The Affair Continues in Las Vegas

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Mid April

April was turning out to be a very hot month, not just weather wise but also sexually and relationship wise for me.

My second and final session as Lisa’s massage instructor was on the Tuesday night after she had spent the weekend with me at a local hotel.

So I wouldn’t be over excited and cum too early when I was having sex with Lisa, I had sex a few times with Monica throughout the day.

First thing I had her give me one of her patented hot coffee blow jobs, and then I had her wash me in the two headed shower.

I hate to shave but I do it every day and I was thinking of sending Monica to school to learn how to shave me when she was there. Right after the morning blow job.

I had some calls to make upstairs in the office and while I had the phone on mute I watched the video I had made of me massaging Lisa the week before.

That got me hard again, so I had Monica come up and suck me off again while I listened in on the conference call.

I appreciated Monica’s continuing sexual education coursework and thanked her for a job well done. She swallowed every load with a smile.

That satisfied me for awhile, then on another call one of the participants (a female employee) had one if the sexiest voices I’ve ever heard and I called Monica up again.

I had her head over the side of the desk so I could deep throat her. I came deep and it felt very satisfying — I felt like I had emptied my balls.

Monica went downstairs to make some lunch and I took her ass this time as she bent over the kitchen sink.

She was worried that the men working on the cottage could hear us or see us and I said I didn’t care.

I had her lick me clean, pushing her to do ass to mouth.

She went in to the bedroom to strip the sheets for the laundry and once the bed was bare, I pulled her up and had her lay between my legs, stimulating my shrunken balls.

That got me hard again and I rolled her over and I made love to my maid.

I didn’t fuck her, I made love to her, I so appreciated her kindness and willingness to satisfy me in every way possible.

After pumping her for awhile, I pulled out and gave her pussy a nice licking, something she always appreciated.

As I licked Monica’s waxed pussy I asked her to close her eyes and imagine it was Susan who was eating her out.

In no time as I teased her with my tongue and lips and fingers, she was pulling on her nipples and humping my face.

Monica had a massive orgasm, holding my head to her twat as my stiff tongue sanded her hard clit, her hips pumping as she groaned like a woman who hadn’t cum in months.

My mind started working overtime as to how I could facilitate those two getting naked with one another.

After she came I entered her pussy again and we kissed, Monica tasting her own juices on my lips and tongue. I wanted her to get used to tasting the female flavor; I was always pushing her sexual boundaries.

I came again and filled her up with another load of my swimmers.

All day long she was wondering what had gotten into me and finally I told her, I think I found someone.

Monica was happy for me, not jealous, and laughed and said we better keep practicing so you will do a great job with her every time you see her.

I pulled out again and Monica bathed my cock and balls with her tongue, mouth, and lips.

She pulled me into the shower and washed every crevice and announced me ready to go on a date.

I kissed her and thanked her.

Lisa arrived at the salon a few minutes before 6, all dolled up. Not ready for a night on the town but her hair was done, she’d put makeup on, and she had on very pretty summer dress and sandals.

She was tan and glowing with a huge smile.

Oh, and that perfume, she had it on, the one that got me hard.

I introduced Lisa to the owner of the salon, Kathy, and I said that Kathy was going to start cutting my hair. Lisa said she was looking for a new salon and took one of Kathy’s cards.

Kathy departed and I locked the front door of the salon behind her. In seconds Lisa and I were in each other’s arms kissing.

Her breasts crushed into my chest and her hands were in my hair. She was all over me.

When our lips parted I looked at her and said you’ve changed since last week. What happened?

Lisa reached up and kissed me and smiled and said you happened. You came into my life.

We kissed deeply and she started to cry.

Through the tears she said to me these are tears of joy.

She wiped her eyes, smearing her makeup a bit. I didn’t care, she looked lovely.

And she felt great in my arms.

Lisa said I never had a weekend like last weekend. I had so much fun just being with you, and you were so kind to me, asking me what I wanted to do, and then we did those things. I loved just being with someone who cares about me.

Lisa looked at me and said you’re someone I could fall in love with.

Now I recognized a pattern with Lisa. She was a brave woman, unafraid. She wasn’t afraid canlı bahis şirketleri of rejection. Lisa was not afraid to say what was on her mind.

I kissed her back and said I could fall in love with you too but let’s go slow, okay? We just met a week ago.

With a smile on her lips she asked will you take it slow with me tonight.

I had a puzzled look on my face.

She kissed me deeply and said make love to me slowly tonight, it has to last me until I see you again in a week and a half.

I nodded, getting what she was saying.

Did you bring any of that wine sweetie?

That evening I came in Lisa three times in three hours and she came at least four times.

After that first glass of wine, I undressed her and had her nude on the massage table.

She looked over at me and said hey, it’s not fair me being the only one naked.

I stripped off my clothes and gave her a lover’s massage, plenty of emphasis on the body parts that need to be touched for love, and pleasure, not for muscle relaxation.

We spent a lot of time wrestling nude on the massage table too.

She was a real kisser and I was happy to help her out.

She shared with me that her newly shaved pussy was creating a problem for her; she was masturbating several times each day thinking about me eating her and fucking her.

I told her I would shave her pussy every time we got together. And eat it too.

She looked at me in surprise but rolled over on her back when I got up to get the shaving cream, brush and my trusty Hurry’s razor. I popped in a new blade.

I didn’t use shaving cream from a can; I had a jar of moisturizer cream that I distributed using the brush.

I sat between her spread legs painting her pussy with the thick white cream.

The stiff brush drove nuts with pleasure. Her clit got big and stiff. Her lower lips opened up in anticipation of my penetration of her but I held off and let her cool down and then I shaved her very slowly, very erotically.

Taking my time I wiped the remaining shaving cream off of her, paying extra special attention to her pussy.

When it was cleaned off I settled my face between those tanned thighs and licked her to a quick orgasm with Lisa humping my face in ecstasy.

She pulled my head up to kiss her, her juices on my lips and she could taste herself.

Lisa was somewhat frantic for me to enter her.

Still kissing, she reached down and guided my hard member into her now wet and separated lips.

As I entered her she groaned into my mouth, then pulled away and said into my ear, this feels so fucking great.

God I missed your hard cock!

I did as Lisa asked; I fucked her nice and slow, drawing out her pleasure and making her beg me to let her cum.

I held off, and kept my pace nice and slow, two lovers making love with all the time in the world.

Lisa lifted her hips so that I would be rubbing her clit and after about five minutes of this, she came again.

I turned her over and took her from behind, my hands on her hips, and I started to pound away, her fingers slipping below to play with her pussy.

While I was fucking her doggy style I played with her asshole and she loved it.

Playing with her clit she came again.

I unloaded into deep into her wet, hot, tight pussy.

I felt so unbelievably good coming into her pussy; it was as if God wanted me to mate with her.

I pulled out of her and still dripping snuggled with her on the massage table.

We kissed and then Lisa bent down and started cleaning me with her mouth, tasting our combined juices.

She laughed at me and said, you treat me like a princess but sometimes I want to be your whore.

I replied you can be my whore whenever you want.

Lisa practiced her deep throat skills on me, and I loved her effort.

She said she had been practicing with bananas and her kids wanted to know why she bought so many of them.

In no time flat she had me hard again, and she rode me cowgirl style, and I played with her fantastic nipples which she encouraged me to suck as she bent down.

She came again as she rode me and I played with her clit.

I rolled her over and she put her legs around my neck and I pounded her until I gave her another load, this one deep.

We snuggled and she rolled over on her tummy and asked me to massage her and I did, and she dozed off, satiated by the orgasms and the relaxed muscles.

I got hard again and entered her from behind as she lay on the table.

She loved the friction and raised her hips slightly so she could compliment my thrusting with her fingers.

It took me awhile, I was in no hurry, but I came again, her lower lips gripping my cock tightly as I erupted.

I ended our session by massaging Lisa from head to toe, trying to eliminate all the knots I could find.

I started on her back and worked down her body then I wiped her down with a warm wet towel.

Then I had her flip over so she was face up.

I massaged her head, canlı kaçak iddaa neck, top of her chest and then worked on her feet, legs and thighs.

She spread her legs wide when I started working on her inner thighs and I noticed her nipples became erect even though I had not touched them.

I also noticed I was dripping out of her pussy.

The closer I got to her freshly shaved pussy the more she started bucking her hips and she pulled me close to her, indicated she wanted to suck me again.

I ended up exploding in her mouth very quickly but there was not a lot of juice left to give.

Lisa swallowed and smiled, and when I asked her about wiping up the cum dripping out of her she said laughed and said that I had been dripping out of her since last Friday night.

I finger fucked her to her final orgasm and we kissed, and I did not mind the slight taste of my semen in her mouth.

As I dressed her I told her I wanted to take her to Las Vegas the following weekend.

She had never been before and was looking forward to it.

We kissed like lovers and parted.

She liked it when I patted her on the ass and I did it again as she got into her car to head home.

The next day was Wednesday, and I woke up horny and hard having dreamed of fucking Lisa.

I worked out, and then waited for Monica to get to the house and strip own.

Her eyes lit up when she saw me and she wanted all the details.

I looked at her, kissed on the mouth and said, I am still very horny, please take care of me.

Monica took care of me, and I used all three of her holes.

I realized that Lisa just got me worked up, sexually and otherwise and I was going to need an outlet if she wasn’t around. Thank God for Monica.

I got a text message from Lisa on Friday afternoon, two days later. She was at home and her car wouldn’t start. Her ex was out of town and could I speak to her on the phone?

(We had an arrangement that we wouldn’t call one another but instead text first to see if it was okay to call. I explained to Lisa that I could always read a text message in a business meeting but could not take an unscheduled call. I would text her back and let her know when I could call).

We spoke and I got her taken care of.

I arranged for her car to be towed to a repair shop. We’d deal with the repairs later. I was thinking sell it and have her pocket the money.

I called the dealership and spoke to the GM. I called in one of my markers, and asked him to please arrange for delivery of one of the cars I was entitled to as part of the lawsuit. He gave me the rundown on the cars available and I picked one I thought would work best for Lisa and her kids.

The car was at Lisa’s house within the hour. She simply had to take a picture of both sides of her driver’s license and email it to the GM. When the car was delivered she only needed to sign one sheet of paper.

The car was new, clean, gassed up and all hers. I sent the GM four tickets to a Dodgers game with seats behind the dugout for his help.

Lisa called me in tears thanking me for rescuing her. She asked about the car and I said just plan on driving it and I would give her the details later.

While we did not plan on meeting until the next weekend, Lisa got one of her friends to babysit for a couple of hours the next day (Saturday).

She drove her new car to my house and we fucked like rabbits until she had to go.

She said she was coming over for a massage but that plan got waylaid once I saw her naked on the massage table that I had moved outside under the shade of the patio, the misters and an overhead fan.

I quickly massaged her shoulders and back and when I got to her ass I could smell her aroma of arousal.

Lisa invited me to lay with her on the table where we made out and when I got big and hard, she climbed on top of me and rode me like a cowgirl.

Then she switched to reverse cowgirl and allowed me to play with her tight hole as it rose up and fell as she humped me.

She came and I came and we held each other in the warm afternoon.

We spent a little bit of time in the hot tub and washed each other off using the outdoor shower.

When Lisa left to go home she said to me that you are very special man and I will be giving you some very special gifts soon to thank you.

I had Lisa on my mind the next week and as I was getting my daily blow job from Monica, I pretended it was Lisa doing the sword swallowing.

When I was fucking Monica I was slow and deliberate until she was begging me to let her cum, I thought of Lisa.

When I fucked Monica in the ass, I dreamed it was Lisa I was taking for the first time.

I had actually reduced the amount of lube I used when I was fucking Monica in the ass to increase the friction.

She seemed fine with it after about a week; Monica was always happy to satisfy my sexual needs.

Lisa and I didn’t meet that next Tuesday night.

On Thursday night Lisa was able to get away early for the weekend, her canlı kaçak bahis ex husband stepping up and taking the kids a full 24 hours early.

We drove to Las Vegas, arriving around 11pm.

While we were driving she asked about the car and I gave her the back story.

I also gave her a little box that was gift wrapped.

She opened it and found an American Express Gold Card and three gas credit cards.

The AMX card had her name on it, as did the gas cards.

What am I supposed to do with these she asked me?

Use the gas cars for your new car and the Gold Card for when you need something, or your kids need something.

I wanted to learn more about the Vegas opportunity with the bathing suits and the pool cleaning business first hand. Taking Lisa along made it fun and more interesting.

My plan was to take her to at least one adult (topless) pool in Las Vegas.

We stayed in a two bedroom suite at a top hotel with one of the adult pools and we spent most of the two days out doors sunning.

I had in mind taking her to Las Vegas when we were in the hotel the first weekend, so right after that I gave her a Visa gift card for $500 and told her that she needed to pick a couple of new suits. She could only shop at Malibu Strings or Wicked Weasel.

At first she balked, not at the buying, because she was proud to show her body off in front of me in the hotel room, in a swimsuit or naked, but was nervous at baring her body out by the pool where others could see her.

I knew she was thinking she wasn’t attractive and that even worse, she would be recognized by someone she knew.

I told Lisa to put her hair up, buy a wig and to wear sunglasses, wear some jewelry and no one would recognize her.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We got into the suite late and ordered dessert from room service.

We were in the bath when the knock on the door came and I sent Lisa out to answer it wearing only a towel around her waist.

I told her that this will help you get you ready for tomorrow.

The server was a nice young lady who enjoyed the view.

Once the server left, Lisa put the ice cream into the freezer then rejoined me in the tub.

Her faced was flushed and her nipples were erect; I wasn’t sure if it was from the cold air or the server seeing her topless.

I dried her off, told her the new rules on our weekends was that she was to be nude while in the room and we ate our dessert, brushed our teeth and climbed into bed.

Lisa was still hot and bothered by the server seeing her topless, and was really in the mood to fuck.

As tired as I was, I wanted to fuck her too, I had been waiting almost a week to bury my love muscle in that tight twat.

I made a midnight game of it, a different position in each room in the suite, ending up in bed where I filled her pussy with my cream.

Lisa had come twice during the game, once when she was being poked from behind and once while I was carrying her around with her legs wrapped around me.

We spooned all night, waking up twice before dawn for me to pound her again and again.

At 5:30 I woke up, silently said fuck it and rolled over and went back to sleep.

I woke up to Lisa sucking my cock, what a great way to greet the new day.

She smiled at me and said that she liked tasting her own dried juices on my cock.

Lisa had been practicing and did an outstanding job deep throating me and I came groaning in pleasure.

She swallowed and showed me her mouth, free of cum.

Lisa took me by the hand and we showered together.

I quickly shaved her pussy in preparation of our trip to the pool.

Room service arrived and Lisa again answered the door topless to the surprise of the young man delivering our breakfast.

Lisa looked him in the eye and said that she was going to be out by the pool today topless so if he wanted to drop by that would be nice.

He stammered that he would like to but hotel policies did not allow him to go to that pool.

But he said he appreciated the offer.

He left with a smile and a nice tip.

Lisa put me back into bed, took off her towel and fed me, it was unbelievably erotic.

She told me that you do all these nice things for me, from shaving my pussy to getting me a brand new car, and credit cards; let me do this for you.

I had set up an appointment for someone to do her hair at 9, the pool opened at 10.

Lisa picked out her tiniest new suit, put on a bra, blouse, panties, shorts and sandals and told me she would join me out at our cabana.

She kissed me good bye, and said, this is going to be a very, very good weekend for you, lover.

With a wink and a smile, off she went.

I shaved, got into my usual summer dress and headed downstairs to the gift shop where I picked up all the newspapers they had, some magazines, sunscreen and a portable charger for my phone and tablet.

I had hired two older college students, a couple of gals in their late 20s, to be Lisa’s best friends that first day by the pool.

I met them at 9:45 and learned the lay of the land.

They were nice looking ladies, friendly and outgoing.

They had on some very small bikinis, but kept their tops on.

These two were stacked.

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