baby, make me cum, please make me cum,” she begs.

I rapidly finger her pussy, vigorously sucking on her clit, listening as her moans quickly turn to screams. She straightens out both of her legs, digging her nails into the backs of her thighs, her legs spread with her feet pointed at the ceiling, toes curled.

“Ohhhh fuck, you’re making me cum again, ohhhh fuck yes, ohhhh fuckkkkk!” she screams, the euphoria of orgasm taking over.

I feel her whole body quake, struggling to breathe, her pussy shaking and pouring her fluids on my fingers, her clit throbbing in my mouth. I keep finger fucking her, rapidly flicking her clit with my tongue, her high pitched screaming filling my head. She cums once more, even more violently than the last, her legs shaking in the air. I slow down to a halt, kissing her pubes as she puts her feet on the couch by my sides, the sound of her screaming now replaced with heavy breathing.

I withdraw my fingers and suck her juices off of them before lightly kissing her pussy lips goodbye. I move up, tenderly kissing her stomach, chest, and neck on my way.

“Wow, that was amazing honey. I love you so much,” she says quietly.

“I love you too Gina,” I whisper in her ear before kissing her cheek.

Her breathing slows and she stops shaking as I lie down, my chest flat on her stomach, using her left boob as a pillow. She grabs a blanket from beside the couch and throws it over us, straightening out her legs and turning off the TV, which had faded to static some time ago. She holds my hand on her breast and rubs the back of my head with her hand while I fall asleep in her arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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