Teasing Temptress

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Samantha smiled at herself as she sat at her dressing table, preparing for the evenings’ festivities. Feeling very naughty in a black lace bra, garter belt and thigh high stockings, she tossed her head back with a little giggle. Little did Rob know what was in store for him tonight! She leaned towards the mirror, carefully lining her beautiful blue-grey eyes with a dark charcoal pencil, bringing out the magnificent color. She then applied her eye-shadow, and mascara ~ admiring her eyes while she did so. After a fresh coat of powder, she applied some blush to her cheekbones, and then found her favorite lipstick and coated her full lips with it. Rubbing them together, and blotting off the excess, she had to smile and think about the fun she would have tonight. Putting the finishing touches on her reddish-blonde hair, which was piled loosely on top of her head with curls falling around her face, she stood to get dressed.

She had purchased this gown only that afternoon. Rob was NOT looking forward to tonight — he hated wearing tuxedos, or monkey suits as he called them. So she wanted to find the perfect gown to distract him. Oh, and she had! It was a full length, figure-fitting gown of black silk with a lace overlay. There was a slit up the front which traveled almost indecently up her right leg. As she slipped into the sleeveless gown, she shuddered at the way the silk caressed her body. Even though she already stood 5’9″ tall, she slipped her feet into a pair of 4″ black heels ~ they always made her feel so sexy! And with Rob being 6’6″ tall ~ who could blame her for wanting to bring her lips even closer to his as they stood together.

Rob was still in the shower, and she thought for a moment about joining him, and putting a smile on his face before the evening began. Always the tease, she decided to let him be grumpy for a little while longer, as she took his tuxedo out of the garment bag in the closet. As her fingers touched the fabric, Samantha felt a tingle throughout her body. My, how she loved a man in a tuxedo. In fact, the reason she purchased tickets to this particular event was that it was “black tie”. Rob was far from thrilled when he heard it was black tie, but begrudgingly agreed to attend.

Not wanting him to see her just yet, she left the dressing room as soon as she heard the water being turned off in the bathroom. Feeling ever so sexy in her new gown and 4″ heels, she went to wait for him in the living room. As she stood in the living room, she got a glimpse of Rob walking from the bathroom into the dressing room, completely naked. “Oh, my!” she thought, he hadn’t even bothered to put on his robe! Samantha smiled again, feeling her pussy come alive at the site of his luscious body. Knowing that he would be awhile yet, getting dressed, she pulled her dress up a little higher onto her hips, and sat on the edge of the sofa, rubbing her clit and thinking of Rob’s sexy ass and thighs. Quietly moaning to herself, making sure he couldn’t hear her, she brought herself almost to orgasm ~ leaving the first orgasm of the night to him ~ later. Samantha smiled devilishly, licked her lips and stood, smoothing her gown over her hips.

Knowing he would be ready soon, she struck a pose where he would see her the instant he walked out of the dressing room. Standing seductively, with one hand on her hip and her body turned almost in profile to show off her magnificent breasts she turned her eyes towards the dressing room and saw him walking towards her, adjusting his shirt sleeves under the tux, not even looking at her! She tapped the heel of her shoe twice against the tiled floor, which made him look at her and stop in his tracks. This brought a wicked smile to her face, which was echoed in his eyes and on his lips. Walking over to him, she pressed her body into his, wrapped her arms around his neck, looked up into his eyes and said “Thank you, baby… you have no idea how much tonight means to me!” Rob put his arms around her waist, pulling her even closer, and said “You owe me, baby… big time!”

He then moved in for a kiss, but Samantha evaded, which made him pull her even closer, lifting her feet off the floor, and as he kissed and nibbled on her neck, Samantha laughed and told him to put her down! He laughed at her, let her go, and as she turned to walk away smacked her on the ass. She laughed again, and grabbed his car keys, tossing them at him and saying “You better get your sexy ass in gear ~ the sooner we get there, the sooner we can leave!” This brought a smile to his face, as he chased her out to his black Tracker. She still laughed every time she saw him folding his body into this little vehicle, but it was his choice! Dashing in front of her, he reached for her door and opened it. She smiled at him, and sat on the seat, still facing out, giving him a moment to notice her thigh peaking out from the slit in her gown. Rob reached in, put his hand around her neck and pulled her face to his for a kiss, mumbling “What a tease…”. Laughing, Samantha lifted her feet and turned her body into the car so Rob could close the door.

As they drove, Samantha reached for the radio and turned on some classic rock. The song “Open canlı bahis Arms” by Journey came on, Samantha gently swayed in her seat, wrapping her arms around herself, her eyes closed, softly singing. Stopping for a moment to look at Rob, she saw that he was watching her… with a soft smile on his lips. Samantha placed her left hand on his thigh, softly carressing it, being ever so careful to stay closer to his knee. Any further north and he might be tempted to stop off at Lincoln Park, their favorite, since it was dark already and perfect for a little risky fun. Samantha always loved having a little fun in places where they might be caught, and the park was their favorite little not-so-hidden getaway spot!

Arriving at their destination, they parked and Samantha got out of the Tracker quickly ~ the longer she sat so close to Rob, the wetter she got, thinking about her plans for the evening. They arrived with just enough time to get drinks, find their seats and talk for a moment with the others at the table.

The lights dimmed, and the speaker began talking at the podium. Samantha had no clue what about, however, as she had one hand under the table rubbing Rob’s cock, while she used the other to eat her salad. Feeling him grow from her touch, she almost laughed aloud when he reached down, unzipped has pants and brought his cock out to her. He hadn’t worn any underwear, either! As she slowly stroked his cock up and down, the person to her left asked her a question. She had to apologize, admitting she was distracted and hadn’t heard the question. Continuing to stroke his cock, she answered the woman and then turned her eyes back towards the speaker, still stroking. Rob was getting quite hard in her hand, and she suddenly felt his hand on her thigh, sneaking under her gown.

She looked up at him as she felt his hand find the edge of her stockings. Parting her lips, she smiled as him and laughed as if he had just told a fantastic joke. Smiling back at her, his hand went between her thighs. Wanting him to know now that she had no panties on, she parted her thighs and allowed him access to her pussy, which she could feel was already quite wet. Watching his face, and holding his cock in her hand, she waited for his reaction.

When his fingers found her wet pussy, she felt his cock dance in her hand, and heard him moan quietly. When she felt him start to slide a finger into her, she closed her legs, knowing full well what he could do with just a couple of fingers, and not knowing if she could keep a proper expression on her face if he did! Removing her hand from his cock, she looked up at him, with an intense smile on her lips, and her eyes promising more fun to come! Rob had barely finished re-zipping his pants when the waiters came by to remove the salad plates and replace them with our dinner.

The speaker concluded his speech and received a standing ovation. Samantha whispered to Rob “It’s a good thing we stopped when we did!” To which he replied, “Says WHO!” in a rather deep and sexual tone. Taking their seats once again, they enjoyed the band and their dinner, and each chatted with the others at the table.

After dinner the band began playing more upbeat music, and Rob escorted Samantha onto the dance floor. Slipping one leg between his, she snuggled closely to him, moving her body against his to the music. She was already aroused… having his leg between hers, moving to the music, only turned her on more. She felt his hand, which was on the small of her back, begin to travel south. Tossing her head back, she laughed and wiggled her butt against his hand ~ not caring who saw them! After about four songs, Samantha decided she’d had enough teasing ~ she wanted Rob, and wanted him NOW! Reaching into his pocket, she found his keys, jingled them in his face, took his hand in hers and walked off the dance floor, out to the Tracker.

As she walked around to the drivers side, Rob closed the door as soon as she started to open it, telling her she’d been a very bad girl, and that she would have to make up for it in the car on the ride home! Taking her into his arms, he pushed her back against the Tracker, kissing her forcefully and reaching under her gown to rub her clit with his thumb and shove a finger inside her as he kissed her harshly. Samantha felt her knees weaken, and kissed Rob with an equal amount of passion. Taking his finger from her pussy, he brought it up to his mouth to savor her juices. Seeing this made Samantha reach for him, and caress his rock-hard cock through his pants. Groaning at this, Rob then put his finger inside Samantha’s mouth, and watched as she licked it, and sucked it deeply into her mouth. Taking his finger out of her mouth, he turned her to the side, smacked her ass and told her to get in the Tracker ~ they were going for a ride! Excited at the prospect, Samantha quickly ran around to the other side, and climbed in.

As soon as she closed the door, she turned to Rob, unfastened his pants and took his cock in her hands. He had already driven off the parking lot, and hearing him moan from her touch was all the incentive she needed, so she replaced her hand with her mouth. Running the tip of her tongue bahis siteleri around the edge of the head of his cock, Samantha moaned with delight. Pursing her lips tightly, she rubbed the head of his cock against her lips, not granting it access to her warm, wet mouth just yet. Stroking it with her hand, she finally allowed the head of his cock access to her mouth, and slowly moved it in and out. “Oh, Samantha…” Rob said… “Oh, Samantha”…. his hand was now on on her neck, caressing it. She felt his hand move now, down her back to her ass. Samantha wiggled it a little beneath his hand, and took his cock deeply into her mouth, all the way inside. Needing to slow down, he reached beneath her to shift gears. His hand beneath her moved against her breasts which caused her nipples to harden. Feeling the Tracker slow, turn and then come to a stop, Samantha looked up to see that he had read her mind! They were at Lincoln Park!

Raising her lips to his, she kissed him deeply, stroking his cock with her hand. Telling him to stay put, Samantha got out of the Tracker and went around to the drivers side. She opened his door, and bent over his cock, taking it into her mouth again. Stroking his cock with her right hand as she sucked it in and out of his mouth, her left hand wandered down to his balls which she gently caressed. Licking her way down the underside of his cock, she then took one of his balls into her mouth, gently licking… then moving to the other. All the while stroking his cock with her hand. She felt Rob’s strong hands pulling her head up to his, where he pulled her into him for a deep kiss, their tongues intertwining. As he kissed her, he stood and got out of the car, their lips never separating, his hands holding her head to his.

Holding his pants with one hand, he took her hand in his other and walked around to the back of the Tracker. Turning her body to the spare tire, he placed her hands on the tire, grabbed her hips and pulled them back to him. With one foot, he spread her feet apart. She felt his hands come around to her breasts which he teased lightly at first, stroking her nipples through the fabric. Then he began squeezing them harder and harder, which made Samantha moan with joy. His hands went around to the sides of her breasts, and then slowly caressed her body down to her ankles. This made Samantha quiver with delight, and she arched her neck and back. She felt Rob’s hands lifting the edge of her dress, and her knees went weak as he licked and kissed his way up her legs, lifting the dress higher and higher. Pulling her hips further away from the Tracker, and having her bend over with her hands on the spare tire, Rob placed his right foot against hers to hold it in place, and with his left kicked her left leg out further. Rubbing her hips and ass with his hands, Samantha gyrated her ass against him, feeling his hard cock against her ass. Rob snapped the straps of her garter belt against her ass cheeks, and squatted down behind her, licking her pussy slowly. Samantha had been waiting for this all night, and the first touch of his tongue almost made her cum! She locked her knees and gripped the tire so she wouldn’t collapse. She arched her back again, and right then felt Rob sink his tongue deep inside her pussy, his thumb rubbing her clit…leaving Samantha breathess. Rob kept alternating…fucking her pussy with his tongue, licking her clit, rubbing it with his fingers…. Samantha couldn’t handle much more and screamed out to him that she was going to cum! This made him work even harder… as he fucked her pussy with his tongue, and fingered her clit, he also played with her ass, teasing her hole. “Oh, Rob… Oh God, Rob!!!!” Samantha cried out. “Oh, baby!!” she was practically screaming! Grinding her pussy against his tongue, she started to cum and he forced his finger into her tight little asshole right then, which made her cum even harder… all over his face… her right knee shaking, her left locked to keep her upright! Rob continued to lick and suck, and kept teasing her clit with his fingers. As he licked her clit and pussy, she reached down and began stroking her clit.

Samantha turned towards Rob, raised her dress high onto her hips and leaned back into the tire. Spreading her legs, she began to play with her clit again. Still on his knees, Rob just watched…. stroking his cock, his eyes never leaving her pussy. Samantha used her left hand to spread her lips, and with her right began to finger fuck her pussy. Arching her head back, she started to fuck herself harder, using the thumb of her left hand to tease her clit. She could barely hear Rob saying “Oh, Samantha…” Suddenly she felt his lips and tongue all over her pussy again, licking her clit, fucking her pussy… sucking her lips into his mouth… teasing her clit… Whenever he wasn’t teasing her clit, she was teasing it herself, rubbing it quickly, dragging her fingernail back and forth against it… wanting to cum again… desperately… “OH GOD ROB!!!” Samantha cried out to him, ready to come again. This made him lick her clit even harder and faster, and he began to finger fuck her pussy… first with just one finger, then two. Samantha’s whole body bahis şirketleri was shaking now, she had to balance herself with one hand holding onto Rob. Pushing his fingers in and out of her quickly, his tongue was assaulting her clit tirelessly. Samantha began gasping for air, calling out “Oh Rob… Rob! Rob! Rob!” and then cried out “Oh yesssssss, baby! Oooh god yes!!!!” as she came again… his mouth moving down to take in all her juices.

Standing in front of her now, he pulled her lips to his, and thrust his tongue deep inside her mouth, letting her taste her own juices. As he kissed her, Samantha reached down to stroke his cock, desperate to have it inside of her. She reluctantly pulled her lips away from his, squatting down before him. Licking the head of his cock, and stroking his balls gently, Samantha took him deep inside her mouth again. Slowly fucking his cock with her mouth. Taking her hand away from his balls now, Samantha ran her hands around to his ass, slowly rubbing it and forcing his cock more deeply into her mouth. Back to her original intentions, Samantha ran her hands down the back of Rob’s thighs, down to his ankles, where she grasped the waistband of his pants and slowly raised them. With his cock still in her mouth, she brought his pants up to his waist, took his cock out of her mouth and put it into his pants which she buttoned, but didn’t zip. Taking his hand in hers, she ran over to the playground area, pausing for a moment to see where she wanted to have Rob take her tonight.

The city had just constructed a pirate ship play area, which for some reason turned her on. So taking his hand in hers again, Samantha ran off to the ship and climbed aboard! Laughing and giggling on top of the ship, Samantha put her arms around Rob’s neck and pulled him closer to her. Looking up at him with such mischief and delight in her eyes, she pressed her lips to his softly. Feeling him reach between them, she looked down to see him unbuttoning his pants again. Stepping back, she watched him lower his pants to the ground, untie and remove his shoes and kick the pants off. After removing his tuxedo jacket, his hands went up to his neck where he began to slowly unbutton his shirt, his eyes locked on her. Swaying to imaginary music, Samantha watched him slowly remove his shirt, and stand there in front of her naked, wiggling his finger at her with a “come hither” look in his eyes. Samantha slowly danced her way across the ship to him, moving her hips sensually back and forth. Finally arriving in front of him, Rob squatted in front of her, and took the bottom of her dress in his hands. Slowly standing, he brought the dress up with him, and pulled it right up over her head. Taking her bra straps in his hands, he lowered them, kissing his way down her right shoulder and arm, and pushed the cups down until her breasts were free from their prison. Bending slightly, he took first one, then the other into his mouth, teasing her nipples with his tongue and sucking them into his mouth. Samantha began to moan again… and felt his hand between her thighs, his palm against her pussy, his middle finger teasing her.

Wanting him inside her now, she told him to kneel. He did as she demanded, and for that she bent over and gave him a deep, hard kiss. She then turned around, with her ass towards him, and got down on her knees. Feeling him grope her ass with both hands as she knelt. Sensing what it was Samantha was after tonight, Rob reached around to her breasts, stroking them… then ran his hands down to her pussy, which was still quite wet. With his left hand he pulled her ass against him, and with his right he forced her down in front of him. His hand on her back, he lowered her until her breasts were touching the ship, and her ass was high in the air in front of him.

Rubbing her ass with his hands, Rob asked Samantha how she wanted it tonight. Samantha turned her head to the side, and told him that she wanted him to have his way with her, however he pleased. This brought a devilish grin to his face, which did not escape Samantha’s attentions! Wiggling her ass at him, he got the message and began to rub his cock up and down her pussy lips… teasing her. This made Samantha push back against him, but he was too fast for her and moved his cock out of the way, smacking her ass instead. Laughing now, Samantha begged him to please fuck her. She’d wanted him since before they even left the house, and it was driving her mad! Rob put the head of his cock against her, and slid himself slowly into her tight pussy. With his hands on her hips, he slowly increased the speed with which he was thrusting. And Samantha, so hungry for him, kept bucking back against him, wanting him as deep inside her as possible. Reaching between her legs, Samantha began to rub her clit slowly. He felt soooo good inside her… stretching her pussy to the limits… pounding in and out so quickly… Samantha took two fingers, and formed a V with them, which she placed around his cock as he went in and out of her… gripping him tightly… also squeezing his cock from the inside. She could fell his balls slapping her hand and fingers as he thrusted quickly in and out of her. “Ooooh God, Rob! Oooh baby!” Samantha cried out to him. Between his cock sliding in and out of her , and Samantha’s persistant clit play, she came again, drenching his cock with her juices, this time squirting all over him.

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