That Night

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It’s Wednesday, work is slow and my mind is in a hundred places – none of which have anything to do with the presentation I am working on. Switching over to my e-mail, I see that I have a message from you. I smile and click on the subject so I can read your note. As usual, it’s short: I might be headed north this weekend. Was wondering if you wanted to display your skills on Sunday evening? Again not sure if I am going. Not sure where I’ll be.

I smile and click reply. My response is simple: Well, how about you keep me posted on your whereabouts and we can determine Sunday when you know for sure. I send my message and go back to working on my presentation.

Soon, however, my thoughts begin to wander again. This time, thinking about you and the possibility of meeting this weekend…..

The weather Saturday is warm and sunny. I finish packing my bag and read your e-mail once last time before shutting down my computer. Your message says to meet you Saturday afternoon. I’m supposed to give you a call on my way and we can decide where to meet. I lock my house and get on the road. The drive is familiar and it goes quickly. I’m trying to not think about seeing you and how it may make me feel. I’m trying to not think about what this weekend may result in – about how you may be able to help me discover a new side of myself.

Pulling into the gas station, I get out, stretch my legs and begin to fill up my car. I dial you on my cell phone. Your voice says hello, how is the drive? Fine, I respond. We chat for a few minutes and decide to meet at a local restaurant for something to eat. We can decide the rest of the day after dinner.

Another hour goes by and I walk into the restaurant. You’re already there, sitting at the bar enjoying a beer. You turn and see me as the wooden door shuts loudly behind me. Getting up from the stool, you join me at the door, giving me a slight hug. After being seated, you break the silence with a smirk and, “I’m surprised you actually came.” “Are you disappointed,” I ask. “Not at all,” you answer.

The conversation comes fairly quickly after that. We talk over dinner about the safe topics…family, work, friends, up north. You make sure to get in your fill of “whys,” and I try to answer without becoming too flustered. It isn’t until after we’ve finished eating, not to mention a few drinks, that our discussion takes a different turn.

It starts fairly innocently, talking about sexual likes and dislikes, things we’ve tried and hope to still try. It’s a different feeling to be talking like this in person versus on the phone, and the conversation is causing me to grow warm. I smile and excuse myself to the restroom. When I get back, rather than sit down, I lean in and whisper if you are ready to go. My warm breath tickles and I take a risk as I give you a soft kiss on the ear. We leave together, walking to the back of the building and our cars.

The sun is getting low in the sky, and we agree that a bon fire on the beach would be a nice end to the day. Driving separately canlı bahis şirketleri we stop at the local gas station to get firewood, newspaper and something to drink. A short 15-minute drive and we pull into the beach parking lot. Being that it is later in the season, the chilly night air has caused most of the daytime beach goers to pack up and head home – only a couple of cars remain. And, making me more pleased, once on the beach, we find the remaining group of people are far down the coast in the opposite direction we are headed.

We get the fire going easily and spread out the blankets. Burying my feet in the cool sand sends tingles throughout my body. Or was it your accidental touch as you get comfortable behind me, propping your self up on your elbows?

The sun is getting close to setting, and the sky is that mixture of orange, yellow and pink that only comes during a Lake Michigan sunset. The water is calm except for the constant quiet lapping against the shore. Behind us, the stars and the almost full moon have begun to make their nightly appearance. We’re silent watching the sun meet the lake. It doesn’t take long before it disappears completely and the darkness of night begins to set in.

With the sun gone, the air starts to get cooler. I shiver slightly and try to wrap my sweatshirt tighter. Laying on my side, I feel your hand feel my shoulder, pulling me closer to you to try to warm me up. My hair falls away from my neck a bit, and before I realize it, your lips are grazing my skin. Your mouth is soft and moist, and my eyes close as I roll onto my back. Kissing up my neck your lips find mine and I taste you for the first time, softly at first, growing deeper.

You roll closer to me as your mouth continues to explore mine. Feeling your body press against me, your hands move over my body from my neck, down my side, finding my ass. Our lips part for a moment, and you look at me. I smile and shiver again.

“We should get going, it’s getting really cold out here,” you say.

I agree and we part and begin pushing sand over the fire to put it out. Gathering the blankets, we walk in the moonlight back to the cars. With the cars loaded, the moment grows awkward. I suddenly realize I hadn’t thought ahead to really think about where I was going to stay tonight. Going through my mental list of “up north” friends, I decide who to call once we part.

Turning to you, I reach to give you a hug. “I had a nice night,” I say.

“I didn’t think it was over,” you reply.

I must have had a puzzled look on my face, because you chuckle and tell me to follow you back to your house.

“You didn’t think I was going to just let you drive off this late at night alone, did you,” you say with a smirk. “Come on, it’s not that far.” With that you turn and get in your car. Smiling, I get in mine and follow you out of the parking lot.

The drive is quiet and I keep the radio off so I can hear my thoughts. Of course, I can’t begin to figure out what I am thinking. All I know is that I am canlı kaçak iddaa following you back to your house and have no idea where the rest of the night will lead.

Arriving at your house, you lead me through the door. Once it’s closed, you push me back against it, kissing me hard on the mouth, your tongue pushing and feeling mine. I moan and your hands urgently explore my body. I grab at your back, pulling your body closer. Then, as quickly as you kissed me, you stop. Breathless, I gasp and try to pull you back to me, groaning in frustration.

You resist with a smile and turn to walk into the house. I drop my backpack and follow you, looking around the house. I notice the window overlooking the lake and walk toward it. The moon is reflecting off the water, and despite the darkness in the house, it lights the room. I can hear you behind me. And soon your arms are wrapped around me and you are kissing the back of my neck.

I turn around to face you. Grabbing my hand you start walking.

“Come on, I’ll show you where you can sleep,” you say.

Picking up my bag, I follow you into a bedroom. I turn around to grab you, and you hug me and kiss me lightly on the mouth, softly.

“Good night,” you whisper.

Confused, I ask, “aren’t you going to tuck me in?”

“Not tonight,” you respond. “Sleep well.”

You close the door behind you as you leave. Frustrated and very confused, I pick up my bag, change my clothes and crawl into the cool sheets. The clock next to the bed says 1:30 a.m. 30 minutes later, I couldn’t stand it anymore. My feet hit the floor and the door squeaks as it opens. Walking lightly down the hall, I peak into your bedroom. The moonlight lets me see that you appear to be sleeping.

I push the door wider and your eyes slowly open. I guess you weren’t as asleep as I thought.

Without a word, I crawl into bed with you. My silk nightie brushes across your body as I lay down next to you. Your chest is bare and you are wearing shorts. I rub your chest while kissing your neck softly – working my way down to your chest. Finding your nipples I take each one in turn in my mouth. Licking them with my tongue, sucking them and teasing them with my teeth. Your body shutters quietly next to me.

My hand continues rubbing you, easing your shorts down over your hips. Glancing down I see your cock for the first time. I immediately feel that stirring inside of me – that need to taste you, to feel you, to suck you, to please you. You’re already hard, and I reach out and touch the head of your cock softly. You and your cock flex at my touch and a soft moan escapes your lips.

I have to taste you. I bend down, kissing your stomach, moving around your cock to your thighs, leaving a wet trail with my tongue. I start by licking your head, circling it, pushing just the tip past my tight lips. Your hands rest on my head, guiding me gently but not forcing me. I open my mouth a little wider, allowing all of your cock into my soft, wet mouth.

My moan is stifled with your thickness, canlı kaçak bahis and you groan at the feeling of my moans vibrating on your cock. I begin to suck, taking you almost completely out of my mouth, then letting you plunge to the back of my throat. I tighten my lips, then soften them, letting my tongue wave up and down your hard shaft. Your cock feels so amazing in my mouth. I let my eyes travel up your body and I see that you are relaxed, watching me, your lips slightly parted.

My mouth finds your balls and I lick between them and behind them – all around them. Gently I take each in my mouth, rolling them with my tongue, sucking them a little harder. Licking from the back of your balls, up them and all the way up your cock, sliding you all back into my mouth. You groan and push my head a bit, pulling my hair.

I continue to suck your cock and your hips start to rock slightly, helping push past my tight lips. Faster and harder, moaning from pleasure and my desire to feel you between my thighs.

“Do you like how I taste, how hard I feel in your tight little mouth,” you say quietly.

This only increases my desire to suck you, harder, faster, slowing down a bit, teasing you with my lips and my tongue. I sense that you are getting close to cumming, your hips are moving faster and your breath has become quicker.

I don’t want to let you cum yet. I need to feel your cock inside of me first. Letting you fall out of my mouth, I move and kiss you hard on the mouth. Each of my legs on either side of you, straddling your body I raise my nightie over my head. Your hands immediately grab for my breasts. You sit up and squeeze one while taking the other in your mouth. My head rolls back and I feel my tits getting hard with your touch. You reach around me, pulling you close.

Reaching between my legs I guide your cock to my pussy. I’m already wet, my juices dripping. You slide in easily and we both sigh. Rocking myself on your cock, you lay back on the pillows. Riding you I feel my body begin to warm all over. The rush starts, riding you harder and faster, I moan and clench my hands on your chest as I cum. My pussy clenches around your cock as my orgasm subsides. My eyes reopen a bit and you sit up and kiss me softly, letting your tongue trace my lips.

You roll me over onto my back and open my thighs. My breath is still heavy from cumming yet you thrust yourself into me hard, taking me, engulfing me. Your hand reach down and grab my ass as you pump me. Your moans are getting louder, and you groan that you are close to cumming.

“Please cum on me, let me see your cum all over me,” I sigh.

It seems that’s all your need and you pull out of me and begin to spasm. Moaning my name I feel you spill yourself onto my tits, chin and mouth. Letting your cock find my mouth, I milk the rest of your cum from you, swallowing what I can.

We collapse next to each other, quiet, breathing heavily from our release. I roll over and kiss you.

“I hope I helped you feel good,” I say quietly. “Thank you for letting me try and thank you for a wonderful night.”

I get up to go back to my bedroom and you pull me back to the bed. “Stay here tonight, please.” You pull up the blankets and soon we’ve both fallen into a quiet sleep.

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